Gold Digger

Reader x Elijah Mikaelson



Imagine: You are in a long-term relationship with Elijah Mikaelson and is very happy with it. One day, when he requests you to go over to his house to meet oficially his siblings, Hayley accuses you to being with him only for his money and power, which leaves you heartbroken.

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Word Count: 3172

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ever sat there trying to think up a name that fits a feisty one ?? i’ve gotta spend at least an hour on estimate going through nameberry in search for the perfect calling. can’t be saccharine or too plain but not too fancy either . it’s ridiculous how long it takes to find a name that’s satisfying. i can’t be the only one with a picky approach to trival things ,, so i compiled this list in attempt to ease ur pain and resolve ur dilemmas . enjoy, babes !!

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Death trap

Elijah x reader. This is kinda short but hey I wrote it on my phone and it took 15 minutes so here I guess

Originally posted by klopehybridss

The original vampires. Yeah, you would never expect a human high schooler like myself to know them as well as I do. When they moved here Kol Mikaelson started flirting with me a lot but I wasn’t interested. I was never the type of person that acted like a highschooler. I never went out or partied or drank or smoked well you get the idea. I was always more mature than the other kids which made me kind of a loner.

“KOL COME IN HERE NOW” I heard Elijah scream from upstairs. I had gotten really close with Kol since he tried to hit on me but I turned him down. We became best friends quickly. He helped me with school assignments and against my will made me go to a few parties. Although since I became friends with him I started spending a lot of time at the Mikaelson house which ended with me developing a crush on his brother Elijah.

“What now” Kol calmly said. I turned my head in the direction the voice was coming from. The room Elijah was in is pretty far away from where we were.

“I don’t think he can hear you K,” I said calling him by his infamous nickname. Kol looked at me with a blank expression until I got it. Vampires DUHHHH. “Right” I laughed. We both got up to see what had Elijah screaming. We walked up the stairs and opened the door to the room he was in.

“You have to answer me when I say “What”” Kol said before looking up from his phone. I looked at the room and let out a loud scream while covering my eyes. There were 4 dead girls covered in dried blood spread out on the floor.

“So now you just bring girls here sleep with them and leave it for us to clean up,” Elijah said. He looked so pissed off.

“I’m gonna throw up” I commented helping no one. Elijah pushed both Kol and I out of the room and closed the door.

“As much as I would love to take credit for this, it wasn’t me,” Kol said. Both Elijah and I looked at him skeptically. This did seem like a Kol move.

“Then who was it,” I said halfway down the stairs so I wouldn’t have to think about the fact that there were dead girls on the other side of the door.

“I don’t know,” He said.

“Wasn’t me,” Klaus said walking in through the front door. He took off his jacket and went into the kitchen.

“How do you even know what we are talking about,” I said following him and again I got the blank look Kol gave me before. “I’ll never get used to this,” I said as I sat down in a chair. “Would this have happened to me if I had slept with you,” I asked Kol as an idea entered my mind.

“I don’t know. Probably.” He said.

“Okay 1000 years old and yet you couldn’t see that was a trap. Go clean up the poor dead girls before I call the police” I said. He first rolled his eyes and then laughed a little but headed for the room anyways. Klaus left too, although I had no idea where he was going.

“Good trap” Elijah laughed a little and sat down which I’m guessing was the first time today since he looked like all his stress had left.

“Why do I sound like a mom around here,” I asked

“Why do I sound like a dad,” Elijah said but was interrupted by a body falling down the stairs.

“Sorry. Don’t let uh… god, I don’t even remember her name. Anyway, don’t let me or her or the other girls kill your flirty moment.” Kol said. My cheeks became bright red. Kol, of course, had guessed my crush a long time ago. He asked me once who the most attractive brother was and I blushed and lied saying Klaus but he heard my heartbeat. Since then he’s been teasing me about it.

“We weren’t flirting,” I said trying to hint him to stop talking but I knew it was no use since he and Elijah had already heard my heartbeat.

“Wait, you like me,” Elijah said from behind me. I shot Kol a cold look before turning to Elijah.

“Kinda,” I said still looking down at the ground. Before I knew it there were some soft lips on mine. When Elijah broke the kiss we were both smiling like idiots.

“Cute but can you stop being annoying and help me” Kol yelled.


Baby Gilbert:


“Can you please watch her, for a few minutes, I need to go meet with Jeremys teachers.” Elena begged as she tried to dump you on Damon.

“Why can’t Stefan have her?” Damon grumbled.

“Because he promised to look after her but had to cancel to help Caroline and I don’t want her alone while Katherines’ around.” Elena frowned when Damon groaned.

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Elijah Mikaelson - I’m Sorry

Words count: 1149

Warning: None? I think.



@bloodyp4andicorn requested

Hey can I get 4, 5 and 15 with Elijah? Pretty please?

4-“How could you do this?”
5-“I thought you loved me.”
15-”I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

The gif wouldn’t upload so I’ll add it later. ENJOY!

You’re a hybrid, you’re one of Klaus’s first hybrids. Now one of the only two still alive. The reason you are still alive is because of your boyfriend Elijah. Elijah saved you from dying in Mystic Falls. You met a few time accidentally before he took you out for the night. You dated for six months before he left to New Orleans. In those six months you had gotten so close, Elijah has become everything to you. So when he left without saying goodbye or even a phone call. After he left he didn’t even give you a phone call or anything. So you presumed he no longer wanted anything to do with you.

