A love that never dies

Request: Can you do an Elijah Mikaelson imagine? Where the reader and Elijah were together and married before he was turned and when he was turned she was turned too. And when Elijah and the reader go to help Elena with Klaus, Elena walks in on Elijah and the reader having a cute moment and when the reader is leaving she over hears Elena asking Elijah about their love and he gets all glossy eyes and tell her about their story and how their love will never die. Fluff fluff fluff! Please and thank you! 

Disclaimer: There’s is slight mention of rape and also i changed it a little. I switched Elena out with Hope and made Hope around 15-16 years old in this. 


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Going back a thousand and a hundred and something years I didn’t expect my life to turn out like this. Ending up with the best guy. Ending up with the best family. Ending up with the best story.

“Honey, you’re missing a button,” Elijah said referring to the back of my long wine red dress I was wearing for the Mikaelson ball tonight. After having stopped Klaus from trying to kill Elena we, mostly just Elijah and i, decided having a classic Mikaelson ball would lighten up the mood.

“Really. I didn’t notice,” I said trying to bend my arms to button the top. I had one arm reached over my shoulder and the other one was pushing up the back of the dress so that I could reach the low cut back. I let out a huff as I for the third time failed in buttoning the stupid dress.

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Hey love your blog!! Could you please do a Kai imagine with him being all sweet and cute while trying to apologise to you (like he did to bonbon) you can choose why. And he gets all nervous and starts stuttering and tripping on his words. Thank you so much xxxx

The heat of the oven engulfed you as you bent over to retrieve the brownies. You nodded to the music that was currently playing in the background as you stuck a toothpick into the chocolaty goodness, checking it. They were perfect.

“Stress baking?” 

“Jesus!” You cursed, jumping in the air to see the one and only Kai Parker standing in your kitchen. His shoulders were somewhat tense, hands shoved into his pockets lazily. “What do you want Parker?” 

“I wanna say sorry.” You remained silent, stirring the mixture for the next batch of brownies. “I was an ass, okay?” Kai couldn’t take you not even looking at him. He had messed up and he knew it, he felt horrible. 

“You pushed me away.” You said, turning to face him. 

“I…I was scared. Okay, Y/N, I was scared? You… I don’t know. Dammit.” He fumbled, nervously rocking on the heels of his feet. “You mean so much to me and I was scared because I thought you would hurt me, so I hurt you before you could do that.”

“That makes no sense Kai, I love you. And I’m always there for you. I would never intentionally hurt you.”

Kai took two long strides towards you. “…I’m s-sorry, okay? I’m so sorry.” You grinned up at him, taking his hand. Kai gripped onto your hand, he wasn’t going to let you slip through his fingers again. “Will you forgive me? Please forgive me…” He rested his head on top of yours. 

“I forgive you.” You whispered as he began rocking the two of you side to side. 

Kai exhaled softly. “Feelings are hard.” You nodded in agreement. “Hey Y/N?”


“Can I have a brownie now?”

My Love for You

Word Count: 1447

Summary: When Elena Gilbert walks in on you and your husband, Elijah Mikaelson having an intimate moment, Elijah relays a bit of your past and expresses to her his feelings for you.

Requested By: @badhippiehabits

Can you do an Elijah Mikaelson imagine? Where the reader and Elijah were together and married before he was turned and when he was turned she was turned too. And when Elijah and the reader go to help Elena with Klaus, Elena walks in on Elijah and the reader having a cute moment and when the reader is leaving she over hears Elena asking Elijah about their love and he gets all glossy eyes and tell her about their story and how their love will never die. Please and thank you❤️

Pairings: Reader x Elijah Mikaelson

Author’s Note: Sorry this took so long it’s my first request and I wanted it to be as perfect as I could possibly make it!

It was Elijah’s night to make dinner and as always the delectable scent of his cooking lured you downstairs and into the kitchen.

“Mm.” You said upon entering the kitchen. “I don’t know what you’re cooking but as usual it smells delicious!” You walked up behind him and wrapped your arms around his waist.

He chuckled. “Thank you, my sweet.”

You kissed his shoulder blade, spreading your hands along the strong, muscular planes of his chest. “I love you Elijah Mikaelson.”

He turned off the stove and spun around to face you. Taking either side of your face in his hands, he leaned down until your faces were mere inches apart. “I love you more, y/n”

“Impossible,” you smirked.

