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Damon and Elena (TVD) - HAHAHAHA
Bonnie and Jeremy (TVD) - HAHA
Klaus and Caroline (TVD) - HAHAHAHA
Jo and Dean (Supernatural) - HAHA
Bash and Mary (Reign) - HAHAHAHA
Mary and Conde (Reign) - HAHAHA
Narcisse and Lola (Reign) - HAHA
Finn and Clarke (The 100) - HAHAHA
Octavia and Lincoln (The 100) - HAHAHA
Klaus and Hayley (The Originals) - HAHAHAHA
Elijah and Hayley (The Originals) - HAHA
Davina and Kol (The Originals) - HAHA
Snart and Sara (The Legends of Tomorrow) - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Barry and Caitlin (The Flash) - HAHAHA
A distant memory - Kol Mikaelson one shot

Request: Heartbreaking one shot request here. Imagine Kol having no choice but to compel your memories away of every moment you two shared together because it is to protect you and even though he’s in love with you as you are with him he knows there is no other way around it, and that he couldn’t risk losing you due to the threat always being after him and trying to get you to get to him. But promises one day he will come back and give your memories back when the threat is gone. [reader is human].


The two of you had been best friends for five years, but the two last years your friendship turned into a relationship. He held your hand through the time you removed your wisdom tooth, the loss of your grandmother and your exam. You trusted him with your life and he did protect you with his life. 

Somewhat along the way something had made him more distant. He wasn’t the same loving Kol as he used to. He tried to be, but you noticed a small bit of change, not much, but enough to make you notice.

You decided to confront him about it since you wanted to know, so one afternoon the two of you were having a movie marathon you asked: “Is something wrong?” He looked your way, smiling that smile that made you fall in love with him. “No, why would something be wrong?” 

“You seem so distant, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s me or something going on..” He pulled you into a warm hug. “It’s not you. I promise, it’s just something with my family.” You knew he was lying, you knew him that well. But you didn’t dig any further knowing that he would tell you when he wanted to.

It wasn’t about before a month from this date that he hadn’t talked to you for six days. Not a single text and that left you worried. The seventh day you were out of you mind, calling everyone he knew and asking about him, but no one knew about him. You were about to call his brother Klaus when he walked through the door.  

You threw your phone onto the sofa and ran up to him, hugging him closely. “Where have you been? Why didn’t you call or answer any of my texts?” The tears filled your eyes, but you did not let them fall. He was here, he was safe. He pulled out and looked at you. 

“I am so sorry I scared you and didn’t answer.” He said calmly. He didn’t look at you first, but then his eyes met your. “I can’t do this anymore.” You frowned not understanding. “What..?” He stepped back looking away. “I love you Y/n, but by being with you I put you at risk for being hurt, and I can’t see you hurt.” You tried to step closer to him, but he stepped back. “Don’t..” His eyes got all teary as he looked at you again. “Kol..”  

“No, I won’t put you at risk anymore.” Not knowing what to do, you just waited for him to continue. “I have to erase your memory to keep you safe.” You walked over to him and threw yourself around his neck. “You promised me you’d never compel me to do anything.” His strong arms wrapped them self around you and held you tight. “And this is me breaking that promise.” 

“Can’t you turn me, teach me to survive as a vampire.” You didn’t really want to be a vampire, but you would to be with him. “No, I won’t turn you. And I know you don’t won’t be turned either.” He let go of you, but held your arms looking into your eyes. “I have to do this, please don’t make this any harder.” 

He kissed your forehead one last time as he closed his eyes. He knew he would regret this because he loved you from the bottom of his heart. But he had to do this to keep you safe. He took your head into his hands and looked you in the eyes. “Y/n, you will forget every memory we have together, you will forget that I ever existed, if someone asks about me you will not remember anything. But I promise you that I will be back and then we can live together again.”

You blinked and as you opened your eyes all your memories were gone. Everything.  He was nothing more than a distant memory. You looked around the room as if you forgot the thing you were supposed to do. For a moment you felt someones presens, but you saw no one. 

