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i feel like i should do something special? maybe a follow forever? something to thank all the amazing people i’ve met on tumblr. i’m not sure yet, but i would like to say a little something.

i’m not great with words, but i do want to say really quickly to you all that i’m so thankful for every person i’ve encountered on this site. y’all make my life so much better, so much richer, and i’m so glad i’ve found a community here. it means so so much to me, more than i can ever express. 

i love you guys a lot 💖💖💖💖


it’s good that they have each others

Top Ten RuPaul’s Drag Race Queens

RuPaul’s Drag Race bamboozles me. I’m not sure I’ve encountered a television programme that so successfully tickles my trash T.V. node yet bursts with such unusual creativity and inspiring vision, and as much as I’m dubious as to whether this air of high art is intentional, I have no doubt that this show is brilliant. In celebration of its peculiar wonder, I’ve compiled my ten favourite drag queens from the first eight seasons, based on aesthetic, character, star quality and general ability to werk.

I’m still not entirely sure what ‘werk’ means, but I’m assuming it’s something good.

10. Willam Belli

Watching Season 4, I often forgot Willam was a contestant. Her hilariously mean asides about her fellow competitors painted her instead as a sort of twisted narrator who was only there to make fun of people and occasionally look incredible on the runway. Her journey through the competition, although controversially cut short, was effortless, and it is difficult to imagine that she wouldn’t have sailed into the top three had she taken things a little bit more seriously. Regardless of any rule breaking scandals, there’s no denying that Willam was easily one of the funniest contestants of all time.

9. Milk

More often than not, Milk’s entrance onto the runway came paired with a shot of the judging panel, aghast, attempting to comprehend whether or not the thing before them could even be considered drag. It is perhaps no surprise that Milk came perilously close to elimination the week she stepped out onto the runway dressed as a man, but it is controversy such as this that made her such an exciting and memorable contestant. Her wildly out-of-the-box approach was maybe too edgy for Season 6, but it’s seems as if the ever evolving world of drag is starting to catch up with her. Is it any coincidence that a bearded lady challenge and a boy drag challenge featured the year after?

8. Latrice Royale

No matter how ugly her black, leather boots, no queen will ever walk into the work room and match the charisma and delightful quotability of Latrice Royale. To this day, I cannot walk down the snacks aisle without announcing “Get those nuts away from my face!” to whoever may be present, and, frankly, it’s making my life a nightmare. Awkward shopping experiences aside, RuPaul’s Drag Race is a cut throat, occasionally delusional television program, so it was refreshing to have a queen as grounded, laid back, and often motherly as Latrice Royale. You only need to listen to the audience chanting her name at the Miss Congeniality crowning to know how well she was received.

7. Jujubee

Season 2 was the first I saw of Drag Race, and Jujubee was the first queen I fell in love with. That infectious blend of jovial cattiness and animated comedy really brightened a season otherwise plagued with unnecessarily bitchy energy. To date, I can’t recall a library reading more hilariously scathing than Jujubee’s, and this, combined with her excellent facial expressions and loving friendship with season runner-up Raven (a badass queen, who just missed a spot on this list), left a lasting impression which, essentially, converted me from skeptical dabbler to full-time fan of the show.

6. Jinkx Monsoon

I instantly took a liking to Jinkx, but her unusually meek, dreamer attitude conjured the image of a queen who would enjoy a brief, entertaining run before parting amicably around week six for lacking that cut-throat aplomb characteristic of previous winners. So, it was a pleasant surprise come the top four to see Jinkx still standing on the runway, having evolved into a powerhouse despite weeks of terrible adversity and bullying. Then came that legendary lip-sync with Detox, and, god damn, this bitch might go all the way. Who would have thought, following a season of heartbreak and underestimation (and Roxxxy Andrews), weird, little Jinkx would rise to the occasion, slay the three headed bitch dragon, Rolaskatox, and lift the crown for herself?

5. Katya Zamolodchikova

Yekaterina. Petrovna. Zamolodchikova. But your dad just calls her Katya. Time and time again, crippling anxiety has proved no match for everybody’s favourite Russian bisexual hooker, who succeeds repeatedly in being one of the funniest, most weirdly sexy queens in drag race herstory. If her time on Season 7 wasn’t enough to convince everyone of her curveball brilliance, her All Stars reprise was just the platform she needed to launch herself into meteoric stardom (and also into multiple full front splits). Had she and Detox done the tactical thing and eliminated Alaska in the makeover challenge, the crown would have been Katya’s for the taking, and the world would be a brighter, albeit more Soviet, place for it. #KatyaWasRobbed.

