elise is my favourite

Elise being like “well no one asked” is my favourite thing. Cause a) so true she doesn’t have to just say anything upfront without being asked and b) highlights the default is people assume someone is straight.

She never said so no one asked because people assumed she was straight. Turns out they were wrong so I guess never assume and never just feel entitled to people telling you

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Haha... I have a challenge for you mods :3 For the eight royal siblings, what would be their Eeveelution and why?~

challenge accepted


Ryoma - Jolteon, of course. The lightning man needs his lightning companion, and they share that common trait of being fast enough to go in and utterly obliterate their opponents without so much as a scratch. Truly, Jolteon is the ideal companion for the Hoshidan murder machine prince.

Hinoka - Flareon. Firey, passionate, and powerful- of course Hinokas Eeveelution is Flareon. She probably trains with it whenever possible, and almost definitely uses her bare hands. The other soldiers just watch in awe. ‘Hinoka is so strong, she used a fighting type move on a ghost… and it worked.’ They whisper.

Takumi - Glaceon. The cold little brother gets the ice Eeveelution, of course. He probably searched out that one in particular, just to be dramatic. He was also probably hoping that his Glaceon would hate Corrin when they showed up. (Joke’s on him, though- the Glaceon absolutely adored them and would always follow them around, much to his embarrassment.)

Sakura - Vaporeon. A Vaporeon has that kind of relaxed, laid-back, calming vibe that Sakura needs. When she gets anxious around other people, her Vaporeon will always be right there to calm her down, and she cuddles with it on bad days. It’s nice and cool, too- perfect for using as a pillow when you’re tired. 


Xander - Espeon. Everyone knows that Nohr is a dark, sunless place- however, the Eeveelution that evolves in the daylight would be perfect for Xander, the prince who wishes to be the light in his country. Also, judging by the weird longeared cat he owns in the official artwork, Xander just has a thing for cute creatures with big ears.

Camilla - Umbreon. She isn’t quite the opposite of her older brother, but it’s pretty close. Camilla has never desired the throne, nor does she wish to be her country’s leading  light. She wants to protect it in the dark, as she always has- and if she uses darker methods to accomplish those ends, so be it. Her Umbreon is Espeons darker, but equally kind, counterpart.

Leo - Leafeon. Yeah, yeah, Brynhildr makes trees so Leo gets the leaf Eeveelution, I get it. But, did you consider- Nohr is described as a place without trees or much plant life, which is why a Leafeon would be an extreme rarity. Therefore, it’s best suited for the talented young prince- it marks him as something to be admired within his country. 

Elise - Sylveon, naturally. It’s cute, pink, fairylike, and has ribbons- whats not to love? Much like its owner, Sylveon is the type of pokemon to light up the place wherever it goes, and it makes you feel happier just by standing near it. A bright, cheery pokemon to go with a bright, cheery princess is just what the doctor ordered.


Hi, I’m Elise and my self-confidence is pretty good. My favourite things about myself are my compassion, creative talent, and beauty. I’d most like to improve my organization.

My Forever (M - Namjoon)

-Requests Closed-

Requests:  Can I please request a Namjoon smut about he proposes to you and you said yes? And after that you and him have passionate lovemaking for celebrating your and his engagement? Thanks! ^^ &  I would like to request a Namjoon fluff/smut about him proposing to you and later it leads to sex.. ;) thank you!

Word Count: 2,290 words

You were bundled under a blanket, watching makeup tutorials. You put in some effort with your makeup but you needed something fresh that would make all your coworkers drown in jealousy. Your phone played a piano riff, meaning you had a message.

Dress up formal, baby?

A smile danced on your lips as you go up to find something to wear. Your boyfriend Namjoon was spontaneous when he wanted to be; usually, he would have every second planned if he had a day off with you. He was a meticulous planner but tonight was different. You raided your closet, hoping to find something that would make his eyes pop and make him unable to keep his eyes or hands off you.

“Why do I have nothing to wear?”