When finally stopped your pity party, Caroline decide to take you to a club out of town. She got you dressed up and all dolled up and ready to go.

“Caroline, I’m not sure if this is a good idea.” You groaned to your friend.

“(Y/N) It is a good idea, you can’t just wait for Elijah to come back.” Caroline said dragging you to the club. “He left you without saying anything, which basically means he doesn’t want to be with you anymore.”

“Fine, but I’m getting so drunk you’ll have to take me home.” You told her smiling, Caroline smiled and clapped her hands. You decided to do as Caroline said. She compelled the guard outside to let you in. you walked in the dark room, the club was filled with people grinding and dancing. You walked straight to the bar an ordered a drink. A drink after the other, in an hour you were tipsy and on your way to drunk. So when a man came up to you and pulled you to the dance floor, with your glass filled with alcohol you didn’t say no. Caroline saw you and smiled in victory. You and the man dance tor a while, his hands on your waist and had your hand around his neck. You were both close to each other.

“I need a drink.” You told the still un-name man.

“Sure let’s go.” He pulled you to the bar. And you started drinking again, you were so out of it. “Why don’t we go back to my place?”

“Sure, why not.” You giggled and walked out with the man and he started kissing up your neck, you moaned as you closed your eyes, you vamp speeded yourself to the back ally. You moved his lips to yours and pulled him closer. You were so into kissing him that you haven’t noticed the man at the begging of the ally.

“(y/n)?” The voice asked. You ignored the man and kept on kissing the man. “(y/n)? Is that you?”

You pulled away from the man who kissed your neck, you turned to look at the man that interrupted you. Your eyes widened and all traces of intoxication was out of your system.

“Elijah?” You asked and pushed the man away from you.

“Hey, what’s going on? I thought you were having a good time.” The man said, you looked in his eyes.

“Go away and forget this ever happened.” You compelled him and he walked away, leaving you with Elijah. You turned to him. “Elijah… I-“

“How could you do this to me?” Elijah interrupted you, hurt filling his voice. It broke your heart seeing him hurt, because of you.

“Elijah, i-I I am so sorry-“

“I thought you loved me.” Again he interrupted you. You got mad after he said that.

“Well I wasn’t the one who left without saying anything.” You said walking towards him. “You left me, without telling me anything, okay? I thought you didn’t want to be with me anymore, and I called you and called you and never answered or bothered to call me back.”

“So you move on?” Elijah asked you his voice weak.

“No I didn’t, but I didn’t know if you would ever come back.” Elijah looked as if he wanted to leave, you suddenly felt that if left you’ll just break, you teared up as you pleaded. “Elijah don’t leave.”

“Why would I stay?” He asked you. “You clearly don’t want me here.”

“Elijah don’t say that, I want you.” You said tears streaming down your face, you became desperate. “I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t mean for this to happen. I love you Elijah, I love you so much.”

Elijah was in front of you in a second, he hugged you tightly as you cried in his chest.

“Please don’t leave me again.” You cried out, Elijah closed his eyes as he heard your voice crack. He knew he was at fault just as you if not more. He did leave you and didn’t respond to your calls or texts. He was trying to keep you out of everything going on in New Orleans and keep you safe. He didn’t realize that by not calling you he was hurting you even more.

“I won’t.” He said his hand in your hair while his other was on your back, holding you close in his arms, was all he wanted right now.

“Y/n?” A voice called for you. You broke away from Elijah’s embrace as Caroline walked to where you two stood. “Oh, Elijah.”

“Hello Caroline.” Elijah nodded to your friend, Caroline looked like a deer caught in headlights. After all she was the one who brought you here.

“Hey, I’m guessing you’re not coming with me.” She said to you, you looked to Elijah wanting to see what he wanted to do.

“I’ll be taking her home, thank you Caroline.” Elijah answered for you, he was thankful you had a friend like Caroline, he knew she was by your side, and she was only trying to help you.

“Okay, see you later then.” Caroline said and left you two.

“Let’s go then.” Elijah said and he took you to the Mikaelson mansion in Mystic Falls. You were in Elijah’s room in one of his dress shirts. You sat on the bed and watched as talked to Klaus on the phone. It was a little heated but you decided to give them their privacy. Elijah finished his call and walked to you and sat next to you. “Do you want to go to New Orleans with me?”

“What will Klaus say about me being there?” You asked him not wanting to cause any more conflict between the two brothers. “I mean he wasn’t too pleased to find out I broke the sire boned.”

“Don’t worry about Niklaus.” Elijah said and cupped your cheek his thump caressing your cheek lightly.

“I go where you go.” Elijah smiled and leaned in his lips toughing yours in a slow kiss, his soft lips giving you chills own your spine. The kiss heated up in a matter of seconds, the longing you two felt for each other was finally satisfied.

Savior - Kol X OC

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Summary: Kol is bored and is looking for a meal, but it doesn’t turn out the way he thought it would.

Author’s Note: So, this isn’t fun. I don’t know why I wrote this, it’s kinda pointless lol, I was just bored in class this afternoon and this happened. I’ve never written something like this before but I’m still posting it, maybe you’ll like it.

Words: 1202

Warnings: Blood and violence.