He wrapped his arms around you. You placed your hands on his chest. He leaned in further and kissed you. Slowly, your eyes closed and you wrapped your arms around his neck, bringing him closer.

That kiss was perfect. It could have gone on forever and neither one of you would have noticed. And then you heard it. A soft knock at the doorway.

You broke apart, startled. Elijah shoved you behind him. He tensed, barring his fangs ready to protect you from the world itself if necessary.

Elena, stood wide-eyed in the doorway of the kitchen.

Elijah relaxed his stance and began straightening his shirt collar. “Um, hello Elena.”

You dipped your head in greeting. “Elena.”

“Hi.” Elena said in a meek voice followed by a tiny wave.

You laughed breathily.

“How did you get in here?” Elijah asked, folding his arms across his chest.

Elena’s lips moved but no words came out.

A smile tugged at your lips. You wondered if it was Elijah making her nervous or if her own embarrassment had left her tongue-tied. Maybe both, you decided.

“Elena!” you exclaimed.  

“I knocked but no one answered!” she finally said. “And both of your cars were in the driveway so I figured that either you two were avoiding me or something terrible happened to you! I’m sorry! I don’t usually go barging into other people’s homes but I really, really need to talk to Elijah! So I tested the door…and it was unlocked…and then I found you guys…in here….kissing…”

When Elena finished she was nervously wringing her hands and looking down at her shoes like a child who’d gotten caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar. It was so adorable that you were nearly in tears trying to keep yourself from laughing.

Elijah cleared his throat awkwardly. “And what is that you need to speak to me about, Elena?”

The doppelganger sighed, throwing her hands in the air. “Klaus is up to his old tricks again.”

You and Elijah groaned in unison. You’d had enough of Klaus and ‘his old tricks’ to last you a lifetime.

“Well, in that case I’m going back upstairs to—“

“Keep the bed warm?” Elijah finished.

You gaped at him in shock. He was rarely so playful in front of anyone outside of his immediate family.

From the corner of your eye you saw Elena’s cheeks turn bright red.

“Elijah! We have a guest,” you scolded, gesturing to Elena.

“What?” he laughed.

You playfully swatted him on the arm. He returned the favor by swatting you on the behind. You yelped in surprise.  

“No, no! It’s fine. I did break into your house after all…” Elena’s cheeks reddened further.

“What is wrong with you?”

Elijah shrugged. “I love you. That’s all.”

You smiled and pecked a kiss on his cheek.

Striding past Elena and out of the kitchen, you spoke, “Just yell if he steps out of line, Elena.”

The two snickered as you made your way upstairs and into the master bedroom.

“Please excuse my crude behavior, Elena.” You heard your husband say from below.

“No, it’s fine. You and y/n are adorable together.”

“Thank you. I’m glad you think so.”

“How long have you been together?”

“Since I was human,” you could almost hear the grin in his voice.

“Wow… What’s it like?”

“What’s what like?”

“Being with the same person for over a thousand years… I can’t imagine being with just the same person for one thousand years.”

“I suppose that it’s all about the person. I can’t imagine a day without my y/n at my side.”

Climbing into your bed you beamed with pride and pleasure.

“That’s beautiful, Elijah.”

“It’s true too.”

She laughed. “So how did you meet y/n?”

“We sort of grew up together. Our fathers were in business together, my father was a wealthy landowner and y/n’s father was a contractor. My father owned the land and y/n’s father built the houses on the land.”

“So your family was supportive?”

Elijah snorted. “Our mothers were supportive and so were my siblings. Rebekah especially. Y/N is like the sister she never had. Our fathers on the other hand were furious.”

You shuddered at the memory.


“Who knows? I remember Mikael went out of his way to make y/n uncomfortable every time she visited our home. Y/N’s father, thankfully at least tried to be civil when I was over.”  

“That was nice.”

“Yes, but when I left he would yell at y/n so loudly that the whole village could hear.”

A chill crept up your spine, you could still hear the roar of your father’s voice in your ears.

“Oh.” She said flatly.

Elijah snickered lightly. “It’s okay though. We got through it. And we’ll get through anything else that life throws at us so long as we are together.”

Your lips twitched, fighting a smile.

“That’s really beautiful.” Elena said softly. “You really, truly love her, don’t you?”

“That woman up there is my world,” you heard him say.

“That’s amazing. When I was little my mom used to read to me stories about princes and princesses finding their soulmates and true loves. When I grew older I tossed the whole idea of true loves and soulmates aside. It all sounded so…childish and unrealistic. And yet here I am looking right at in you and y/n.”

