elimination plan

The leader of Chechnya reportedly wants to “eliminate” the gay community by Ramadan

  • The alleged human rights abuses against gay men in Chechnya have taken a disturbing turn: 
  • According to one British official, the Chechen president has a deadline by which he plans to “eliminate” the country’s LGBTQ population.
  • Sir Alan Duncan, a British member of Parliament and the U.K.’s minister of state for foreign and commonwealth affairs, addressed parliament on Thursday and spoke about the situation in Chechnya and said that at least four gay man have been killed and as more than 100 have been detained are “of deep concern to the U.K.”
  • And, according to Duncan, the deadline for the violent campaign, set by Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, is the beginning of the Muslim holiday of Ramadam — which starts May 26. Read more (4/24/17)

Michonne was the real target!

It just dawned on me that Jadis was trying to take Michonne completely out of the equation!!!

She wants Rick. She asked Michonne directly if Rick was hers.

When Michonne confirms that they’re together, she asks that ridiculous question, if Michonne would care if she lay with him.

Michonne wasn’t playing that game. Jadis didn’t seem too surprised with the response she got, so she shrugs to her cohorts and proceeds with her plan.

Jadis plan: eliminate the competition.

She’s seen how important Michonne is to Rick. She knew the cat was for Michonne. She saw them touch and embrace and she saw how they stare at each other 😍.

She knows they’re in love❤️. But Jadis wants Rick for herself. They take, they don’t bother.

She’s observant and she’s noticed that although Rick did all of the talking, he silently consulted with Michonne through eye contact and nods. She understands this power couple.

Michonne is a threat. She’s Rick wings, his power, his strength.

Think about it, Jadis wasn’t trying to kill Rick but Michonne’s opponent was certainly trying to kill her! That chic was sent as an assassin to eliminate Michonne!

That was the plan all along! They take, they don’t bother, my arse!

Michonne was the real target, so Jadis could have Rick!

And a side note, she and Negan haggled and finally settled on 10 of something. What do you suppose he traded? 10 of her people being held by Negan perhaps.

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Rick wasn’t thrown in there as part of their bargain.

I was so excited about what was going on I might have missed what the trade was. If you know, please share. If you’re not sure, feel free to share your thoughts. 😉 Thanks.

Huntress- Part 14: Pick A Side

Sam x Daughter!Reader, takes place in S12 E13 so warning: SPOILERS

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“Please…just hear me out…” Mary begs, her eyes were stern.

You raised an eyebrow at her, not saying anything.

“What they’re doing…what we’re doing it’s better. The British Men Of Letters are…well, loo I’m not blind to who they are and what they’ve done.” She looked at you when she said that.
“When?” Your Dad asked, clenching his jaw.
“When….when did you start working with them?”
“Before the lakehouse…It wasn’t Wally who gave me the case, it was them.” Mary looked down.
“Cas nearly died!” Uncle Dean shouted at her.
“I know…”
“Another Hunter died.” Dad added.
“I know. I was the one who burned his body, who told his wife… I see him die every night.”

“I’m playing three decades of catch-up here.” Mary argued, turning the subject back to herself.
“We’re not!” Uncle Dean snapped. “We’re your sons, you have a granddaughter for Gods sake!” 

“I’m not just a Mom. And you are not a child.” Mary spoke through gritted teeth.
“I never was.” Uncle Dean changed his tone back to a quieter and calmer voice.

“You’ve made your choice, Mary.” You looked up when he used her real name “The doors there.” 

With that Uncle Dean stepped out of the room, no doubt to his own.

You stood up with your Dad, both watching as he turned the corner.

“Sam…” Mary whispered.

“You should go.”


Dad turned to leave, but stopped to see your response, hovering in the doorway.

You gulped, not sure what to say. You didn’t trust them at all. Hell, you lived with them, you were raised among them and you still didn’t know half of what goes on. But you didn’t hate them. 
They weren’t fair, kind or honest, but they were good at what they did.

“Please, you know more than any of us about the British Men Of Letters. Am I doing the right thing?” She asked, begging for someone to assure her.

Uncle Dean crept back, standing behind Dad to see what you’d say.

You avoided everyone’s gaze “The way they see it,” You spoke slowly and quietly “If you’re working with em, then you trust em. So you can’t turn back now. Don’t mess up. Cause I ain’t gonna be there to clean the stab wound in your back.”

“I’m fed up of this whole peace maker crap!” Uncle Dean’s voice made you slow down as you headed towards the main room. “You’re always playing the middle, for once just pick a side!” 
He stormed out, almost walking into you. “You’re quiet when you move, anyone ever tell you that?” 
You found it hard to know whether or not he was joking, but smiled awkwardly none the less. “I’m outta here.” Uncle Dean mumbled, walking away.

“He seems happy.” You sarcastically noticed, walking in on your Dad. Dad placed his phone screen-down on the table, cleared his throat and smiled at you. “Hey, Y/N. You okay?” 
“Mmhmm. What’re you doing?” You nodded towards his phone.
“I’m not texting anyone!”
“You know, it works better if I accuse you first.” You smirked.

Dad looked down, sighing. “Mom.”


“I was texting Mom. She uh,” He picked his phone up and showed you the screen “She wants to meet. Say’s it’s urgent.”

“Yeah, I got that.” You hold your screen up tom showing the exact same text.

He frowned, nodding slowly. “Okay…should we go?”

You sighed “I guess.”

Dad pulled the car up, stopping in front of some sort of giant gate where Mary stood the other side. It looked a lot like one of their old temporary base camps they had scattered around the counties back in England.

You got out, sending her a suspicious frown. Mary smiled shyly “Thank you for coming.”
“What’s so urgent?” Dad asked, not buying any niceness.
“Look, Sam, Y/N…I messed up. But this. This is so much bigger than we are. We’ve got a real shot here.”
“Don’t you think I know that.” You snapped.
“Y/N, I don’t know what kind of history you have with them. But they’re not the same people you grew up with. They want to help.”
“I know. I’m not stupid.” You hissed.
“Just….imagine a world without monsters of demons-” Mary began but you finished it for her. “-or any of those little buggers that go bump in the night. Of a world where no one has to die because of the supernatural. A new world. A better world.” 