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

It was a hot and noisy night in New-Orleans and Kol Mikaelson couldn’t have been more annoyed. His siblings were off doing God knows what with God knows who, though he was pretty sure Elijah was with his niece and her mother. He wandered in the street of his brother’s city without paying much attention to where he was going and ended up in what could only be the least crowded bar of the city.

The place was dark and quiet. There was a man sitting at the bar, too drunk to make a noise. He kept drinking in silence, thinking about his miserable life. All the other customers, three couples and another drunk desperate man, had chosen to sit on the tables close to the stage, where a blonde young girl was playing the piano. Intrigued, the Original vampire walked closer to the stage without moving his eyes from the girl whose sweet voice was gently invading the bar. A smile formed on the vampire’s face as he looked at her. She was wearing a white dress and her long hair covered her naked arms and fell on her lap. Her fingers delicately moved on the keys of the old instrument and Kol lost track of time as she kept singing song after song. Even when the small audience started to leave she didn’t seem to pay attention, she kept playing her music and nothing in the world could have stopped her at this instant. She didn’t play for the others. She played for herself. Kol’s smile turned into a malicious grin as he imagined her squirming under his grip, her hot delicious blood running down his throat.

Eventually, they were no one left in the bar but Kol and the drunk man who had fallen asleep at the counter. The owner asked them to leave and as he tried to wake up the poor man Kol watched the tiny girl step out the back door. The vampire discreetly followed her but when he got in the dark dirty alley he couldn’t see her anywhere. Annoyed, and a little angry, he almost didn’t hear her battling with a man in the other street.

She couldn’t shout out for help as his huge hand covered her mouth. His right hand moved up her thigh and she started to cry as she felt his fingers on her skin. She tried to push him away but he was too strong and all she could do was cry. Kol didn’t like the sight of it one bit. A minute ago he was going to corner her and push her against the wall and drink her blood and maybe he would have compelled her and let her live, if he had felt like it. But he wasn’t one to force himself on a girl, he had his limits.

The vampire jumped on the bastard and bit him hard, almost ripping his head off. The girl fell on the ground and a scream of horror got stuck in her throat. She stared at the dead man on the ground before she looked up at the monster who had just saved her. Blood was all over his mouth and falling on his shirt. She was sobbing loudly, trying to breathe, trembling and scared.

“Don’t be scared, love,” he said with his perfect British accent. She looked at him with her big wet brown eyes as he pushed the lifeless body away with his foot. “Are you hurt?” She stayed silent, incapable of thinking straight. He squatted and looked down at her bare legs, moving his thumb on his lips. He knew he had blood on his chin and that it didn’t make him look friendly. She saw him slowly lick his lips as his eyes moved over her body. She felt naked under his gaze and brought her knees to her chest. “What’s your name?”

His question surprised her and she didn’t hear herself answer. “Kira,” she told him so low only he could have heard her.

“Are you hurt, Kira?” he asked again. Again, his question surprised her and she thought about it for a moment before she shook her head no, still sobbing, and he nodded before he stood up. “This one won’t bother you again,” he said, pointing at the dead body. He tried to wipe the blood off his mouth and noticed his shirt was ruined.

“What are you?” she asked in a whisper.

He looked back at her, surprised she dared ask. “Are you sure you want to know?” he grinned.

No, she wasn’t sure she wanted to know. But she nodded anyway. “It’s just…He was…You just…,” she paused before she took a deep breath and tried again. “Thank you,” she breathed out.

Kol raised his eyebrows, surprised. He wasn’t used to being the good guy. And he wasn’t expecting her to thank him, after all, he had just killed someone in front of her. But he did save her, and for that, she was grateful.

“Don’t thank me,” he said. “I didn’t come here to help you.” The fear that was leaving her came back instantly. Was he going to hurt her now? He couldn’t deny that she looked delicious but she was already a mess and scared and that didn’t appeal to him. He sighed. “I’m Kol.”

“Kol,” she whispered. “Are you going to hurt me?” she asked, tears filling her eyes again.

He grinned and stayed silent for a few seconds before he held his hand out. “Not tonight, love.” She frowned, scared and wondering what he meant. She moved her eyes from him to his hand then back to him again. She didn’t trust him at all. She slowly put her hand in his and he helped her get back on her feet. She tried to stay as far away from him as possible. “Will you be fine on your own, love?”

“Yes,” she whispered and nodded not moving her eyes from his, waiting for him to let go of her hand. He grinned and kissed the back of her hand before he let her go.

“I will see you again soon, Kira.”

Her heart skipped a beat at what sounded like a threat. He let go of her hand and in the next second, he was gone. She gasped at his sudden disappearance and looked around, confused. She took a step back and almost stepped on the body. She looked down and sobbed and quickly started to cry. She put her hand over her mouth to muffle her cries and turned around and ran out of the dark alley. She rushed to her apartment, startled by every noise and movement around her. She took a long shower and lied on her bed, too scared to fall asleep. She could still feel his dirty hands on her and horrid thoughts came to her mind. What would have happened if Kol hadn’t been there? What would have happened if only Kol had been there?

Kol watched her from afar and followed her back to her place. He didn’t know why he waited for her to turn off the lights before he went back home. Yes. He will see her again.

paigemarie007  asked:

Caroline's ex sells her stuff and klaus ends up buying a painting that was a heirloom. Caroline tracks him down.

