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I'm not I saying I dont like the ending of breaking it's just that when it goes to meeting the hansens (I hope I spelt that right ) and the rest if the story it just got a little .... confusing

That’s sorta the point. It requires a lot of assumptions based on past hints I’ve given. A lot of people were assuming that Anthony was going to the reincarnation of Philip but I didn’t really like that idea because he also plays two characters and that would be hella confusing to me. The idea is that Rachel (the maid) had twins who later had their own families blah blah blah until Elise married Allen and the Hansen family came about. The time Goddess lady at one point said that everything is reborn but it’s not always the same looking. It’s a mixture of science and spirituality. Things are reincarnated but are still bound by the laws of genes and science. So the Hansen’s look similar to the Hamilton’s but all of them are reincarnations and that’s really what ends up being important. This was my only REAL Away of giving the True End a happy ending. Philip himself can’t come back but he was reborn and is now with the reader as Phoenix. Their love rose from the ashes of death and was reborn. It’s meant to be confusing and not make sense, a lot of things are about small details which is what I think usually ends up being more important in real life so I focus on it more. That was a long answer sorry, thank you for sending this💜💚💜

Me with @natvanlis and Elise Bauman at the Streamys in Hollywood. Elise smile is like angels giving you another shot at life and Natasha just looks so sexy and perfect. Honestly these two women are so perfect and nice and actually care about their fans. I was able to have a conversation with Natasha. PS THEY ARE GREAT HUGGERS.