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“Much has been said of the loneliness of wisdom, and how much the Truth seeker becomes a pilgrim wandering from star to star. To the ignorant, the wise man is lonely because he abides in distant heights of the mind. But the wise man himself does not feel lonely. Wisdom brings him nearer to life; closer to the heart of the world than the foolish man can ever be. Bookishness may lead to loneliness, and scholarship may end in a battle of beliefs, but the wise man gazing off into space sees not an emptiness, but a space full of life, truth, and law.”

— Manly P. Hall: Sacred Magic of the Qabbalah

Eliphas Levi - The Wheel of Ezekiel, “The Magical Rituals Of The Sanctum Regnum”, 1896.

The Wheel of Ezekiel is the type upon which all the Pentacles of the Higher Magic are designed. When the Adept is in the Blessed Possession of a full Knowledge of the Powers of the Seal of Solomon, and of the Virtues of the Wheel of Ezekiel, which is indeed correspondent in its entire symbolism with that of Pythagoras, he has sufficient Experience to design Talismans and Pentacles for any special Magical purpose.

The Wheel of Ezekiel contains the solution of the problem of the quadrature of the circle, and demonstrates the correspondences between words and figures, letters and emblems; it exhibits the Tetragram of characters analogous to that of the Elements and Elemental Forms.

The triple ternary is shown; the central point is the first Unity; three circles are added, each with four attributions, and the Dodekad is thus seen. The state of Universal Equilibrium is suggested by the counterpoised emblems, and the pairs of symbols. The flying Eagle balances the Man; the roaring Lion counterpoises the laborious Bull.

“Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be.”

~Thomas A. Kempis: The Imitation of Christ

That Angel who was brave enough to buy his independence at the price of eternal suffering and torture; beautiful enough to have adored himself in full divine light; strong enough to still reign in darkness amidst agony, and to have made himself a throne out of his inextinguishable pyre.

History of Magic, Éliphas Lévi

or, when you try to show that “the Satan of the Republican and heretical Milton”, “the fake Lucifer of the hetorodox legend” sucks but utterly, epically, terribly fail.

“Oh Thou, Nuit! Eternal Seity of heaven, who art the primordial Soul, who art what was and what shall be, Isis, whose veil no mortal has lifted, when Thou art beneath the irradiating stars of the nocturnal and profound sky of the desert, with purity of heart and in the flame of the serpent, we call upon Thee!”

- A prayer to the Godess Isis


Baphomet! https://www.etsy.com/listing/291011981/ooak-handmade-baphomet-full-figure #retweet/post/blog

Since this particular piece was so popular I decided to make it a “made to order” piece. When you purchase This Baphomet you will be purchasing a completely unique and ooak sculpture. The Baphomet will be as similar as possible to the ones in the photos , however there will be differences that make each one special!!!!

I will of course need a bit of additional time to complete each piece , but I will issue a completion date at the time of
Purchase. ( I work very quickly so we aren’t talking months)

Please contact me at the time of purchase to discuss any special requests or color options. (options may be limited)

Baphomet is all handmade , original , and is based on the Eliphas Levi design.

This piece comes with a custom made stand which Baphomet is made to sit on. The stand measures 10" X 7" X 7" . The Penis/Vagina sculpture is hand sculpted using polymer clay.

Baphomet measures 28" tall when seated on its stand . The wings are all hand made and detachable , they have a span of 19". The shoulder width is 6" and the hands measure 18" apart. The horns are sculpted using epoxy resin and measure 11" long and about 17.5" apart.

Baphomet has a wire armature construction for it’s body with multiple layers of textiles and various materials . The breast plate is hand sculpted using epoxy resin. The face , ears , torch , and arms were sculpted using polymer clay.

Baphomet has hand painted glass eyes and most of the fur you see is actually feathers or faux fur .

Please ask any questions you have :)


The Bembine Tablet of Isis and Eliphas Levi’s Key to the Tablet.

The Bembine Tablet is a Key to the Ancient Book of Thoth. Although the scenes are Egyptianising, they do not depict Egyptian rites. Figures are shown with non-customary attributes, making it unclear which are divinities and which kings or queens. Egyptian motifs are used without rhyme or reason. However, the central figure is recognisable as Isis, suggesting that the Tablet originated in some Roman centre of her worship.

