elimination chamber 2010

Someone on Reddit pointed this interesting fact out:

In the span of just over 3 hours, SmackDown managed to feature all but one member of their roster. Prior to the show, Ellsworth, Carmella, and Swagger were the only members of the active roster to not be booked for the show. Ellsworth and Carmella had numerous segments throughout the night. Therefore Jack Swagger, who is basically stuck on the house show cards only anyway, was the only person to not appear on the show.

This is obviously not including the inactive/injured members of their roster such as Kane, Eva Marie, Ryder etc.

WWE Champion Bray Wyatt
[February 12th, 2017]

At this year’s Elimination Chamber pay per view only 8 days ago, Bray Wyatt withstood the madness that was the elimination chamber match to emerge victorious as the WWE Champion. After the bout was over, speculation began as to how things would go leading into WrestleMania 33, where Randy Orton is guaranteed a WWE Championship shot, having won the Royal Rumble titular match last January. Orton and Wyatt are in cahoots, as Orton stands as the only member of The Wyatt Family under Bray’s control. On the episode of SmackDown that followed the Elimination Chamber pay per view, Orton stated that he refused to face Wyatt for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania, leaving us with more questions than answers.

Kevin Owens Vs. John Cena
[May 31st, 2015]

Okay… so let’s talk about this for a second.

Actually, the entire internet, no, the entire WRESTLING WORLD is talking about this. Kevin Owens, who a year ago was in ROH, just defeated the biggest name in professional wrestling today. John Cena has been the flagbearer for the WWE for 13 years, next month, and the entire time he’s been leading the charge, Kevin Owens has been wrestling in every available venue, on every show possible, in every situation imaginable. When John Cena was battling Randy Orton for the umpteenth time, Kevin Owens was teaming with Sami Zayn in a ladder war. When John Cena was main eventing at WrestleMania, Kevin Owens was growing angrier and angrier as he watched all of his peers getting picked more and more around him to go to the big dance. CM Punk, Cesaro, Chris Hero, Tyler Black, Matt Sydal, Bryan Danielson. Just imagine the scene at the end of The Sandlot, only in a locker room as every wrestler that Owens knew for years just stopped showing up and faded away only to show up again in a bigger spotlight. That left one warrior. One fighter.

After well over a decade, Kevin Owens finally got the call and immediately made an impact, attacking his former friend Sami Zayn on the night of Owens’ debut on NXT. Over the course of the next few months, he would become the NXT Champion, running roughshod and defeating his former friend and the former champion. A statement had to be made, which is why Owens stepped up at NXT… but that wasn’t enough. The John Cena Open Challenge for the United States Championship could have been Owens’ chance to cement himself in the annals of WWE history, but he didn’t want to be the United States Champion. He wanted to make a statement, and prove that his presence had a purpose.

With one defiant victory, Owens proved two things: John Cena is not unstoppable, and being the champion of NXT means something more than being the best guy in developmental. It means that the champion of NXT is the future of the WWE. In the history of the WWE, there is ONE MAN whose debut match on the WWE’s main roster was a victory over John Cena. Owens not only proved that he’s the man and that Cena was defeatable, he proved that the independent wrestling world is churning out top contenders that should be taken seriously. Every VFW hall, skating rink, American Legion Post, high school gym, church, parking lot, festival, wherever you hear of an indie show, they’re not just responsible for independent wrestling, they’re responsible for the future. Kevin Owens wrestled in every type of venue imaginable and guess what? He put in the work, he put in the time, and last night, he put his name in the record books.

The future is now.