“How do you know what he said?” Mary asked.
You rolled your eyes “Because he says the same bloody thing every time.”

She nodded slowly before retreating to place her hand on the lock. The gate clicked open and she stepped aside “Let me show you.”
As you walked through the camp, you wondered if your hand would still unlock the gate. Maybe it would…maybe it wouldn’t…would it even matter?

A little reluctant to show your face, you stayed close to Dad. He noticed you were more clingy than usual, but didn’t say anything.
“Look.” Mary held her hand out to the series of monitors, endless screens showing all sorts of things. This was nothing compared to what was at the Chapter House. “You do realise I’ve seen all this before.”You grumbled.
“I guess it’s me showing you what you walked away from.” Mary answered back- to your surprise.

“Sam Winchester.” Micks voice made you look away, “And Y/N Winchester-Brooks.” He smiled, clearly happy to see that you both showed up. You noticed he’d used both surnames.
“Hows the American hunting life been treating you?” He asked you, clearly wanting to separate you from your Dad.
“It’s different.” You shrugged.
Very different.” Mick agreed.
“That does’t make it bad.” You added. In fact, you preferred the way American Hunting worked, it was more fun if nothing else.

“You’re just in time for the briefing. Remember how we exterminated all the vampires in the Uk and Ireland?” Mick looked at you again.
“Guess what we’re gonna do.” He chuckled, leading the way.

You looked at Dad, as if waiting for him to say you could go on after him. Mary went on, Dad looked at you. You shrugged, “Your call.”
Sighing, he put an arm gently on your back and you headed over.

The room wasn’t particularly large, but it had a long table running through the center with some computer screens at the front. Each of which had a map on it, numbers and symbols ran along the sides.

Mary sat down,but you and Dad remained standing.

“Everyone, we’ve got a few new faces.” Mick declared.

“This is Pierce, an American Hunter. This is Sam Winchester, Mary’s son. And you all know Brooks…Y/N.”

Serena and Alton looked at you, both with unreadable expressions. “Back already, are we?” Alton questioned.
You scowled at him “Still a wimp, are we?”
“Am not.” He stood proudly, you took one stride forward towards him. Immediately he retreated a little.
“Are to.”

“We are not children.” Mick sighed “So shut up the pair of ya.” 

“In the mid western region we mapped out every single location of each of the vampires,” Serena gestured towards the screen “Over a period of a few months, we’ve managed to eliminate all but,” She pressed a button and the numbers began to disappear before you all “11.”

“Wait, what?” Dad questioned, tilting his head.

“There’s a sort of underground chain of Vampires, with one a the very top-”

“The Alpha.” Dad filled in, nodding slowly.

“Exactly. We plan to eliminate every last bloodsucker in the entire country. Eventually, America will be vampire-less.” Mick explained.

As the briefing continued going into more and more details you couldn’t care less about you couldn’t help but let your mind wander. You thought you’d finally escaped the dull life that was being part of the Men Of Letters, as a kid there was no freedom. You did whatever they told you to do. You’d finally gotten out and here you were being dragged in again…of all people to be the one to take you back, it was your own family.

You weren’t against the British Men Of Letters, but you would be lying if you said you didn’t hold some sort of grudge against them. Technically, they killed your Mum….and your sister. But, technically they didn’t. There were two different perspectives and at this point you didn’t know which was worse.

Too busy staring off into space to notice the briefing was over, Mick broke you form your thoughts. “So, what do you think of our little operation?” He asked, clearly directing the question at your Dad.
“Serena and Alton are smart…Pierce is…well…pierce.”  Dad sighed, no doubt thinking a lot more than speaking.
“Y/N…Anything?” Mick raised an eyebrow. You were amazed he actually wanted to know what you thought. 
You shrugged “There’s not much to say. It worked in England…so why can’t it work over hear?”

Mick nodded “I’m glad you’re as confident in it as I am.”
You stuttered, lost for words in a response. You weren’t expecting him to say that, let alone twist your words. He chuckled before leaving you be.

“You okay?” Dad asked, looking down at you.
“Sure…let’s go with that.” 
He scoffed “Y/N, I’m serious. If you don’t want to be here-”

“Guys!” A worried cry interrupted him, reluctantly dragging your attentions away. Everyone huddled around the screen, watching curiously. Vampires spread out on screen, beginning to surround the buildings.

“We need to go on lockdown.” You broke the silence. Everyone sprung into action. Mary grabbed a walkie-talkie and ordered “Stand down. Do not engage.” as you ducked out of the room to go and check that the doors were all sealed up. You twisted the handles, waiting for a red light and steamed hiss to sound before moving on to the next. 

After checking and double checking that they were all as secure as they could be, you raced back into the room, twisting round corners and heading straight for where the noise was. Inside, your Dad was leaning forward, holding a vampire by his neck.
“How did they even find us?!” Mick questioned.
“Calm down, you’re panicking.” You shushed him, getting a knife and laying it on the table.
“He told us. Our Father.” The Vampire laughed. You frowned, glancing at Dad. 
“The Alpha.” Dad declared.
Before the Vampire could say anything else Mary swung at it with her blade in a scything motion, cleaning cutting through the neck. It fell to the floor, making Alton grimace. 

It amazed you how many people had never been trained or accustomed to field-work.

“Where’s the avd?” You asked.
“In the armory. Along with most of our weapons.”
“If we put it through the vents it should take them all out.” Mary suggested, following your train of thought.
“Exactly, let’s go get it.” 

“Will it kill him…will it kill the Alpha?” Mick asked. “Not wanting to be the bearer of bad news, but he does seem to be a big issue for us.”

“It’ll weaken him,” Dad piped up “But he won’t die from it.”

You watched Mick’s face as it turned to realisation. Him and Mary shared a look that said they were both thinking the same thing. You frowned.
“Where is it?” Mary asked.

After a few minutes of confused waiting Mick appears back and places down some sort of case. He unhooked the clips and opened it up, swerving it round on the table slightly to both you and your Dad could see it. “What is it?” You asked curiously, racking your brain to try and think of if you’d ever seen it before.
“The colt.” Dad answered bluntly, lifting it up in his hands delicately. His face was of amazement as he held it out in front of himself like he couldn’t quite believe it was tangible and there in front of him. “There are only five things in existence it can’t kill.” 
“Geez.” You mumbled, noticing the empty barrel “Too bad it’s out of ammo.” You noted before asking “Can we make some?”

