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‘Girl, Interrupted’, James Mangold (1999)

Crazy isn’t being broken, or swallowing a dark secret. It’s you, or me, amplified. If you ever told a lie, and enjoyed it. If you ever wished you could be a child, forever.

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(sorry for my English) I’ve watched the episode and OMG it’s p e r f e c t from the beginning to the end. In particular the team, Red’s team, it’s fantastic, in every aspect. Aram, Navabi, Baz, Cooper, Mr. Kaplan, Dembe. OMG

Aram it’s fantastic, and Red’s touch when he arrives prooves that Red is grateful to him. One of my favourite in this episode is Marvin Gerard, because I love this character and his role in the story.

I also appreciate Red’s “let’s begin”, James is fantastic! In my opinion in this episode the music in perfect (not only at the end) but also with Red team’s actions. And considering Red’s plan….. Come on Red….. You love her! Your FANTASTIC plan is the proof!                                                                         Now, talking about Lizzington (I’m sorry but I’m a Lizzington fan) we can see different scenes: the first when they talk at the phone with Red trying to comfort Liz, the second when Ressler told Liz that Red is negotiating her freedom (her eyes are full of love and gratitude), the third when Red talks with Liz (his new parter, the new assett, with the empty chair next to him) and FINALLY the final scene. Final scene is organized in a perfect way: she doesn’t know where to go (she was loocking for him, come on), she sees him, she runs to meet him, he watches her with happy and proud eyes, she sighs, the hug (OMG I’M CRYING) and he sinks his face in her hair. And THE SONG, it fits perfectly to the scene and to Red and Liz. Come on it’s a love song. “It’s a complicated love story”

This episode is so fucking perfect.

Let me escape in your arms, baby I’m yours, baby I’m yours

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Love don’t come easy at all, I MISS YOU SO MUCH, I MISS YOU SO MUCH

Tell me, is this freedom baby? Chasing after danger making my heart race

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Maybe if the stars align

Maybe if our worlds collide

Maybe on the dark side

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[Major Lazer- Be together]