My genderbend cosplay of Elsa from Disney’s Frozen! We did a shoot at Mammoth Mountain in California. Was such an amazing experience to get to shoot in snow though it proved a lot harder than I had anticipated - strong winds and lots of sunlight being reflected by all the snow. But I’m so happy with how the pics came out! I owe my helpers big time for working so hard behind the scenes to make the shoot a success!

Elisar (Genderbend Elsa) cosplay, makeup and post processing by Kelton.

Photography by Muze’s photography and cosplay

Helpers - Jonathan, Jessica and Ryu

Elisar (Genderbend Elsa) from Disney’s Frozen

Taken at the Saint Claire in San Jose during Fanime 2014

Elisar cosplay, makeup and post processing by kelton.

Photography by Boon of When was this taken Photography

Check out my cover of ‘Let It Go’ On Youtube - http://youtube.com/watch?v=VvEf6fPHMOg