“Yeah actually we can.” Dad nodded, as if struggling to get rid of a reoccurring thought. Unable to stop it he asked “Where did you get this?”

“I stole it.” Mary admitted.

“From Ramiel…that’s what he meant when he asked.” You realised aloud.

Mary nodded “Yes…I-” But she stopped herself, maybe she knew that there was no getting out of this. You couldn’t help but feel betrayed. Cas nearly died, Ramiel offered to leave if someone owned up and yet she didn’t? You couldn’t have done that if it was you….

“Okay, uh….here’s how.” Dad began writing down on a piece of paper the instructions on how to make bullets. He thrusted it into Micks hands before picking up one of the weapons laid out on the table.
“Where’s the armory?” 

“I’ll show you.” Mary decided. You grabbed a blade and followed on, Pierce did the same, calling out “I’ve got your back.”
You sighed, but didn’t question it.

Sprinting through the corridors, you came to halt, waiting in anticipation as your Dad reaches for the handle. The light changed from red to green before the door swung open. Immediately, two vampires were clawing at the open space desperately trying to get inside. Dad slammed the door back as far as it would go, holding them back. “Go!” He shouted “I’ve got em!”

Mary and Pierce nodded, racing off to go the back way. You steadied yourself, gripping the blade in your hand before looking at your Dad. “Open it.” You nodded.

He hesitated, but leaped forward trustingly, allowing the pair of bloodsuckers access. You ducked at their oncoming attack, parrying to the right then slicing through their neck. You felt the individual parts of the inside, the vessels, muscles and bones each broken by the blade as it cut through. The head fell to the floor, shortly followed by the body. You then ducked as another came straight for you. Thankfully, Dad had found his feet by then and had your back. He kicked the vampire away from you, allowing both of you time to adjust. Dad then stepped in front of you and sliced the head off.

Heavily breathing, he patted your shoulder lightly before nodding to himself “Okay, lets go.”

You both raced towards the armory, still highly aware how time was slipping away. “Dad!” You called, almost running into Mary’s collapsed body.
You knelt down next to her, holding her up a little.
“Y/N?” He turned the corner, lowering his knife at the sight. “Mom!”

“Y/N…?…Sam…?” Mary groaned, her eyes blinking awake.

“What happened?” You asked, glancing behind yourself in case of another unexpected attack. “Pierce…he…we should go.” Mary heaved herself up onto her feet, staring at the floor You followed her eye-line, falling upon the broken up avd. “Shit.” You cursed “What do we do now?”
“One problem at a time.” Dad nodded, making sure he kept calm for your sake “We deal with the Alpha first.”
“Mick’s making some bullets, we just have to tr-” Dad stopped himself.
“Trust him?” You offered, hoping your dislike for the phrase was evident in your expression.
“Yeah. Let’s go with that.” He offered a tight smile.

You crept into the room where the Alpha vampire was talking proudly. Serena was on the floor, dead eyes staring up at the ceiling, speckles of blood reflecting the light. You winced a little at the sight, you’d always liked Serena. She had guts. 
Dad held the Colt up, making himself and thus you and Mary known to the Alpha.

“Sam Winchester.” He chuckled. His voice was deep and disconcerting. He had a large black trench coat over his casual-smart dress sense. His skin was dark, his eyes darker and his hands had long red nails where he could drain his victims. You grimaced at the sight, having never seen an Alpha of a species before. Maybe he liked keeping himself to himself. Who could blame him?

“You know there are only five things in existence that thing can’t kill, I’m one of them.” He declared. You watched, was that true? Surely Dad would have known…
“If that were true I’d already be dead.” Dad countered. You only hoped he was right.

“I have many many children,” The Alpha continued, pretending to ignore your Dad “What’s one or two here and there.”

“Exactly.” Dad agreed, You watched, hoping your Fathers ability to manipulate was as promising as it sounded.
“Let my daughter, my Mom and myself go. Then things can go back to the way they should be. Cops and Robbers, Hunters and Vampires a fair fight!” 
Dad sounded so confident in his lie you almost believed it to. 
“And the Brits?” 
“Have them.” Dad snarled.

“You bastard!” Mick had obviously caught on and “attacked” your Dad.
You watched, impressed how smoothly it went. As Mick launched himself at your Father, his hand moved so Dad took hold of the bullet. Dad twisted his body, loading the gun away from the Alpha’s line of sight and threw Mick off.
He then turned back and aimed the gun once more.

The Alpha chuckled- oblivious. “You and I both know that gun isn’t loaded Sam.”

Dad smirked “Isn’t it?”

The Alpha twitched, as if going back in time and realising what had just happened. “No…” He mumbled, still coming to terms with his possible end. His eyes widened, and, as if coming to terms with his end his whole stance relaxed: “Clever. Clever boy.” He smiled.

A shot rang out through the halls: perfect aim. Straight through the alphas forehead. His body shook when waves of electricity surged through his body, jolting him to death. He collapsed- dead.

“Back later, huh?” Dean rolled his eyes at his brother.
“Getting a drink, huh?” Sam remarked, holding back a chuckle.

“When I thought something might have happened to you, I came running…nothing else really matters…” Uncle Dean turned to face his Mother. “Mom….it’s not your job to make me lunch or kiss me goodnight and I get that.” Dean turned to look at his Mum “We’re adults. And you can make your own choices or your own decisions. I don’t have to like em. I guess I’ve just gotta get used to that. Okay?”

“Yeah.” Mary smiled, proud of her boys.

The clanging of chains, made the three Winchesters turn around to see Mr Ketch as he hauled Pierce away. “Where are you taking him?” Sam asked.

“We have a way of dealing with Hunters who go rogue, they aren’t pleasant. Are they Y/N?” 
You glanced up at the sound of your name, having only just arrived at the scene. You were busy putting some weapons back in the armory.
“Eh?” You scrunched up your face.
“The way in which we treat our rebellious Hunters. ie, your Mother.” Mr K said before leaving. You scowled at him even though he wasn’t looking. ‘Great’ You thought ‘that’s another awkward topic to bring up later.’

