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A True Gentleman ~Naughty November~

Prompt: oral with Eljah

Pairing: Elijah x Reader

Word Count: 400

Warning: none

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Imagine- Having rough sex with Elijah and he tells you to call him daddy.

You whimpered in pleasure as you watched Elijah go down on you. His tongue licked at your folds while his Thumb played with your clit. “Gods Elijah!” You squeaked loudly as he hummed. He quickened his face drawing you closer to your orgasm. You grinded your hips into his face arching your back. Felling that all to familiar knot in your belly trying to squirm away you moaned loudly. Elijah help your hips down and went faster. “Oh! Elijah! I-I’m going to cum!” You yelled out only causing Elijah to go faster if that was even possible. “Elijah! Elijah!” You yelled Cumming all over Elijah’s face. You panted as he gave you one finally lick and he crawled over you trailing kisses over your stomach. “That was beautiful.” Elijah praised. You only turned red “Now since your have been a good girl You’ll get rewarded.” Without any warning he thrust into you and didn’t stop. His thrust hard bring you closer to your orgasm. You moaned his name and when he went even faster you scream his name. “Baby call me daddy.” He whispered in his ear slamming into you. You clawed his back and could feel yourself start to cum again. “Daddy! Can I cum?” You asked no you screamed loudly. “No!” He grunted back he could tell you were close when your walls clenched around his cock. This caused him to start to cum" okay baby cum.“ He told you “Daddy! Daddy!” You yelled cumming on his cock he thrust faster and spilled his seed into you. Both panting he rolled off of you to cuddle.

A/N My first smut tell me what you think please and send request!

Hot Water

Pairing: Elijah x Reader

Shower Smut

The hot water ran down her back as she leaned more into the kiss while stroking him in her hand.

Elijah cupped his loves face pulling her in closer to him, if that was even possible.

“You’re so hard Lijah.” Y/N smiled before softly tugging at his bottom lip.

He didn’t want to lose control but how could he possibly not!

“My dear, I need to be inside you.”

His hands traveled down her back and under her bum.

She looked up at him with her E/C eyes full of lust.

Elijah picked her up pressing her up against the shower wall.

He took his length pumping it a few times before setting it at her entrance.

He carefully ran his tip between her soaked folds earning a moan from her.

“Don’t tease me Lij.” Y/N pouted.

Elijah smiled before thrusting up into her.

“Oh fuck.” Y/N cried.

“Waking up and hearing you please yourself, you’re a naughty girl. You know only I can touch you.”

Y/N tightened her thighs around him. “I’m sorry baby… But you made me wait all night for you to get home and you never showed, I shouldn’t of been alone for so long.”

Elijah nipped at her shoulder going up to her neck.

“And when I woke up this morning seeing you asleep… I just feel my panties get soaked. I wanted to suck your cock off as a Good Morning but you were a bad boy who didn’t come ho- OH YES!”

Elijah’s thrust soon became harder and faster causing Y/N’s toes to curl.

“You have such a tight cunt dear… Do I not fuck you enough!?”

“I’m-I’m gonna cum.” Y/N’s breathing became more heavier as she scratched up and down Elijah’s back. “Elijah… Please cum in me.”

Elijah bucked his hips harder and soon his seed spilled into her a bit running down Y/N’s legs.

“I’ll do my best to give you my full attention from now on… I love you.” Elijah panted as he hid his face in her neck.