“You could just wear nothing, I would like that too.” You turned around, seeing your boyfriend dressed dashingly in a tuxedo and you looked at your current appearance. You were wearing a loose tank top and boy shorts with your unbrushed hair, something that still embarrassed you even after being with Namjoon for 4 years.

“Namjoon!” He hugged you before kissing the crown of your head, you whining about your appearance and he chuckled.

“Don’t you knock? I could have been naked…”

“It’s not like I’ve see what’s underneath, Y/N.”

“Did you invite me to dinner or did you come over to eat me?”

“I guess dessert just looks really good.”

“I look like I haven’t been outside in 3 days.”

“So? You’re still breathtaking. I love you, not just your hair or your naked body or your fingertips. I love you because you’re you. Now, what do you mean ‘I have nothing to wear’?” He mocked your voice, his voice cracking on how high pitched he tried to sound and you hit his arm.

“I don’t sound like that, Namjoon.”

“I thought that was pretty good.”

“Remind me how you have an IQ of 148?”

“I can solve any problem, including this.” He made you sit on the bed while he filtered through your clothes, pulling out a royal blue dress.


“Even better. I didn’t even know I had this.”

“I am a genius, aren’t I?”

“No. I am.” You had your eye on the dress next to the one he picked out, you remembered buying this tight graphite coloured dress. It never failed to attract attention on you, making you feel super sexy.


“Let me change, and before you try and smart mouth me, I want to show you why I’m the genius here.” He got out with your attempt to push him, his strong back muscles almost made you forget you were trying to kick him out. It almost made you want to pull him back in, strip him down and feel the burning hot skin underneath.

You slipped into the dress, liking the fit and feel. You fixed your hair and tested out one of the tutorials you watched, hoping this trial run goes well. You rejoined Namjoon in the living room and he looked at you, his eyes racking over your body. He hadn’t said anything, just simply staring and you tried to snap him out of it.

“Joonie?” He stood up, moving towards you and you

“You really are a genius.”

“Thank you.” You brushed some of your hair back and he grabbed your hand.

“Let’s go.” It was a short drive, Namjoon racing to the restaurant like he was close to a finish line. You wanted him to slow down but he found it entertaining to see you clinch to your seatbelt for dear life.

“I’m dating a maniac.”

“You just have this cute scream–”

“Kim Namjoon!”

“I just need a preview for the rest of the night.” He winked at you before the waiter came around to your table. You used the menu to cover your flushed face from him and he ordered for you two.

“Look, babe.” You put down your menu, looking at him to see him pointing at the grand piano in the centre of the restaurant. You loved the gentle sound of piano; classical music was both your guilty pleasures.

“It’s Fur Elise.”

“One of my favourites.” You remember listening to your sister playing it when you were upset about something, the piece always brought you joy no matter what. Your meal came, the scent of fresh salmon make your mouth water and you saw Namjoon’s eyes glued to your plate.

“Would you like a bite, Joonie?”

“I wasn’t staring– I mean yes.” You giggled at him and fed him a bite of your food, watching him happily munch on the bite. He returned the favour, giving you a juicy bit of his steak and you ended up feeding each other all night. He fumbled with the last bite, getting sauce on your cheek and you glared at him.


“Sorry, baby.” He wiped your cheek with a napkin gently, patting your cheek and staring lovingly into your eyes. You looked at him, wishing it was his lips on your cheek instead and he pulled back. The waiter came back, Namjoon making sure he was only looking at him instead of you.

“Give me a sundae.”

“Of course, sir.” The waiter was quick on his feet, returning with the sundae. Except it wasn’t your waiter, it was Taehyung.

“What the–”

“Enjoy your dessert.” He sent you a wink and you looked at Namjoon, who seemed oblivious to the fact. He picked up his spoon, looking to take a generous spoonful when he fumbled again and dropped the silverware.

“Why am I so clumsy tonight?” He leaned down to pick up his spoon when you heard Taehyung’s voice echoed through the room.

