Queen Elisabeth of Romania was a close friend of Empress Sissi of Austria.

Poetry played a very important role in the life of Empress Elisabeth.                    

She wrote a poetic diary, and in bad times she expressed her                    feelings in poems. She did this as a recommendation from the                    Romanian Queen Elizabeth. The Romanian Queen herself wrote                    under the pseudonym of “Carmen Sylva”.

Empress Sissi maintained a friendly relationship with her.            

Prince Konstantin Konstantinovich … was born on the afternoon of Thursday, December 20, 1890/ January 1, 1891, in the Marble Palace in St. Petersburg … Like his brothers he entered the Imperial Cadet Corps, destined for a life in the military. Called “Kostia” within the family, the Prince grew into a tall, “charming young man”, exceptionally thin, with an angled face, a small, trim mustache, and deep blue eyes. He joined the Nizhegorodski Cadet Regiment and later, the Imperial Guards Regiments. Quiet and reserved, he made a good impression on those he encountered. He showed little interest in pursuing any romantic alliance, and in the end, did so only on the instigation of others. In 1911 the Duchess of Edinburgh thought that he would make a suitable husband for her granddaughter, Princess Elisabeth of Romania. Prince Konstantin Konstantinovich had to be prodded by his mother into expressing any interest. Whatever Elisabeth Mavrikievna told her son appears to have worked, for in a few months the Duchess of Edinburgh reported: “The young Kostia is seized with terror that she will be snatched away, as he says, before he has even made her acquaintance. The young man seems really quite nice, is much liked in his regiment and they have really been very well brought up. This one is full of life and they always have a pleasant existence at home, full of interests.” In the end, however, Elisabeth´s mother Crown Princess Marie refused to consider the possible match, and Konstantin Konstantinovich never again expressed any interest in a possible alliance. He remained unmarried, a well-mannered and pleasant young man, greatly liked by his relatives.

Greg King & Penny Wilson: Gilded Prism


Gathering in Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen. Early 1910s

*1.- Crownprincess Marie of Romania, Princess Henriette, Duchesse d´Vendome and Princess Josephine of Hohenzollern Sigmaringen (both neé Princess of Belgium)

*2.-Princess Elisabeth of Romania (later Queen of Greece) with cousin Augusta Viktoria of Hohenzollern Sigmaringen (later Queen of Portugal) and uncle, Prince Wilhelm of Hohenzollern Sigmaringen

*3.-Prince Karl of Hohenzollern Sigmaringen (right) fooling around with brother, Crownprince Ferdinand of Romania.


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