4. Kim Chi

I won’t lie; I found Season 8 dull. An arsenal of overconfident, half-baked acts and middling showgirls made for the most mediocre series of drag race to date. So praise be to Kim Chi, creative genius and saving grace for a season I’d most likely have stopped watching otherwise. Her tendency to draw reference from unusual places and polished execution of look after look made her a runway powerhouse, and I found myself excited for each episode just to see what magical ensemble she’d concocted this time. And she wasn’t a one trick pony, either. An ability to quickly adapt made her a comedy chameleon of sorts, often outshining so-called comedy queens in the skit challenges.

3. Adore Delano

In each of her seasons, Adore Delano came under fire for her unpolished, grungy approach to drag, but it’s that scrappy, blasé attitude that made her such a cool contestant. From her first, commanding stomp into the workroom, equipped with lashings of goofy fighting talk and streetwise charm, it was apparent there hadn’t yet been a queen quite like Adore. This isn’t to suggest she was some hard-as-nails, aggressive bitch, though. The loving mother/daughter dynamic between her and Bianca Del Rio was one of the best received relationships on the show, and Adore’s clumsy willingness to learn and admire only added to her plucky appeal.

2. Violet Chachki

It’s perhaps not prudent to ignore the controversy surrounding her win (in one queen’s words, “Apparently all you need to win is a corset”), but Violet Chachki is like an oil painting. I have a video compilation of all her runway looks saved on my computer and it plays like the dawn of a fashion icon, a faultless understanding of taste and strong sense of self conjuring for Violet a majesty that I, personally, could see strutting nowhere other than the top spot of Season 7. The attention to detail that adorned every look and unwavering confidence made Violet Chachki absolutely one of the most beautiful queens to grace drag race, and, come the Season 8 crowning, when she stood on stage in that gorgeous dress, waist like a toothpick and body covered in cockroaches, I knew this was a legacy she’d frozen into drag race herstory.

1. Raja

Raja has everything; The looks, the taste, the confidence the influence, the humour, the character. Above all other queens, she was the one I could foresee sashaying headstrong toward the crown without a shadow of a doubt, crushing every challenge thrown her way and summoning unforgettable looks from a pool of influence unchartered to any other contestant to date. I remember seeing her Marie Antoinette look for the first time and not being able to imagine a way in which she wasn’t strutting directly for first place, to far ahead in every way to concede defeat now. She is not only a legendary drag race contestant but a creative hero, and I’m not sure any queen will walk away with this kind of longevity ever again.

8 Ways to be More Productive with Less Effort

1.Sort out your priorities. Make time to honestly reflect on your life, and to think about what is important to you. Where are you going? What do you want? What are the steps that will take you there?

2. Focus on the essential tasks. Next, think about your short term responsibilities. Ask yourself: “Out of all the tasks that I have to do, which will get me the greatest return for my time and effort?” Make a list of these types of tasks — they’re your most important things to do this week.

3. Eliminate what you can. Now look at your list. What on the list is not essential? Is there anything there that you can drop from your schedule, delegate to someone else, or put on a “waiting list”. Often when we review these non-essentials later, we find they weren’t necessary at all.

4. Do essential tasks first. Begin each day by doing the two most important tasks. Don’t wait until later in the day as they’ll get pushed aside to make time for other stuff that arises throughout the day. You’ll find that if you do these tasks right away, your productivity will really increase.

5. Eliminate distractions. If you allow yourself to be constantly interrupted by email notifications, IM, cell phones, social media and so on, then you’ll never be productive. Turn them and, if you can, disconnect yourself from the internet.

6. Keep it simple. Don’t waste time on applications that are meant to organise your schedule. Make a simple to-do list with a word document, or with some paper and a pen. Then get started on whatever work you had planned on doing.

7. Do one thing at a time. In most situations, multi-tasking slows you down. You can’t get things done with a million things demanding your attention. Focus on what’s in front of you, to the exclusion of all else. That way, you are likely to achieve more, in less time, and with less effort.

