Tonight CCAD’s Illustration Student Colletive was rewarded with the outstanding student event of the year with EliOli’s talk last semester!! I’m so proud of my fellow ISC leaders for spending so much time putting the meeting together, and making it such a success. I cannot thank @elioliart enough for expressing their interest in the school / collective and making the trip up to visit us. You’re both such a huge inspiration and are the reason we are honored with this award. Thank you guys!!

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I was gifted a watercolor sketchbook by @elioliart recently, and I finally broke it in. I spent my lunch recreating a sketch I did a few days ago. The first one was a gift, and is currently on its way to the Netherlands. I really liked it, so I painted another for me. #watercolor


Although I put the signature with 2015, these were actually done in 2012, and I forgot to post them! It’s awesome finding finished old art that you actually like. Feels like you found gold or something. 

These are variations of my character “Dancer”. This was also the time we started to practice with the lasso tool. Most of these we drawn on SAI, and we would use the lasso tool for things like the feathery looking shapes, and not necessarily for drawing out the whole figure like we do now. - ELI