Elisabeth Darling is eighteen years old and a senior in Grimsby High. People say Elisabeth looks a lot like Kaya Scodelario.

♣ Old, but I’m not that old; Young, but I’m not that bold

Elisabeth Darling has lived in Grimsby since she was born. Being the big sister of Diana, Elisabeth has always been expected to be a role model and show good example but she has never liked the pressure that it gave to her. Elisabeth has been in the popular kids’ circle in school, she is invited in most parties because she knows how to have fun and not afraid of enjoying herself, a lot of times she is the one who comes up with different drinking game ideas. The senior girl is well known of her unpredictable behaviour and random actions. You can never know what her next move will be. Her lifestyle has its disadvantages, though. Her grades are not the best and Elisabeth needs to change on that if she wants to graduate.

♣ I could lie, could lie, could lie

Nobody knows that Elisabeth has problems with meds and lately with more serious drugs. It started when she broke her wrist in autumn and she got prescribed a really strong painkiller. When her wrist healed, some pills have left and she started to take them to make herself numb if something isn’t going the way she imagines. It’s become a habit and she always finds a way to get more. In the belief that her little sister died in overdose, Elisabeth feels like she contributed to her sister’s death with her addiction but now she desires those pills even more than ever.

♣ We’ll be counting stars

Diana Darling: Elisabeth’s younger sister. The two had their quarrels once in a while but other than that they got along well. Dee always looked up to Elisabeth as a role model, which resulted in making the same mistakes. People often referred to them as one and the same but Elisabeth has never liked that cliché. Elisabeth knew about the existence of the little black book but didn’t care much about it.

Jeremy Wright:  The relationship between Elisabeth and Jeremy can be described as complicated. In one moment they are together and in another moment they are not. Elisabeth and Jeremy have had a love-hate relationship going on for quite a long time. They can be pretty immature at times and that just makes things worse. After the tragedy, Jeremy wants to be there for Elisabeth as a support and beat some sense in her head but the girl is pushing everybody away so she can stay in state of self-pity.

Loraine Young: Hate is a strong word. No, Elisabeth doesn’t hate Loraine but she dislikes her classmate. Loraine and her family arrived in the town not so long ago and ever since that Elisabeth thinks the girl is eager to play off her. Everybody can sense the unsaid stress between them.

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