elis ender

You come home to your father dressed like a jewel eating "pocket monster" with your wife's proposal gifts in his hand. Normally, you would march him back up to your wife to apologise and give back the jewelry but he makes a statement before you can even lay a hand on his spiney head. Turns out, he is rather upsetted by the lack of jewelry he could “borrow”, as what he had in his hand was ALL the sparkly, shiny accessories she had (minus her necklace, but not even your dad is stupid enough to try taking that from her. So, once you had returned the hairclips, you had set out on a mission these past weeks. A mission of looting. This week's victim luckily had a bit of gold in their pockets and jewels in the walls that you could maybe… take the treasures off his/her hands. After all, dead people don't wear jewelry! You think this act of “looting” is perfectly justified. 

Eric: I-its not much now, but hey! There’s is more where that came from! If you ever want something in specific, you give me the word and ill k-keep my eye…out for it! Yea! Another shinning addition to my shinning angel rose~

In the box: 1 thin gold chain (small enough to string other objects or pendants on! Or just wear plainly) 

A pair of modified sparkling earrings in the shape of eyes, attached to a small clip that is able to clip onto the chains of the hairclips (endermen don’t have ears, but they were too shiny to pass up. If she wanted them to dangle, Eric could see about getting her another chain.)

Bangles embedded various colored stones, mostly in cobalts and emerald. 

A ring of polished metals with a small golden eye that matches the earrings. 

And is that one other item?

Ignore the orange clAy…

The ender girls are looooooose!

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“Eris sweetheart, I finally finished those shirts you wanted me to make for you.. I hope you like them. I know blue is your favorite color so I tried to stick with those.. When it gets a little colder out I will make you some winter shirts as well but here are these for now.” Elis smiled as she handed the three shirts over. 


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IF YOU GIVE A BIRD A MANGA CREATOR… (psyco-mod why must you  post such adorable things on your bloogggg, it makes me want to waste my nights on creating cute pictures alllssoo)

1: Hickory and Lizzy bullshitting in the infirmary, being they end up there quite often after gym…

2: In which mod  tries to pass off a boy character as a girl and fails…more lizzy and Hickory and how they say hi to eachother

3: SHIPPY TIME!~ Eric and Elis with a scarf

4: An attempt to pass a girl character off as a boy success and we have lunch with eric and elis

5: Surprise kissu kissu at a flower festival

6: of course, elis gets her kiss back…eheh~

I’ve also created various characters~ The girl is our dear Ignotis. The red head boy is my character Carson. owo He’s one of my old OCs.

Oddly… He and Iggy are in a romantic relationship. (I tried setting her up with Non but it didn’t work. X3)

I found a good Levi Ackerman and he was dreaming about playing hide-and-seek with my demon dog OC, Critic.

This is all the characters I have. owo

Top (left to right): Prussia, Russia, America, Zoeya, England, Germany

2nd Row: Rythian, Levi Ackerman, my OC Brooklyn, my OC Critic, Human Twilight Sparkle, Human Fluttershy, my man self in a ninja suit, my OC Carson, my OC Samuel, Erwin Smith

3rd Row: Human Applejack, Human Rainbow Dash, Rodney, Ignatius, Ignotis, Non, Anna, Tiny, Human Pinkie Pie, Human Rarity

Bottom: Elis Ender, Generic Lady, my friend Brett, my friend Nathan, my boyfriend, me, my friend Kristen, my friend Nicki, Normal Man, Ez


MOD: This is a good video. But it’s the lyrics that kinda fit with everything that’s going on with certain MC characters around here. Just look at the lyrics.