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Hidden Mind

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Just what is going on here?

Well, the situation is far more bizarre than anyone probably realizes.  And likely what’s led the way into this non-realization is actually in part due to language.  I’m not going to throw language out the window here, but just look at how many human languages their are to begin with!  Not to mention mathematical and computational languages. Each of them come with their own assumptions, paradoxes, and contradictions—so you’re always building upon or towards one phantom or another.  Each of them have their own rules and each of them point to entirely different kinds of perception.  English is a far cry from Japanese which is further still cry from Hopi or Egyptian Hieroglyphs.  

So, what I’m getting at is all language has an obfuscating effect that makes us believe in the most basic, pure, existential, and immediate level that we actually know something.  The simplest claims like, “We know we are human beings in the primate family.  We know we are on a planet.  The planet orbits a star.  That star is but one of many in an ecosystem of stars.  Stars are flying through space.  All of this is happening, depending on your point of reference, at tremendous speed.”  Every noun in these examples kind of deadens perception in its tracks.  We don’t really know what is this life process that we are.  We don’t know what livingness is.  We actually experience it indirectly because “human being” as a thoughtform, an assumption, has stolen the show.  It actually obscures the totality and both the awe to be existing and the awe of how very much in the dark we are about all of it.

Take atoms.  We have a vision of the atomic scale as a hurly burly of packets of energies that may or may not exist in the classic sense of existing.  And some how these things supposedly building up into elements, animals, and consciousness (depending on your bent regarding consciousness).  

So when people offer speculative glimpses of the future, like cyberpunk, I don’t really think it’s going to look like that.  And if it does it will only be a flash in the pan.  The big breakthroughs, and there will be more than we can culturally digest, absorb, and keep up with are going to be tabloid news in comparison to what happens when we smash the barrier between our waking ego, and by that I mean what we entirely IMAGINE ourselves to be, and what we ACTUALLY are.

What we actually are is probably going to be so tectonic in its universal effect for the “homo sapien” population of this planet that we will look back at the history we created while assuming that we were in fact all along just “human beings”, that it will be like a color-morphing octopus looking back at a clam.  They joke for generations afterward will be “Can you believe what we did back when we thought we were humans?”

And not either “alien”, mind you.  Even that’s not quite the most helpful word for it.  In fact what we really are we still don’t have a word for yet.  Neither “magician”, “soul”, nor “godling” strikes the emotional chord that still waits to be struck, that will bring down the house of cards that has always ever been just the monkey mind trying out and trying on tunes to dance to: be they math or poetry.  

What the real future is that’s just around the corner of, say “post-transhumanism” to borrow the cultural line for it, is actually the, let’s say not remotely human, not remotely alien, and not remotely machine.  What we will become is tied closely to what we truly are just beyond the veil of “man”.  

What’s just beyond the veil of man

Is what dwells just under, just within

the pumping sinew of the hand.

What we REALLY are is at base part of some kind of technology that is not at all like the technology we create.  The technology we are exists in multiple dimension at once—at least two: one on terra firma and one on occulta animam, the hidden mind.

The mind is precisely hidden because we don’t dive in.  We skate upon an ice sheet surface of our consciousness.  And it’s how we employ language conventionally that brings us to a total halt.  Because this language makes us believe that we already know.

So the way to get under the ice is actually first to embrace our total ignorance.  After that, the ice around us starts to melt.  And as it melts we gain more and more access to the hidden mind.  This hidden mind, I maintain, is an unknown cosmos.  There is the marco cosmos of galactic filaments, the micro cosmos of the quantum, and the hidden cosmos that rests in your very hand and the very essence that moves it and moulds both these seemingly micro and macro universes with it.  

The hidden cosmos, obfuscated by the assumed knowing mechanisms of language, is, as the cliche goes, the true “final frontier.”  

God visits God in prison.

God says, “Pssst. Hey, I got the key.”
To which God replies, “Dude, I’m in jail.”
God then says, “I know but I have the key.”
God looks back to God and says, “I know, but don’t you see? I’m in jail!”