elisabetta rosboch von wolkenstein

Did you know?

Theoretically Prince Amedeo of Belgium is no longer in line to the throne after his marriage to Lili Rosboch. According to Article 85 of the Belgian Constitution a member of the royal family needs to get approval from the King of Belgium for his or her marriage. This permission is also published in the Official Gazette. Such consent is not yet published, and there are speculations that the prince, officially sixth in line to the throne, was aware that he gave up the right to the throne upon his marriage. The Court nor government confirmed.

And the winner of this week is...

Charlotte Casiraghi in her white Gucci gown!

Runner-up is Elisabetta Rosboch von Wolkenstein in her Valentino wedding dress

The third place is this week for Princess Claire of Luxembourg who wore a stunning white dress of Paule Ka during her daughter’s christening

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