elisa and goliath


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Ahem.. Unless you two want to stay like that for the next twelve hours, we better go.”

(I just can’t with this guy basically being the proud cockblocker of the entire clan. He can have all my love and affection, though, regardless if he wants it or not. Disapproving traditionalist grandpa - no hugs until you wed her first, Goliath.)

The happiest moment of my teenage life...

…was seeing two characters I shipped before I knew what shipping was share an onscreen kiss.

That pair was Goliath/Elisa from Gargoyles.

They were my first OTP, and they were canon.

I said “they’re gonna fall in love” the second they met…

…and they did. Slowly.

And I…

…in turn…


…in love…



You never forget your first OTP.


Another fanbaby question! lol Well… I know that the creator stated that they’d eventually raise an adopted human child down the line. But if they actually could have children? Like through magical means maybe? They’d probably look like this?

Twins-maybe?! Elisa’s coloring with a dash of Goliath’s purple. I imagine them to be thick as thieves, constantly getting into trouble and causing all sorts of havoc for the clan. They get along fairly well, but when they fight, it’s an all out brawl and then after they’ve taken it out on each other they’d bond over how many bloody bruises and broken ribs they’d given each other cuz man, that punch to the gut was awesome, amirite? Their parents usually get mad over their tendency to solve problems with their fists instead of diplomacy but they don’t see what the big deal is cuz their wounds will just heal at sunrise, Geez calm down Dad.

For now I’m calling them Kitty and Mags.

Kitty’s actual name is Katherine Maza, named after Princess Katherine. She also goes by Kat, Kitty, or KitKat. Don’t call her Princess or she’ll punch you in the face. If she had a choice, she’d never have to brush her hair. She also has a tendency to try to adopt every stray dog and cat that she finds while on patrol (what do you mean she can’t? They live in a frickin’ castle there’s plenty of room). Kitty is also randomly good at playing the piano which is impressive since she doesn’t have the usual 5 digits of a human. She really wanted to play Violin, but her talons kept severing the strings.

Mags Maza is named after the Magus (because thinking about the Magus still HURTS and I need someone to honor him, OK?!). A lot of fanbabies I’ve seen of Goliath and Elisa are usually female so decided to shoot for a male design. I wanted him to look like a more boyish version of Goliath. His wings are more reminiscent of Elisa’s Wing design (in comparison, Kitty has her Dad’s wings). Of the two, Mags is actually the more level-headed one. When he’s with his sister though, they tend to goad each other on, so they usually have to be separated while on patrol. He loves watching Kung Fu movies–especially ones with Jackie Chan–even the really terrible gems like “The Tuxedo.” Mags is a surprisingly good cook, and can give Broadway a run for his money. He looks up to his Mom a great deal, and one day aspires to be the first official Gargoyle Cop.

As you can see, I had way too much fun with this. why can’t I just draw a picture of fanbabies and be like “here’s how they look” and just walk away?