In Loving Memory

Thanks luv! What an amazeballs prompt, I hope I did it justice : )

Sante Fe, New Mexico - 106 degrees

To say Caroline Forbes was a little frustrated was an understatement. Canyon Road seemed to stretch for dusty, red miles and one art galley seemed to turn into another. Pity none of the ones she’d already passed were her destination and the fact the weather was a dry 100 plus degrees and steadily climbing was doing nothing to help the situation.

Granted, yes, she was a highly strung individual but after searching for months and making the long trip from mild Boston to claim what was rightfully hers, Caroline figured she’d been unusually patient. Now was the point she was beginning to lose it. 

“Looks like you could use some water,” an unexpected voice said under the verandah. She stared blankly at the stranger, a little girl with messy, blonde pigtails and big, brown eyes. “You know agua?” She persisted, pretending to drink from her hand. 

“I’m..” she paused, her eyes landing on the street number and realising this was her destination. Finally. “Actually, yes, that would be nice.” The girl gestured for her to come forward, excitedly waving her hand and racing inside.    

She ascended the four steps and followed her inside, the cool breeze from the air conditioner welcome in her current frazzled state. The floors were polished hardwood and the walls littered with paintings, not that she was expecting any less. She was taken aback by just how stunning they were. Each landscape and portrait seemed to come to life in front of her eyes. 

Caroline shook her head, telling herself that she was here for a purpose. Unfortunately she hadn’t managed to find what she was looking for on the walls. 

“Here.” The little girl interrupted, shoving the glass into her hands. She sent her a small smile and took a sip, relishing in the relief she felt as it cascaded down her dry throat. 

“Thank you…”

“Lexi,” she finished. “That’s my name.”

“Well, hello there Lexi,” she offered her free hand and shook her tiny one gently. 

“What’s your name?”

“It’s Caroline,” she explained. “I’m actually looking for someone. I was wondering if you could help me?”


“Niklaus Mikaleson, do you happen to know him?” The little girl giggled mischievously, her cheeks colouring slightly. 

“That’s my dad but most people call him Klaus. Well, except for my Aunt Rebekah when she’s mad and my Uncle Kol when he’s teasing and my Uncle Elijah pretty much all the time.”

“Sounds like you’ve got a big family there,” she chuckled as the little girl nodded, her pigtails bobbing up and down. She’d arrived in such a hostile mood but for some reason this little girl bearing agua had made her decidedly less grouchy. “So, where is your dad?”

“He’s out the back, painting again.”

“You mean he did all of these?” She squeaked, taking in the combined beauty of the surrounding artwork. 

“Pretty much, dad says it makes him feel good.” Caroline wished at that point she had something to make her feel good. Lexi took her hand unexpectedly and lead her through the hall and into a Spanish style courtyard. If the scenery over the valley from this vantage point didn’t take her breath away the man standing by the easel did. 

He was staring intently at the canvas, paintbrush in hand. If the crimson lips, stubble and dimples weren’t enough of a distraction, his white shirt was only half buttoned, a toned chest peeking out from within.  

“Dad!” Lexi yelled, breaking not only her trance but his obviously. His blue eyes flickered over her body curiously. Caroline suddenly feeling a little underdressed in her short, floral dress.  

“Let me guess, she lured you in with that whole water excuse?” He asked, pointing to the empty glass in her hand. 

“I was thirsty,” she offered a little defensively, wondering where her bold, negotiating skills had disappeared. Maybe if he’d just do up a few more buttons she could retrieve them. 

“This is my daughter’s ploy to try and bring in extra business,” he explained, giving Lexi a knowing look. “I’ve told her it’s incredibly misleading.”

“What does misleading mean?”

“You know exactly what it means,” he chided. “You’ve been around Aunt Rebekah for too long.”

“The one who calls you Niklaus when she’s mad?” Caroline asked, noting the slight blush that crossed his face. Like father, like daughter. 

“Did I mention that my daughter loves to talk?” Lexi gave an exasperated sigh. 

“I don’t know, she seems to be the best asset you’ve got,” Caroline grinned, sending Lexi a knowing smile. 

“Ouch,” he groaned, thumping his bare chest and pretending to be wounded. “Any chance you could get me a glass of water, sweetheart?” She regarded him dubiously before running back inside. 

“I think someone is intimidated by his own daughter,” Caroline raised her eyebrows. 

“You don’t know the half of it,” he sighed, placing his brush on the nearby table and moving towards her. “Is there something I can help you with, love?”

“I’m looking for a painting.”

“Well, you came to the right place,” he smirked, wiping his paint stained hands on his jeans. “Anything in particular that took your fancy?”  

“Actually something has,” she began trying to ignore his increasingly close proximity. “But it doesn’t seem to be here.” He looked at her quizzically. 

“Well, then I’m not sure I can help you then,” he shot back, his tone telling her that she’d offended him. 

“These artworks are beautiful,” she said, attempting to placate him. Given she wanted something, offending the owner of her much loved painting wasn’t the best way to go about it.

“Okay, what do you really want then?” He asked slyly, almost like he could read her mind. 

“The Bill Forbes original,” she managed to utter, her father’s name still causing numbness. “It should be mine.”

“I’m sorry?” He asked, taking a seat at the nearby table. “Last time I checked, I paid handsomely for that painting.”