8. Make time for honest reflection. At the end of the day, reflect on what you have achieved. Make sure you affirm yourself for your hard work. Think about possible changes you need to make - and commit to keep going, and aiming for your goal.

Dancing with the Stars Season 24 Week 8: I Just Don’t Know Anymore

Here we are. Back for another week of DWTS. Another week of crap. Just a quick note. I’m so frustrated with this season more than any in the past. I hate that the judges (except Len) keep acting like Normani and Val can do no wrong. Meanwhile, they have been tearing the other couples down. We especially saw that tonight. Normani got lavish praise 7 out of 8 times. David and Rashad received unnecessarily harsh criticism for one of their two dances. I really don’t feel like Simone got any actual compliments and Bonner was outright ripped to shreds. It would be one thing if Normani was just far and away the best dancer left and everyone else sucked. But she’s not. Two of the couples are on her level and another is a respectable dancer as well. The only one that is not a good dancer is Bonner and even he didn’t deserve the trash that he was handed in terms of critiques tonight. Especially because he was headed home anyway. It just bothered me. And it clearly bothered both Bonner and Simone and rightfully so. The judges have no right to trash them like that. Now let’s get started.

Rashad and Emma- Jive (Score=36)- I thought this dance was really good. The energy was great and I loved his swag. His feet were nowhere near as bad as the judges tried to make it seem. He could have pointed his toes more, but they were acting like his feet have not improved over this entire season. I’m here to tell you that they have.

Normani and Val- Contempoaray (Score=40)- I called this score as soon as I knew that this was gonna be their style. Not because I knew it would be good. Because I know that the judges were gonna give her a perfect score for a contemporary, whether or not she deserved it. I don’t think this dance deserved it. It was like every other contemporary on this show that I hate. It was overwrought with emotion, flaily and not cohesive. The judges always love and fall for that and so do the viewers, so whatever.

Bonner and Sharna- Argentine Tango (Score=30)- This was a classic Bonner dance. Not terrible, but not good either. He was stiff and lacked performance and connection to Sharna. But he pushed through it and didn’t go off time. So that’s always a good thing. Len was extremely rude to him and to the audience. He has said that people overstayed their welcome in the past, and it has always been rude. But he’s never done it to this level. Yes, Bonner was not good, but guess what? The viewers wanted him there. And if he’s pissy that Nancy left, then he should be mad that they, themselves, didn’t do more to get the public to vote for Nancy over Bonner. The judges have a lot of influence over the audience and they could have done a better job of spreading the love around versus saving the majority of it for Normani and only giving the other couples tiny little morsels of praise (if they were even that lucky). Don’t blame us and don’t blame him. Blame yourselves for the stunts you’ve been pulling this season.

Simone and Sasha- Foxtrot (Score=36)- I actually thought maybe a 10 or two could have been given to these two for this dance. I thought this was a really good foxtrot. There was one small problem area where it looked like she slipped a little. But it wasn’t huge and could have easily been missed. CAI and Julianne were reaching with that whole connection and emotional and being authentic and not knowing who she is critique though. 1) Because she clearly showed us who she is and why she smiles and all of that during her Most Memorable Year. She smiles because her life could have easily gone a completely different way had her grandparents not stepped in and adopted her and her sister. And really, what other emotion is she gonna show for a run of the mill foxtrot? Please enlighten me. Is she supposed to be sexy for a One Direction song? Sad? Passionate? Why can’t she just smile and have a good time? So of course she was a little disgruntled here. The comments made no sense.

David and Lindsay- Waltz (Score=36)- This was by far, David’s best dance of the season. It was so simple and pure. And yet the simplicity of it was all that was needed to make it a beautiful dance. There were some questionable moments but otherwise, I really loved this dance. It was my favorite of round 1. Also, the shots that Len and CAI took at Rashad in his critiques were not necessary.

Trio Round (I don’t like the fact that the judges chose the trio members)

Rashad, Emma and Witney- Argentine Tango (Score=39)- What does this man have to do to get a 40? This dance was perfect and amazing. I loved the story and I loved his interaction with both Witney and Emma. The lifts were incredible. Honestly, this was the best dance of the season in my opinion. He didn’t even have any problems with his feet this time around. Of course Len thought otherwise for whatever reason.

