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Baby Daddy - part 2

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson


N/A - this is scene is so magic I just had to have it on this imagine, even though it’s not a gif. I’m sorry it took so long to be out, as I said, I was sick. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy. :)


Imagine: You and Klaus are chilling and talking at a large bed when you suddenly goes into labour. 

Word Count: 2817

Resting in a huge soft mattress, you thought about no one bothered to let you know how hard being pregnant was. The fact you had a little person growing inside of you was weird. Oh, if only that was it… The baby kicked, twisted and danced a lot, making a whole party in your uterus. Every. Single. Day. And Klaus, who should be helping and regretting for putting you through this, would only laugh, saying it was cute. Also, that she had his impulsive genes. God, you hoped he was wrong!

“Oh no, baby.” You whispered, feeling it move. “I know it’s tight in there, but try to stay still.”

“Are you in pain, love?”

“Huh? Nah, I’m fine. A little bit uncomfortable, though.”

“It’s almost over.” He sat straight in the bed and stroke your belly, which made you smile. “Hey, sweetheart. It’s daddy.”

The baby girl kicked, almost as if she recognised who was talking to her. Klaus let a genuine grin slip under the response of his daughter and your heart warmed up at the sight. It was wonderful to see him as his true version. No anger, no resentment, not anything, just the man you have come to love very much.

“Y/N? Are you in there?”

You giggled, stretching your arm to touch the wrinkle formed between his eyebrows from the frowning. Klaus grasped your wrist, carefully, then placed a kiss on the soft skin, making you shudder. Yes, it did not matter that you were nine months pregnant, the man still managed to soak up your panties.

“Not fair, Niklaus…”

“I miss you so much…” He hummed against your forehead. “Your silky moans when I go down on you. Or the mewls whenever a kiss you right here.”

Klaus leant in, nuzzling on your neck and letting your scent intoxicate him. The reaction came pretty quickly to you, for it made you clutch a lock of his hair and pull it as hard as you could. He groaned, tightening the grip on your shoulders. After a lot of teasing, the blond man finally kissed you. His plump and warm lips connected to yours in a perfect match.

“Hum, allowed to make a fun fact?” Your voice was merely a whisper, while you stared deep into his blue eyes.

“Go ahead.”

“I know an effective method to help start the labouring process.”

“Like actually help you get that baby out sooner?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Share it, then!” 

You laughed.

“We need to have sex. Lots of it.”

"W-What?” He stuttered, surprised. “Sex helps?”

“It does.”

“So let’s get that started.”

The Mikaelson attacked your lips once more, only this time more wildly and lewd. You smirked between kisses, grasping the collar of his shirt and pulling him closer. However, before you could go any further, a sharp pain invaded your body, which lead you to stop everything.

“What is it, love?”

“Don’t freak out, OK?”

“I can’t promise anything when you say it like that… Come on, Y/N, tell me what is going on!”

“Alright.” You clenched your jaw, enduring the second contraction. “The baby is coming.”

“Huh? Are you sure?”

“Yes. Pretty sure.”

“What do I do?” Klaus looked lost and you felt sorry for him. 

“I don’t know!” You cried, feeling the pain crawling up your body again. “Go off to find Davina, she might have herbs or any knowledge that could help.”

“I won’t leave you alone.”

“Please, Klaus! I don’t think I can withstand this much pain.” Your voice was now barely a whisper. “Get Davina. For me.”

“Alright. But Rebekah and Elijah will be with you while I get the witch. Stay still.”

“Yeah, I’ll do my best.” You retorted, sarcastic. 

Like you could actually move from where you were under such a unbearable pain. It was utterly awful, something like being torn apart from the insides. Again, a scream slipped, which made you realise that keeping it together was no longer an option. Heck, you needed your brothers so much… Damon would make the whole situation lighter, whilst Stefan could give you support. You sighed, hating the idea of them not being around. 

“OK, screw this. I’m calling them.” You reached your cell, which was lying on the nightstand and dialled the Salvatore mansion’s number. 


Urgh, hi, brother. I’m sorry I’ve been so… Ah! Absent lately.”

You sound tired.

“I am. That’s exactly why I called you.”

Because you’re tired?”

You giggled and shook your head.

