elise robertson

Thoughts on Cowgirl’s Story. :D ****SPOILERS AHEAD****

So even though I was entertained by the movie, and I really enjoyed most of it, I’m not gonna say it was a masterpiece. First off, the pacing was super awkward and there were way too many subplots. Too many of the scenes just seemed to kinda come out of nowhere and though they were connected to the story AS A WHOLE, the subplots were too spaced out and made things just seem disjointed and like they didn’t flow well.

That being said, there actually wasn’t a single actor in the movie I hated. I thought they were all pretty good, or at least fair. Bailee Madison, I literally had not seen her act since she was on Wizards of Waverly Place as Maxine, so I was so pleasantly surprised by her. She was SO GOOD, and her timing on the funnier lines was really on. The character herself, I think was decently written but it would have been nice to see a little more of her flaws, and the way everyone kind of hated her right off the bat was incredibly contrived. It made their willingness to join up with her team after zero convincing really awkward. But at any rate, she was incredibly likable for the audience and that’s important. We really wanted to see her succeed.

Savannah, I think, was a really well-written character. The way she was dealing with her grief, and her heart-to-heart with Dusty over it was extremely believable. Chloe’s portrayal of Savannah was REALLY moving in a lot of scenes. The scene where all of her friends came over and she had clearly just got done fighting with her mother was truly a beautiful scene and probably my favorite of the movie. I did expect a little more from her scene with Froy Gutierrez (Jason), but it was sort of overacted and a little jarring because the progression of their relationship was not present enough in the movie. The chemistry between Chloe and Bailee though was seriously undeniable and they were so funny together.

On a whole, most of the characters were really likable (sans Meryl and Cinda because they barely got any dialogue after becoming friends with Dusty, and Mr. Janson because his reason for keeping that baseball card was simply I DON’T KNOW and that’s lame, and the boys who were picking on Rasha because they were intolerant assholes) and it was easy to root with them. I think if they cut out a little bit of the subplots, and expanded on a few of the others, it could have run together a little better.

For example; the subplot with Dusty’s mom should have been a bigger plot, and the subplot of her horse dying could have been cut out entirely, same with the subplot about her dad being injured. They should have used that time to expand on her as a character more, and not just her hardships. I felt like they could have lost the subplot about the baseball card as well. It would have rather watched Savannah struggle just to find herself and have repair her relationship with her mom and have THAT be her main goal. The subplot with the Rasha and Blake (I think that’s the red-haired boy’s name) could have been expanded on more. The resolution seemed very phoned in and I think it needed more development than just the one scene it got to get from point A to point B.

But overall, for what it was, it wasn’t bad. I’m glad I got to see it.