Being Elijah Mikaelson’s human girlfriend would include:

  • him always being faithful to you
  • spoiling the hell out of you
  • cuddling 
  • him giving you massages when you’re tense and vice versa 
  • helping his family and Hayley raise Hope 
  • competing with his wittiness 
  • wearing his shirts 
  • all kinds of amazing sex 
  • being best friend’s with his family and him loving it
  • him telling you stories of his past and you hanging on to his every word 
  • putting on his shirts to amuse him as they’re like a dress on you
  • him showing you the world
  • having the most wonderful time with him travelling across the world
  • just wearing one of his ties and nothing else which results in him being sexually frustrated
  • which then leads into heated sex 
  • helping out with the drama’s of New Orleans 
  • “let me run you a bath" 
  • him showing you his fine cooking skills his picked up over the years 
  • when the time is right, him asking you to marry him in the most romantic way possible
  • having a small but beautiful wedding with friends and family
  • him eventually turning you so you can spend eternity with him

Imagine Damon, Stefan, Klaus and Elijah fighting for your affection…

Damon: You guys realised that she will be mine, right?
Klaus: Yours? No, what (Y/N) needs is a real man
Elijah: Which is exactly the reason why she’ll be MINE eventually
Stefan: Guys, guys, let’s not fight about a girl who already belongs to me…


Klaus: “Elijah, what are you doing here?”
Elijah: “I heard (Y/N) was back.”
Klaus: “And I heard you were out of town for this week.”
Elijah: “I was done with work earlier.”
Klaus: “Yeah, ofcourse you were..”