Remember, there’s not one way to draw things! You don’t have to draw it exactly like this , but you can apply certain things from this. This is just a little process we hope that might be useful to others out there! More to come, y’all!

Edit: Something else to keep in mind ! It’s something we see from other artists who put tutorials online and the result after they post it - When coming across a tutorial , taking the technique or the simplification of a process and carrying that over to your own way of drawing things is a lot more beneficial than copying the exact composition/subject matter/color pallet . If it’s for practice , that’s fine! But don’t let a tutorial direct ( or discourage) you in a way that isn’t your own unique way of drawing . If you’re in search of finding a style of your own , then finding helpful tutorials is a great way to expand your knowledge of techniques rather than doing exact copies of the actual art itself. :) And just to add , we’re big fans of Evyind Earle! His technique of graphic simplification is something we’re learning ourselves as we try to apply the photoshop layers in a similar , simpler fashion. He’s a good artist to learn from , so hopefully this tutorial was helpful in deconstructing admirable aspects of some awesome work from different artists we enjoy! And if you did this tutorial , please let us know. We’d love to see what you did !

Tonight CCAD’s Illustration Student Colletive was rewarded with the outstanding student event of the year with EliOli’s talk last semester!! I’m so proud of my fellow ISC leaders for spending so much time putting the meeting together, and making it such a success. I cannot thank @elioliart enough for expressing their interest in the school / collective and making the trip up to visit us. You’re both such a huge inspiration and are the reason we are honored with this award. Thank you guys!!

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