“No, I called because your niece decided that today is the day she comes to meet this world. Oh, for God’s sake this hurts!”

What?!” His voice sounded like he was shocked. “You’re having the baby right now?”

“Sort of.” You shrugged and Klaus returned to the room, bringing two of his siblings with him. “Can you come?”

Yes, of course I can. I’ll be there in five.

He hung up and you were left alone with your new found family, which were incredibly silent. 

The Mikaelson siblings soon shook it off, splitting and begginning to work on making you comfortable. Rebekah sat by your side, cleaning your forehead with a warm white cloth, while Elijah brought some clean sheets and a towel, probably for the baby. Klaus, on the other hand, kept looking at you with desaprovement infused on his eyes. There was no doubt that he was acting like that because of the call. Your boyfriend developed a huge resentment towards Damon and Stefan and it did not matter what you said on the subject, the man would not cave in.  

“OK, do not give me that look. Get me my witch and don’t worry about my siblings.”

“You shouldn’t have called them here!" 

"Niklaus Mikaelson, I’m giving birth to your daughter. It’s no time to be fighting, alright?”

“She’s right, Nik. We need as much help as we can get." 

He huffed and crossed his arms. 

"This is not over.”

“I really don’t care, Klaus.” You sighed. “Just help me, OK? We can discuss everything later. After she’s born and safe.”

Since the Mikaelson could not bear the sight of you hurting, he agreed to your terms and left to find Davina. A second later, another set of labouring cramps came and, heck, you were so going to need drugs.  

[A couple of hours later]

“Bekah, this hurts!” You whimpered, screwing your eyes shut. 

“Oh, darling. I know it does.”

The blonde stroke your forehead, which by now was all covered in sweat. 

“Thanks for being here." 

Your mere whisper made the girl smile. Poor Rebekah. She was doing everything she could to make you comfortable, yet, as the time passed, the ache only grew worse. And nothing in that goddamned house was able ease what you were feeling. 

"Elijah, please, call out brother." 

"He doesn’t seem to be getting the calls at all.”

“She needs him, don’t you see?”

“I can watch out for her.” Stefan said, stepping out the couch near the big window. “I’m used to that by now, since she’s my sister.

Oh, yes. He had arrived a little after your boyfriend left, offering his support and helping hand. Yet, despite all of the good intentions the Salvatore had, he was definitely not allowed to come close. Doomed to observe you from a cold furniture. It was rather sad. However, there was not much you could do about it. 

“Oh, dear Stefan. I’m not sure my brother would appreciate if we allow you to do that.”

“And we certainly don’t care.” A sassy voice echoed, coming from the door. “Now, if you excuse me, I have to take my baby sister away from you guys.”


“Thank me later, sis.”

“Are you crazy?” Elijah questioned, eyes widened. “We are not letting you get Y/N away from here. Otherwise…”

“… Klaus will go oh so pyschotic and destroy the whole town? Yeah, I know. Save it. I’ll take her to Bonnie, she has some witchy stuff that will help.”

“You don’t get it, Damon." 

"I know what I’m doing, blonde.”

“Wait. She’s right, brother. I have a coven out there wanting my head for being able to carry this baby.”

The blue eyed vampire frowned, clearly not having any clue that mama Esther wanted your baby to some crazy ritual. And she would not mind to kill you in the middle of the process, if it was necessary. Actually, that crazy bitch would do anything if it meant to wipe out the entire vampire species or things related to it.

“It’s a long and complicated story.”

“One he doesn’t need to know.”

“And now we’re set.” You remarked sarcastic, rolling your eyes. “Klaus, where is Davina?”

The petite brown haired girl pushed the Hybrid aside, making herself visible. She had her hands occupied with a large bag, which soon was dropped on the floor. 

“So, how are you?”

“In a incredible amount of pain.”

“OK, Y/N, this is the tricky part." 

"What do you mean, Davina?”

“Since you’re a vampire, your body is dealing with birth differently.”

“You don’t sound like it’s a good different.” Damon pointed out, crossing his arms, and got a deadly pair of gazes. “But I’ll let you continue.”

“As I was saying, you’re a vampire and your body can not go through the changes it needs to give birth. So, no matter how hard it tries, there’s nothing to do, naturally, to push the baby out.”