“We have a special request tonight, this is for table 3.”

“Namjoon–” He was on one knee, the sound of your favourite piece playing throughout the restaurant and you glanced at the ring.

“We’ve been through a lot, babe. Me going on tour, you going to university. But we make it work, we always do. I could remember the first day we met, you being that cute library assistant and me helping you with the shelves you couldn’t reach. You’re smart, beautiful, sweet, my dream girl. These last 4 years have been amazing, and baby, I want our years to be even more spectacular. Will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?” You were tearing up, tears down your cheeks as you choked out a ‘yes’.

He slipped the ring on your finger, standing up to kiss you and you cupped his cheeks. His hands slipped around your waist, pulling you close and his lips pressed hard against yours. You bit on his lip, pulling it a bit.

“She said yes!” You heard the rest of the boys, still immersed into kissing Namjoon when he pulled away.

“Woah, you two! Keep your clothes on.” You hid in his chest while the other couples clapped for you two. Taehyung came over to you, taking the hand with your ring and staring at the ring.

It was a silver infinity ring, the symbol bejewelled with your birthstone and you loved it.

“Wow, noona. Hyung really loves you, it must have cost a fortune.”

“That’s none of your business, kid. Plus, Y/N’s worth every penny in the world.”

“Joonie~” You kissed his cheek, his cute dimples showing because of his smile.

“Ew, hyung.”

“How did I get so lucky?”

“Why are you such a sap, hyung? Some hardcore rapper you are.”

“I can out rap you any day, Taehyung.”

“Congrats, hyung.”

“I didn’t think you would actually do it.”

“We should start wedding planning. How do you feel about fuchsia?”

“Hyung, lilac is way better.”

“Jin and Hobi hyung are discussing colours again.”

“Hush, Jungkook. This is important.”

“They just got engaged.”

“Can I eat my dessert now–” You caught Jimin and Taehyung with spoons in their mouths. You knocked both their heads; it was French vanilla. The sweet ice cream was one of your cravings for days and they finished the cup in a matter of seconds.  

“It’s a preview of what would happen at the wedding if you eat the wedding cake, boys.”

“That really hurt, Noona.”

“You brats deserved it.” You were about to give them a piece of your mind, that ice cream was a piece of your mind. Now, you just saw an empty glass and you glared at the two of them. They looked like their souls jumped out of their bodies with the angry glare you shot at them, satisfying you a bit before Namjoon slipped his arm around your hips.

“Are you ready to go home, baby?”

“Yes, I don’t think your group needs to lose two members in the same night.”

“It was just ice cream.”

“It’s just your lives.”

“Okay, let’s go.” He scooped you up and you hit his chest, him carrying you out the restaurant and placing you in your seat. You loved the way his arms held you, his biceps flexing through the satin material.

“Baby, I wanted to scare them more.”

“You would have gotten in trouble.”

“And what would you do about it?”

“Are you taunting me, babe?”

“What if I am, daddy?” You knew how much he loved that nickname. His hand squeezed your thigh, pushing up your dress and you bit your lip.

“This is a dangerous game you’re playing, babe.”

“Tell me about it, Joonie.” Your hand slipped over to his crotch, gripping his cock that was growing hard under your touch. He tried not to show how much you were affecting him, speeding home and pulling you out the car.

He couldn’t get you past the couch before pressing his lips roughly against you. His hand firmly on your back, the other squeezing your ass and you gasp which allowed his tongue to slip past your lips. You switch to open mouthed kisses, stumbling your way to the bedroom before he pushed you on the bed.

“Fuck, baby. You look so fucking perfect in that dress.”

“I bet I’ll look better if you take it off, daddy.” He captured your lips again, your hand cupping his cheek and his hand slipped up your dress. You moaned, feeling his fingers rubbing against your clothed cunt and your hands tugged at his hair.

