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Дикие лебеди (The Wild Swans)

99 in x of animated feature film history
Release: 1962
Country: Soviet Union
Director: Vera Tsekhanovskaya, Mikhail Tsekhanovsky

“The Wild Swans was directed by the husband-and-wife team of Mikhail Tsekhanovsky and Vera Tsekhanovskaya. The film is based on the story of the same name by Hans Christian Andersen. Unusual for Soviet films of this period, and especially for animated films, it was filmed in widescreen. It was produced at the Soyuzmultfilm studio in Moscow.

Princess Elisa and her eleven brothers live in peace and happiness until their father, King Henry, brings home a new queen named Hildegard. She turns out to be an evil witch. With her magic, she tries to curse Elisa, but Elisa’s good heart repel the curses. Instead, the queen resorts to blackening Elisa’s face and dirtying her hair, making her unrecognizable. The queen also attempts to turn the eleven princes into black, ugly birds, but because of their good hearts, the curse is only partly successful: they turn into beautiful, white swans. The queen chases them out of the castle, and the next morning, Elisa is chased out as well because her father mistakes her for a Romani (g*psy) girl. Left with nothing, she sets out to find her brothers. After many years, she finally finds them, and after learning from a crow that the curse can be broken, she has to knit eleven sweaters out of tall, burning nettles, and has to remain silent. While she works on the sweaters, she meets a prince who falls in love with her and lets her live in his castle. Here, a bishop conspires with the queen to get rid of her by making people think she is a witch. She is almost burnt on the stake, but at the last second, her brothers come to the rescue. She throws the sweaters over them, the curse is lifted, and she is able to tell her story and return the prince’s love.”

The film heavily emphasizes the dichotomy of white and black as good and evil. This has a negative racial subtext in the case of Elisa’s darkened skin and hair.


The Wild Swans is available on YouTube.


Blood, Tears & Gold :: Battler & Beatrice
songs for the territory lord and the golden witch

listen on 8tracks or click the links for Youtube videos. downloadable zip of all files coming soon.

    1. 宿命のカタルシス | Shukumei no Catharsis (Catharsis of Destiny) 川井憲次 | Kawai Kenji
    2. Silver and Cold AFI
      I, I came here by day/but I left here in darkness/and found you, found you on the way
    3. It’s Beginning to Get To Me Snow Patrol
      are you beginning to get my point/that all this fighting with aching joints/is doing nothing but tire us out/and no-one knows what this fight’s about
    4. You Win Again Bee Gees
      there’s no fight we can’t fight/this battle of love with me/you win again/so little time, we do nothing but compete
    5. So Cruel U2
      we crossed the line/who pushed who over?/it doesn’t matter to you/it matters to me
    6. Gli Ostacoli del Cuore (Obstacles of the Heart) Elisa feat. Ligabue
      quante cose che non sai di me/quante cose che non puoi sapere/quante cose da portare nel viaggio insieme
      (how many things you don’t know about me/how many things you can’t know/how many things we can bring on this journey)
    7. What Else Is There? Röyksopp
      there is no room where I can go/and you’ve got secrets too/I don’t know what more to ask for/I was given just one wish
    8. 神無月の人魚 | Kannazuki no Ningyo (Godless Month Mermaid) 光田康典 | Mitsuda Yasunori
    9. Disremembrance (Flexifinger’s Radio Edit) Dannii
      you gave me the strength to change the memories/but if I forget myself, will you remember me?
    10. Blood, Tears & Gold Hurts
      when love goes cold/blood tears and gold/won’t make it any better/I never let you down baby
    11. The Scientist Coldplay
      pulling the puzzles apart/questions of science, science and progress/do not speak as loud as my heart
    12. Gabriel Lamb
      I can shine even in the darkness/but I crave the light he brings
    13. Under the Ivy Kate Bush
      and it’s not easy for me/to give away a secret/it’s not safe/but go into the garden…/go right to the rose
    14. L'Abitudine Andrea Bocelli & Helena
      perché, la solitudine/che non sorride mai/diventa l'abitudine/e non la scelta che tu fai
      (because loneliness/which never smiles/becomes a habit/and not a choice you make)
    15. Here With Me Sarah Brightman
      I am what I am/I do what I want/but I can’t hide/I won’t go/I won’t sleep/I can’t breathe/until you’re resting here with me
    16. The Last Day On Earth Kate Miller-Heidke
      it’s the last day on earth/in my dreams/it’s the end of the world/and you’ve come back to me/in my dreams
    17. Dante’s Prayer Loreena McKennitt
      though we share this humble path, alone/how fragile is the heart/give these clay feet wings to fly/to touch the face of the stars
    18. Time Drop 新良エツ子 | Niira Etsuko
      覚えてますか?繋いだ手と手 もう一度思いに触れて
      oboetemasu ka? tsunai da te to te/mou ichido omoi ni furete
      (can’t you remember? us together, hand in hand/one more time, feel my love)
    19. birds 坂本真綾 | Sakamoto Maaya
      愛して愛して愛して愛して 貴方をただ求めてる 光を見せて 連れ出て
      aishite aishite aishite aishite/anata wo tada wo motometeru/hikari wo misete/tsuredashite
      (I am in love in love in love in love/and yearn only for you/show me the light/lead me out of here)
    20. I For You Luna Sea
      心から君を愛してる  君に降る痛みを脱ぐってあげたい 全て I For You
      kokoro kara kimi wo aishiteru/kimi ni nugutte itai agetai/ subete/I for you
      (from my heart, I love you/I want to wipe away the pain that’s falling on you/all of it, I for you)
    21. Never Tear Us Apart INXS
      we could live for a thousand years/but if I hurt you/I’d make wine from your tears
    22. Death/Reunite The Crüxshadows