Normani, Val and Alan- Jive (Score=39)- I actually sort of liked this dance. I think a lot that has do with the energy that Alan brought into it. It changed and Normani seemed like she was having a blast. Now, her feet were not good in this number. And the judges just conveniently looked over that. Meanwhile, they just got done ripping Rashad apart for his feet being a little less than perfect. Not only that, but there was a blatant lift CAI. Why did you not call it and mark her down? It was the same lift that she called them out for in their foxtrot a few weeks ago. If anything, this dance should have been a 36 at the most.

Bonner, Sharna and Britt- Jazz (Score=28)- Well this dance was awful. So to shield my eyes from Bonner’s terrible dancing, I decided to pay attention to Britt because she was killing it. Bonner was awkward, stiff and really hard to watch. But he did show personality. Now I wish he hadn’t been so creepy in his rehearsal package. I was so ready to super hate on the judges (and everyone else) for coming down so hard on him. But he did that, so I’m less inclined to defend him. At least in regards to this number. This does not give Bonner haters a pass to come into my inbox and trash him, fyi.

Simone, Sasha and Brittany- Paso Doble (Score=36)- Simone was doubly screwed for this dance. She was the only celeb to get a pro that was the same gender as her. That makes things all the more difficult for her. She also had the paso which is more of a dance to showcase the man anyway. I thought the dance was fine, but I could tell that she got in her head and was trying to stop herself from smiling. She ended up looking really unsure of herself and just doubting herself throughout the dance. It was clear that Simone was frustrated after that dance though. And CAI’s comments seemed to really piss her off. How is someone “too on beat”? What does that even mean? And then asking her why she wasn’t smiling or whatever was just a way to get a reaction out of her. And I mean she gave them the best answer she could have and a line that I may use. “Smiling doesn’t win you gold medals” was the perfect way to shut CAI down and stop her from talking anymore. I just hope this wasn’t the kiss of death for Simone. The main demo that watches this show, hate it when women (black women in particular) show that they are displeased in any way. And while Simone did exactly what she should have done, I’m not sure if it’s gonna work out for her next week. This is so frustrating.

David, Lindsay and Hayley- Paso Doble (Score=29)- I thought David did an okay job with this dance. He didn’t really get off time or anything. His technique was just horrid. But that’s okay. It wasn’t 29 worthy (probably 30 or 31) but the judges had funky attitudes tonight.

So in the last like 2 minutes of the show, Bonner and Sharna were eliminated. I would have liked for them to have a more pleasant departure, but at least he can relax and rest his body. That’s the biggest thing.

I don’t know what next week’s theme is and I don’t really care. All I know is that I will be livid if Simone is eliminated next week. I’m starting to see that this show has no problem sacrificing an Olympic gold medalist and the greatest gymnast of all time for a woman in a girl group. I love both of the women but it is so obvious that that’s what they’re doing at this point. And I feel like it might work. So yeah, let me know your thoughts and I will talk to you all soon.

So I got too lazy to get off the couch today and got stuck watching dancing with the stars. 

While watchingI came up with the idea for my public au that dancing with the stars has a dancing with the nations season and normally the nations dance with one of their civilian dancers but some weeks they have to team up ( which results in double elimination) This is the week that America and England team up their doing the Quickstep.

Normani Kordei Opens Up About Her ‘Sisterhood’ With Simone Biles
Normani Kordei opened up to Us Weekly about her ‘sisterhood’ with Simone Biles after competing on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ together — read the exclusive interview!

Normani Kordei is getting so much more than a possible Mirrorball trophy out of her Dancing With the Stars experience. The Fifth Harmony singer opened up about her new friendship with Simone Biles in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly.

The pop star, 20, said that going through the ABC reality competition together cemented their bestie status. “Simone, of course, is my BFF,” Kordei told Us. “I ride for her so hard. We have such an incredible relationship. She is super supportive of me since day one, we both supported each other since the day we met. She’s such an amazing spirit, and she thinks the same about me! We’re so great together.”

The “Work From Home” songstress said that she and the Olympic gymnast have a lot in common. “The reason we bonded and connected so deeply is because we’re around the same age. It’s easy to forget that were both only 20 years old, and we have so much in common: We’re both from Houston, Texas, and we have such an appreciation for life and this opportunity we’ve been given,” she continued. “That’s the great thing about the show — that it brings people together and it’s a sisterhood and a family-hood we all share, and it can last beyond the show.”

