my katerina: a kalijah fanmix

01. stubborn love by the lumineers ► 02. broken strings by james morrison ► 03. please don't say you love me by gabrielle aplin ► 04. she will be loved by boyce avenue ft. tiffany alvord ► 05. lonelily by damien rice ► 06. when you find me by joshua radin ► 07. heartless by william fitzsimmons ► 08. too close by alex clare ► 09. young and beautiful by lana del rey ► 10. rootless tree by damien rice ► 11. just give me a reason by pink ► 12. little bit by lykke li ► 13. devotion by hurts ► 14. the ice is getting thinner by death cab for cutie ► 15. where we belong by thriving ivory ► 16. fire escape by matthew mayfield ► 17. you're the one i want by angus & julia stone



“The first time you fall in love, it changes you forever and no matter how hard you try, that feeling just never goes away.” - Nicholas Sparks

I feel like rejoicing in the fact that the two ladies who told “It was always Stefan” and “It’s always gonna be Stefan”, realized they were wrong. Katherine chose Elijah because he could love her despite everything she had done, giving her a fresh start because he always loved her which Stefan couldn’t but she kept lying to him and Elena chose Damon because he was everything she wanted all along but was too scared to admit and he loved her unconditionally until she betrayed him even if her humanity was switched off and used him and hence both guys don’t think they can trust them but they haven’t given up on them completely. Elijah said in the episode, you can’t blame them for having hope and as Katherine said in 2x19 “If we cease to believe in love why would we want to live?”. It is this thought and that she could lose Elijah made her give up the cure to him even if it’d cost her her freedom from Klaus because what was freedom if she didn’t get to spend it with him. All these centuries she was afraid of Klaus and running afraid to set up roots. She isn’t afraid anymore and soon Elena too won’t be afraid to feel and care anymore and she’ll realize like Lexi said “When we hurt, we really hurt but when we love…love that’s the point” that love makes up for it.

It was never Stefan even if Katherine and Elena believed so for a long time