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That’s good, right?

I guess so. Although I think it would be better if he were closer to me in age, and probably not the troll that I suspect he may be. It would be ideal, in fact, if he were, say Benedict Cumberbatch but I’m not picky or anything!

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Does he know how far Tinley Park IS?

Probably not. Maybe he wants a sugar momma in the big city? Who knows.

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I’d save the money and put it towards another trip to see your boyfriend. What happens if you fly out on Tuesday instead of Wednesday?

it’s for him to come here; it would be my last thanksgiving here before moving to be with him. it’s something rather important to me, to have him experience that holiday in particular with my family.

he can’t leave before wednesday, unfortunately. and he must get home by sometime monday.

oh yeah, those too.

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And eyeliner and lipstick.

Basically, I need to write the nice people at NARS a thank you note for making it possible for me to look semi-pretty. If they ever discontinued the following products, I would be at sea:

  • Ipanema eyebrow pencil
  • Dolce Vita velvet matte lip pencil
  • Lovejoy blush
  • Rose Gitane gloss
  • Funny Face and Jungle Red lipsticks

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You can be a little more casual for lunch.

That’s what I’m hoping.

Patrick’s concerned about the jacket rule, but I think they have jackets for gentlemen diners to meet their code.

Basically, I just want to make sure we look dope when the man himself, Eric Ripert, comes through the dining room just so he can be our new BFF (sorry, Bourdain) and teach us how to swear en Francais.