You walked over to your family, purposely avoiding their confused faces. “We going or what?” You asked, looking up,

“Uh, one moment.” Dad put a finger up and made his way over to Mick. You watched, turning back round to Uncle Dean and Mary. “Pie?” You asked Uncle Dean, making him grin and hopefully forget about awkward questions in the process.
Nodding, his eyes lit up “Pie.” 

“What happened to Y/N’s Mom and sister?” Sam asked, looking Mick directly in the eye. He kept his voice low, aware you could hear if they spoke any louder.
Mick whistled “That’s a biggie. Pick one.”
“Her Mom.”
“Rebecca? Like Ketch said, she went rogue.”
“Why? How?”
“Look, it’s not my place to say what happened to Becky,” Sam noted the use of “Becky” but didn’t say anything “Ask Y/N.”
“Okay…and Max? Her twin sister right?”
“So she told you, huh?” Mick raised an eyebrow “Y/N’s had it rough. But she’s a toughie.”
“What happened to my Daughter?” Sam asked sternly. The fact that Sam reminded Mick how Max was in fact his daughter changed something slightly in Mick’s mind. “If you’re so bleeding curious why don’t you ask your other one?!” Mick snapped, making Y/N turn to look. Thankfully, she didn’t watch for long before going back to whatever conversation she was having.

“I’m just trying to make sure that you didn’t…kill her for no good reason…either of them.” Sam was struggling to talk about it. This was technically his family. Even if it never felt like it.
“They didn’t.”
They?” Sam echoed.
“Well I didn’t do it, did I?” Mick sighed.
“If I ask Y/N, she won’t tell me that you straight out killed her? There had to be a reason.”
“There was. For both cases. A perfectly good reason. Sam. Ask her.”

Sam thought about it for a while, running through the ideas in his head. Weighing ups and downs on imaginary scales before settling with his conclusion. He took in a deep breath and said it before he could stop himself.

“I’m in.” Sam nodded slowly.
“Sorry?” Mick frowned, surprised to hear it after such a conversation.
“Tonight was bad, don’t get me wrong. But the Alpha Vampire is dead. You’re changing the world and I wanna be a part of it.”
“And your brother?”
“Give me some time…” Sam paused, watching as Y/N laughed with her Uncle. He felt a shimmer of guilt try and surface. “Aren’t you gonna ask about Y/N?” 

Part 15- Ramsey


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Viktor Said...

Otabek wasn’t the jealous type. Of course he wasn’t, he was calm and collected; anyone with eyes could see that. He wouldn’t just suddenly lash out to someone just because someone got closer than 5 meters to his boyfriend. He just wasn’t that type of guy.

So why was he suddenly feeling murderous just because Seung Gil-Lee of Korea was being all buddy-buddy with his boyfriend, three-time gold medalist Yuri Plisetsky?

They weren’t doing anything, just casually talking. And smiling. And maybe a little laughing…Okay maybe they were doing something, but it isn’t enough reason to melt a guy with his glare!

Of course, he found it weird that his Yura was being civil with someone, much less laughing with them. What’s weirder is that, that them wasn’t him; his boyfriend and best friend of exactly 2 years and 3 months.
So here he was now, thinking of about 69 elaborate plans to eliminate this sudden competitor while simultaneously doing a triple quad and trying (and failing) to get his boyfriend’s attention.

Wait…was Seung fucking Gil’s arm inching closer to his Yura’s shoulder? Hell no. He was just about to go there and show just how calm and collected he could be until he heard his name being called.

“Otabek!” Viktor shouted across the other side of the rink, beckoning him over. Otabek quickly glanced back and noticed that both Yura and Seung were staring at him.

‘Oh so now you notice me.’ He thought bitterly.

Ignoring them, he skated towards Viktor and noticed that the man was wearing his ever-existent heart shaped smile; making him slightly more bitter.

‘No one should be this happy.’ He thought again, looking back at the two laughing skaters.

“Otabek? Are you alright?” Viktor asked which snapped Otabek back into the real world (and not the world where he was burying Seung 10 feet beneath the ground).

“Oh. Of course, why do you ask?” Otabek replied, turning around to face the older man; completely missing the concerned look Yuri sent his way.

“Ah. It’s just that I keep noticing that you look distracted. Did you and Yurio fight?” The other man asked, sounding genuinely worried.

“No. I’m fine.” Otabek answered, moving to get off the ice.

“I’m not that old to not see that you are not fine, you know.” Viktor said, watching as the younger skater sat down on the bench and proceeded to take off his skate. Said man said nothing, choosing to stay silent.

Viktor sighed and sat down on the bench, putting a comforting hand on the other’s shoulder. “I understand if you don’t want to talk about it; but I want you to know that I care about you and Yurio very much. I’m here if you need someone to talk to.” He said reassuringly. Otabek sighed again and reluctantly replied, “Okay.”

A grateful smile fixed itself on Viktor’s face. Grabbing the Kazakh’s arm, he pulled him up and said, “Come on. Let’s drink something to wind us down, yeah?”


So that’s how Otabek, Hero of Kazakhstan, the dark horse, found himself half-drunk with his boyfriend’s mentor at a nearby club, spilling his woes out.

“I just don’t get it. I mean, it’s Yura! And that’s Seung Gil! They’re-” Otabek paused to down his own shot. “Them! I’ve never even seen them together before. When did they even meet?” He sulked, filling up his glass again.

“Do you want me to answer that?” His companion asked, watching the usually composed and quiet skater with no small amount of amusement (and maybe taking a few pictures here and there). The guy in question, nodded after a moment.

“They met in a competition about 3 or 4 years ago, back in France.” Viktor raised an eyebrow as he saw Otabek’s jaw clench at the mere mention of- OH. The city of love, of course; he shook his head slightly but continued nonetheless. “Seung Gil was just starting as a professional skater back then. At first they were ignoring each other, then Yurio mentioned something about how cats are the best, which Seung Gil found somewhat offensive because according to him, “Why? Because they scratch your face and ruin your couch? Psh. Dogs are so much better.” So that started the arguments between them, which then later turned into a mutual understanding about hating other people and liking the same bands and teenage stuff.” He finished, drowning his glass like a pro.

