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My dad made, about ten years ago Helms Deep from Two Towers. It’s still one of the dopest things I have ever seen. 🙀🙀🙀

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Bonnie could only watch on from behind their son as he watched the father who he’d only heard stories of before. Only seen pictures of. She could tell he was in a bit of awe. They were in awe of eachother. Part of her itched to pull her phone out and capture this moment, but it was too private. No, this was just for Henry and Elijah. They would take pictures later. 

Henry’s mouth opened for a moment, like he was flipping through his mental dictionary for the right words. Trying to find something impressive. Something that would leave an impression. Something that would make his larger than life father be happy about. 

“It’s a pl…pleasure to meet you too, sir!” Was he allowed to call him dad? Did he want to be called dad? There were so many questions spinning in his mind, but he couldn’t quite make them verbal. “Can…Can I hug you?” 

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Mom.... what are these photos?.....

Gertrud stared in horror when she saw what photos they were. She took them quickly and held them close to her. “You should not be seeing these!” She turned around so he couldn’t see her glance at them, recalling the memory of when Elijah had taken the pictures of her. “I will hide them better.”