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IF YOU ARE STILL TAKING THE PROMPTS PLEASE, I WOULD LIKE TO THROW MYSELF IN THE GARBAGE WITH YOU AND HAS A FIDDLESTAN PROMPT. Maybe the Grunkle and the Fishsticks coming out as a couple to the twins? Or something? IDK. I am trash.


But omg I really really love this prompt, the fiddlestan prompts you send are always amazing and i’m excited to get and fill them~~~

Fic under the cut…

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So here's my ask for one thing I want to know about you. When are you going to finish the best story EVAR starring Edward and Thomas and their hateful (on Thommy's end) love for each other??? Or you know, you could just give me treats because panda's like treats.

XDDDDDDDD Heh!!!!!!! Sadly, that story is likely to never get finished. My muse for it is all but dead. But I won’t say it’s dead-dead. Inspiration could come at any moment. *shrug* Sorry. I’m honestly surprised at how many people are still stuck on the Reborn. It’s not even that good?????? Like, I *want* to upd8 it but I can’t inspire myself to.

As for treats, did I ever share this pic? (It’s super old no one judge me!)

And I’ve never even fulling decide how to ‘handle’ Thomas and Edward’s relationship. Still all up in the air~ ;3

GREAT BILBO’S BAGGINS! I’ve been tagged by no9jazzst! You just love peppering me with questions, don’t you Jazz~? xD

So anyways, the rules are as follows: I answer eleven questions, write eleven of my own, and then tag eleven people! Sounds… easy enough, I guess~ >u> Well, here goes nothing!

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I got tagged by @umbrellai ! The rule is to tag nine followers you want to get to know better.

Relationship status: Married for 3 years to @gathion <3

Wake up time: 6:30-7:30am, depending on how long the dog lets me sleep before she starts crying for her walk/breakfast

Favourite colour: Purple! Pastel colors in general

Cats or Dogs: Dogs. I have one named Willow!

Call or Text: Text!

Chapstick or Lipstick: Chapstick!

Last song I listened to: THIS http://annadesu.tumblr.com/post/149125075019/goopy-amethyst-justfollowthefunkyflow-why-is lmao

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