“I know,” she conceded, joining him on the other side. “But I’m willing to buy it for whatever price.”

“If I could give you any tips, I’d suggest you don’t offer anything, you know it’s called bartering.” She didn’t respond immediately, in fact she was madly trying to keep her composure. This ass had no idea what this painting meant to her but she wanted it back. Caroline wasn’t quite sure she could live without it in her life, it meant too much.

“How about we cut the bullshit,” she muttered in frustration. “I’ve travelled all the way from Boston. Just tell me how much you want?”

“I’m sorry you’ve come so far, Miss, but that painting isn’t and never will be for sale.”

“But I need it,” she implored, her blue eyes boring into his. As if the struggle to find the painting hadn’t been enough but now she had to endure another setback. It was almost too much to comprehend. 


“Excuse me?”

“Well, you seem extremely attached to it and I’m wondering why?”

“I am,” she rasped almost helplessly. “If you insist on goading me then I’ll tell you. Bill Forbes was my father.”

“You mean?” He asked, clearly shocked and leaning forward in his chair. “The little girl in the painting is…”

“Me.” Caroline was on the verge of crying but for some reason she didn’t want him to see that so kept her eyes downcast. 

“But why…”

“Don’t I have the painting?”  She asked, predicting his question. “Someone sold it without my knowledge.”

“But how?”

“My ex boyfriend Stefan thought it would be a novel thing to do seeing as I called it quits. Funny joke, hey?” She could feel a hot, salty tear followed by another running down her cheeks. So much for keeping her composure. “And I’ve been trying to get it back ever since.”

“Now I understand,” he murmured, his hand reaching out for hers. Caroline would never forget the feeling of his rough and calloused fingers on her skin. “And not just because your ex-boyfriend is a serious ass.“

“That’s putting it nicely,” she muttered.

“But just so you know, I’m going to need some identification for handover. As much as I love my daughter’s intuition, she’s only six.”

Caroline wiped the tears from her eyes and finally met his gaze, even through the waterworks, she knew he was being sincere. “How much do you want?”

“Nothing,” he answered. “But how about a date?” 


“I’m deathly serious,” he smirked, squeezing her hand. “I haven’t been on one in over six years so if you could show me the ropes, I’d appreciate it. If not for me then my nosy siblings and daughter.”

“I suppose that could be arranged,” Caroline grinned, realising that if his hand stayed on hers forever she wouldn’t mind. “But I’m curious.”


“Why did you want that painting so badly?”

“That father-daughter moment reminded me so much of me and Lexi,” he admitted, his hand still firmly placed upon hers. “I didn’t want to forget the way she looked at me so adoringly and that picture was exactly what I needed to know even if she grows up we’ll still share that moment.”

“The terrible teens?” Caroline joked. “Okay, so how about we organise a sharing arrangement?” She proposed, her fingers exploring his skin freely now.

“Between Massachusetts and New Mexico?” He baulked.

“I’m sure we can make it work somehow.” Their hands were now firmly entwined and for some reason it didn’t feel like that bond could ever be broken. 

Turns out it wasn’t that difficult to manage especially with the little girl that brought them together unbeknownst to them. Lexi loved to claim credit and funnily enough no one was going to argue. The painting that brought them together was hung in pride of place and, believe it or not, they lived happily ever after.  

The Originals last episode reaction

KOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL IS BACK !!“!”!“ Omg i never realised just how much i missed my favorite original (rebekah too)
Yeah those vamps dying my 1st thought was “that’s probably how it happened with kol” and they briught it up too, A+ for continuity
But seriously bexy no need to act like that death actually mattered Kol dies : rebekah saves elena’s life billion times and bromance it up with her the whole season, then refuses to help kol get revenge because matt, oh and she canonically mourned him for just 24h
Elijah the noble brother knows but doesn’t give a single shit and spends the whole time fucking katherine and when elena shows up he’s sorry for her and jeremy WHO BOTH KILLED KOL and calls her “COMPASSIONATE” then as the episode shows elijah acts all noble with his NO ONE HURTS MY FAMILY AND LIVES, shove your hypocrisy up your a**
But when elijah dies kol immediately shows up and tries to help but yeah, kol is the “traitrous liar who only cares about himself” and elijah is “the noble martyr who loves his family”
Oh i almost forgot, nice new haircut kol i like it 😏😉
Kol being like “I’m the worst of the worst” yes you are baby 👍 show'em how badass you are
But come on everyone blames klaus for evetything LEAVE HIM ALONE 😭😭😭
Of course they wouldn’t tell kol about davina that would require caring about him and the person he loves most but we established that’s crazy talk (only the rest matter)
Klaus being like “davina changed she'q not herself” she was doing exactly whzt they always did, kill someone for the greater good how does that make her bad, oh and if elijah wasn’t a complete asshole to everyone from compelling the trinity to killing davina instead of finding another way none of that would’ve happened
Kol : *helps klebekah* Dude : *davina* Kol : bye bitches !!! 🏃🏃🏃
Harvest girls : elijah killed us Kol : I’m not my brother 😂😂😂😂😂 Can etrash get any lower ?
Of course kol got screwed over that’s nothing i didn’t get used to, planning isn’t his fote at all
But come on nola people are actinv mike a broken record “oh you mikaelsons are bad oh you’re so evil we’ll do more unnecessary damage to prove a point” ughhhh
I love how when klaus is “i’ll do whatever it takes for my family” he’s bad and regressing and using it as an excuse but when elijah is reckless and always causes more problems “that’s what makes him the best of us all” yeah sure jan
That flashback was so cuteee omg klebekol are the best. See how happy they are when you’re not being a douche ? Is it so hard for you not to let any of them rot in a coffin?
Freya “we’ll kill marcel for elijah” ugh and they xonder xhy she’s so unlikable, freya and elijah are the duo that ruins everything out of selfishness and stupidity omg imagine if the riginals was all about klaus kol a d bekah as mains instead ? Fun and badass and no assholery to ruin everything
And last but not least DAVINAAAAAA IS BACKKKKKKKKKKKK Yes that’s my boy davina brought you back that’s the least you could do !!!! Although the hollow is not making it easy, does it mean that kol will turn on his family? Honestly i have no problem with that (i’ll feel a bit bad for klaus then rebekah) but idk he needs to unlink them first, or maybe davina won’t be herself at all by s5 and she’ll be an antaginist? But seriously if it’ll come down to “elijah or davina” pretty sure kol won’t hesitate, but idk i hope she stays alive davina didn’t deserve to die

