Stress Reliever

Kol Imagine- Kol smut where he sees your stressed w/ school and he eats you out and let’s you dominate him and tie him up to relieve your stress? Please?

Side note: I’m going to made the reader a vampire in this one :)

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Requested by anon.

Actual Request:  “imagine about that your klaus’s favourite sister. Something happens and elena and Jeremy end up killing you while he struggles to get inside to help you. ( just like the way kol died in tvd) and then he has to tell everyone else what happened”

gif credit: not mine.

“I’m going to kill every single one of you!” You scream in the front door of the Gilberts. “I will make you suffer like you did to my brother and I will make you feel every bit of pain he ever felt in his entire life!”

Jeremy and Elena runs into the house and you try to get in but of course, you weren’t invited before.

Jeremy stands close to you and you look him in the eye.

“Invite me in.” you order. He seems compelled so he invites you in the whole process begins. “Run.” you say. “We’re gonna play in my terms for awhile.”

They both run but at some point, Elena tries to throw a stake on you and you send it back to her stomach.

You find Jeremy, you get ready to bite him and-

White Oak Stake.

Because of your seething hatred, you forgot it completely. Jeremy wasn’t compelled at all, it was just a part of their plan. You feel the stake in your hard and it so bad. Really, really bad. As you try to get out of the house, you fall down with the flames on your body and you see Klaus in the front door.


“Y/N!” He calls your name but you can’t answer because of the fire. Till the last moment of your long, long life, you remember how much you loved Klaus and how much he cared about you. You were his favorite sister and he was your favorite brother… You can’t even say goodbye but you can his aching heart.

And instantly, you die.

Klaus screams and tries to get in, he swears that he’ll destroy everyone in Mystic Falls and try to reach out your body but fails. Before Jeremy and Elena gets ready, he leaves and goes to home.

“ELIJAH! REBEKAH!” he calls the only siblings he has now. They run to him with the fear in their face.

“Brother?” Elijah asks. “Where’s Y/N? What happened?”

He tries to stop crying and then they all understand.

“No…” Rebekah whispers. “No, no, no, they didn’t!”

“Did they kill her?” Elijah asks. “Niklaus!”

“YES!” Klaus yells at him with the whole sadness he’s got. “They killed her like they did kill Kol! They made her angry and hunted her down! And as her brother I couldn’t do anything to stop them. Nothing!”

Elijah and Rebekah hug Klaus, he can’t move himself but stops keeping his tears and that night, the three of them cry for you.

Prom Gift (Rebekah&Reader as friends) (Elijah/Reader)

Requested by anon:  “Can I make a request when Rebekah starts at Mystic Falls everyone hates her and reader starts to feel bad and they eventually become friends? Reader also has feelings for Elijah and Rebekah sets the two of you up as a thank you?”

Word count: 1046

“I literally hate her!” Caroline yells in the middle of the school. Elena and Bonnie roll eyes and you sigh. “That She-Devil takes everything I want!”

“Because you want literally everything and she’s an improved version of you?” you comment as Elena and Bonnie give you wild looks.

“Y/N!” Caroline protests you. “You know she’s evil! She tried to steal Stefan and slept with Damon!”

“That’s because it was Rebekah who dated him first and about Damon… The feelings were mutual, I guess.”

As Bonnie giggles Elena shrugs and Caroline seems offended.

“She’s alone, Care,” you whisper. “She’s a thousand year old teenager who spent last ninety years in a coffin!”

Caroline gives a long breath.

“Anyways,” she says. “I won’t let anyone make ruin my thoughts so now I need to go to see cheerleader team, if you’ll excuse.”

She turns around her heels and leaves you alone with Bonnie.

“What?” you ask. “Don’t give me that judgemental witch looks, Bon. I feel bad for Rebekah!”

“I would do the same too,” she says. “If she wasn’t a female Klaus.”

“Very nice of you, Bon, really.” you mutter and go to your French class.

After the school, you go home and do your homeworks. For the last fifty years, you’re a vampire and love everything about high schools. Proms, contests, games… Having friends and boyfriends and girlfriends… It’s such an amazing place to find yourself and then you remember what Rebekah told you and Elena: that she never been to a high school and never had proms or everything.

Now she has a chance but it must be hard when everyone hates her.

And, umm, does everyone know she has another brother named Elijah? The kind and sassy and classy one? Okay, you do know him a bit.

No, of course you didn’t stalk him in the town for days.

Absolutely not.

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