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Hey Jax-SENPAI I have a Question about Running and idk if you've answered it before so i figured what the heck. I like to run 3-5 miles everyday and I eat moderately healthy and I really want to get abs but I've heard from my Brother and few others that Running is affecting my Metabolism and preventing me from getting a Six Pack cause of how often I do it. Is that true and if so what do i do?


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I have observed literally hundreds of folks in the gym that just do 30-60 minutes of cardio, 3-5x per week, Moderate Pace For at least a year resulting in the same old physique. If this sounds like your routine, you will find out why you more than likely did not achieve the results that you are looking for Let me explain

I know A TON OF PEOPLE that workout doing 6-7 hours of cardio training per week for several months and then they get super frustrated with the lack of results, the only thing they do is just stick with the program or to do more hours. So whats the solution? Doing more cardio? Of course not! 

While Cardio is PHENOMENAL AND IMPORTANT FOR HEALTH! And you should do it a minimum of 4 days a week 

If you are going for Aesthetics(the way the body looks) while doing Moderate Pace Cardio its not going to help your physique that much. Your athletic ability YES as you increasing your Heart, Lungs and VO2 Max which will let you run longer and further. 

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Unlike LISS (LOW INTENSITY STEADY STATE) or HITT (HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING) would Help with your Body goals. which I’ve explained a Lot of times before.

Doing extra Moderate Pace cardio will not help you with your Aesthetic Goals as much as those two. You will be surprised to know that 6-7 hours will NOT help increase your metabolism. There are a TON of misconceptions about aerobic training

I will explain why most people believe that Moderate aerobics (i.e. jogging for 30-60 minutes) is the Magic solution to fat loss.

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The first time that you attempt aerobic training, you might be able to last for only 5 minutes. As you get better and better, you increase your minutes. 5 minutes eventually turns into 10. 10 turns to 20. Eventually you can do 60 minutes, 5-6 times per week. Will you get the lean sculpted body that you want? Will you lose weight? 

As you get better, your heart and lungs get stronger allowing you to do longer distances. HOWEVER, as you do more and more Training you naturally become a BADASS and running 5 miles seems like cake to you.

, as you get stronger, your body becomes better at utilizing your body fat (meaning you are burning less body fat). What it means is that if it takes you 30 minutes to burn 300 calories, as you get stronger, it will take 45 minutes to burn the same amount of calories. And unless thats your goal then your probably dont want to do the same pace cardio and increase it every week.

The answer?

Well in your case I would with High Intensity Interval Training (Anaerobic training)

its far superior to boosting your metabolism than it is to do Moderate Pace aerobic training. That one doesn’t increase your metabolism at all. It is true that you are burning calories while you are actually performing the aerobics. However, once you are done with your session, your metabolism returns to normal.

However, interval training (consisting of moderate to high intensity cardio) will burn more calories per minute, and will elevate your metabolism for hours and hours.  You could POTENTIALLY BURN FAT for at least 24 hours and in some cases, up to 42 hours. 

A lot of people focus too much about the workout when in fact, they should focus more on the whole picture. It is not the 1 hour of workout that counts but it is the 23 hours remaining in the day.

And there are many ways to do it. You can jog/run/sprint, stationary bike, spinning bike, eliptical machine, Sex, rowing, stair climbing, mountain biking, swimming, etc. It is your choice. Just get yourself moving and having fun