Join the Murder Buddies squad on their very first quest: the mysterious murder of Jujube, the local blacksmith’s daughter. Tune in for shits, giggles and some really bad DND.

Meet the party:

- Nathré, a drow warlock played by Elisar.
- Alec, a tiefling sorcerer played by Emilie.
- Efren, a dragonborn bard played by Sally.
- Dmitry, a half-vampire fighter played by Maggie.
- Zinlee, a half-elf wizard played by Micaiah.
- Favyre, a half-elf rouge played by Max.
- Pastor Carnation, a tiefling cleric played by Madi.
- Biri, a dragonborn monk played by Stella.
- And of course, last but never least, DM'ing done by everyone’s favourite Dungeon Man™ Roy.

Mini Solos

10th: Summer Montenegro – The Young Mariner (The Rock)

9th: Gianna Mojonnier – Ascent (Danceology), Allie Andrew – Somewhere in the Middle (CAA)

8th: Isabella Jarvis – Exhale (Larkin), Ava Lynn – Interlaced Throughout (Bobbie’s School)

7th: Paige Kracht – Daylight (Club Dance)

6th: Izzy Howard – The Lily Girl (The Rock)

5th: Brightyn Brems – Suspended in Time (CSPAS)

4th: Brooklin Cooley – Solitude (Club Dance)

3rd: Brightyn Rines – Petrichor (Club Dance), Dyllan Blackburn – Rummage (Project 21)

2nd: Ali Ogle – Horizons (Larkin)

1st: Alexis Adair – Strands (Club Dance)

Adjudications under the cut!

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List of TAZ Animatics Story 1: Here There Be Gerblins

Got some free time on my hand, so I decided to make a list of taz animatics. Might have missed a few.

Chapter 1 (Ep. 1)

The Adventure Zone | Character Names

The Adventure Zone Animated: You’re naming your goddamn wizard taco?! 

Adventure Zone Gorblins

Chapter 2 (Ep. 2)

You Haven’t Seen This Ass! - The Adventure Zone Animatic

The Adventure Zone - It’s Taako

The Adventure Zone - Child games - WIP

Chapter 3 (Ep. 3)

Adventure Zone Animatic - Gooshy Buddies

[The Adventure Zone] Constitution Saving Throw

Chapter 4 (Ep. 4)

How Hard Am I Wondering? (TAZ animatic)

The Adventure Zone - He Seems Nice

The Adventure Zone Animatic- Magic Brian

The Adventure Zone animated - Hello hello, welcome to my cave

TAZ Animated WIP 1

The Adventure Zone - The Orc Woman (Animatic)

The Adventure Zone - Brotherly Love..? (Animatic)

The Adventure Zone - Abraca (Animatic)

Magic Brian’s Final Riddle

The Adventure Zone Animated - ABRAKA-FUCK YOU! 

TAZ Ep 4: Magic Brian

The Adventure Zone - Magic Brian


TAZ Magic Brian’s Final Riddle

magic brian || the adventure zone animatic || elisar haydar

The Final Riddle - The Adventure Zone Animatic

Chapter 5 (Ep. 5)

The Adventure Zone || Character Voices

taako is dead ((Adventure zone animatic ))

The Umbrella | TAZ animatic | ep. 5

Zone Of Truth - Adventure Zone Animatic


Lip Sync Test: Taako “Good Going, Dipsh*t!” 

[The Adventure Zone] Zero, Motherfuckers

Chapter 6 (Ep. 6)

The Adventure Zone - Well Well Well 

The Adventure Zone Animatic || Stuck In A Well

Well Off - Adventure Zone Animatic

if u think racism and islamophobia is over ur painfully mistaken lol

both me and my brother are syrian muslim immigrants (hes atheist and im agnostic, but we’re ismaili in home culture)

we’re both pale and passing and for the first decade of each of our lives thought we were white. the difference is that hes very obviously arab (hussein) and im ambiguous (elisar). my treatment at school was okay. got a couple nasty comments here and there, but whatever.

my brother has made some mistakes, sure (questioning and directly testing teacher and principal’s authority or whatever, making stupid anti-sjw jokes to look cool in front of his friends, he’s thirteen), but he’s been suspended three times, has had the police called on two times, and has been recommended for counselling and a therapist. he’s been told that he will definitely become extreme and violent. this is because he listens to “vulgar” (rap) music. the kid plays dragon ball z and protested strongly a couple weeks ago when i said i wanted to kill a spider

the first question our doctor asked when my mother told him was “whats the racial makeup of his school?” its mostly white. “theyre just scared of his name” hussein.

