Meet Elena and Olivia Ceballos. They’re a doodlin’ duo from Brunswick, Georgia putting their evil twin sister brains together to make amazing arts. At only 18 years of age, they’ve already got a boatload of incredible work under their belts. You’ll notice a forte in foxes, character work and creating beautifully textured fairytale and woodland creature scenes. It’s twice as nice!

anonymous asked:

I wonder what you'd look like.. as a human.

Uh…okay. Actually @elioliart has done that already. And many people draw fan art of human veggies on the Internet, trust me. The arms and legs freak me out though…


ELIOLI tutorials and processes

A Whole ‘Lotta Tutorials, Y’all.

We should mention that all of these were done in Photoshop CS3 and Paint Tool SAI!

This time, it’s all combined into one, if anyone were to reference these… if any at all!

Oh and sorry if you can’t read the first one too well (really old one), but you get the idea!


Although I put the signature with 2015, these were actually done in 2012, and I forgot to post them! It’s awesome finding finished old art that you actually like. Feels like you found gold or something. 

These are variations of my character “Dancer”. This was also the time we started to practice with the lasso tool. Most of these we drawn on SAI, and we would use the lasso tool for things like the feathery looking shapes, and not necessarily for drawing out the whole figure like we do now. - ELI 


New profile on top! Old one on bottom. It was about 2 years old. The new one kind of represents where we are stylistically in our art. We still like both styles though. And it just needed an update. :)