Elijah released a breathy laugh. “Well if true loves and soulmates are indeed real then there is no doubt in my mind that y/n is mine. I love her like I have loved no other. Her very existence completes me. Her eyes, her scent, her personality bewitches me… I remember that on the night of our hundredth wedding anniversary party I looked upon the face of my wife with such overwhelming love that I was afraid I might burst before the first toast could be made. Just days before the celebration I was wondering if it would always be like this, if my love for her would ever fade. Nine hundred years later I think it’s safe to say that the answer to that question is no.” He laughed.

But you weren’t laughing at all. You were crying. Your husband’s words had brought you to tears. His voiced feelings hit you where you needed it most. You too had shared your husband’s worries and for centuries you dreaded the day when your husband would lose interest in you or when someone new would manage to catch his eye. Now you knew that that day would never come.

You heard Elijah sniff a couple of times.

You swallowed your laughter. He felt it too, you realized, the relief, the overwhelming euphoria of being and feeling completely content and satisfied in your relationship and in the one you love.

“So what was it you needed, Elena?”


When Elena departed, Elijah resumed cooking dinner and made a quick and sharply-worded phone call to his brother, Klaus.

When he was done, he entered your bedroom with a gleaming silver tray in his hands. He grinned at you, sitting the steaming tray with your dinner on it at the foot of the bed. “I thought we might eat in bed for a change.”

He leaned down and kissed your lips. His lips were soft and warm against your own but kiss remained strong.

You stroked his cheek, his stubble scratched at your palm. “I love you with all of my heart, Elijah Mikaelson.”

His cheeks colored a tad. “I knew you were listening.”

“You meant it? All of it?”

“Every last word.” He confirmed.

“I feel the same,” you told him. “I’ve never felt as strong, or as confident, or as beautiful or as…whole as I have in these last one thousand plus years I have spent at your side. When I’m with you no matter where I am the world is brighter, kinder. Thank you for being my husband, Elijah and thank you for making me your wife.”

Author’s Note: Thank you so much for reading. And thanks to @badhippiehabits for requesting.

Love is mysterious -Elijah Mikaelson imagine

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“How could you, the most innocent person ever be in love with Elijah mikealson?” Caroline asked. We were currently in the living room of Salvatore house.

 “What do you mean?” “His an original. His killed thousands of people and, you could not even harm an ant.” Caroline was always full of questions, maybe that’s why I loved her. She was so curious, creative and, caring. Unlike me, I was always to shy and nervous.

 “Love is mysterious, it works in funny ways. Lijah brings out a side to me I thought was never there. When I’m with him there’s just a connection, like two puzzle pieces that go together. He gets me out of my comfort place, out of my little shell. It’s like I’m a different person with him, not the innocent shy one everyone knows me as, but a strong confident one that Elijah know I can be” I let my heart speak for me, no caring what anyone thought about me. Also having no idea Elijah was on the other side of the front door hearing everything.

 "I just figured, that people like that would never find love"

 "People like what Caroline? Yes, he has killed many times. He kills to survive, like any other vampire. The difference between you and him is that your ashamed of what you are and his not.“ I said sounding very pissed. Grabbing my bag, and exiting.

 I opened the door to see my wonderful boyfriend on the other side. "Hello” He said. “How much of that did you hear” you quietly asked, looking down at the floor. “All of that” he lifted my head up.

 "That was very brave of you. I know how you feel about, standing up to your friends.“ "I couldn’t let her keep talking about you like you some sort of animal Lijah. That just wasn’t right” I said, embracing him in a hug.


 Elijah and I, where at his house. We were going to have dinner with his family tonight. I kept glancing at my reflection in the mirror. I was super nervous, I had meet them before but just briefly.

 "You don’t have to be so nervous, they’ll love you. Trust me, they’ll love you as much as I do.“ Lijah said, walking from behind me and wrapping his arms around me. He always knew exactly what to say to calm me down.


 We sitting all at the dinner table, Lijah and his siblings having small chat. "So Y/n, how’s your confidence going” Kluas asked, everyone knew I had a problem with my confidence.

 "I don’t know, How’s world domination going" I said, quietly. They all laughed even Kluas.

 "How do you people say know a days, lol! Elijah, I like her. Don’t scare her away" Rebekah said.

 "I wouldn’t dare of scaring her away, she’s the love of my life.“ Lijah said, grabbing my hand. 