The diagram of Levi, by which he explains the mystery of the Tablet, shows the Upper Region divided into the four seasons of the year, each with three signs of the Zodiac, and he has added the four-lettered sacred name, the Tetragrammaton, assigning Jod to Aquarius, that is Canopus, He to Taurus, that is Apis, Vau to Leo, that is Momphta, and He final to Typhon. Note the Cherubic parallel - Man, Bull, Lion and Eagle. The fourth form is found either as Scorpion or Eagle depending upon the Occult good or evil intention: in the Demotic Zodiac, the Snake replaces the Scorpion. The Lower Region he ascribes to the twelve simple Hebrew letters, associating them with the four quarters of the horizon. The Central Region he ascribes to the Solar powers and the Planetary.

In the middle we see above, the Sun, marked Ops, and below it is a Solomon’s Seal, above a cross; a double triangle Hexapla, one light and one dark triangle superposed, the whole forming a sort of complex symbol of Venus. To the Ibimorphos he gives the three dark planets, Venus, Mercury, and Mars placed around a dark triangle erect, denoting Fire. To the Nephthæan triad he gives three light planets, Saturn, Luna, and Jupiter, around a light inverted triangle which denotes Water. There is a necessary connection between water, female power, passive principle, Binah, and Sephirotic Mother, and Bride.

Ancient signs for the planets were all composed of a Cross, Solar Disc and Crescent: Venus is a cross below a Sun disc, Mercury, a disc With a crescent above and cross below, Saturn is a Cross whose lowest point touches the apex of the crescent; Jupiter is a Crescent whose lowest point touches the left hand end of a cross: all these are deep mysteries. Levi in his original plate transposed Serapis and Hecate, but not the Apis noir and Apis blanc, perhaps because of the head of Bes being associated by him with Hecate. Note that having referred the 12 simple letters to the lower, the 7 double must correspond to the central region of the planets, and then the great triad A.M.S. the mother letters representing Air, Water, and Fire remain to be pictured, around S the Central Iynx, or Yod, by the Ophionian Triad the two Serpents and the Leonine Sphynx. Levi’s word OPS in the centre is the Latin Ops, Terra, genius of the Earth; and the Greek Ops, Rhea, or Kubele (Cybele) often drawn as a goddess seated in a chariot drawn by lions; she is crowned with turrets, and holds a Key.


Scans of Eliphas Levi’s “The History Of Magic, Including A Clear And Concise Exposition, Its Rites, And Its Mysteries” published in 1922 and translated, with preface and notes, by Arthur Edward Waite. The images are placed according to their order of appearance and these are 11-20.


1. The state of being conscious; knowledge of one’s own existence, condition, sensations, mental operations, acts, etc.

2. Immediate knowledge or perception of the presence of any object, state, or sensation.

3. An alert cognitive state in which you are aware of yourself and your situation.

Consciousness is the foundational energy of perception. 

Consciousness is the basis upon which we as an existing being either evolve or devolve. Our improvement or degeneration is marked by the state or level of our consciousness.

“It is vital to understand and develop the conviction that consciousness has the potential to increase to an infinite degree.” - the 14th Dalai Lama.


Baphomet stands an impressive 3feet 5inches tall when standing and when seated measures 34" tall (almost 3 feet!) please REBLOG:)


He’s all hand made and his arms, hooves , and face were sculpted using both epoxy resin and polymer clay.

He has a full wire armature and his legs are poseable with articulation points at both the hips and knees.

He also comes with a hand made Throne/stand, which features a hand sculpted phallus.

The hand made wings are remove-able and Baphomet has hangability as well if you want to suspend him.

Thank you for looking!


Eliphas Levi - The Magical Head of the Zohar, “Histoire de la Magie”, 1860.

The Magical Head of Zohar is a cabalistic design illustrating the concept of opposites, the principle of “As Above, So Below”, implying that the transcendent God beyond the physical universe and the immanent God within ourselves are one.


“Observe constantly that all things take place by change, and accustom thyself to consider that the nature of the Universe loves nothing so much as to change the things which are, and to make new things like them.”

—  Marcus Aurelius: Meditations