“Mm.” His lips reattached to your neck while his fingers smoothly unzip your dress and slip it down your shoulders. He pulled away to take it off you, leaving you in your black lace underwear. He growled, playing with the straps and pinching your clit.

“Fuck..” You gasped and he slipped his hands into your panties, you spreading your legs for him. He looked at you while he slipped his finger inside you, watching as if he could see the moans slip past your lips and his finger pumping relentlessly inside you.

“You’re so wet for me, baby.”

“Fuck, daddy. Please.”

“Please what?” He slipped another finger into you, making you gasp before you could speak. His fingers curled inside you, stretching you out with each push of his fingers. You pulled him closer by his tie, kissing him and falling into the mattress.

“Take it off.” He threw his jacket, took off his shirt and left his pants. You moved over to take them off, your hands skillfully unbuckling and unzipping his pants. You pawed over him in his boxers, stroking his hard cock and slipping down his boxers.

“What do you want from me, daddy?”

“Don’t tease, baby.”

“I’m teasing?” You pumped his cock, purposely running your thumb over the slit of his head and hearing his sharp inhalation. You smirked, licking his tip and down his shaft with your hand still pumping him. He grabbed your hair, you sucking on his tip. It only pacified him for a bit before you took his cock into your mouth. You bobbed your head, making sure you could feel his tip hitting the back of your throat. He groaned your name, his hip starting to move and he took over. He fucked your throat in a raw manner, pulling out before you could feel his hot seed spill down your throat.

“So fucking good, baby.”

“Please, I need you inside me.”

“Tell me how bad you need me.”

“I want you to pound me so bad that the bed breaks, that you have to carry me everywhere, please daddy.” He stripped you of your underwear, his cock teasing your cunt and his hand slipping between yours. You felt him slowly push inside you, your head rolling back and his other hand grabbing your other hand.


“You’re so tight.”

“M-Move.” You breathed out, used to his thick cock inside you and he began to thrust slowly. He looked at you, you biting your lip while his hips moved faster inside you at an angle. You moaned his name, squeezing his hands while he pounded you into the bed.

He kissed you; his lips were a craving that could never be fulfilled. His lips were like cinnamon, sweet and spicy but you couldn’t quit. You wanted more.

“Do you want to cum, baby?”

“Fuck yes, please.” He rocked the bed with the power of his thrusts and you screamed his name, his hands crushed yours into the bed and you felt yourself quickly crumble. You came with a shrill moan, him riding his own high before pulling out of you.

You two lied in a heap, your sweat mixed together and limbs tangled to obtain closeness. He stroked your hair while you cuddled into his chest. He grabbed your hand, kissing your ring finger and you tiredly smiled.  

“I love you so much, baby.”

~Admin Blake


The Tunnel (2013): Set primarily in Folkestone and Calais where detectives Karl Roebuck and Elise Wassermann are called to investigate the death of a French politician. When a shocking discovery is made at the crime scene, the pair is forced into an uneasy partnership as they seek out a politically-motivated serial killer who draws them into his own personal agenda.

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Your thoughts on Effie?

English!Effie is a walking swole joke, that I don’t think anyone can bring themselves to take seriously. JP!Effie (Elfie) was a quiet, gentle girl that also happened to be freakishly strong and really devoted to protecting her friends. She was also largely a humourous character, but she had moments with emotional weight and her friendship with Elise was very precious (she was also implied to not be that much older than Elise surprisingly.).

Elfie wasn’t one of my favourite characters… but at least she was a character.

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congrats bitch ily!! ♡ my name is zoey (or am i the new zaddy??idk) and my favourite song rn is 'for elise' by saint motel

thnk u! please take the title as zaddy i dont want it anymore

‣ season:  spring / summer / autumn / winter

‣ element: earth / water / air / fire

‣ space: sun / moon / star / alien

‣ nature: flower / grass / insect / tree / river

‣ time: dawn / noon / dusk / midnight

‣ archetype: innocent / explorer / ruler / caregiver / magician / hero / outlaw / lover / jester