►Elijah & Hayley | Bloodsport 

WATCH IN HD 720p, it’s better for your eyes. 

“Loving you is a bloodsport, fighting in a love war”. 

► Fandom: The Originals.

► Song: http://youtu.be/XheklX5csjc

► Program used: Sony Vegas Pro 11. 

► Coloring: Mine.

► Watermark: SparksOfDragons

► Author’s note:

Ladies and gentlemen, now I show you my OTP.

Yeah, I mean, if I was just “oh, cool, they’re cute” before, now I’m all “OMG, here, have my heart, make babies, you’re perfect, I wanna die in my feelings for you”.


Elijah and Hayley are having this effect on me and it’s kinda crazy, trust me.

I wanted to vid them again since forever, but I had a lack of inspiration recently. I knew I wanted to vid this pair, but I didn’t know how or which song I could use.

Then I heard this one and I was like.. Yeah, it’s perfect.

So, here is it, my new Haylijah video!

Comments, likes, subscribers make me very happy, yay.

Thanks for watching.

New poll for Haylijah fans

I don’t ship them, but I just wanted you all to get a heads up about a new poll you guys are listed on. I have asked some Klayley’s not to vote against you because we don’t play like that, and it’s not fair to your fandom. The poll has nothing to do with Klayley and I just wanted to let you guys know we respect your fandom and wish you the best of luck on your new poll.

I really want a scene where Hayley talks to Elijah about the things she did to get info about her family, and she regrets all of it because people got hurt and all she wanted was to find her family and then it would be worth it.

I want her to cry and for Elijah to comfort her and reassure her that no matter what she’s done, he still loves her.