“OK, then if we don’t do nothing right now, my baby could die?”

Davina pursed her lips, refusing to say the words, yet, she nodded weakly, confirming what you had said. And to be aware of that was horrible. You gasped, desperate.

“Then hurry up, honey.” Your eldest brother stated. “Before my… my niece dies!”

“Give me a scalpel, a blade, anything that cuts. We need be fast.”

“I’ll go.” Rebekah sighed. 

The blonde wooshed out the room and, a minute later, she came back, bringing all the medical stuff she could find. Between very intense feelings, so bloody heightened because of your vampirism, you did not afford to lose time to think about how did your sister-in-law manage to always have everything at hand. It was a crazy messed up family you got yourself into. Still, you could not help but smile, truly happy to be finally surrounded by everyone you loved. 

“What?” Klaus whispered, by your side. 

“I’m happy our baby is coming.”

It was quick, but you were able to see the big bad Hybrid flashing a goofy grin, similar to the ones he gave away when the two of you were alone. 

“Now, this room is a little crowded…”

“I want to stay!” They all yelled, together. 

“It’s better if only two family members stay in this room. Don’t worry, it will be over fast.”

“This is not fair.” Rebekah cursed, pouting. “I want to watch my niece being born!”

“Davina is about to cut me open, are you seriously wanting to check up on my uterus?" 

"You’re a moron, Y/N." 

"Oh, you’re so sweet, Bekah!” You winked at her. “Now all of you: go. Let the witch do her job.”

Elijah grasped Rebekah’s shoulders and dragged her out of the room. They were followed by Stefan, who had a rather guilty look on his face. You could tell how much he was struggling to handle this whole situation and nobody could blame him. 

A sharp pain, originated by the small surgery, crawled through your form, filling all your senses. The first reaction you had was hid your face on a pillow, as way to muffle a loud groan. Also, breathing was huge challenge. Klaus’ warm hand squeezed yours, softly, giving you strength to hold on a couple of more minutes. 

“Damon, right? Help me out here.” Now voices were hard to distinguish. 

“No, don’t come near her. I’m the father, I’ll help.”

“Stop being such a pain in the ass, Klaus. She’s my sister, I won’t hurt her.”

“Guys, it’s not really a got time to be fighting! You, stay close to your girlfriend, she’s almost passing out, and you, grab tissues and a towel, I’m getting this baby out now.”

Then, after Davina, probably, said that, you felt slightly lighter, as if someone took off a heavy weight from above you. It was such an odd feeling! The room was spinning and breathing was a hard thing to do, but, everything became meaningless once your baby began to cry.

She was alive! 

“Is Y/N going to be fine?”

You opened your eyes, struggling with the light excess. A while later, you began to examine the surroundings. Damon was silently sitting on a couch, with Rebekah and Stefan by him. He was holding a small package, something wrapped in a white sheet. Davina stood close to you, seeming tired and her hands were covered in blood. At last, Klaus was still sitting by your side, looking as concerned as he were when you went into labour. 

“I guess this answers your question." 

"This is not the time you will get rid of me, honey.”

“Lucky me.” The Mikaelson chuckled, kissing you quickly. “How you’re feeling?”

“Urgh. I’ll be fine. Where is my baby?" 

Despite your effords to sit up straight, you were not able to move, since Klaus had you pinned down to the bed. You huffed, annoyed by his overprotective actions, and tried to free yourself by pushing his arms away. The only outcome was a big failure. Although, considering he was a few hundred years older and you had just given birth, there was not really much to do except give in to what he wanted. 

"Be quiet, love, you’re still injuried." 

"Oh pish posh! Just bring me our daughter, Nik.”

“Damon, could you do the honours?" 

"Me? Why should I… Ah, I have baby, right.”

By now, you did not even noticed your breath was stuck in your throat, which was probably due to the fact that your brother, who was firmly against the fact you were bearing a miraculous child, held his niece comfortably on his arms. Matter fact, he actually seemed worried about her. And, for the love of God, that poor girl needs to get a name. 

“Here it is your daughter, sis.” Damon winked at you shielding himself with a smug. “Be careful, you may fall in love with her." 

"I’m her mum, so I’m pretty sure I already am in love with her." 