 Two years later you were living a normal healthy human life, except you had moved into your own apartment. You were walking home from the library when you walked pass a stranger. Being your usual self you smiled at the stranger making him smile back. Your eyes met and something in you recognized them. You couldn’t place the eyes, maybe just a random person you have met at The Grill. This caused you to stop and gaze after him as he walked up to you. 

Your eyes met and he said: “You now remember everything.” You blinked and in that short moment of time from when you closed you eyes until you opened them only a second later all your memories with Kol ran through your head. “Never leave me again.” You said embracing him. “I promise you I will never ever leave you again.” 


🌟🌟 You’re dating Elijah, Marcel is your brother. Elijah kills him🌟🌟

“ I’m… I’m so sorry (y/n). I never meant for this to happened it just did. I had to save kla..”
I had no idea what he was talking about. Elijah had entered the room, when he saw me he fell on the floor and broke down in tears. His face full with regret, remorse, with a hint of pity. “ Elijah what’s going on.” I said while picking him up from the floor. It was like he was mute, all he could do was look at me and cry quietly. “Elijah I’m getting worried what’s wrong. Is it Klaus? Is he okay.?” The more you waited, the more you worried. “ Forgive me.” Elijah says almost inaudibly. “I’m getting worried, just tell me you know you always have my forgiveness.” “ I took his life, I know you’ll never forgive me.” “Elijah who did you kill. I’ve been with you for many years. I know you only kill someone with a reason and a good one.” Suddenly I had this burning sensation in my gut. “Marcel” was the only word that came out of his mouth. “What are you saying Elijah? Are you saying you KILLED MY BROTHER!” “Yes.” He said not even looking at me, he looked like a dog with his tail between his legs. You were in utter disbelief. “You killed my brother, my blood. I want to see his body. WHERE IS HE ELIJAH.” “I rip his heart out and I threw him off the bridge, the current took him.” How could the love of my life kill my brother, the only family I have left. How could the throw him off the bridge like trash, like he was a waste of space. I took a long deep breath trying to calm myself down. “Do you even care for this family?” All Elijah could do was look down. “I am waiting for my answer, Elijah.” But he never said a word. “Fine be that way.” With that I left if the Mikaelson’s house. If thought Mikeal was bad, I am going to be worse. I thought. As I was walking down the streets my phone went off. It was Marcel.” Whoever is calling from this phone its not funny.” “Poor little sister what has you all worked up.” Marcel chuckled from the other end of the phone. “You’re supposed to be dead.” “Well I’m not come over to my house, we need a plan.” “ I will be right over, and Marcel.” “Yes (y/n)?” “Let’s give them Hell.”

When I see new people recently hating on Elijah and call him hypocrite ...

I’m like

New Year's in New Orleans: Chapter 3

Hello, my lovely readers. I know this is a weird time to be updating a New Year’s tale but I’m trying to work through a ton of updates. On with the show…

Chapter 3: Some One Else’s Happy Holiday

Enzo St. John sat across from Elena Gilbert, sipping from a glass of bourbon while their company chatted up a man, who was not as handsome as he was, and he did not care what Gorgeous said to the contrary. “Who’s that?” he asked Elena who seemed to finally remember that he was there.

“Oh, that’s Klaus. He’s a serial killer, generally terrorized us all, and Caroline’s totally into him, although she’ll never admit it,” Elena replied with a smile while playing with the straw in her fruity drink.

“Can I get you a refill?” a young blonde woman asked them, coming to stand by their table, obscuring their view.

“Just one moment, love,” Enzo held up a finger, peering around the blonde. He saw Caroline’s cheeks turn red before he turned his attention back to the blonde in front of him. “I think I will have another,” he said, holding up his glass and smirking up at her.

Elena’s gaze moved toward Enzo and the blonde. “Don’t even think about it,” she muttered under her breath as the blonde moved back behind the bar with his glass.