 I knew I was going to marry this man one day

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Elijah M. – Everlasting

l Words count: 1173?

Warning: NONE


Requested by @iamnotlabeled

(Assuming requests are open) Can you do an Elijah Mikaelson imagine where Elijah and the reader were together and married before he was turned, so when he was turned she was too. And when Elijah comes to Mystic Falls (with Y/N) to help Elena with Klaus, Elena walks in on the couple having a cute moment and when Y/N leaves she over hears Elena ask Elijah about there relationship he gets all like glossy eyed and tells her about how their love is everlasting. Fluffy fluffy fluffy! Thank you!! 

A vampire. That is what you are. A very old vampire. Just as old as the oldest vampires. You’re more than thousand year old vampire. Not an original but the closest thing to one. You were married to Elijah Mikaelson three years before Henrik died and for Mikael, Finn, Elijah, Klaus, Kol and Rebekah to be turned into blood drinking creatures. It was a surprise when you turned as well. Esther didn’t turn you so she was at first confused as to why you did. But she soon realized it was because you were linked to Elijah. Your love was so pure so strong that when he turned you did as well.

Now a person would think that after a thousand years you and Elijah would’ve gotten board of each other but it was quite the opposite, you two found that as years passed you love for each other only grew stronger. The world has yet to find a love stronger and more pure than yours.

You weren’t surprised when Elijah told you that you were going to Mystic Falls to help the new doppelgänger. Elijah wanted to get back on Klaus for daggering his siblings and dropping them at the bottom of the ocean, or so he said.

Elijah and you were in the Salvatore boarding house. The Salvatore’s weren’t there, but Elena said that she was on her way. You saw Elijah standing by the window watching the forest. You walked up to him silently and slowly moved your arms around his waist from the back and pressed your chest to his back, Elijah’s tense body relaxed immediately. You laid your chin on his shoulder.

“Don’t worry ‘Lijah everything will turn out alright.” You told him softly as you two gazed at the forest outside.

“Can’t help but worry.” Elijah told you and you lessened your hold on him so he’d be able to turn in your arms. Now he was looking at you. “Niklaus has always found a way to get what he wanted no matter the family he hurts in the process.”

“But we always found a way to be together.” You said your voice light yet so full of sadness.

“Yet, you have spent more than a hundred years without me by your side because of Klaus.” Elijah said pained the years that we spent apart were filled of pain on your end. Every time Elijah’s daggered you feel the emotional pain and the pain of the daggered going in his chest and the constant ach in your chest after that.

“Yes, but we always stand together in the end.” You said giving your husband a smile. Elijah returned your smile, he always felt that effect by your smile. You leaned up and capture his lips with yours, now his hands wrapped around your waist and the small of your back. Your eyes shut, the kiss was so full of passion and love, as it has been since the first time you kissed. Your lips fitted perfectly with his lips. Elijah deepened the kiss as his tongue touched your bottom lip, your hands clutched his neck pulling him closed as if that was possible.

You found yourself pulling away before things escalated any further. Your eyes fluttered open to be met with Elijah’s chocolate ones, compelling(not really) you to stand still. You blushed as Elijah looked at you with love, lust and longing.

“When we get home, my love.” You whispered and kissed his cheek. Only to notice your lipstick on his face.

“Then I can’t wait to go home.” You smiled at his words as you started to whip the lipstick of his face with a tissue, knowing fully well that yours were smeared. Elijah was looking at you, he smiled when he saw you frown slightly focusing on the red on his face. You smiled once you whipped everything off. You tried to go the same to yourself as much as you could. “Here let me help you.”

Elijah whipped your lipstick off and smiled at you, you grinned and moved closer to him. Your hands were on his biceps. Elijah’s head rested in your hair as you just held him.

“Uh, Elijah?” You heard Elena from behind you, causing you to let go of Elijah and turn to look at the teenage girl in front of you. You gave her a kind smile, Elijah who was standing right behind you gave her a smile matching yours. Elena looked at you with wonder and… longing? She didn’t want Elijah she just wanted to have a relationship like yours.

“I’m going to go freshen up.” You said and took your handbag as you walked, knowing you’re going to need to fix your make-up. It took you four minutes to get everything sorted. Before you reached the polar you heard Elena.

“Elijah, can I ask you something?” She sounded hesitant and a bit embarrassed.