A quick laugh was shared by everyone in the room and, finally, after all the trouble you went through, your baby girl was with you. There were not words enough in the dictionary to describe her unique beauty. Bloody Damon was absolutely right, the youngest Mikaelson member was stunning. You could not help but smirk, sighing proudly afterwards. 

Rebekah coughed, drawing attention to herself.

"Not wanting to break this moment and all, but, I believe she needs a name.”

“Yes, she does.” You confirmed. “So, Klaus, any suggestions?”



“Her name should be Hope.”

“Why is that, brother?” Your blonde sister-in-law questioned. “It’s a odd name.”

“Look, we’re all here because of her. She got this wicked and messed up family together like no one else managed to do before. Made both me and Damon to put our pride aside, just to allow her to be born in a peaceful place. All I mean is… This baby is our redemption and our chance to better. She is… our Hope.”

Hope giggled, adorably, as if she understood and liked her new name, and that made your heart skip a beat. You were happy, even more after seeing all of your family gathered and cheering over the new member’s arrival.

“Are you okay, love?” Klaus asked, awhile later, after everyone left. 

Now you where showered and back to your normal self, just like Davina said you would. Even though it felt… different, to not be pregnant any more, you were more than glad it was over. 

“I am. Thank you for keeping your promise.”

“Which one?”

“Sticking around with me until Hope was born.”

“I’ll be with you way longer than that." 

You smiled as he hugged you, wrapping his arms around your waist and watching your, now asleep, daughter on her crib. Klaus had given you an amazing gift and for that you could never thank him enough. 

"I love you, Nik.”

“I love you too, Y/N/N. More than anyone in this world.”

“Nah, I just can’t believe that.”

“You can’t?”

“Yes. You love someone more.”

“Who is then?”

“I believe her name Hope.” You giggled. “Come here, babe.”

Klaus pulled you into his warm embrace, squeezing you tightly against his chest and kissing your forehead. Right that second, you knew he was going to be your fix for life.

The big bad Hybrid was your soulmate and nothing could get in the way of your happiness now. 

That’s my girl- Klaus Mikaelson

Request: ‘I’m totally feeling that Klaus love, so I’ll send in a request. (I just started following you but I love your writing). How about where Klaus was was taking you to some of his old homes in Europe and an old enemy comes into play. And then you are able to outsmart them after they take you. Klaus sees this just as he’s coming to save you and has a total “that’s my girl” moment.’ // thank you for the sweet comment about my writing, love xx

prompt: You and Klaus go on vacation in England when you get kidnapped while Klaus was showering. You’re being held by an old enemy of Klaus but as he comes to your rescue, you already beat them up and are ready to escape.

WARNINGS: Y/N being a badass and killing some rude vampires

pairing: klaus x reader

A/N: hope you like it, I’m working on other requests right now xx


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London. You wanted to get to London ever since you could think of places to travel. London just was so full of amazing things to see and also a british accent never failed to amaze you.

And when you met Klaus and immediately fell in love with his thick british accent, this culture amazed you even more. It had taken a long time for Klaus and you to get together. It didn’t take long for you to fall in love, though. But as you got to know Klaus you also knew why it was so hard for him to let people in. But now, the two of you finally were together and made each other as happy as you had never been before.

This week, Klaus had decided to take you away from New Orleans, where the both of you currently lived with the rest of his family, to travel to England with you. He had booked a nice hotel where you’d be staying in. Right now, you looked out of the window onto the rainy streets of London and sighed in satisfaction. You had never travelled further than New York with Klaus and being so far away from everything you were used to with the love of your life was quite relaxing.

You felt Klaus’ arms wrapping themselves around your waist and his chin was soon placed on your shoulder. “Enjoying the view, love?”, he asked quietly and placed a kiss onto your neck. You hummed in response and truned in his grip. A towel was wrapped around his torso. “But I’m loving this view.”, you grinned and leaned forward to kiss his lips. He wrapped his arms around you and your arms were wrapped together behind his neck.

But Klaus broke the kiss soon enough and you pouted in response. “Patient, love. You’ll be getting all you want of me in the evening, but I have to shower first.” he explained and pecked your lips only for a second. “Alright, but hurry. I also want to explore a little bit of this city.”, you exclaimed as he walked into the bathroom.