Otabek was silent for a moment, glaring at his now empty shot glass. “So…what was their relationship?” He asked reluctantly.

Viktor shrugged, handing another bottle to Otabek. “I’m not really sure but they were pretty close. If I remember correctly, Seung is the first skater Yurio cheered for. It was really quite a shock for everyone.” He chuckled slightly, remembering the other skaters’ shocked faces; noticing the way Otabek’s hand tightly gripped the bottle he handed. “Double the shock when Seung cheered for Yurio too,” Viktor was pretty sure the bottle was going to break if Otabek didn’t ease up.

It was making him all the more giddy.

“Those two were practically inseparable, you know? We even caught them laughing their heads off! Man that was a shocker. And when the competition was over, Seung won bronze, I think? I saw them eating at a nearby restaurant; celebrating I guess.” He grinned as Otabek downed the whole bottle in one go and raised his hand to order another one.

“Yeah, and I’m pretty sure I saw them hug it out when it was time for them to go. Even saw a few tears escape Yurio. But of course, that’s just what I saw so I’m not sure. I was pretty far away.” He shrugged again, drinking his own glass casually.

“So…they were pretty close huh?” Otabek replied, going back to glaring at his again-empty glass.

“Of course. They were very fond of each other.-“ Viktor paused. “I might even go as far as to say that they were closer than anyone else.” He added with a barely concealed smug grin.

That seemed to be the breaking point for Otabek as he stood up. “Thank you for this but I really need to go. Goodbye.” He said quickly, taking out his wallet and putting a few bills on the table, because he might be more than half drunk but God damn it he had manners.

He left before Viktor even had the chance to say goodbye. The latter laughing quietly to himself and dialing up his fiancé’s number.

“You won’t believe what just happened…”


So now Otabek was walking (stomping) down the hallway of the rink, eyes dark and face set hard but he was stopped when he saw both the objects of his affection and anger round up around a corner.

Yuri finally took his eyes off Seung Gil (who he was talking just seconds ago, now ignoring what the older man was saying) and looked at Otabek, eyes flashing with shock then concern.

“Beka? Where were you? We were just about to come looking for you?” He asked walking closer to his fuming boyfriend.

“Hey…Are you drunk?” he asked after leaning in to kiss his boyfriend’s cheek. Said guy just ignored him and continued to glare at the now approaching Korean. “Beka?”

“Is there a reason why your boy toy is glaring at me?” Seung Gil asked, glaring back.

“Lee!” The Russian exclaimed after hearing his friend call his boyfriend his ‘boy toy’.

Otabek growled and stalked forward, glaring viciously at the taller skater. “Stay away from my boyfriend you asshole!” he ground out.

Seung’s eyes flashed angrily as he glared back at the Kazakh. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Don’t act stupid! I’m telling you to stop flirting with Yuri!” Otabek answered, ignoring the distressed kitten pulling at his arm.

“WHAT? I don’t know how stupid you are, but don’t go accusing me of something I didn’t do.” Seung countered, ignoring his friend’s pleading face and moving closer to his enemy.

Otabek wasn’t a violent person but fuck that, he was fucking furious, so of course the only logical thing to do was punch the annoying, ugly face in front of him.


So now he found himself in the infirmary of the ice rink while his coach was talking to some staff or manager, trying to not get them banned or kicked out.

“That was stupid.” His boyfriend stated, dabbing an ice pack on his much bruised cheek. Man, he didn’t expect the guy to pack such a punch.

“I know.” He answered, wincing slightly at the pain on his face.

“Then why’d you do it?” Yuri asked, though he was only greeted with silence. “Otabek.” He called firmly.

Said skater sighed and looked away, “I was jealous.” He whispered quietly.

“What was that? Speak up.” Yuri ordered pressing the ice pack a little harder. Otabek flinched away but still did not look up.

“I was jealous.” He said a little louder.

“Oh.” Yuri exclaimed softly, trying (and failing) to calm his blush by clearing his throat. “Why?”

Otabek groaned feeling like an interrogated criminal, ‘might as well get it over with.’ He thought and sighed.

“I saw you two were very close and I don’t know it just feels…off. So I asked Viktor and he told me that you two met before and you were very very close, closer than anyone.” He summarized, wishing that the ground would just eat him whole.

“Of course we were.” Yuri said, noticing his boyfriend’s hand forming into a fist. He sighed and covered it with his own. “Were, as in past tense…because I met you.”

Otabek finally looked up at his boyfriend’s beautiful soft blue-green eyes. “Really?“

“Really, you idiot. I wouldn’t be dating and calling you my best friend if we weren’t, you know.” Yuri reassured him.

He frowned and looked away again after hearing the word dating and asked, “Viktor said you two were together before. Is that true?” (Even though Viktor never said anything about dating).

Yuri sighed and sat down beside him, still holding his hand. “No. At least we never talked about going official. We were both young and you know he was just starting skating, and I was rising so we had to get our priorities straight…but that was before. We’re just friends now. Seriously there’s nothing to be jealous about.”

He reassured him again but still the Kazakh wouldn’t look at him. He sighed and called, “Beka. Hey, look at me. Please.” He pleaded quietly. Said man finally looked at him.

“I love you, okay? You, not Lee or anybody else; just you, okay? I love the way you talk and how gentle you are and how much you love me and that you make me feel all giddy and special and I know I don’t say or show it as often but I really really do love you and I’m so-“He got cut off when his boyfriend’s slightly chapped lips gently pressed against his.

“You have no fault in this Yura, don’t you dare apologize.” He stated firmly then pressed another gentle kiss on his kitten’s soft lips. “I love you too, Yura. So very much.”

Yuri giggled, glad that the problem was solved. He shyly pressed another kiss on the Kazakh’s lips and stood up, dragging him up as well.

“Now come on you big sap. You got someone else to apologize too,” He then leaned closer then whispered in his ear, “but before that let me show you how loyal I am, huh?”

Day 5: Fears (jealousy)

So I did this and now I finally have a contribution to Otayuri weeeeeeek. Yeeees. I hope you like it. I can’t post it on AO3 yet cause I dont have an invite. Please excuse any wrong grammars or spellings. Thank you for reading! :)

Suspect: Part 5

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 2.2K
Warnings: Swearing, fighting, angst

A/N: I was intending to have Reader and Bucky converse in this one, but it ran longer than expected! Sorry, definitely in the next one.

