elisabeth de valois

Portrait of a Lady said Portrait of Jeanne de Valois, Comtesse de la Motte (c.1780). Elisabeth-Louise Vigée Le Brun (French, 1755-1842). Oil on canvas.

A certain tendency would have one see in our model, with a somewhat enigmatic smile, the features of the instigator of the Queen’s necklace affair, Jeanne de Valois, Countess de la Motte. It was in 1780 that she had sought the title of Countess and tried to integrate into certain cenacles, a date that might suit the portrait.

“Queen Elizabeth of Valois, Third Wife of Philip II of Spain” (1605) (detail) by Juan Pantoja de la Cruz (1553-1608).

“Queen Elizabeth of Valois, Third Wife of Philip II” (1605) (detail) by Juan Pantoja de la Cruz (1553-1608).


Make me choose: daughter-of-castile asked: Felipe II or Isabel de Valois

Philip was completely enchanted by his 14-year-old bride, and within a short period of time had given up his mistress. Despite the significant age difference, Elisabeth was also quite pleased with her husband. (In letters to her mother, she proclaimed herself to be fortunate to have married so charming a prince.) Philip enjoyed hosting chivalric tournaments to entertain his wife. [x]