“I can see how you and (y/n) love each other, and I was just wondering…” Elena paused for a second before she continued. “… how are you to so in love after so long?”

Elijah smiled and his eyes got glossy as he thought about you. Elijah looked at Elena happy to talk about you.

“(y/n) and I we met five years before I became a vampire, it didn’t take long for us to realize what we were both feeling, after two years of sneaking around and being childish we got married. I was lucky both my parents liked her. Everyone could tell what we had was true love. It is a rare thing to find some to love and for it to be so easy to be together, but I guess we were just lucky. When I became a vampire, so did she. Not because I fed her my blood and she dies, no (y/n) and I had a special connection that ever nature couldn’t stop. When I turned she turned as well, because of our love, when I’m daggered she feels it, we could feel each other’s greatest feelings. As years gone by my love for her only grew. She became the center of my world, everything revolves around her. As the world changed she became the only familiar thing I know. Out love is simply… simply…”

“Everlasting.” You said coming from behind the door your eyes glistening with tears, which are waiting to be released. Elijah smiled and nodded.

“Yes, our love is everlasting.” You gave Elena a smiled and walked up to Elijah and throw your arms around his neck. His automatically moved to your waist. “I love you so much (y/n).” He whispered in your ear, a few tears slipped from your eyes, but you were beyond happy.

“And I love you as well.”

Elena knew that there wasn’t a love like that of one you two share. People could only dream of having someone to love and care about like you care for Elijah, and him you. It was love in its purest form.


Damon: “so you and (Y/N) hu?”
Stefan: *looks annoyed at damon* “what? What are you talking about?”
Damon: “oh come on, don’t think i don’t hear her sneak out of our house almost every morning”
Stefan: “fine, we are spending some time together, but i don’t know if it’s serious”


Single strains of hair kept falling in your face as you desperately tried to make sense of the recipe in front of you. You were currently making dinner for your boyfriend, Kai. He had just recently gotten out of hell and now had the pleasure of tasting things. 

As you sprinkled some paprika onto the steak that was currently sizzling on the stove. As the steak settled and the kitchen began to smell of herbs and heat, you opened the oven. You pulled the potatoes out with caution, careful not to burn yourself. 

You dabbed some sour cream on Kai’s baked potato and threw on some freshly grounded pepper as well as some parmesan cheese. Oh he was gonna love this. 

The timer went off, signaling that your almond smothered green beans were done sitting. After plating the greens and the potato, you added more garlic powder and salt to the steak. You arranged each food perfectly on the plate, and poured some of your mother’s wine into a small, stemless wine glass. 

The door bell rang just as you set everything on the table. Kai waited on the other side, grin in place. “Princess.” Kai purred. 

You hugged him and pulled him in for a heated kiss. “Dinner’s ready.” You smiled softly and tugged him into the dining room. 

Kai’s mouth watered, his stomach growling in anticipation. “Babe, you… you did all this? Holy shit.” Kai sat down immediately. The heretic wasted no time digging in. The olive oil from the green beans oiled up Kai’s chin as he chewed sloppily. He moaned huskily as he continued to chew the food. 

Mouth still full, Kai picked up the steak with his bare hands and bite into it. He struggled to tear apart the sopping meat. “This is so good.” He managed to spill out between full lips. 

It seemed as if Kai just now noticed the red wine sitting in front of him and he grinned at you, taking the alcohol and chugging it all down to wash down the food. A mixture of sour cream and pepper fell on Kai’s shirt as he once again used his hands to pick up the loaded baked potato.

You sat in shock Kai continued to scarf down the meal, even leaning over to grab a roll with his messy fingers. Within minutes he was done, and you stared at him, cheeks flushed in astonishment as Kai licked and slurped his fingers clean. 

Kai seemed to blush as he cleared his throat, tongue still dancing with flavor. “Dessert?” He blushed. 

thank u @geminioriginalsimagines for this cute ass idea, i wish i could write 10x better so y’all could get the feels and shit. oh whale 


*Requested* Elijah and the reader were together and married before he was turned, so when he was turned she was too. And when Elijah comes to Mystic Falls (with Y/N) to help Elena with Klaus, Elena walks in on the couple having a cute moment and when Y/N leaves she overhears Elena ask Elijah about their relationship he gets all like glossy eyed and tells her about how their love is everlasting.