Klaus was only in the bathroom for about a minute when you heard a knock on the door. You got up and opened it, thinking it was someone who brought you food. You were wrong. You were surprised by two men standing in front of you, both wearing black suits. Before you could even think about what was going on, one of them injected you something. Due to you immediately passing out, you considered it was vervain.

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Imagine- Having rough sex with Elijah and he tells you to call him daddy.

You whimpered in pleasure as you watched Elijah go down on you. His tongue licked at your folds while his Thumb played with your clit. “Gods Elijah!” You squeaked loudly as he hummed. He quickened his face drawing you closer to your orgasm. You grinded your hips into his face arching your back. Felling that all to familiar knot in your belly trying to squirm away you moaned loudly. Elijah help your hips down and went faster. “Oh! Elijah! I-I’m going to cum!” You yelled out only causing Elijah to go faster if that was even possible. “Elijah! Elijah!” You yelled Cumming all over Elijah’s face. You panted as he gave you one finally lick and he crawled over you trailing kisses over your stomach. “That was beautiful.” Elijah praised. You only turned red “Now since your have been a good girl You’ll get rewarded.” Without any warning he thrust into you and didn’t stop. His thrust hard bring you closer to your orgasm. You moaned his name and when he went even faster you scream his name. “Baby call me daddy.” He whispered in his ear slamming into you. You clawed his back and could feel yourself start to cum again. “Daddy! Can I cum?” You asked no you screamed loudly. “No!” He grunted back he could tell you were close when your walls clenched around his cock. This caused him to start to cum" okay baby cum.“ He told you “Daddy! Daddy!” You yelled cumming on his cock he thrust faster and spilled his seed into you. Both panting he rolled off of you to cuddle.

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Imagine meeting the Originals-Masterlist

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“What is her story?” Elena asked from her seat at the bar. She held an empty shot glass in her hand, and had a quizzical look on her face. The six others who all sat at the bar along side Elena gave her perplexed looks, not fully understanding what she had meant. Elena cast an irritated glare at each, before gesturing subtly at the girl on the opposite side of the restaurant.

“You mean (Y/N)?” Damon questioned, raising an eyebrow at Elena. Elena nodded her head, gazing into the Vampires eyes for only a moment before shifting it to the Originals. The ones who know most about (Y/N). The four Originals stared at Elena with curiosity.

“Why don’t you ask her yourself? You’re friends, aren’t you?” Rebekah asked, a hint of annoyance in her voice. The blonde was not up to spilling everything about her best friend to the doppelgänger. Elena shrugged, glancing over to (Y/N).

“I am, at least I think.” She mumbled. “But, I don’t know. It just seems kind of rude to ask her out right.” She admits, setting the shot glass down for the bartender to fill again. Stefan quickly leans over and grabs the now full glass away from Elena.

“You should at least be sober if you want to hear the story.” Stefan sighs, keeping the shot away from Elena.

“Dear, I think it might be just as rude to ask her out right as it is to ask her friends about it.” Klaus refers to Elena’s confession. The Original Hybrid sets his own glass down, and folds his arms over his chest, a small smile on his lips. They all sat in silence for a moment, it awkward for only some. At the opposite side of the bar (Y/N) continued to play pool against Enzo, her laugh adding to the noise filling the room. They’d played two games, and (Y/N) was in a drunken state, though Enzo continued to keep her upright.

“Brother, maybe we should share. (Y/N) knows personal things about Elena. It’s only fair if Elena knows something about (Y/N).” Elijah says to his younger brother. Klaus stares at his brother and then at Elena before letting out a huff.

“We all have stories to share. I suppose you should know some.” Klaus agrees. Elena perks up a bit, her eyes glinting with curiosity and excitement. She’s known (Y/N) for months and she knew so little, except the fact she was a vampire and raised by the Originals themselves.

“As you know, we found (Y/N) alone at a very young age, she wasn’t even six. We can assume she was born in the year 1299, giving the year we found her and the age she was at the time, which makes her around 717 years old.” Klaus starts, his mind and mouth going into story mode.

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Game’s on!

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson


Imagine: Klaus gets super jealous over you and you decide to punish, in a very hot way, him for almost murdering your best friend Stefan.