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

“Aw, c’mon, partner,” Dale coos through the door, but you were hardly listening. As quietly as possible, you were searching the bathroom cupboards for something that you could use as a weapon, “Don’t make me knock down this door,”

You ignore his taunts, and try to gather yourself. Any second he was going to force his way into the bathroom, and you had to be ready. 

“Fuck,” your voice so low it was barely audible. There wasn’t anything you could use, not even a nail file. You’re going to have to fight the old fashioned way. Positioning yourself in front of the closed door, you take deep breaths, trying to calm your nerves and still your shaking fists.

“Y/N,” Dale’s voice turned from fake charm to frustrated and blunt, “I really don’t want to kill you. So come on out and I can give you the pitch,”

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Here’s how the GOP’s new health care bill hits poor people the hardest

  • The basic outline of the health care reform could be summed up as follows: eliminate the Affordable Care Act’s taxes on higher earners, as well as some of it’s most important cost saving mechanisms, all while taking an axe to provisions designed to help poor and working-class people afford insurance.
  • The most notable example of this is the elimination of the Medicaid expansion going forward. Under the ACA, states could expand Medicaid to include anyone who earned up to 138% of the federal poverty line — $39,716 for a family of five in 2017— and the federal government would pick up 90% of the cost. 
  • But the new GOP plan eliminates those funds starting in 2020, promising to only help pay for people who would have been covered under the old baseline for Medicaid. Those who received coverage under the Medicaid expansion won’t have it taken away — so long as they stay in the program.
  • That effectively kills the ACA’s Medicaid expansion. If the bill were to pass, anyone between 100% and 138% of the federal poverty line would not be eligible for Medicaid unless they enrolled prior to 2020. 
  • For those who fall in that window and enrolled before that date, they can only maintain their coverage if they stay on Medicaid. That means if they get a job with employer-sponsored health care or a slight pay bump, but then lose that job later, they will lose their Medicaid eligibility unless they fall beneath 100% of the federal poverty line. Read more (3/7/17 4:01 PM)
Broken Trust - Part Three

Summary: From what you’ve been told the British Men of Letters weren’t people you would really like. Though you didn’t expect to get that caught up with one of them, breaking the Winchester’s trust with your actions.

Words: 1608

Pairing: Eventual Arthur (Mr.) Ketch x Reader

Originally posted by marilynmay

Warnings: None really. Maybe a bit angsty at the end.

A/N: Feedback Is Appreciated! You can write yourself down for upcoming Ketch fics on my taglist. 


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notreallygoodatcommingupwithname  asked:

"No. A lot of people play Modern. We have no plans of eliminating the format." Then why are we seeing Wizards moving away from the format in regards to major events? Without this exposure competitive formats grow stale and people/shops lose interest. Extended followed a similar path, that is why people are worried.

We have zero high level Commander events and the format is thriving. The two aren’t necessarily linked. I’ve seen the numbers. Modern is doing just fine.

The high profile events are considered marketing. They are literally paid for with marketing dollars. So one of the responsibilities of say Pro Tour Aether Revolt is to get players excited for Aether Revolt. It’s a lot harder to do that playing a format where only a handful of Aether Revolt cards might show up. (Also, the Pros have told us they prefer formats with more opportunity to innovate which is harder with larger, less evolving formats.)

The reason we focused more on Modern for a while was to help get awareness for it as a new format, to help build it up and get it going. But it’s done that. It’s no longer a young, struggling format. It’s a mature format with many fans and a lot of play. It’s going to be just fine without a major spotlight on it.

my least favorite thing is where I don’t intentionally procrastinate and instead just suddenly find out that I totally didn’t do the thing and it is now too late

I hate that thing

You appear to have completely missed the point that is pretty heavily stated in the movie, that Batman has only just started being so brutal.
Remember when Alfred sees the Bat-branding article and says “New rules?”
Well. That’s pretty safe to assume that he’s just started acting this way.
Also remember when Alfred says “That’s how it starts, the fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men cruel.” Because Batman’s fear of what Superman could do to the world makes him feel powerless, which is why he’s lost his patience, and stopped regarding the lives of the criminals he faces.
His newfound brutality starts and ends in this movie, that’s why Clark is all of a sudden paying attention to his actions.
And the Bat-Brand? Maybe he just intends to humiliate the thugs, but due to Lex’s power and manipulation tactics, the people are assassinated in prison. Obviously, Lex’s part in that was cut out of the theatrical cut, but it’s still worth noting that Batman wasn’t necessarily branding them for death, but Lex made damn sure they’d die so as to further enrage Superman and further tarnish Batman’s reputation.
Not to mention that Batman never commits murder during this story, nor do any of his rogues gallery cross his path (except KGBeast), so, since he’s not murdering anybody, but committing manslaughter in the heat of the moment, why would any of his rogues gallery die as a result of his actions (like we assume KGBeast did when Batman shot the fuel tank on his bank).
Because murder is premeditated, and the only death we see him premeditate is Superman’s, which he doesn’t go through with.
And why doesn’t he go through with it? Well, because he sees the humanity in this man when the man utters the name of an innocent person, favouring their safety over his own. The name Martha, which funnily enough was the name his dying father uttered, worrying about his wife before himself. And what actually stops Batman? Another innocent running in to protect this man at his feet. The innocent that fits the pieces together. The key that unlocks the door to his redemption, Lois.
So, he sees himself as no better than the man that killed his parents, and decides not to go down that path.

So tell me, after all that, with a straight face, that it makes sense for Batman to kill the Joker and his other villains? Should he have took some time out during his crusade to kill Superman to hunt down and kill his formidable rogues gallery? Should he just shrug off the journey and lesson of the events of this story and then say “Fuck it.” and go on a murder spree of his villains?
Because Batman’s mental breakdown happens between the start of this movie and the end, and since he had a single goal throughout the story until the third act, there’s no logical reason that he would have murdered his other villains. The black zero event was the catalyst of him beginning to let criminals die as a result of his actions, and made him plan to eliminate a threat.
Because that’s what this was to him, eliminating a threat. And the moment he sees Clark as a human, he’s no longer eliminating a threat, he’s murdering a person. His redemption doesn’t excuse the deaths of the criminals that died as a result of his actions, but there’s a pretty big gap between a violent act of self preservation that may or may not kill a person in the heat of the moment and planning to commit a murder.