“I have no idea what you’re referring to,” Enzo replied innocently. “Let’s go.” Getting to his feet, he headed over to join the little party by the bar. “Have you forgotten us, mates?”

“No. Not at all. Enzo, meet Klaus. Klaus meet my other best friend, Enzo. Bet you two have a lot to discuss,” Damon said with a wicked grin while Caroline shot him a dirty look.

“And how do figure that, Damon?” Klaus inquired with a smirk,

“Oh, Enzo and Caroline have been getting rather close since you split,” Damon told the hybrid whose expression closed off.

“Damon!” Elena protested, elbowing him in the ribs. “He’s kidding. Caroline friend-zoned Enzo, months ago. She’s super single.”

Caroline huffed in irritation when Klaus’ eyes lit up and a smile appeared on his face. “Well then, shall we have a toast to new friends and old enemies having a quiet holiday?” he asked, picking up his glass and raising it in a toast.

Caroline rolled her eyes and held up empty hands. “Sorry. Looks like I can’t.”

“Let me rectify that problem,” Klaus turned back to the bar where the blonde set Enzo’s drink down with a smile. “Camille, be a dear, and fetch my old friends some refreshments,” he waved a hand in the direction of Caroline and then cocked his head to indicate Damon and Matt should be included.

“You have friends?” Cami replied in a mock shocked tone as she poured out drinks for the three.

“We prefer to be known as those he did not succeed in killing,” Damon told her with a smirk.

“Damon, you know what they say. If you fail…” Klaus watched Damon pick up his drink.

“Think of another cliché,” Damon finished, downing his drink while Klaus glowered at him. “Happy New Year’s Eve.”

“Where are you staying, Caroline?” Klaus inquired, turning his attention to Caroline while Enzo eyed Camille’s carotid longingly.

“Around,” Caroline replied, knocking back her drink and then slapping the glass on the bar top.

“Slow down, Blondie. You know that you’ll just end up naked with him, sooner if you don’t pace yourself,” Damon teased, causing Caroline to begin to cough.

“I was going to ask you if you’d like to stay with me and my family,” Klaus began when Matt piped up.

“Will Rebekah be there?” Matt asked with a hopeful look.

Klaus glowered at Matt. “Yes.”

“Cool,” Matt smiled back at Klaus before drowning his drink.

“Do you have any other sisters, mate?” Enzo asked and Klaus narrowed his eyes at him.

“What makes you think I would tell you if I did?” Klaus snapped.

“Where I go, my friends follow,” Caroline stated, folding her arms over her chest.

Klaus’ eyebrows knitted together while Damon nodded with a wide smile. “Ah, yes, I suppose there might be enough room for them. If no one minds staying in the basement. I know it is a bit of a cliché, but you could sleep in one of the coffins that my siblings are not occupying at the moment.”

“Or you could just let them sleep in the guest bedrooms,” Caroline snapped at Klaus who sighed before smiling at her.

“Your wish is my command, love,” Klaus said with enough fondness that Enzo had to look away. Lookd like he had lost the battle before it even began when Caroline’s lips twisted into a pleased smile. “As long as you don’t have a problem with sleeping near a pair of wolves.”

“Caroline’s done it before,” Damon pointed out, which did not please Klaus when he added. “You remember Tyler Lockwood, don’t you, Klaus?”

“Damon,” Elena sighed, giving him a warning look. Turning to Klaus, she smiled. “Thank you for your offer. We will happily stay with you and your family.”

“We will?” Caroline and Damon echoed with looks of confusion.

Elena shrugged. “It could be fun.”

“It will be,” Klaus told them. “Come now. Let’s not dawdle here, when you must meet the newest member of my family.”

“There are more of you?” Damon couldn’t hide his look of disgust.

“Damon!” Caroline and Elena yelled at him.

Enzo chuckled and pulled out a twenty, placing it on top of the bar. “Thanks, Camille. I’m sure we’ll see each other again, soon,” he told the bartender who smiled while pocketing the twenty.