*smut, so read carefully

Word Count: 1577

“I’m sick of this, Klaus!” You yelled, the anger spreading through your every cell. “You treat me like I’m your property, like I am a fucking toy. Get this into your head: I’m not!”


“Wait, I’m not finished yet! You have no right to hurt my friends because you’re jealous.”

“You have no right to seduce your friends to win a bloody argument!”

The fight he had brought up started a week ago, when you went to a party alongside Elena, Bonnie and Caroline. It was at Whitmore College, you were still settling and getting used to being away from Mystic Falls. And, surely, from your boyfriend as well. The blonde thought it would be a good idea, to get out and have some fun. She did not let you say no to it.

Hours later you were there, the music was loud and people were drunk, an extremely perfect inviroment to unwind a little. Your mind was so heavy, missing Klaus, worrying about Silas… Sometimes you felt like you could not handle this much pressure. That’s when Stefan showed up, he wanted to check if everything was okay. You were all alone, since Caroline disappeared with a guy named Jesse and Damon stole Elena away. The younger Salvatore and you ended up talking, you poured your heart out to him. Both of you were very good friends and doing that felt good. He placed his arm around your shoulders and you let your head fall against his chest. It was a very bad time to do that, though, because Klaus had just arrived looking for you. He went nuts and almost ripped your best friend’s heart out. God, you felt so angry at him. And now, after he spotted you with Michael, a college friend, he started with that crap again.

“I wasn’t seducing anyone. I was just talking, like normal people do.”

“You were touching him and smiling. The smile that gets me crazy over you. I can’t picture the idea of you using that smile with other guys, they might fall for you and…”

“Sit.” You raised an eyebrow and pushed him to your bed. “Now listen to me. I love you and there’s no other man in this world who can make me feel like you do. Got it?”

He grinned and placed a hand on your waist.

“God, you’re sexy when you’re all bossy, love.”

“I’m just trying to make you understand. But I honestly think you deserve a punishment, for making me so angry.”

“Well, I can’t disagree with you. What do you have in mind to make your powerful boyfriend suffer?”

“First, lay down.” Klaus looked at you, the smile still on his face. “I said: lie down! Right now!”

You pushed him harshly and he fell on his back, glancing at you with expectation. 

“Now, you are not allowed to touch me. Just watch.”

The Mikaelson nodded, agreeing with your terms. You put a soft song to play and started to sway your hips, lightly, looking directly at him. Slowly, you unbuttoned your shirt, rubbing your hands through your body. Finally, you ran out of buttons and let the black lacy bra show up. Klaus tightened in the bed and motioned to stand up. You knew he was tempted, but, at the same time, you wanted him to beg. Beg for your sex.

“I remember saying for you lie down! Now I have to tie you up.”


“Shush! Don’t say a word until I say so.”

Your lips hovered about his, your noses touched, but you did not kiss him. He grunted when you backed away, leaving his wrists tied up with your shirt and giggling. His eyes followed your every movement, especially when you took off your skirt, revealing a sexy black thong, matching your bra. Klaus loved that and you would not waste an opportunity to drive him over the edge. 

“Y/N, this is not funny! Look how hard you got me!”

“Tsk, your commander did not allowed you to say anything yet.” You slip off from your underpants and gently rubbed it against his nose. “Smell my arousal, honey, and know that you will not taste it. At least not now.”

“Love, I don’t believe this is a fair game.”

“You agreed to play, though. Live up to your promise and I assure you’ll end up satisfied.”

“Next time we play this, I’m in charge. I’m a bloody alpha, not any dog you can boss around.”

“Keep talking like that and you’ll end up with no pussy today. And mine is, oh, all juicy.”

You laughed as you head him growl. Klaus had a short temper and, heck, you enjoyed so much to play with his feelings. Biting your lower lip, you touched your clit, tracing figure eights on it. Your boyfriend’s eyes widened and you sat in front of him, still rubbing the soft nub. The other hand grabbed a boob and you realised you were still wearing a bra. You pushed it down a little, stroking your nipple and letting out girlish moans.

“This feels so good, oh…”

“Y/N, if you don’t sit on my face right now so I can help you with that… Fuck, I don’t know what I’m going to do to you.”