its fucked. if they think isolating him from his peers (when he’s already nerdy and bad with social cues) is helping then they’re fucking morons.


magic brian || the adventure zone animatic || elisar haydar

I would like to emphasize that this is not mine and you should check out elihirs YouTube channel!!
issue one: creator profiles

Creator profiles are feature posts celebrating and introducing the creators involved in the years & years: an allura zine team so that you can get to know the very cool people working ever so diligently behind the scenes these past few months. Please reblog in support of your favorite artists and writers and drop them a nice note! They are all so deserving and amazing. 

Below, we have all of our creator profiles linked, both published or upcoming. Keep in mind that this list does not include all of our beloved contributors! Our full list of creators is on this post linked here.

  1. Prpldragon (prpldragonart)
  2. Titan (ziaraderosa)
  3. Fonbella (blacklionshiro)
  4. Brii (holting-on)
  5. Marcus (tojo-lens)
  6. Pitch (pitchgold)
  7. Rachel Lou (king-lotor)
  8. Ardett (ardett)
  9. Caroline (legendarydefender)
  10. Munchies (after-midnightmunchies)
  11. Looveel (looveel-realm)
  12. Queenie (thequeen117)
  13. Jevinski (jevinski)
  14. Wenzel (the-wenzel)
  15. Sven (legendarydesvender)
  16. Jelly (baked-mashed-potato)
  17. Sidlaux (sidlaux)
  18. Elisar (ehlihr)
  19. Stormy (magical-merlance)
  20. Rin (rinthegreat)
  21. Marisa (mkairi)
  22. Louise (yliseryn)
  23. Aaliya (aaaliyaamj)
  24. Arka WR (xblackpaladin)
  25. 5557 (autisticvoltronld)
  26. Mintless (feedthemintless)
  27. MJ (theblueteletubby)
  28. Erin Hanyu (meowing-nora)
  29. Audi (audidraws)
  30. Muwadesu (muwadesu)
  31. Falloutforest (falloutforest)
  32. Miup (miupy)
  33. juniperarts (juniperarts)
  34. Sid (sidsydelle)
  35. senri (aquafeles)
  36. Weiwei (peevishpants)
  37. Deericku (deericku)
  38. Annie (dinokeiths)
  39. Super (rose-madder-gaze)
  40. saaj (saltylances)
  41. Jacy (cookiecreation)
  42. Lia (okaykois)
  43. Damare (damare-draws)
  44. Rui (rui6666)

Yep! All these wonderful people (and still more others) working together to form (not Voltron) but years & years: issue one - the identity issue! 

Get excited.

anonymous asked:

Playlist: Nico di Angelo

LMFAO OK FIRST OF ALL: Listen to Nico di Angelo by Elisar Haydar on @AppleMusic.

but if u dont have apple music here are ten random songs from that playlist when i put it on shuffle

Love - Daughter
I’m so Sorry - Imagine Dragons
Soon We’ll Be Found - Sia
Killer - The Hoosiers
Run - Daughter
Stawberry Swing - Coldplay
Far Too Young To Die - Panic! At the Disco
The City - Madeon
Run Boy Run - Woodkid
Habits (Stay High) - Tove Lo
I Wanna Get Better - Bleachers


Things I will do:

  • Fanart
  • OCs (Reference images and a small paragraph please!!)
  • IRL people
  • [MILD] go-re, body ho-rror, eye ho-rror

Things I won’t do:

  • N/S/F/W
  • Heavy G-ore
  • Anthropomorphic Creatures / Animals (Mostly)
  • Heavy armour/weaponry

Contact me at elisar@outlook.com (same as paypal!) or splice me a message for questions! Thanks!

Note: that the style portrayed above is grounds for 10% off since it’s simpler!

Examples: [Painted Bust (2) (3) (4)] [Coloured Sketch Bust (2) (3)] [Coloured Half Body (2)] [Coloured Full Body (Anthro)]

Elisar (Genderbend Elsa) from Disney’s Frozen

Taken at the Saint Claire in San Jose during Fanime 2014

Elisar cosplay, makeup and post processing by kelton.

Photography by Boon of When was this taken Photography

Check out my cover of ‘Let It Go’ On Youtube - http://youtube.com/watch?v=VvEf6fPHMOg