elisa yao stump

hi y'all. please listen.

elisa is not a public figure. she has no interaction with her so-called “fanbase” and has no known public social media at all. she doesn’t do interviews and she doesn’t promote anything that she does. she is private because she chooses to be. please don’t let your admiration for her character or your obsession with her link to patrick let you think otherwise. she is private. as is with the rest of patrick’s family (excluding patrick himself). she’s not asking for this and, quite frankly, you can appreciate and be a fan of someone as much as you want, but if that person doesn’t enjoy being made public, then you are a problem. don’t think that you’re doing anything good for the person and please respect them. let them have their right to privacy. thank you.


Gracing your lives with this gem I got from my precious bean @ how_to_save_patrick_stump on Instagram and tbh I think I just cried a little omg Dad!Patrick is my shit

people in bandoms who need to stop:

-people who harass jenna

-people who harass sarah

-people who harass elisa

-people who harass meagan

-people who harass debby

-people who harass bandom wives/children in general

-people who harass a band member about leaving a band

-people who harass a band member about a running joke in the bandom that’s clearly uncomfortable for them (*cough* fucking milk fic people *cough*)

-people who constantly harass/insult brendon (seriously where is the joke)

-people who push bandom members about ships

-people who push patrick about his weight

-people who keep commenting “DADDY😍❤️” on band members’ instas (leave that for ao3)

-people who say joe and andy aren’t important

-people who force ships onto others

-people who ignore ty and josh’s heritage and/or mental illnesses, calling ty a “neurotypical” or “ableist”

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