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*cracks knuckles* I’m doing it because I care.
  • St. Mary–died by ascension
  • St. Therese–tuberculosis
  • St. Olga–?
  • St. Clare–illness
  • St. Benedict/Scholastica–also illness
  • St. Dymphna–decapitation
  • St. Jude and Rita–decapitation and tuberculosis
  • St. Jerome–remains buried
  • St. Mary Magdalene–?
  • St. Ursula–martyred
  • St. Patrick–?
  • St. Michael, Raphael, John, Gabriel, Uriel–three of whom are angels, so death doesn’t count–John died with his head on a platter after being executed 
  • St. Vincent–died at the age of sixty nine  
  • Elijah (who I am pretty sure isn’t but he’s in my head somehow)–ascended into heaven
  • St. Catherine McAuley–tuberculosis
  • St. Valentine–martyred
  • St. Gemma–tuberculosis
Are you cold?

Requested by Anon - Uuuh^^ New prompts :3 Elijah with 53 (& 59?) Pretty Pretty please? :) (new)

Prompts – 53 – ‘Shh… I’m sleeping.’
                  59 – ‘My jacket is big enough for us both.’

Word Count – 247

Characters -  Reader x Elijah

You and Elijah were waiting outside for him to meet someone and you had forgotten you jacket and it was almost freezing. You started shaking. Elijah turned to you.
‘Are you cold?’ He asked you.
‘Nah, I’m shaking for the fun of it.’ You nipped at him, knowing it’s not his fault.
‘Sorry.’ You replied. Rubbing you hands together.
‘My jacket is big enough for us both.’ Elijah stated as he seen you hugging your jumper closer to your body. You looked at him and he opened his arms allowing you to go under his jacket with his arms wrapped around you. You snuggled closer as he lifted you up, you wrapped your legs around his waist.
‘You comfy?’ he questioned. You mumbled and placed your head on his chest. You felt him talking to Klaus but you were half asleep and wasn’t paying much attention.

You must have fallen asleep as you felt someone shaking you.
‘Y/N. It’s time to wake up.’ Elijah said quietly.
Shh… I’m sleeping.’ You told him. You felt him chuckle.
‘No you were sleeping.’ He stated. You groaned in annoyance. You lifted your head and looked at him.
‘But I don’t have anything to keep me warm.’ You whined.
‘Take my jacket then.’ He offered. You considered it but then he’d be cold.
‘No.’ You told him like a stroppy kid.
‘I want to stay here.’ You stated as you tried burying yourself in tighter.
‘Okay fine.’ He sighed giving up.

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They Approve

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Scott McCall x reader

Summary/Request:  A Scott imagine where the reader is a Mikaelson and she’s gone to Beacon Hills and has joined the pack. Klaus and Elijah have tracked her to beacon hills and have come to get her but she doesn’t want to go back to New Orleans so they let her stay because they can tell that Scott makes her happy. Oh, and can Klaus and Elijah threaten Scott in a jokey way. Thank you!! - Anonymous

Word Count:2259

A/N: I’m going to try writing in the third person and see how it goes. 

Beacon County. It sounded like a normal place, plenty of humans to eat. It was where Y/N Mikaelson decided she would stay. Yes, you read correctly, Mikaelson. You may be wondering how she managed to escape her family. I tell you it wasn’t easy. It included killing a few people but there was nothing she wouldn’t do to get away from her family, especially when they were at each other’s throats. 

Her first action in this town was to compel a woman to let her live in her house. Y/N was living there under the lie that she was this old woman’s niece’s daughter and that her family had passed on leaving her as Y/N’s only family. A few weeks later, the deed’s of the house were put under Y/N’s name and she killed the woman, a few extra sleeping pills and draining her blood gave the illusion she died in her sleep which is what Y/N needed. 

It was at the funeral of this old woman where Y/N smelt a wolf. The scent lingered on a tall brown haired boy. Werewolves? In this town? Y/n decided to investigate. She cornered him at the wake.

“What is your name?”

“Stiles Stilinski.”

“Who is your alpha?”

“Scott McCall.”

“How many more of there are you?”