“Try to stay out of trouble,” the blonde replied and then headed off to refill more drinks. Enzo had always had a soft spot for humans since he met Maggie. This little human wasn’t Maggie, but she wasn’t too bad to look at, and he was lonesome. Since Caroline was not an option, who knew who he’d end up ringing the New Year in with.

Falling into step with Matt, Enzo watched Caroline walk alongside the hybrid like it was the most natural thing in the world, like they were linked by an invisible force. He wished that he had that sort of connection with someone. But, alas, he did not. Not yet. Not like Damon and the doppleganger did. Even while they were bickering, you could see the love, beneath the surface, when they looked at each other.

“You live here?” Caroline asked, staring at the massive building in front. “What? Were there not palaces you could rent out?” she snipped.

“No, love. However, if you prefer one, I would have one built for you,” Klaus told her and Caroline rolled her eyes before entering the compound. She started to spin around, taking in everything while Klaus watched her with a look of approval. Enzo felt a spike of jealously but pushed it down.

“Whoa. This place is kind of awesome,” Matt said, taking it all in. “I can’t believe that we’re going to be staying here.”

“You have got to be kidding me!” Hayley Marshall cried as she strode toward them with a wide eyed baby on her hip. “Klaus, have you lost your frickin’ mind?” she demanded.

“Oh, look, a baby,” Matt cried. “She’s so cute. Whose is she?”

“Mine!” Hayley snapped, glaring at them and holding the child closer to her.

“I was feeling thirsty. Thank God someone brought a juice box,” Damon said with a grin, showing his fangs.

“Damon!” Elena yelled at him with a look of horror.

“Kidding. I’m just kidding,” Damon shouted, holding up his hands while Klaus snarled at him, his werewolf side getting the better of him. Now this, Enzo could handle. A good row would really hit the spot.

“Stop this. Whatever it is, right now!” Elijah Mikaelson demanded, moving to stand between Hayley and the rest of the group.

“So he does exist,” Enzo shook his head with a wide grin. “I always thought the suit-wearing-Original was a fairy tale made up by someone with a lack of imagination. Look at you. May I have an autograph before you rip my lungs out?”

“Wait!” Elena moved in front of Enzo, stopping Elijah in his tracks. “Can we, please, discuss this first? Elijah, I know you’re a reasonable man.”

Elijah paused, smiling back at Elena. “Ah, Miss Gilbert, it’s good to see you again.” he greeted her. Damon began to silently mimic Elijah, his face twisting as her repeated the ancient vampire’s words. “And, Damon, what do we owe the pleasure to?”

“We’re here on vacation,” Matt interrupted them, moving closer to Elijah who glanced at him. “Klaus said we could stay here. You know, if that’s cool with you. And Rebekah. Is she here by any chance?”

“Yes, she’s in her room,” Elijah began when Matt took off. “He might have waited long enough for me to give him instructions,” he muttered before turning back to the rest of the group.

“There is no way in hell that they’re staying here with me and Hope!” Hayley cried, stopping Elijah from continuing with whatever he had planned on saying.

“Then why don’t you and mini-me, go chase your tails somewhere else?” Damon suggested, earning a glare from everyone else in the courtyard.

“Why don’t you go get staked?” Hayley retorted. “Or I could just bite you and you can have some really interesting dreams about your brother and whichever doppleganger you’re with this time?”

“It’s so great to see you again, Hayley,” Caroline snapped.

“Feelings mutual, Caroline,” Hayley replied with a sneer.

“Enough!” Elijah thundered, causing everyone to stare at him as he pointed at each of them in turn. “This is a holiday. And those,” he waved at the Mystic Falls Gang. “are Niklaus’ guests. We will treat them with respect, until they give us reason not to.” He waited for Hayley to protest. Instead of yelling at him, she simply stood, fuming. “Alright then.”