Kordei and Biles even have sleepovers together. “[We] just hang out and love each other! Eat, watch movies,” she said.

Biles isn’t the only athlete that Kordei has gotten close to during her time on the show. She recently accepted a date invitation from pro bull rider Bonner Bolton. “He is such a sweetheart, he’s such a gentleman,” she told Us. “From day one, he’s had such a special place in my heart. I think a little of it is we’re from Texas — me, him and Simone, but I just love his aura and the gentleman in him. I’ve been so homesick. I’ve been in L.A. the majority of my time. I’m here more than home, and he gives me that little piece of home. I love seeing him, spending time with him and he’s not bad to look at too!” (The cowboy, 29, and his pro partner Sharna Burgess were eliminated in week 8.)

Kordei and her pro partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, will be competing on the upcoming DWTS season 24 finale against Rashad Jennings and David Ross.

The Dancing With the Stars two-part finale begins Monday, May 22, at 8 p.m. ET. on ABC.

DWTS' Maks Chmerkovskiy & Heather Morris Sound Off on Surprise Elimination

Spoiler alert: details from Monday’s episode of Dancing with the Stars ahead.

Even the judges were slack-jawed when it was revealed Heather Morris and Maksim Chmerkovskiy were eliminated from Dancing with the Stars on Monday.

“That’s very, very heartwarming,” Morris, 30, told PEOPLE backstage as she held back tears moments after her elimination. “It’s great that everyone was behind me.”

Chmerkovskiy, 37, believes the fact that the entire audience erupted in boos upon hearing the results is proof that viewers probably thought Morris was safe in the reality dance competition and didn’t need their votes.

He told reporters he thinks fans thought “they’re fine, she’s amazing, they’ll be there next week. Lemme throw a few votes here and there just because [that other team is] struggling. That’s exactly the way Sabrina Bryan went home. And the way that Brandy and I got eliminated right before the finale. Those were certainly not deserving exits.”

Morris adds that it’s “bittersweet” for her last dance on the show to be with Chmerkovskiy, whom she’d been partnered with at the beginning of the season but had suffered a calf injury that forced him to sit out three weeks of the competition while Morris danced with troupe member Alan Bernsten.

“It was hard to balance going from Maks to Alan back to Maks,” Morris admitted.

“I felt sad I felt that there was an opportunity for Maks and Heather’ to develop and build every single week and we got that cut short, added Chmerkovskiy. “I just feel bad it took so long for me to get back, even though this was the fastest I could possibly do. I wish I had been here for those other weeks. Even if it was meant to be that heather got eliminated this week, I still wanted to enjoy the jive and tango and Disney week that I missed. So it’s just sad.”

Morris said she learned a lot about herself while competing on the show, but is looking forward to giving her body a bit of a rest.

“I’m getting a little older. My body just doesn’t work as well,” she said. “When you get older, your back starts to hurt and so it’s just hard to juggle that. So I’m really, like, Let’s go do acting. Let’s really go do that and I’ll go stand and talk to you for a long time and not have to hurt my back.’ ”

Morris revealed she’s written a dance film that she’d like to have DWTS judge Julianne Hough star in but her main goal post-DWTS will be spending time with her sons Elijah, 3, and Owen, 1.

“The time spent away from my kids is hard,” she said. “I love them so much.”

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays (at 8 a.m. ET) on ABC.

This article was originally published on PEOPLE.com

anonymous asked:

Does that mean the members are safe from elimination because they're all at the camp from what I can see in those previews?

From what I know so far, yes, all 4 members are safe from eliminations this week. There is rumor going around that Baekho is the only member who reached top 11 with the voting this week, however many rumors regarding Produce 101 have been false in the past, so take this information with a grain of salt. 