“There are a few thousand humans here dude”

She stopped. No one even in her thousand years of living had answered to her compulsion with sarcasm.

“Do you have vervain growing in this town?”

“What’s vervain?”

She ignored him and pressed on.

“slap yourself.”

“No, why would I slap myself? Look, I’m like 75% sure that you’re not a human. I’ll take you to Scott if you tell me what you are.”

You showed him your fangs.

“Cool!” He pocketed something.

“What is that?”

“Mountain ash. It’s probably beacon hills version of that vervain stuff”

The boy, Stiles, lead her to a beat up blue truck.

“Roscoe, vampire. Vampire, Roscoe”

“My name’s Y/N.”

“Right, Y/N”

“Look, no offence but I’d much rather take my car.”

She turned and walked to her range rover.

“Well, I take Roscoe everywhere so you can follow me.” 

She rolled her eyes and got in her car and followed him.

In the short while Y/N had been in this town she didn’t see much of it. From the short drive to the Alpha she came to the realisation she was in white picket fence territory, something she wasn’t used to.

Stiles stopped and parked up outside a well-kept home. She followed his actions and walked straight into their home.

“Scott! I got someone you need to meet!”

She walked into the living room which was full of teenagers and two adult men. She gagged at the overwhelming scent of wolves, something she hadn’t smelt in a long time.

“Sorry, you guys just really stink.”

“Pack, Y/N. Y/N, Pack”

“Which one of you is the Alpha?”

She was surprised to see that a tall brown haired boy stood up. His hair was in a quiff and he had a neutral expression. She could see his muscles through his shirt, and they were not a bad sight.

“I’m Scott McCall.”

“Y/N Mikaelson.”

“Mikaelson?” A redhead asked.

“Yes, why?”

She went on her phone and read something out loud.”

“Fearing for their lives, Esther turned her family into beings that could not be harmed, allergic to sunlight and feasted on the blood of humans. Her children, Finn, Elijah, Niklaus, Kol, Rebekah and Y/N and her husband Mikael were the first vampires to be created. They have been nicknamed The Originals”

The pack turned and looked at her. 

“Well, Finn’s dead, Nik is now half vampire half werewolf since mummy dearest got into bed with the Alpha of a wolf pack and Kol’s dead for the second time after reincarnated witch Finn cursed reincarnated witch Kol and Dad’s dead too since Klaus stabbed him to kill my Aunt Dahlia.”

The pack looked very confused.

“Most of my family is dead.”

“No offence but why are you here?”

“Just a little get away from my brothers is all. Klaus and Elijah can be pretty over bearing at times.”

“Why did you want to meet me?”He asked looking you up and down

“Set some boundaries, I feast on humans you can either cover it up or I’ll begin to eat you too.”

“What were you trying to do to me after the funeral?”

“Compulsion. An example.”

She went towards a tall blond haired boy wearing a scarf.

“Slap your self.”

He complied. 

“Ow, what the fuck?”

“It is a power that I have that’s like mind control. You do whatever I want. It’s good for eating people and you don’t want them to scream, you just compel them to not scream and drain the lives out of them. Any way boundaries don’t interfere with what I do.”

And with that, she used her vampire speed and left the home. 

Over time Y/N had to join the local high school to prevent any suspicion. During her time at school, she often found herself surrounded by the Alpha. In his words, he was ‘making sure you don’t notice drinking the blood of students during the lunch hour’. It turned out that the two had some things in common and it took a short while for him to ask her out on a date. It was successful and they went on much more until he asked her to be his girlfriend. The title of girlfriend meant that Y/N had joined their pack. The new addition had different reactions. Lydia and Liam, the two people she was closest with were overjoyed. Kira, on the other hand, was not. It turns out she has a crush on Scott and the news about Y/N and Scott’s relationship was not good news. Nonetheless, they were a cute couple. They looked out for each other during fights and knew how to calm the other down during stressful times, Scott really cared for Y/N and Y/N really cared for him.

“OK, Stiles managed to steal a bunch of the evidence from his dad. Three people in the last week have been killed and found tossed on the side of the road.”

Y/N took a folder from the coffee and returned to her seat on Scott’s lap, he placed his hand on her thigh and rested his head on her shoulder, which earned her a look from Kira. She opened the folder and held it in a way that Scott and Y/N could both read it.  

“So one had their head ripped off, another one had been slashed by a knife and the most recent on had-”

She read the two words and stopped talking

“Puncture wounds” Scott finished off.

The pack looked up and stared at her, looking for an explanation.

“I swear, it’s not me. I’ve been drinking the blood bags Melissa’s been giving me. I have a feeling it’s my brothers. They’re in Beacon Hills.”

As if on cue, Niklaus, Elijah and Freya sauntered into Y/N’s home, she got up immediately and stood in front of her pack. 

Klaus tutted.

“I’ll admit, it was a whole lot easier for you to live in a home where we don’t need to be invited in.”


Klaus held up his hand to shush Elijah.

“I’ve been going out of my head for the past 4 months trying to find you. I questioned every witch in the quarter and none of them knew where you were. Every locator spell backfired. Until a few weeks ago, when little old Davina Claire was shunned from her coven. It seems like the magic she used to conceal you fizzled out.” 

He walked towards Y/N and pulled her into an embrace.

