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Fates Supports In A Nutshell: Royals Edition

If these go over well I may do some more. These were fun to make. [Long post ahead]

EDIT: Version 2 is here! (opposite couples)

Takumi + Elise

-C support-

  • Elise: Play with m–
  • Takumi: NO.

-B- support-

  • Elise: Are you sure you don’t wanna look at–
  • Takumi: NO. NO. NO.

-A support-

  • Takumi: Last time, I was kind of a jerk, so sorry or whatever.

-S support-

  • Elise: Takumiiiii let’s hang out!

Ryoma + Camilla

-C support-

  • Camilla: This is awkward.
  • Ryoma: Indeed.

-B support-

  • Ryoma: You’re smothering Corrin.
  • Camilla: I’m going to ask Corrin to decide whether or not that’s true.

-A support-

  • Ryoma: You know what, let’s forget everything that happened before.
  • Camilla: Couldn’t agree more!

-S support-

  • Camilla: Sex now, talk later.

Leo + Sakura

-C support-

  • Sakura: I hate fighting.
  • Leo: Stay off the battlefield then.

-B support-

  • Sakura: Let me in your club.
  • Leo: No.

-A support-

  • Leo: You’re a nervous little hamster but you’ve earned my praise.
  • Sakura: T-Thank you…

-S support-

  • Sakura: Oh Prince Leo, I love you too!
  • Leo: Great let’s go for a walk.

Xander + Hinoka

-C support-

  • Hinoka: Help there’s a thing.
  • Xander: You don’t know nothing, you didn’t see nothing.

-B support-

  • Hinoka: I freaked out for no reason! Nothing happened!
  • Xander: I will gladly sit here and listen to you !@#$%^&* about it.

-A support-

  • Hinoka: You’re an awesome dude. Wanna ride my pegasus?
  • Xander: /GLORY TO NOHR intensifies/

-S support-

  • Xander: You, me, food, marriage.
  • Hinoka: Let’s do this!

Is there footage of audition/callbacks of Elise and Natasha (together and separately?) If so, are we ever going to see that? I think there were pics, but video?

If not, Kennan voice from ‘Kennan and Kel,’ whyyyyy!!

I don’t even know if any of you have ever watched 'Kennan and Kel.’ Have any of you ever?
No but seriously, was there any footage!

Elise & Livilla: C - A Supports

(Livilla belongs to @lightningbug-lane ! Go check her out!)

C Support

  • Elise: M-Mother?
  • Livilla: …Oh, it’s you.
  • Elise: What are you doing here?
  • Livilla: Dancing. What does it look like? I’m sweeping the stable. Now get out of my way.
  • Elise: Th-That’s not what I meant… Why are you a part of the army?
  • Livilla: I said to get out of my way! I’m busy, okay? I don’t have time for your stupid questions.
  • Elise: …I’m sorry, mother.
  • Livilla: Why are you still here?
  • Elise: …

B Support

  • Elise: Mother. I-I need to talk to you.
  • Livilla: Really? Well, speak quickly. I have more important things to do.
  • Elise: That… That’s what I want to say! I want you to stop treating me like a burden!
  • Livilla: A burden? Is that how you think I see you?
  • Elise: …Mother?
  • Livilla: I don’t see you as a burden, Elise. I see you… as far worse.
  • Elise: …
  • Livilla: You are so much more than a burden. You’re a curse to make me suffer.
  • Livilla: To me… you’re worthless.
  • Livilla: Now go away. I don’t want to see you.
  • Elise: Mother–
  • Livilla: I said leave, Elise!
  • Elise: No! I won’t leave until you listen to me!
  • Elise: All of my life, I’ve done everything I can to make you happy! I’m tired of it!
  • Elise: I love you, mother. And I’ll never stop. Believe me, I’ve tried.
  • Elise: But I can’t waste my life trying to please you. It’s time that I grow up and face the truth.
  • Elise: It’s not my fault. None of it is my fault.
  • Elise: It’s yours.
  • Livilla: How dare you–
  • Elise: And if you aren’t mature enough to accept that… then it’s not my problem. Not anymore.
  • Elise: Goodbye, mother.
  • Livilla: You get back here right now and apologize! Elise! ELISE!!!
  • Livilla: That– That stubborn, ungrateful brat! How dare she… (sniffle)
  • Livilla: … (sob)

A Support

  • Livilla: Elise.
  • Elise: Yes, mother?
  • Livilla: There’s something I have to tell you.
  • Elise: I don’t want to listen.
  • Livilla: Elise… It’s important.
  • Elise: …Okay. Fine. What’s so important?
  • Livilla: I am… sorry.
  • Elise: …What?
  • Livilla: Don’t make me repeat it.
  • Elise: Okay. But… I forgive you.
  • Livilla: What? How?
  • Elise: I forgave you a long time ago. I don’t like holding grudges.
  • Livilla: Well… thanks, I guess.
  • Livilla: Don’t tell me you still want to have tea parties or something dumb like that.
  • Elise: Of course not, mother.
  • Livilla: Well, good.
  • Elise: …Mother?
  • Livilla: What?
  • Livilla: H-Hey! What’s this hug for?
  • Elise: I love you.
  • Livilla: …Okay. … (sniffle)
  • Elise: M-Mother?
  • Livilla: You know… if you occasionally really, really wanted to have a tea party…
  • Livilla: I might be willing to consider joining you.
  • Elise: Hee hee. Okay.
  • Livilla: Anyway, I have work to do.
  • Elise: Right, of course.
  • Livilla: …Elise?
  • Elise: Yes, mother?
  • Livilla: I-I… do, too.
  • Elise: I know.
  • Elise: I’ll see you at my next tea party!
  • Livilla: Yeah, whatever.
  • Livilla: …I mean…
  • Livilla: I’m looking forward to it. I guess.
  • Elise: Me, too.