(This is set back in Season 2 when Elijah and Elena talk about Klaus and the sacrifice. Also, this was requested pretty recently, but I loved this requests so much I had to write it immediatly. @iamnotlabeled: I hope it does your request justice. Happy reading my lovelies! )

Characters: Husband!Elijah x Wife!Reader, Elena

Story Title: “Truly Everlasting”

Word count: 898

Your name: submit What is this?

The birds outside chirp away while the soft drizzling of the fountain outside of the Lockwood mansion reach your ears. Your husband, Elijah, waits impatiently for Elena to return, while you currently rummage through the impressive music collection of the former Major. It seems he had a passion for renaissance music. Who would have thought?

You spot a particularly interesting piece and immediately felt the need to listen to it, so you place it onto the ancient record player. At the song´s very first tunes you feel hands around your waist and Elijah´s chin resting on your shoulder.

Y/N: “Do you recall how we danced to this song in…”

You try to recall the exact date, but it has been quite some time. Over 400 years to be a little more precise. But luckily your husband engraved every date into his mind.

Elijah: “…England 1601. At the English royal court on your 626th birthday.”

He gently tugs at your waist, swirls you around with one arm and then pulls you close, gently swaying with the music.

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  • Stefan: From now we will use code names. You will address me as "Eagle 1"
  • Stefan: Elena. Codename. "Been there, done that"
  • Stefan: Caroline is "Currently doing that"
  • Stefan: Bonnie is "It happened once in a dream"
  • Stefan: Klaus. Codename. "If I had to pick a dude"
  • Stefan: And Elijah is "Eagle 2"
  • Elijah: Oh thank god

The Grill was busy. People coming in and out, ordering drinks and greasy burgers. You wiped off the stray crumbs on an outside table and spray the disinfectant onto a rag. “Y/N!” You looked up to see the one and only Kai Parker coming towards you. 

You nodded towards him and finished wiping down the table. “Hey. Can I talk to you?” Kai whispered, looking around. 

“Yeah, sure. You okay?” You wondered why he was looking over his shoulder so much. 

“Something weird is going on.” Kai’s cheeks were flushed slightly. 

You went to the next table and picked up the glasses and baskets of cold fries. “Okay, let’s go in the back.” You said, nodding towards the Grill. 

Once inside the kitchen, you placed the classes in the luke warm water. “What’s up?” You dried your hands and leaned against the counter.

 Kai took a seat on one of the extra chairs and leaned forward, resting his arms on his knees. “Okay.” He let out a shaky breath. “Something is wrong with me. I was watching this movie, right?” 


“And in the movie this kid threw this ball and a dog ran to go get it. The dog was in the road and then this bastard ran him over! Then suddenly, water was just oozing out of my eyeballs like I’m some alien creature excreting fluids.” Kai explained quickly.

You stared at Kai carefully. “You mean you cried?” 

Kai laughed loudly. “I’m a psychotic heretic, I don’t cry.”Kai puffed his chest slightly. 

“You cried.”

  • Katherine: I knew it! He's finally coming for me! It was only a matter of time! The walls are closing in!
  • Elena: Is she always like this?
  • Elijah: Only when she’s stressed.
  • Elena: Well that’s a relief...
  • Elijah: She’s always stressed.
  • Elena: Damnit!
  • Elijah: She and Klaus used to joke about killing each other when they were still friends. However, now that Klaus has caught up to her, she’s afraid that he’ll make good on some of his more... creative threats.
  • Katherine: I used to laugh at his comments, you hear me!? Laugh! But now? what if he does chop off my limbs, rip out my intestines and ride me like some sort of meat toboggan!?
  • Elijah: You hear that, Elena? Meat toboggan. Try getting that image out of your head. Gripping her entrails like the reins of Santa’s sleigh, streaking through the fresh snow on a trail of bile and gore as his eyes beg the same question as the horrified children in his wake... “Why?"
  • Katherine: Why?!
  • *later*
  • Klaus: Katerina! Oh this brings back memories! Tell me, do you remember what I said to you back when we first met?
  • Katherine: *whispering* Meat toboggan…
  • Klaus: You remember! That’s going to save me so much time on explanations!
The signs as The Vampire Diaries characters

Aries: Bonnie

Taurus: Klaus

Gemini: Sybil

Cancer: Caroline

Leo: Damon

Virgo: Enzo

Libra: Elijah

Scorpio: Stephan

Sagittarius: Elena

Capricorn: Katherine

Aquarius: Rebekah

Pisces: Alaric

What an amazing sunshine you are, with your smile and love, spread it to the world and enjoy it❤