Episode 8 Rankings

Top 35
35. Kim Donghan
34. Kwon Hyunbin
33. Kim Yehyeon
32. Jang Moonbok
31. Takada Kenta
30. Lee Keonhee
29. Kim Donghyun
28. Park Woodam
27. Kim Sanggyun
26. Lee Woojin
25. Ha Sungwoon
24. Seo Sunghyuk
23. Lee Euiwoong

22. Kim Taedong
21. Noh Taehyun
20. Choi Minki
19. Ahn Hyeongseop
18. Kim Yongguk
17. Jung Sewoon
16. Kim Samuel
15. Yoon Jisung
14. Park Woojin
13. Yoo Seonho
12. Bae Jinyoung

11. Kang Dongho
10. Joo Haknyeon
9. Kim Jaehwan
8. Kang Daniel
7. Ong Seongwu
6. Hwang Minhyun
5. Im Youngmin
4. Lee Daehwi
3. Park Jihoon
2. Lai Guanlin
1. Kim Jonghyun

Eliminated trainees
- Kim Namhyung
- Kim Dongbin
- Kim Sangbin
- Kim Seonglee
- Kim Yongjin
- Kim Taewoo
- Park Sungwoo
- Byun Hyunmin
- Yeo Hwanung
- Woo Jinyoung
- Yoo Hoeseung
- Yoon Jaechan
- Yoon Heeseok
- Lee Gwanghyun
- Lee Kiwon
- Lee Youjin
- Lee Insoo
- Lee Junwoo
- Justin
- Jung Dongsu
- Jung Jung / Zhu Zheng Ting
- Joo Jinwoo
- Hong Eunki

Don't forget their names.

Kim Namhyung. Kim Dongbin. Kim Sangbin. Kim Sungri. Kim Yongjin. Kim Taewoo. Park Sungwoo. Byun Hyunmin. Yeo Hwanwoong. Woo Jinyoung. Yoo Hoeseung. Yoon Jaechan. Yoon Heeseok. Joo Jinwoo. Hong Eunki. Justin. Lee Gwanghyun. Lee Kiwon. Lee Youjin. Lee Insoo. Lee Junwoo. Zu Zheng Ting. Jung Dongsu.

This blog is going to support the eliminated trainees.🙌

Produce 101 Fighting!💪

I really need a hug right now🙀

Jung jung thank you for being an example to everyone, not only are you talented and hardworking but you were always there to lift everyone’s spirit.
Produce 101 won’t be the same without you. We’ll miss your bright smile, your elegant dance and mostly your kind soul. You are so strong and brave, i hope you keep that strengh forever.
I love you so much and I can’t wait to support you 100% once you debut.


“National Producers! Hello, this is K-Tigers trainee Byun Hyunmin who appeared on Produce 101 Season 2 ^^ I’m currently eliminated, but it was a very precious memory, experience, and learning process. I’m a bit upset I couldn’t show my various sides on broadcast, but it was due to those who cheered me on and loved me that i came to this spot. It feels like I’ve climbed up too much… TT please don’t ever be sorry. Thank you for loving me until now, and please love me more to come. And please cheer on all the other trainees who got eliminated and the trainees who survived and are closer to their dream of debuting! please don’t go anywhere and wait for me for a little~ I love you  #iwilltrystarting #happy #ireallyloveyou”

“Hello, I’m Addcorn from AA, and S.how, 420c. I’m very sorry for not being able to meet the expectations of the fans who watched today’s broadcast. Today was the end of our participation in Produce 101’s filming for Arkay (Jung Dongsu) and me. I worked very hard to show my best self so I ended the show well without regrets. I also learned that we became more certain that we wanted to pursue this path of music that we’ve done with AA through PD101 filming.
Thank you for the fans who have loved us, the PD101 staff and the trainees for this opportunity and the great memories we’ve made. From now on, we (AA) will make more and better music, and come find everyone as soon as possible as Korean artists you can be proud of.
I have also decided on revealing my solo album ‘A’ for free, when it was originally meant to be sold last year. There are 3 songs
1. whistle blower
2. trash
3. incapable of choosing
The songs are on our official AA sound cloud and you can stream and download. We’ve put it on our instagram, so please participate. Please watch over AA, thank you

(Trans by Lina, thank you!) 


Produce 101 Episode 8
Second Elimination Preview
It seems that it’s between Kim Donghyun and Kim Donghan for the 35th and last spot for elimination.

(I don’t speak Korean very well so I’m going purely off of what Mnet seems to be portraying in the video)


No matter how many times I prepare myself by watching this. I’m not ready. I’m not ready for today.