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Elise Bonato | on Tumblr (Australia/Canada)

A multidisciplinary visual artist from Australia, Elise Bonato is a maiden of the visual-aural arcane. Her predominantly experimental and performance-based practice aims to create an oeuvre of elegiac beauty through the medium of the moving image. Elise has recently completed graduate studies, awarded with First Class Honours at the University of South Australia, with an investigation into the use of video installation as a means of presenting a contemporary sublime. In recent years, she has exhibited and performed at a variety of local spaces and arts festivals, including the SASA Gallery, Project Space and Adelaide Fringe. Elise is currently based in Ontario, Canada, where she works independently from her studio. Please visit artist’s website or follow her Tumblr.

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The effervescence of Art manifests in the experience.

And for the most part, these are transient, but no less humbling. Whether they be a glance or a touch, an observation or a performance, they preserve beauty and esteem.

It is the process, not the product, which makes the artist.

Witnessing the waves and waves of those viewing my work, sharing and remarking upon it, I feel as if I am seated in the centre of an echo. Oscillating, but immovable. It is a strange sensation.

Thank you to Tumblr for sharing my ideations - my entities - with the wider spectrum. I exert a lot of effort to contribute original art, content and processes associated with my work as a practising visual artist.

To all my new followers, thank you. You provide those liminal happenings that make Art what it is.