eliot murtaugh

i was tagged forever ago by @dearjace​ and @piratefalls​. Sorry this took so long, I’ve been awful at keeping up with tags while I’ve been traveling

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relationship status: single and not looking
favorite color: super dark eggplant purple
lipstick or chapstick: lip gloss
last song i listened to: that work from home song came on the radio and I remember it because I was in fact working from home and that made me amused
last movie i watched: Moana! (on the flight to wellington)
top 3 tv shows: Leverage, Lethal Weapon, Shadowhunters
top 3 characters: only three, that’s not fair! Okay let’s go for: Quinn, Sunny (into the badlands should also be on my tv show list), Mazikeen
top 3 ships: Eliot/Quinn, Malec, Riggs/Murtaugh/Trish
books i’m currently reading: it’s all fic at the moment but I have on my to-read list the most recent Johannes Cabal book and also the rest of the Queen’s Thief series

I’m going to tag (no pressure, of course): @sisforsammi​, @pagerunner​, @telaryn​, @ohgressfuriosa​, @honorreid​, @etakyeldud, @darcyspacegirl, @sarcasmcloud

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