CLINT and CHERRY, lit by Kate’s TAILLIGHTS, stare at their wheelman leaving them out to dry.

They look at each other.

CLINT stomps across the street, CHERRY waiting in the shadows. A TRACKSUIT stands outside, not noticing. A couple other STRIPPERS, a few PATRONS mill about the front door of the club. We can all but hear the OONTZ OONTZ music from within.

The TRACKSUIT is bro-ing at one of the strippers as CLINT stomps up, shouting HEY ADIDAS —

— and PUNCHES THE SHIT out of him, knocking the big guy off his stool.

The guy GETS UP in time for CLINT to HIT HIM BACK TOWARDS THE DOOR with that stool, hard —

(How to make HAWKGUY #8 Page 9 by David, Matt, Chris, and Matt)

(MF soundtrack: “Red Dress,” TV on the Radio)


When I started working on the short, I had to work out establishing the look. I had a pretty vivid idea in mind, simple cartoony layouts with fun colors that pump up the characters and have some lighting in mind, so the first image is a test BG I did with Elio (Chris Eliopoulos) where He did the layout, I took the characters I drew and I painted the layout in Photoshop.

I also did the turns of all the main characters so Jam Filled, who did the animation in Harmony, could build the rigs that they’d animated with.


• Who could forget that time when Clint Barton let his neighbor’s kids watched a holiday cartoon at his place?
• At long last THIS ISSUE is pretty much the cartoon they all watch. YOU’RE WELCOME.
• A very special holiday HAWKGUY that at long last lets legendary letterer CHRIS ELIOPOLOUS flex his astounding cartooning muscles in our pages. Matt and Matt do their regular jobs though. Maybe David will letter it? Probably not.

Preview for Hawkeye #017 with art by David Aja and Chris Eliopoulos, via themarysue

A comiXologist Recommends:
Jen Keith recommends Hawkeye #19

Bro. Hey, bro. It’s been a while, bro. New issue of Hawkguy, bro.

On the heels of winning an Eisner award for best single issue (see Hawkeye #11 with an additional Eisner award congratulations to writer Matt Fraction for Sex Criminals) comes Hawkeye #19, which manages to surpass my love for the pizza dog issue. Writer Matt Fraction (mattfractionblog) and artist David Aja (with an extra shout out to Chris Eliopoulos on co-lettering with Aja) continue to push the boundaries with this shiver-inducing exploration of deafness in comics.

Remember that heart-wrenching cliffhanger in issue #15? It’s time to finally find out what happened to Clint and his brother, Barney. With ear damage after an attack by a hitman, Clint’s world is suddenly much quieter. This isn’t Hawkeye’s first experience with being deaf; he lost his hearing back in a Hawkeye mini-series in 1983, and this issue looks into a stint during his childhood as well. We get a peek at Barney and Clint’s history and how their past parallels their present. Stunningly, we get most of this in a beautiful display of body and sign language.

The way this issue unfolds is entirely unique to the medium; you could not find this story told this way in anything other than a comic. It reads like the moments in movies when the soundtrack falls away into a vacuum of silence that drowns out everything, leaving you absorbed completely in the visual narrative. However, because this is comics, that silence is illustrated through a clever use of lettering and lack thereof along with “unsubtitled” sign language. The reader experiences the world on mute with Clint as he struggles to adapt and overcome his condition and its instigators. 

After finishing this issue, I had to reread it because the pacing was so smooth despite the staccato panels of sign language and action that I couldn’t believe it was over. I was devastated, wanted more, and all I could think was, “Aw, comic, no.”

Grab your coffee carafe and some pizza, and go read Hawkeye #19. Ok, bro?

[Read Hawkeye #19 Here!]

For fans of: crime, superheroes

Jen Keith is a Digital Editor at comiXology, comic artist, music addict, and ate enough pizza recently to satisfy even Lucky the pizza dog.