eliminating desire

advice for the new year: 
1. Talk less. Do more. The fewer people that know your plans, dreams, business, the better. Move silently, and let your actions speak for u
2. Work harder than u ever have before, to get to where you’ve never been. You have to commit and overly dedicate yourself to your goals.
3. Miss out on the random turn ups. Less online “link ups”. Put your phone down & Surround yourself with people who genuinely care for you.
4. Respect yourself. That way people know you don’t tolerate disrespect and no one can come in thinking they can play with you & yours.
5. Eliminate the desire of wanting to rekindle old flames. What’s out, is out. Continue Moving forward.
6. Don’t allow yourself to be a “convenience” to anyone. Let go of anyone who only comes to you, needs you or wants you, on their own time.
7. Protect your dreams goals and desires. Nurture them with positive energy. All things are possible when you truly believe in YOU.
8. Your assignment from God is yours, only. Don’t let anyone question your purpose, persuade you to give up, or make you feel inadequate.
9. Procrastination doesn’t make success. Excuses don’t make success. Ambition does. Hunger does. Commitment does. You want it? Go get it.
10. You matter. Stop doubting that. You’re amazing. Stop questioning that. Stop giving people the power to treat you like you mean nothing.
—  twitter: DearYouFromWe (Reyna Biddy) 
Capitalism has created the highest standard of living ever known on earth. The evidence is incontrovertible. The contrast between West and East Berlin is the latest demonstration, like a laboratory experiment for all to see. Yet those who are loudest in proclaiming their desire to eliminate poverty are loudest in denouncing capitalism. Man’s well-being is not their goal.
—  Ayn Rand

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I can pretend that I care but the truth is I don’t and I can’t help it. I am not well off so I have to work I cannot be idle but life is so difficult. I do not want to live in this world anymore. I don’t care anymore what is going to happen to me after suicide but I cannot hurt my parents. But often I find life unbearable I don’t want to care about anybody’s feelings anymore. Can you help me out please? I am in pain

All things change. All things end and that includes our pain. When we are in pain whether with a toothache or heartache our ego tells us “it shall always be thus". That is a lie. A lie of ego. Your pain will end naturally. However, we can speed up the process. First, you must truly desire to eliminate this suffering. Without such a desire your efforts will be in vain. Now, once you have decided that you want an end to suffering you must get into action. Thinking will not do it, only action.

Your first action is to understand that suffering can be eliminated from our lives. Not sorrow which is a natural and necessary emotion, but that soul sickness you suffer now. Then, you must delve deep within your own soul. I want you to write a list of everything that has you afraid and depressed. Divide the list into things that can be changed and things that cannot. Then destroy the “not change" list because these things will have to be accepted. Second, prioritize the “change" list and one by one start fixing them. You will not need to fix everything on the list to feel better. In fact, just checking off the first one will lift your spirits.

Next start a regular meditation practice and learn yogic concentration and the three part breath. Meditate for ten to twenty minutes a day. Quiet your mind and use the breathing to eliminate that empty feeling in your midsection. Use the resources on the blog to get started. Everything you need is there and it is all free.

Finally, if it is within your means please see a professional about these emotions. You may need to go counseling or even take medication. Your doctor will know what to do. Keep in touch with me so I know how you are progressing. Remember the hardest part is taking the very first step in your plan of action. Once this is done it just gets easier. Sam.

It’s amazing the way that Wes’ death completely eliminated my desire to watch HTGAWM. Before he died, I was *obsessed*. I binge watched like it was going out of style. I followed 50 million HTGAWM blogs. I had a Google alert set up so when new info came out, I would know immediately. I couldn’t get over it. Then Wes died and I literally have not thought about it more than three or four times since then. My whole spirit was suddenly like…HTGAWM?

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If we knew Kylo and Rey’s respective thoughts upon meeting, including the ones that were probably subconscious for them as well:

She was a pretty girl, he noticed that, but it’s not what stopped him. Something else, but he wasn’t sure. Familiarity? No he’d never met her. But he did sense a familiar feeling. He also sensed terror, which fed the dark force and his power. Underneath the terror, a sense of determination and her desire to eliminate him. That was shocking, she was powerless and was possessing that sentiment towards him before he’d hurt her. And he wouldn’t hurt her, not if he could help it. So intriguing. But he needed the map, and his anger rose. Where is it? Hidden by this girl running from Jakku with that infantile droid. He needed the map to Skywalker!

