elisa is best

Reasons Why Elisa Yao/Stump is the Best Person Ever

If you dislike Elisa Yao please unfollow me and never come back because she is a literal queen:

•She puts up with Patrick’s crazy schedule

•Seriously, raising a baby is hard with both parents, almost impossible alone

•She’s literally the most beautiful woman to ever walk the earth

•Patrick is crazy in love with her

•She’s an ENGINEER

•She’s never once stepped into Patrick’s spotlight

•You know how tempting it would be?! But no! She just wants to have a career and a family and be amazing without any credit

•You can see in every picture just how unbearably in love she is with Patrick I mean come on

•She birthed the most beautiful baby ever

•She puts up with the stupid fans who feel the need to harass her with absolute grace, and has never been anything but wonderfully sweet to any fan who has ever approached her


•My god I love her

After drawing one of @pastel-sims sims I decided I wanted to draw some more, so here’s my water elf Elisa. It’s not the best (especially the nose oh dog that nose is terrible) but I still kinda like it.

I desperately need a bigger scanner so I can color this.

If anyone else wants me to draw this sims just send me a few pics of them and I’ll do it. :3