Dancing with the Stars Season 24 Week 9: Yep. That Happened

*slow claps* Let’s give it up for this show completely and totally stooping to a new low. Wow. You really needed Simone gone so much that you went through all of that last week to get her down and then backpedaled this week and then had those same judges that were extremely critical of her last week, feign shock and pull out these looks of horror that she actually was eliminated this week. Wow. I’m impressed by how low this was. I didn’t think they could get any lower. But they prove it to me time and time again that they can. Those producers knew what they were doing. That EP was in Tom’s ear and told him to ask Simone why she didn’t look happy. Oh they knew what they were doing. And you can’t tell me that the judges lack so much self awareness that they don’t understand the damage that their comments can do. You can’t tell me that all four of them are that stupid. CAI? Maybe. But the other three? Julianne was a former pro. She knows this game and has been on the other end many times. Her brother and friend were on the other end. You can’t tell me that she doesn’t understand the weight that their comments hold. You cannot get me to believe that this was shocking to them. You just can’t. They wanted a reaction out of Simone last week. They wanted one that would finish her off. That’s why the producer asked that question after the first dance. It wasn’t enough to hear CAI complain about her being too on beat and too perfect and not smiling enough while just saying previously that she was smiling too much. You had to tell your host that she didn’t look happy (meaning ask about it) and ask her why she wasn’t after those “compliments”. And they got the soundbite that they wanted. They got it. Remember when I told you all that racism would play a role in why both Normani and Simone couldn’t make the finals? Well, there it is. That was a nice and healthy dose of misogynoir for ya right there. And it was led by TPTB and the judges. Also remember when I said that Mandy Moore’s stupid comment about emotion was gonna haunt them? Welp, there you go. If you’re wondering how and why Simone got eliminated, there it is. In fact, I’ll bold those few sentences for you all. Now let’s get into the rest of this even though I really don’t want to.

Judges’ Challenge (I really don’t understand why this was a thing)

Normani and Val- Viennese Waltz (Score=36)- So this dance was a perfect example of what not learning the basics can do to you in the later stages of the competition. I think that most of these issues that Normani had could have been sorted out 6 weeks ago, had her pro given her way more content in her ballroom dances and made sure that they did more than two bars in hold for each dance. She was not comfortable at all dancing with Val. Something that Simone, Rashad and David had no difficulty with. All I could do was shake my head. The judges did her a disservice all season long by not properly critiquing them. This Viennese waltz could have been great. But there were a lot of issues with it. That prevented it. I’m surprised they actually scored her the way they should have been all season versus throwing 10s at her for 4 weeks straight.

David and Lindsay- Foxtrot (Score=34)- This was a really good dance. I was surprised at how much David improved from just last week. Up until this point, I thought it was his best dance. Julianne had the right idea by making him focus so much on getting his butt under. Yes, he had some technical issues and his butt still needs to be tucked in a little bit (even though he can’t help that he has a big butt). But it was fun, a major improvement and he did some pretty neat moves.

Simone and Sasha- Jive (Score=40)- I don’t really think Simone did all that much different in terms of emotion or whatever the heck CAI was working on her with. I mean it’s a jive. What kind of depth can you show? Now I will say that maybe Sasha’s choreography was a little better this week, but I don’t think Simone’s performance quality changed all that much. She let loose a little bit more but I think that probably had more to do with her trying to prove herself and being a bit upset than CAI coming in and working with her. Anyway, I thought the dance was great. Simone did a great job and hit everything perfectly. She deserved that perfect score (even though she should have gotten one long before week 9).

Rashad and Emma- Rumba (Score=38)- I am really mad that they cannot seem to get a perfect score. This was perfect. The fact that Len keeps harping on feet problems that aren’t even really a big deal at this point makes me mad. I looked at his feet. They were no worse than other men that he’s given 10s. And I don’t understand why CAI gave him a 9 either. Makes no sense to me. But whatever.

Round Two

Normani and Val- Lindy Hop…I mean Jazz (Score=40)- So many of us predicted that this was gonna be a 40 once we learned that she got it. Regardless of what she did, it was gonna be a 40. And it was a good dance. But I mean that wasn’t a jazz. It was a Lindy hop. See what we mean when we say that jazz is just another way to do a freestyle well before the freestyle round and get a good score. You see why that’s a problem? Especially in a semi-final when everyone else has difficult Latin and ballroom dances with rules that are enforced. With jazz, you can do whatever you want and get a good score just for showing up and looking alert. And look. She’s the only person to get a salsa (very relaxed rules), Argentine tango (lifts are allowed and is typically is a high scoring dance), contemporary and jazz. No one else had that luxury this season.

