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What are your thoughts on Elinor Dashwood?

I think she gets a bad rap compared to Marianne sometimes, but both the sisters suffer in their own way and learn something about improving themselves and how they relate to the world. Marianne’s arc is more dramatic, but it’s a mistake, in my opinion, to assume that Elinor just sits around doing dick-all. She deals with some of the heaviest stuff in the novel, and as almost any grown-up who has been through a crisis will attest to, there is nothing quite like going through a deeply shit time and having to carry on as if everything is fine and normal. It’s far, far easier and more satisfying to collapse and wallow and shut down like Marianne allows herself to, but imagine if Elinor did that? Her family would stall. Mrs. Dashwood and Marianne are both so used to being protected and having their sensibilities enabled and coddled that they wouldn’t know where to begin if Elinor–the person they would count on in the absence of Mr. Dashwood after his death–was to just go emotionally catatonic.

Elinor exists in the class of Suffering Heroines who keep it together in a quiet but hugely admirable way. (Fanny, Anne, Jane Bennet…)

@silveronthetree and I were talking about Scandalore (which is a hilarious and awesome AU you should check out if you haven’t already), and I was like, “Anakin: an inconvenient padawan” and she said, “that sounds like a Regency romance,” which was totally my intention! (I mean, you have met me, right?)

And then we started trying to figure out how to do a Star Wars Regency AU - who would it be about? And she said she was thinking about Devil’s Cub (my favorite Heyer!) and I was like, you could do Han/Leia with that, with Leia as Vidal and Han as Mary (her: “Han is certainly the sort to follow through with a blaster shot…”), and then I was like, you know who is perfectly suited to a Regency AU? Obi-Wan/Satine.

Picture it: Mandalore, fifteen(?) years ago - Obi-Wan and Satine spent a year together on the run from assassins! and then they meet again in the present! and people are still trying to kill them! but now they’re supposed to be respectable adults doing respectable adult things like dancing and flirting in ballrooms and meeting in the political arena where her outré views are ridiculed and he’ll do anything to protect her!

silveronthetree: Regency would be perfect for Obi-Wan and Satine. The pining! The flirting across the dance floor. The potential scandal. So good

me: the way she would rap his forearm with her fan, and he would hold her too tightly during the waltz!

silveronthetree: And all the hissed under their breath arguments on the dance floor.

me: ooh, maybe anakin and padme would elope and obi-wan and satine would go after them to save them from the scandal

silveronthetree: Oh they absolutely would!

me: and of course, obi-wan and satine get caught in the same scandal and anakin is like, i think you’re the one who has to get married, obi-wan; ahsoka and all of padme’s handmaidens were with us the whole time!

silveronthetree: Forced on a road trip but this time without the somewhat dubious chaperoning of qui-gon

me: YES

silveronthetree: There has to be a duel though. I mean this is Obi-Wan. Or was that what pulled them apart in the first place? Satine couldn’t countenance a duel for her honour or something

me: ooh yes! she was going to ask him to stay! and he would have! but after it was all over and she thought she was safe but then there was some random dude who tried to start rumors about her virtue(?) and obi-wan dueled the guy - “I didn’t kill him, satine, why are you so upset? he only lost a hand!” and satine is like, “you cannot maim everyone who spreads rumors about me, obi-wan!”

silveronthetree: He’s secretly all yes I can!

me: yes! and so they part on cranky terms rather than stay together, and over the years, Obi-Wan thinks fondly of her but thinks he probably made the right decision - they would have killed each other if they’d stayed together, and he’s a good jedi!

And then they meet again!

silveronthetree: Oooh. So why do they meet?

me:  well, the clone wars is still happening? like the peninsular war? because then it could be at some sort of peace conference that fails OR ooh ooh could there be something like the duchess of richmond’s ball? where he has to run off to battle from the dance floor? and she’s like, don’t get yourself killed obi-wan! i still have arguments we need to settle!

silveronthetree: Obi-wan in knee breeches and he keeps leaving his greatcoat or jacket in random places and shocking everyone by his improper dress

me:  ahahaha yes! and anakin is just like,“master, could you please keep your clothes on in company? padme’s family thinks we’re bad ton.”

silveronthetree: And Obi-Wan flushes because he doesn’t mean to but at the next ball he has to rescue someone and there his coat goes again

So I guess the question is - is this set in the romance novel version of Regency England, or should it be set in the GFFA with Regency social values/mores/etc.? I am leaning towards the latter but am still trying to figure out how to make that work.

Obviously it would have to be titled “Half-Truths and Hyperbole.”

(other ideas: Obi-Wan and Anakin as Elinor and Marianne Dashwood, with Satine as Edward Ferrers and Padme as Colonel Brandon; or Obi-Wan as Captain Wentworth and Satine as Anne.)