elise toïde

she wears short skirts I wear t-shirts she’s cheer captain and I’ve only listened to the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat for the last 72 hours

Reasons I'm hamilton
  • I never stop talking
  • I think way too much
  • I argue with people
  • I love proving people wrong
  • Roasting people is my favorite hobby
  • People don't take me seriously
  • I think I can do everything
  • Too busy doing things to hang out with other people
  • Literally never satisfied
  • Always think I can do better
  • I never have enough time
  • I get no sleep
Dear Theodosia (2)

Burr: I’ll make a million mistakes

Hamilton: correct


Hamilton: An American Musical

Some of my favorite gifs

Reasons I'm Angelica Schuyler
  • I will kick your ass
  • I actually kinda care tho
  • I love to argue
  • Will prove you wrong if I feel your wrong because you are wrong because I'm right
  • Will chose people I care about over you any day
  • Will beat your ass if your dating someone I care about
  • Very angry
  • Sassy 24/7
  • Secretly very sensitive
  • Cares about other people more than I care about myself
Conversation W/ My Dad About Tumblr
  • <p> <b>Dad:</b> What are you doing?<p/><b>Me, Scrolling Through Tags:</b> Just...looking through tumblr<p/><b>Dad:</b> What's tumblr? Is that like instagram or snapchat?<p/><b>Me:</b> Well I mean...you /can/ post photos but also like...more.<p/><b>Dad:</b> Oh. What are you doing now?<p/><b>Me:</b> Just...reading...<p/><b>Dad:</b> Reading what? Why are there so many pictures of the Hamilton guy?<p/></p>
  • Me: *sweats*

Lin being Lin: Part 2❤

the world was wide enough
  • burr: I strike him right between his ribs
  • burr: I walk toward him but I am ushered away
  • angelica & eliza: tragic

Thayne Jasperson appreciation post

This illustration represents two of my favorite things: fashion, and Hamilton.

Actually, it’s been a pretty long time that I wanted to draw a Hamilton piece. I’ve been obsessed with this musical for months, I almost felt like being a teenager again.
It sometimes makes me regret not to live in NYC.

I’m living in Paris, and even if it’s where Les Misérables were born, well, musicals are not really… trendy here. Or as good as Broadway’s.

I felt like my contribution would be pointless. 
But whatever happens, I just have to create whatever the heck makes me happy (and well, if it makes you happy too, then I would be blessed).

How perfect were these three in their gowns performing this iconic song at the Tonys ?

Hamilton, @linmanuel , thank you to infinity and beyond for bringing so much joy, inclusiveness and positivity into this world.
I’ll always do my best to do so.
(Even if it’s with scrappy drawings).

Thank you ! 💖

lafayette: the musical

“In New York you can be a new man!”

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