@catscanmiracle when people like me get mad that you didn’t pay attention, it’s because all of the above information is in the movie. We’re not making this up, we’re not speculating, it’s right there.
Joker didn’t push Batman to murder, because these events don’t have anything to do with the Joker directly, and again, he didn’t even commit murder.
But you’re right when you say he lost. He lost his way, and he lost himself because he fell so far. But what is lost can be found, and what falls is not necessarily just fallen.

[!] Important Information Regarding the 'New Members' [!]

Recently, information spread about possible new members in Acrush. This information is false. Below is an official statement from Acrush’s manager, XiaoBai:

 "很多流传出去的预备队员实际上是练习生 不等于是正式队员 公司还会对这部分学员进行观察评估 会有淘汰机制 所以不会对这部分练习生做曝光 “

“The information that has been circulating (that shouldn’t have been) regarding the ‘future members’ are in fact trainees, it does not mean that they are official members. The company is still observing and assessing these trainees, with plans of elimination, therefore we will not be exposing any information regarding them.“ 

Trans cr; JS @ acrush-trans

We ask that everyone please reblog this post and help us spread this information. You can also retweet the post here. Thank you, and let’s continue to support Acrush!

Report: Donald Trump Plans to Eliminate National Endowment for the Arts, Privatize Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Donald Trump's transition team is eyeing staggering cuts to the federal agencies that support the arts, humanities, and public broadcasting, the Hill reports. Under the team's plan, the non-profit Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which supports public television, public radio, and PBS, would be privatized. The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), which offer grants for artistic and educational productions, exhibitions, research, and more, would be eliminated entirely. As The Hill points out, the proposed plan hews closely to a blueprint prepared by conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation, which has had an outsize influence on the staffing and direction of the new administration. Two transition team members reportedly discussing the cuts to arts funding, Russ Vought and John Gray, previously worked for the Heritage Foundation, and for vice president-elect Mike Pence. The U.S. has always trailed countries like Canada and

Everyone, everyone on this page should be blowing up phones and trying to shut this shit down. Not cutting military spending, no bail outs for corporations and major tax cuts. We’re saving money by shutting down the arts. And privatizing PBS.

This is absolute bullshit.

anonymous asked:

If Kaname never keep Yuuki in the manor arc and let her free, do you think he will be a likable character?

For some people, I think he would have been more likable, because for many the most unforgiving aspects of his characterization came in the second arc where his relationship with Yuuki was a key focus. People didn’t like how he treated her, or who she became around him, which is where a lot of the abuse claims came into play, and I talk about that more at length in this post

My personal issue with him was never exclusively his relationship with Yuuki, although it certainly made it harder to like him. My biggest problem was actually Kaname’s arrogance, something Hino herself referred to as one of his character flaws in Night 84:

hubris [hyoo-bris, hoo-] noun
1.excessive pride or self-confidence; arrogance. 

Lots of characters are arrogant, and still likable, so the question some might ask then is why this trait on this particular character made him unlikable for me. People often bring up how similar Kaname is to other characters in other series, and how those characters are still somehow beloved to a majority of the fanbase, as if these comparable traits make the characters the same somehow. In my opinion, they don’t. Taking a character out of context is only understanding the very basic aspects of their characterization. There can be similarities, but it is the context of a character’s individual story that shapes who they are, not their shared personality traits with a character in a completely different story. Just like in the real world, having similar personalities doesn’t make you the same as another person. 

My problem with Kaname’s brand of arrogance specifically is that a lot of the conflict of the original series was a direct result of it. I support the theory brought up by @getoffthesoapbox in her post here but if we’re not relying on speculation and only relying on the information currently available to us, Kaname, until proven otherwise, is unable to find the missing component of the vampire cure that was beside him all along. Whether Aidou is able to find this information because he is actually willing to work with others, or because of his access to the hunters files which he is able to get through his friendship and alliance with one of their own, it is the lack of arrogance in Aidou’s character that allows him to succeed where Kaname did not. Though this still takes time, two heads are better than one, and had Kaname relied on the people who offered him friendship and trust, maybe together he and Aidou could have found a solution much sooner.

Kaname then destroys the vampire senate, restores the pureblood monarchy and becomes King, then abandons his people for a crusade that proved unnecessary in the end. This leads to more violent incidents against humans, which Kaname shows little regard for as he believes it is the hunters responsibility to protect them and if his actions have caused turmoil, well, they’re obviously not doing their job right and are squandering the abilities they were gifted. Contrast this with Yuuki and the Night Class’s approach in both VK and VKM, where they actively work to protect the humans from violent vampires alongside the hunters because they understand that if you have the power to help the powerless, it is your responsibility to try. Let’s not forget that one of Yuuki’s first decisions as the new head of the Kuran family is to restore the vampire senate, offering the positions to the loyal former Night Class students who wanted to be Kaname’s friend and who worked in the past to protect humans - definitely not the same caliber of vampire as the former vampire senate that Kaname destroyed. Kaname could have easily done this himself when he destroyed the original senate, or when he decided to abdicate his position, but instead he chose to leave the vampire society in chaos to further his own agenda. 

Fans of this character didn’t mind this behaviour because it’s very typical of the “chessmaster” character to manipulate others for their own gain. In fact, characters like this (Lelouch and Light are the immediate examples that come to mind) are actually quite intriguing and entertaining to watch. We love them, even if they’re not always good. For me Kaname is an exception because his manipulation just… I don’t see the point of it past the first arc? Everything Kaname does in the second arc accomplishes literally nothing. He gets rid of the corrupt vampire senate because hey, corruption is bad kids! But things end up worse than they were with the corruption so that solves nothing and in fact, it probably would have been better off had he left it alone. Which is pretty sad. He then decides he’s going to kill the purebloods, focusing primarily on the non-threatening ones while the actual dangerous purebloods roam free for a while. This in turn angers the families and lower level servants of the purebloods Kaname kills, which results in them joining together to attack the Hunter’s Association and those who try to stand in their way, all to get revenge against Kaname for killing someone they loved and/or were loyal to. Kaname then adds further insult to injury by giving up on that plan for another one. Rather than rushing to finish the job before the last of the weapons disintegrates, or asking the hunters to finish the job in exchange for his sacrifice to create more weapons, Kaname just… abandons that plan, too.  So now he’s killed enough purebloods to ensure that they (and other vampires) are pissed off and violent, but not enough to actually stop the conflict that supposedly had him killing them in the first place. Okay then. Oh, and let’s not forget the reason the furnace failed in the first place, which was his fight with Sara who was actually a threat to the humans and vampires alike.

