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Hey pals, I’ve put myself under a news blackout…

Leverage gang goes to Costco?


“What do we need?”

“Don’t you have the list?”

Eliot gave him an unimpressed look and held up a scrap of paper. “This list you made, that just has the word ‘EVERYTHING’ underlined three times?”

“Okay, so we need three of everything,” Hardison said, wheeling the cart deeper into the Costco. “What about that is so hard to understand?”

“The part where everything could mean anything, Hardison!”

“Well, in this case, everything means everything I use to make our equipment, so half the electronics aisle. Surveillance cameras, bluetooth headsets, microbatteries, spare solder–”

“Isn’t that what we got last month?”

“Yes, it is. And now we need more of everything, because you people treat the precious, delicate pieces of equipment I spend my weekends painstakingly assembling like they’re friggin’ legos, and we’re down to three working comm units.” Hardison pulled into the electronics aisle, walking past all the desktop PCs and zeroing in on the do-it-yourself circuitry supply bins. “You want to try running a con without earbuds and button cams?”

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Margo put down her empty wine glass and stood up, bracing herself on the couch as the last bottle hit her all at once causing the room to spin momentarily. She had sent Eliot off with Quentin to put him to bed fifteen minutes ago, and she hadn’t seen or heard either of them since. She padded down the hall with her arm out steadying herself on the wall. The door to Quentin’s room was ajar, so she pushed it the rest of the way open.

           There in Quentin’s twin sized bed lay both he and Eliot. They were a tangle of elongated arms and legs, and for a second Margo thought that they were both passed out. The movement of Eliot’s hand through Quentin’s hair caught her eye, and she saw that while Quentin was passed out, Eliot was fully awake.

           “Eliot!” Margo hissed through clenched teeth, careful not to wake up Quentin. His eyes lazily opened half way and he turned his gaze toward her. “What are you doing?”

           “But Bambi, he’s warm.” Eliot whined, nuzzling his nose into the crook of Quentin’s neck.

           “Eliot, get out of that bed right now.”

           Quentin whimpered in his sleep and clutched Eliot’s shirt in his hand, effectively pulling Eliot closer. Margo suppressed a frustrated growl.

           “See? He wants this too.” Eliot looked at her with begging eyes.

           “Eliot,” Margo pinched the bridge of her nose, “he’s passed out. He would cuddle with a fucking bear right now if it was in his bed with him.” Eliot raised his eyebrows at her and a grin spread slowly across his face. She rolled her eyes and regretted her choice of carnivorous animal. “You and I both know that you are too skinny and not hairy enough to be a bear now get your fucking ass out of that bed and over here before I drag you out.” She pointed to the floor to emphasize her point.

           Eliot didn’t move.

           “Eliot Waugh you and I both know that if Quentin were to wake up right now and see you there he would fall straight out of bed trying to get away from you. You can’t just throw yourself all over him when he’s not ready. He doesn’t even know that you like him like that.” Margo fondly looked at Quentin’s hand firmly grasping Eliot’s shirt and sighed quietly. “Fuck, he’s consciously oblivious to the fact that he likes you like that.”

           Eliot sighed, and then looked down at Quentin. He placed a gentle kiss on his forehead before beginning the process of untangling his limbs and replacing his body with a pillow. He sullenly joined Margo at the door, putting his arm around her waist and pulling her close for both stability and emotional support.

           “I hope you’re happy Bambi.”

           “I have faith that there will come a day when we all are Eliot.”

Nate: *is haunted by his past, drinks to forget*

Sophie: *is a perfect princess thief*

Hardison: “You always hated Lucille!”

Parker: *probably jumping off a building or bridge*

Eliot: *hair*

you-mudblood  asked:

Please help me!I don't know what books to read!

We’d love to help! Here are some of our recommendations broken down by genre/interest:

The Colors of Madeleine by Jaclyn Moriarty
The Ascendance Trilogy by Jennifer Nielsen
The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

The Finisher by David Baldacci 
The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare
Defy by Sara B. Larson
Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick 
In the Shadows by Kiersten White and Jim Di Bartolo

Historical Fiction:
The Dark Unwinding by Sharon Cameron
Prisoner B-3087 by Alan Gratz
Cleopatra’s Moon by Vicky Alvear Shecter
Curses & Smoke by Vicky Alvear Shecter

Inhuman by Kat Falls
Love Is the Drug by Alaya Dawn Johnson
The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson
Divided We Fall by Trent Reedy
Fire & Flood by Victoria Scott

Realistic Fiction:
Breaking Butterflies by M. Anjelais
The Killing Woods by Lucy Christopher
Stolen by Lucy Christopher
Can’t Look Away by Donna Cooner
Skinny by Donna Cooner
Catch a Falling Star by Kim Culbertson
Born Confused by Tanuja Desai Hidier
Better off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg
The Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg
If I Ever Get Out Of Here by Eric Gansworth
Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg
If You’re Reading This by Trent Reedy
Threatened by Eliot Schrefer
Endangered by Eliot Schrefer
The Bridge From Me To You by Lisa Schroeder
Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie by Jordan Sonnenblick
The List by Siobhan Vivian

The Nazi Hunters by Neal Bascomb
The Freedom Summer Murders by Don Mitchell
Hidden Like Anne Frank by Marcel Prins & Peter Henk Steenhuis
Chasing Lincoln’s Killer by James Swanson
The President Has Been Shot! by James Swanson

We also have a bunch of fantastic books coming out next year that we’re really excited about! Here’s a link to read more about those!

Hope this was helpful! Happy reading!