• Me:(having just read yet another long, circuitous post about the evil that is Mary Watson) NOPE.
  • Sherlock:(on tarmac, HLV) "That's my girl."
  • Watson:(mind palace, TAB) Are you even in a fit state?
  • Holmes:(mind palace, TAB) For Mary, of course. Never doubt that, Watson. Never that.
  • Me:(reading yet another post about how Sherlock really despises Mary & secretly plans to undermine her) NOPE. NOPE. NOPE.

My plans for each rival:

Osana - Befriend. She knows a lot about senpai that I may not know.

Amai - Poison

Kizana - Have senpai hate her (I mean has he seen her?!)

Oka - Matchmaking

Asu - Have senpai hate her (ideally through steroids)

Muja - Rejection? Not sure.

Mida - Have senpai hate her (I mean has he seen her?!?!?!?!)

Osoro - Befriend. She just needs hugs.

Hanako - Befriend. She’s gonna be my sister-in-law. May as well get a head start on the matter!

Megami - Straight up murder.

So I have a theory about the Alaska and Tatianna thing!

So Alaska appears to be in some super competitive professional state… even Katya says that on set she’s really difficult to speak to because she stays in her persona and stays constantly focused.
So in her competitive mind set she may have seen that Roxxxy has been in the bottom four times… which means she has virtually no chance in hell of getting into the top 3! Tatianna on the other hand is doing pretty well and has amazing runway looks!
So the elimination may have just been a way to reduce the chances of competition! Which also explains why she apparently starts coming for Katya next week because she even said that she is her biggest competition!
IT ALL MAKES SENSE TO ME NOW! (Even if it’s not true :p)

Early voting boosts voting among minorities
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Here is the real reason Republican led state legislatures have been trying to eliminate or limit early voting in their states. African Americans who typically vote democrat tend to use it more which drives up voter participation rates among that group. Read more: http://www.africanamericanreports.com/2016/10/early-voting-boosts-voting-among.html

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Ok, I have new need for some Adore/Tatiana. In the most recent elimination interview with Tati, she's gushing about how well Adore would be doing if she stayed in it, and she said that Adore told her one drunken night, that watching Tati on season 2 inspired her to do drag. There are so many more moments I could mention, but I won't be annoying. :)

Opinions about the Yandere Sim Rivals:

I know I’m late reacting to this but I’ve seen the Rival Introduction Video on its release. So, here are my thoughts about the 10 rivals we’ll face on the game’s full release.

1. Osana Najimi - We’ve known this tsundere since the very start of Yandere Simulator back at 2014. She’s probably the first person I’ll murder in the game since people told me that she’ll be the first rival.

2. Amai Odayaka - She seems very sweet and cute. And definitely, probably easy to eliminate. But I don’t want to murder her. I’d say matchmake her with someone else. If I eliminated her peacefully, would she still make food for me?

3. Kizana Sunobu a.k.a Kokona ripoff - This Kokona Haruka wannabe wants to be Senpai’s Juliet? Nuh-uh. Never. A lot of petitions and rumors stated that Kizana will be replacing Kokoni Fried Chicken and be renamed as Kizana Fried Chicken. Chill, guys. Kokona’s not getting replaced. Druelbozo has stated that Kokona’s staying.

4. Oka Ruto a.k.a my soulmate - OH MY GOD MY FAVORITE RIVAL OF ALL TIME! *Ahem* Anyway, this occult club leader be fit for elimination? No fucking way! I’d rather eliminate her peacefully by faking friendship or matchmaking her with Shin Higaku. She’s not creepy, she’s harmless, SHE’S COOL AS FUCK. I LOVE YOU TO DEATH, OKA!!!


5. Asu Rito - Hmm.. seems tough. Seems kinda manly for Snepai. But she seems cool.

6. Muja Kina - Oooohh… the nurse. She seems sweet like the second rival. I somehow want to see Jay from the Kubz Scouts murder his crush. I feel bad for him. XD

7. Mida Rana a.k.a Stripper Teacher a.k.a Pedo Teacher - Seriously? That dress though. She’d better consider a breast reduction. It’s bigger than Kokona’s! Seriously. XD

8. Osoro Shidesu a.k.a The Girl who kicks ass - Hooray Delinquent Leader! My type in the inside! Second favorite rival! Does she go to the gym all the time? Her legs are so manly. *-* Once you mess her up, she’s gonna kiss your ass goodbye.

9. Hanako Yamada - “Welcome home, big brother!” Kinda reminds me of Nanako from Persona 4. Definitely not killing her. Just matchmake her with her suitor. I mean, if you like Senpai, killing her would be a savage. So, no.

10. Megami Saiko a.k.a Girl on the computer a.k.a Student Council President a.k.a Psycho Goddess because that’s what her name literally meant - 3rd favorite rival. The daughter of Saiko Corp. Manger’s daughter. She seems really pretty and she’s the only one who suspects Yandere-chan. So, I assume it would be tough to eliminate her ass.