“Thank you for that, Elijah. Everyone, meet my daughter, Hope,” Klaus told them, smiling at the baby who looked back at them, her curiosity apparent.

“No, there is no God. It breeds,” Damon moaned while Elena patted him on the shoulder.

“How is that even possible?” Caroline asked, looking from the baby to Klaus.

“Stupid loophole,” Hayley told them. When Klaus tried to take Hope, Hayley growled at him. He took the baby anyway and held her out to Caroline. This made Hayley tried to attack Klaus. “Give me my daughter!” she yelled while Elijah wrapped his arms around her waist, pinning her arms to her sides.

Our daughter, little wolf. Calm down, she won’t bite.” Enzo was not sure if Klaus was reassuring Hayley that Caroline would not bite her child or if he was reassuring the vampire that the baby would not bite her.

Caroline looked at Hayley and then at the baby. “Hi there,” she said, taking the child who cooed at her. “Oh, my, you’re are really cute. Hi!” She eased into holding the baby who took hold of one her curls and tugged at it.

“You’re a natural, love,” Klaus commented while Hayley deflated against Elijah. “See, nothing to fret about.”

“What in the hell is going on here?” a voice demanded and Klaus’ head cocked to the side. “Ah, and here is Hayley’s fiancee, Jackson, coming to ruin our joyous holiday.”

“Klaus,” Elijah warned as he let go of Hayley.

“What are all of these vampires doing here? And who is she and why does she have Hope?” Jackson demanded, moving to stand beside Hayley who glowered at the group.

“She’s the one I’m going to feed your heart to when Hayley finds you lacking,” Klaus stated with a wide smile.

Jackson snarled, moving toward Klaus when Damon surprised everyone by moving in front of the hybrid. “I’m itching for a good fight. Come on, wolfy. Show me what you got!”

Again, Enzo felt the rush of an impending fight. The wolf moved to meet Damon with a smirk, showing his readiness to take the vampire on when Elijah stepped between the two. “This is a holiday, and there is a peace during this time. Anyone who breaks said peace will have to deal with me.”

“Oh, come on!” Damon shouted, throwing his hands up in the air.

“Allow me to show you to your room,” Klaus said to Caroline who still had Hope.

Moving carefully forward, Caroline stepped in front of Hayley and offered the mother her child. “Here. I’m sorry if you were worried. I would never hurt a baby.”

Hayley nodded but held her child closer to her, kissing her forehead and watching the vampires carefully as they made their way up the stairs. Enzo observed Klaus lead Caroline into a bedroom and heard a door shut behind them. “Elena, I hope this room is to your liking,” Elijah said, waving at a bedroom to the left. “Will Damon be staying with you?”

“I prefer my own room. Thanks,” Damon walked into an empty one and dropped a bag. “This’ll do.”

“That’s Kol’s room,” Elijah replied.

“Then he won’t mind since he’s dead and all,” Damon replied.

“Not so much,” Elijah said.

“No way!” Damon got up and walked across the floor. “Fine. Where am I stuck in?”

“Here,” Elijah directed Damon to a room across from Elena’s.

Enzo was the last to be given a room which was next to Damon’s. He hoped he wouldn’t have to listen to make-up sex. Settling his stuff, he walked into the hallway and nearly ran into the angry wolf girl. “Elijah!” she yelled. “I am not sleeping across the hall from a vampire!” The sound of silence and a smirk from Enzo were her answer.

“Don’t worry. I don’t bite,” Enzo told her and she shook her head before stomping off. This might be fun after all.

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Chapter Twenty-Two is posted!

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“Dangerous Minds”

AU. AH. FBI agent Stefan Salvatore, must come to terms with his haunting past when his daughter goes missing without a trace. Even if it means tracking down a woman who has been eluding his task force for years & who has more in common with him than anyone truly knows.What happens when dangerous minds play perfect games?(Stelena,Bamon,Klaus/OC,Halijah,Forwood,Mentions of Datherine)

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