I guess my biggest problem with Kaname is that we’re supposed to view him as this character who is turned cynical by age and experience and repeating the same mistakes over and over again. He’s a character who we assume has tried many avenues to end the conflict with the purebloods. Researching a cure, researching a weapon, fighting alongside like-minded people… all of which have been unsuccessful. Exhausted by this, Kaname enters a deep sleep, and when he awakens, he makes Yuuki the center of his universe (to the detriment of Yuuki herself) and pushes everyone else away. He doesn’t listen to anyone else, doesn’t work with anyone else, not really, and he follows his own path regardless of the consequences which is something readers usually only overlook if a) the character is remorseful, or b) the character achieves the “Greater Good” ending they were striving for. Neither of which was the case with Kaname. There is also far more focus on the characters who were hurt by Kaname’s actions and on the negative consequences of his actions, than on the things that could make readers more sympathetic toward his character. Even in this new series, despite Kaname becoming somewhat of an urban legend, his actions are condemned by literally all of the characters. The only reason Kaname himself is not is because of the affection they feel for him that leads to them separating Kaname from the things he did.

Unfortunately, I don’t share their blinded-by-love affliction, and because of how much harm Kaname’s arrogance caused others, even if he had treated Yuuki like the princess he claimed her to be, his base personality for most of the series was still unlikable to me, with only a few exceptions. I genuinely enjoyed his scenes with human Yuuki before Zero entered the picture, and his scene with Haruka before his death, the Night Class as children, etc. It’s only once he begins getting caught up in the games purebloods play and acting as if he’s somehow different than them while doing the exact same thing, while leaving behind collateral damage in his wake, that I started to find him an unlikable character. However, this sort of characterization is perfect if the story goes the Scrooge Redemption route (a sort-of-not-really crack theory @getoffthesoapbox posted over the Christmas holidays here that I’ve secretly been rooting for ever since - read the post to find out how it could unfold in the VK setting). Scrooge was likable enough as a boy, but experienced hardships and became hardened by life and tragedy, to the point of completely taking for granted all the people still in his life. He is redeemed when he is forced to examine his past, present and future more closely, and eventually learns to appreciate the people in his life more, a lesson I feel Kaname has yet to learn. (His hang ups over the past ultimately taint the bonds he has in the present, both in the original series and again in this new series. It is his fatal flaw and one I feel he must overcome before earning his happily ever after.)

I hope that answered your question. I know some people like Kaname for the very things I find unlikable about him, but hopefully I was able to shed some light on why I find it unlikable when they do not. :) I will also say that Kaname technically did set Yuuki free eventually, and it didn’t really change much about his characterization. I don’t feel he grew as a result of it, or changed in any way. He just stopped dragging her down into the depths of his own despair (the ‘wandering of the deep and dark forest,’ referenced in the series). Had Kaname decided to not be with Yuuki at all and set her free from the get go, he only would have started his plan to eliminate the purebloods sooner, but would still have went down the same path I discussed above which is where most of my frustration with his character personally stems from. 

MLK’s legacy matters even more in Trump’s America

Family Planning

On Jan. 5, Speaker Paul Ryan said he would defund Planned Parenthood as part of a bill to repeal Obamacare, The Hill reported. Eliminating federal money for Planned Parenthood has been a goal for anti-abortion groups, despite the fact that federal law prohibits Planned Parenthood from using taxpayer money to fund abortions, according to Politico.

King highlighted the importance of organizations like Planned Parenthood in family planning when he received the Planned Parenthood Federation of America Margaret Sanger Award in 1966:

“In our struggle for equality we were confronted with the reality that many millions of people were essentially ignorant of our conditions or refused to face unpleasant truths. The hard-core bigot was merely one of our adversaries. The millions who were blind to our plight had to be compelled to face the social evil their indifference permitted to flourish.”

Police brutality

Trump claimed to be the “law and order” candidate throughout his campaign. Speaking about police brutality on Meet the Press, Trump acknowledged “some horrible mistakes are made” — but then highlighted the need to “give power back to the police.” A New York Times article published Nov. 11 called Trump’s election victory a “counterprotest against Black Lives Matter.”

In his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, King spoke against the use of excessive force against African-Americans:

There are those who are asking the devotees of civil rights, “When will you be satisfied?” We can never be satisfied as long as the Negro is the victim of the unspeakable horrors of police brutality. We can never be satisfied, as long as our bodies, heavy with the fatigue of travel, cannot gain lodging in the motels of the highways and the hotels of the cities.  

Voter suppression  

In December 2016, during his “Thank You” rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Trump thanked “smart” African-American voters for not coming out to vote on Election Day. The lower turnout among African-American voters can be somewhat attributed to the Supreme Court’s 2013 decision to gut a key provision of the Voting Rights Act, resulting in 14 states to adopt restrictive voting laws.  

King, in his “I Have a Dream” speech, encouraged Americans to fight against voter suppression:

We cannot be satisfied as long as a Negro in Mississippi cannot vote and a Negro in New York believes he has nothing for which to vote. No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.

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“I needed to keep you safe, I can’t lose you.”

guardian angel : a spirit that is believed to watch over and protect a person

NonVillain!Harry AU :Super villains Electro, Rhino, and Lizard want Harry Osborn dead for immediate and easy access to Oscorp’s special project weapons. However, whenever they try to eliminate Harry, their plans are foiled by Harry’s supposed guardian angel Spider-Man. Harry is unaware of who is the man behind the mask until one encounter with the Lizard leads to a fatal battle and the unmasking of the web-slinger.