Hairy Nammi Trader! The figure from the vision, both horrifying and interesting. The vision and Maz’s words she sought to run away from into the quiet forest. Terror, with icy fingers crawled up her belly, made her sick, being held captive and frozen like this in his power. Never had she felt this, restriction, unable to move her own limbs and fight back. But then, there was the power, what would it be like if she could do that to him? Her stable mind kept her, and a resolute calmness deep inside. Curse him, be gone: the First Order and its pet creature in a mask, crouching towards her.

There could have been an even better conversation between them. Were it not for the franchise’s desire to string this thing out and keep it dark. But here’s hoping for the future. >:)

US officials similarly expressed their hope of “army at long last to act effectively against Communists” [sic]. “We are, as always, sympathetic to army’s desire to eliminate communist influence” and ”it is important to assure the army of our full support of its efforts to crush the PKI”.

US and British officials had clear knowledge of the killings. US Ambassador Marshall Green noted three weeks after the attempted coup, and with the killings having begun, that: “Army has… been working hard at destroying PKI and I, for one, have increasing respect for its determination and organisation in carrying out this crucial assignment”. Green noted in the same despatch the “execution of PKI cadres”, putting the figure at “several hundred of them” in “Djakarta area alone”[sic]. On 1 November, Green informed the State Department of the army’s “moving relentlessly to exterminate the PKI as far as that is possible to do”. Three days later he noted that “Embassy and USG generally sympathetic with and admiring of what army doing” [sic]. Four days after this the US Embassy reported that the army “has continued systematic drive to destroy PKI in northern Sumatra with wholesale killings reported”.

A British official reported on 25 November that “PKI men and women are being executed in very large numbers”. Some victims “are given a knife and invited to kill themselves. Most refuse and are told to turn around and are shot in the back”. One executioner considered it “his duty to exterminate what he called ‘less than animals’”. A British official wrote to the Ambassador on 16 December, saying: “You – like me – may have been somewhat surprised to see estimates by the American embassy that well over 100,000 people have been killed in the troubles since 1 October. I am, however, readier to accept such figures after [receiving] some horrifying details of the purges that have been taking place… The local army commander… has a list of PKI members in five categories. He has been given orders to kill those in the first three categories… A woman of 78… was taken away one night by a village execution squad… Half a dozen heads were neatly arranged on the parapet of a small bridge”.

The US Consulate in Medan was reporting that “much indiscriminate killing is taking place”: “Something like a reign of terror against PKI is taking place. This terror is not discriminating very carefully between PKI leaders and ordinary PKI members with no ideological bond to the party”. By mid December the State Department noted approvingly that “Indonesian military leaders’ campaign to destroy PKI is moving fairly swiftly and smoothly”. By 14 February 1966 Ambassador Green could note that “the PKI has been destroyed as an effective political force for some time to come” and that “the Communists…have been decimated by wholesale massacre”.

The British files show that by February 1966 the British ambassador was estimating 400,000 dead – but even this was described by the Swedish ambassador as a “gross under-estimate”. By March one British official wondered “how much of it [the PKI] is left, after six months of killing” and believed that over 200,000 had been killed in Sumatra alone – in a report called “The liquidation of the Indonesian Communist Party in Sumatra”. By April, the US Embassy stated that “we frankly do not know whether the real figure is closer to 100,000 or 1,000,000 but believe it wiser to err on the side of the lower estimates, especially when questioned by the press”.

Summarising the events of 1965 the British Consul in Medan said: “Posing as saviours of the nation from a communist terror, [the army] unleashed a ruthless terror of their own, the scars of which will take many years to heal.” Another British memo referred to “an operation carried out on a very large scale and often with appalling savagery”. Another simply referred to the “bloodbath”.

British and US officials totally supported these massacres, the files show. I could find no reference to any concern about the extent of killing at all – other than constant encouragement for the army to continue. As the files above indicate, there is no question that British and US officials knew exactly what they were supporting. One British official noted, referring to 10,005 people arrested by the army: “I hope they do not throw the 10,005 into the sea…, otherwise it will cause quite a shipping hazard”.

—  Mark Curtis, Web of Deceit, with a real knee slapper from the Labour Party government

This is my difficulty.  I cannot eliminate desire because my effort to do so is itself desire.

I cannot eliminate selfishness because my reasons for wanting to be unselfish are selfish.

—  Alan Watts  [Buddhism: Religion of No-Religion]