David and Lindsay- Tango (Score=36)- This was David’s best dance ever. I am not sure where this came from, but he came alive and showed everyone that still had doubts, that he deserved his place in the semis. He had so much attack but he was also very controlled. His posture and frame were great. His technique was good. His butt was under. Everything came together perfectly for this dance. I wish they had been rewarded with at least one 10. Oh and CAI conveniently pulls out the lift police this week even though they were suspiciously silent during Normani’s jive last week.

Simone and Sasha- Rumba (Score=40)- I loved this dance. At first I was a little bit scared because I was thinking Sasha had put too many contemporary-esque moves in and not enough rumba basic steps. But as the dance went on, they really went into the rumba and I enjoyed it. I thought the hip action was there, the connection was great, the performance was great and the technique was, as always, flawless. I’m glad Simone got to go out on a good note. Last week was treacherous and I know this won’t really make up for it. But, at least she didn’t get the same treatment that Bonner did (which I’m still disgusted by). Sad that I have to even worry about stars getting treated like garbage on their way out now.

Rashad and Emma- Quickstep (Score=39)- I want to fight Len. I don’t care if he’s 70. He’s pissed me off all season. I didn’t get a chance to see the critiques for this dance because I had to go take a movie back for my mom and Quantico was on when I got back. I didn’t wanna stop that to finish the show, because I mean Quantico is better. So my question why did he withhold the 10 this time? What was the issue? Was it the fact that they broke hold in the middle of the dance? Because at this point, with the amount of crap they have let one couple slide with this season, that didn’t bother me. Was it his feet again? Something tells me that it was. And I’m so irritated. Whatever. It was one of my favorites of the night.

So that’s it. We all know Simone and Sasha were eliminated. And I’m still mad over that. And I’m even more mad at the judges acting like it’s our fault. Nope. Not at all. This falls all on your shoulders. And I hope they have issues sleeping because of it. I hope they’re haunted by it. I don’t care if that sounds mean. They shouldn’t have ripped a 20 year old apart for stupid things. But the show will look back on this moment in about a year and a half. They’ll realize that this is where they finally shot themselves in the foot. I don’t know how the come back from this season. They’re already having issues casting celebs. And when you have 6 celebs talk about bad experiences on the show, including Simone Biles, I don’t see how that invites people to come on. In fact, all it does is scare people off. So yeah, when you start seeing celebs like one of the guys from LMNT, and one of the stars from Naturally Sadie, remember this season and what happened. That will explain why no one of importance wants to come on. 

CAMERON: Now, I want to tell you both why you’re up here.

Cherry, I don’t get you. You just sort of drift in and out of consciousness. I want to talk to you—it’s not even, I need to you. It’s that you seem to be actively avoiding me, which, quite frankly, that’s the last thing you want to be doing on a bachelor show. I need to know you.

Aster, you’ve left an impression on me. For all the wrong reasons. Don’t think I don’t hear you harassing everyone day in and out, behind closed doors. Your roommates, your fellow contestants, even my brother. I need you to learn that that’s not how to goes around here.

For one of you this is going to be a learning experience which you can take to next week’s elimination. For one of you, it’s the last straw. And so…

Also, I was the last one to leave at the high tea today and my friend told me about an app she uses called cronometer (for Crohn’s disease). Not that I have Crohn, not does she, but she told me that it helped her a lot with dealing with her IBS. I think I’m gonna try and check it out, too :)

In other news - we talked about our intestines a bit haha, and we are both lactose intolerant. However - lately I’ve been noticing that my intestines are still a bit unruly, even though I don’t consume lactose. Now that I’ve heard her story, I can’t help but wonder.. What if my diagnosis is wrong? What if it isn’t just lactose intolerance, but there are other things triggering my gut? I’m seriously considering doing a 2 week elimination diet to see what calms my intestines, but I’m not sure about it yet.

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Some harmonizers are truly disgusting. They hate Emma just because she once said on Facebook live that Normani has dance experience (which is true lol) when she and Sasha were playing around about the boyband vs girl group team dances. They think she hates Normani or is jealous of her because of that and said they're gonna vote against her to get her eliminated week 1 next season. Good thing you can't vote to get someone eliminated... you can only vote for your favorite to win lol

I guess that’s why Normani lost them. They don’t understand how the show works if they think you can vote someone off