“My dear sister, how we have missed you. We thought of many ways to bring you home and I didn’t want to do this to you Y/N, but it seems you and I share the same stubbornness and you won’t return home without it.” 

He pulled out a dagger and went to dagger Y/N with it. Scott’s eyes widened and he rushed to Klaus, grabbing his hand and stopping it from being stabbed into her back.

“Leave. Her. Alone” He growled, his red Alpha eyes flashing.

Klaus laughed.

“Does this little boy expect to stop me?”

He let go of Y/N and used his vampire speed to have him pushed against the wall, held up by his neck. Isaac went to help him but Freya stopped him with her magic.

“My little sister needs to return home. She belongs with her family. Not some teenage wolf boy.”

“It’s not up to. You. She can. Do what. She wants.” He began to lose his breath

Isaacs yells of pain got louder.

“STOP” Y/N yelled, hating to see two parts of her life in conflict.

Nik dropped Scott and Freya stopped hurting Isaac. Y/N ran to Scott and helped him up.

“Can you not see that I am happy here? I don’t want to go back to the quarter. I am staying in Beacon Hills. No matter how many times you kidnap me and take me back to New Orleans I will leave and I will come back here. You need to stop this Niklaus. You’ve ruined Rebekah’s life, must you ruin mine too?”

“Enough! I am protecting you. That is all I have ever done so don’t you dare-” Nik yelled.

“I’m protecting you, it’s for your safety. Every fucking time I get away from you, you come and shout at me and expect me to step back into line. I’m sick of it Nik and I’m sick of being controlled. I like it here. People are friends with me because they like me for me, not because my big brother will kill their family.”

Elijah understood what Y/N was going through for he had seen Klaus’ impact on her life. He would kill men that were in love with his sister in the fear that she would leave their family.

“Niklaus, Y/N, if I may, it seems our sister had found friends in this group of mismatched supernatural creatures. I will not stand here and let you stop her from living her life as she pleases.” Elijah interjected

She smiled at Elijah.

“This is why you’ve always been my favourite ‘Lijah”

Klaus turned to her with a murderous look.

“You just pissed him off more dude, you should’ve stayed on his side,” Stiles yelled from behind Liam.

“I will not stand by and let Elijah be your favourite sibling. I’m not letting this happen. Which is why, Y/N, you can stay. However, you need to visit us and Christmas must be spent in New Orleans, Rebekah won’t stand for us being separated on one of her favourite days. I want an hour long face time session every Saturday is that understood?”

“Yes, Nik”

“Now come here and give your big brother a hug.”

Klaus held out his arms and Y/N ran into them giving him the hugest good bye hug. She did the same to Elijah and Freya.

“Before I leave, you wolf boy. Come here.”

Scott stepped forward and faced Elijah.

“If you dare hurt my sister, I will ensure that every bone in your body is broken 100 times over. I will cut you open and fill you with Wolfsbane if I find out you have hurt her in any way.” 

“I promise I won’t hurt her, sirs and- and ma’am”

Klaus smiled at him as amused.

“Well, we should leave,” Stiles said, scratching the back of his head.

“Yes, we all should and let your little Alpha process what has happened. Might I add that my brother is a very noble man and he does good on his promises, no matter how bloody the outcome.” Klaus said with a smirk

Soon the house was empty except for Y/N and Scott. Scott was sat on the sofa while Y/N got him a glass of water.

He took a sip and put his arm around Y/N

“So you just met my brothers.”

“Yeah, I did.”


“They’re pretty scary. Your sister is badass too.”

“Well at least they approve, I mean you wouldn’t want the most powerful vampires and witch in the world hating you.”

“I don’t care if they didn’t approve, no one can stop me from loving you.”

Y/N froze.

“You love me?”

Scott blushed realising what he said, but with the look on Y/N’s face, it looked like it was a mistake. 

“Well, I mean love is a strong emotion and I know that we’re-”

She cut him off with a kiss.

“I love you too, Scott.”

He gazed down at the beautiful woman beside him and he was content. His pack was at it’s strongest and although he had lost Allison, Scott had a new love and he could tell that his and Y/N’s love story would be an epic one. 


Original Imagine: Imagine Damon finding out that Elijah is jealous of him and you sleeping together. So he starts flirting and touching you in front of him until he pulls Elijah’s hands in to touch you as well. 

Author: Lein

Reader Gender: (Female)

Word Count:  1498

Warnings: Smut, threesome

       “Find yourself a good dress… we’re having a dinner party tonight!” Damon came barging into the room, looking way too cheerful to be up to something good.
“A dinner party? I don’t know… who’s coming?”
“Elijah.” You turned around in surprise.
“Elijah? But I thought you didn’t like that man?” He smiled at you, a crooked smile, a smile that hid intentions you didn’t know yet he had.
“I don’t. But I have something he wants… and I intend to tease him with that…” He pulled you towards him. “And I need you for that… so be a good girl and play along?” You did a step back, not wanting to give in immediately. You liked Elijah, and you didn’t want to participate in something that would cause too much trouble for him, and that’s what you told Damon. He told you not to worry, that it wasn’t something that bad.
“I have seen the way he looks at you… that’s all.” You had to admit you had seen it too. The way Elijah looked when he saw Damon and you together, the way he looked away when he kissed you. He had been jealous.
“I think I can play along with that…” The matter was settled.

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