“I guess you already know, sweetie.” You smiled, sticking your wet fingers inside his mouth. “Only you can make me get like this. Look at the sheets, all dirty with my juices…”

“I’m going crazy over here. My dick is so hard for you, babe, help me out a little.”

“Oh, my poor Nik, do you want me to suck your cock or ride it?”

“Is this a trick question?” His blue eyes looked at you so deeply, you almost felt your skin burn. “I want to feel your pretty pussy clenching around my thick cock.”

You sighed, nodding and taking off his trousers and tearing up his shirt, leaving only his blue boxers on. His hard length could be seen miles away and you almost felt sorry for him, it was probably hurting a lot. Klaus’ body was claiming to feel your soft hands and, without hesitation, you went for it, pumping softly his cock and hearing his groans fill the room.

“You’ll be so screwed when this game is over.”

“Is fair when you do it, but no when I’m in charge?” You questioned him, finally sinking down on his dick. The Mikaelson closed his eyes whilst you moaned. "Niklaus Mikaelson, you need boundaries. Someone to put on your place. No Elijah, no Mikael. Me! I’m the one who’s going to set you straight.“

It was the breaking point to the man under you, he tore the shirt locking his wrists and grasped your butt, slapping it and increasing the movements’ velocity. Next morning you could bet you would be sore.

Fuck, Klaus!“ You reached your clit, stroking it.

"You love my cock inside your pretty pink pussy, don’t you?”

You hummed, nodding, unable to answer properly, and digging your nails on his chest. The only sound heard was of your hips clapping and the strangled noises both of you were making. His large hands cupped your breasts, stroking gently your nipples. You did not think it was possible to feel this amount of pleasure.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck…” You squeaked, heavy breathing and punching his chest. “I’m going to fucking cum around you!”

“Come on, kitten, show me what you got.”

You took a deep breath, the numbing feeling starting to crawl up your body. By this point, it was not about dominating him anymore, you just wanted the tension built up on your stomach released. Klaus angled his hips, finding a sweet spot inside you, which made you huff and grunt.

At last, since your body could not withstand any more of that pressure, you felt your mind levitate. Your toes curled up and you clutched his hair tightly, almost ripping a lock off. Klaus came right afterwards, in hot spurts inside of you and squeezing your waist so strongly you knew it would leave a bruise behind. When the thrilling sensation left, you smiled, satisfied and cuddled on his chest, his unique scent invading your nostrils.

“You’re such a complicated person, Y/N.”

“I am?” You did not look at him, just kept drawing imaginary figures on his chest. 

“Yes, but now I know that’s exactly why I love you.”

“I love you too, sweetheart. However, don’t think that means I’m not angry with for you trying to kill my friends.”

“I’m truly sorry, love, I just… I’m scared one day I might lose you.”

You shook your head, giggling.

“I’m really upset you didn’t realise, by now, you’re stuck with me forever. Well, forever if one day you decide to turn me.”

“That’s up only to you, darling.”

Y/N Y/L/N!” Caroline cried, covering her eyes. “What did we agreed about bringing boys in?”


“Oh, come on!”

“Give us a minute and we’ll fix everything.”

Klaus and you laughed at the blonde, leaving the bed and getting dressed. You sighed, getting lost on your boyfriend putting on his trousers. He raised his eyesight, staring at you and making you blush.

“If you keep looking at me like that, we won’t be able to leave.”

“Urgh! I’m still listening.”

“We’re coming, Care. Don’t worry.”

One more laugh, one more kiss and he was gone, taking a piece of your heart alongside him.


Requested by Anon - I’m gonna be honest I would die to read a prompt from each and everyone of those 103 with Elijah and the reader, but I love you way to much to put you through this, sooooo 7, 10 and 55!!
Prompts – 7 – ‘Stop saying your sorry.’
                 10 – ‘This is why I don’t let anyone in!’
                 55 – ‘I think I’m in love with you and that scares me to death.’

Word Count – 456

Characters – Elijah x Reader

You had just arrived home when you heard a bang so you walked to where the noise had originated from where you saw Elijah standing there with cuts across his face and blood over his shirt.
‘Living room.’ You told him as you went and got the medical supplies.
‘Sorry for barging in.’ He said as he slowly leaned down.
‘It’s okay.’ You said with a shrug you cut open his shirt to see a small stake like object in his chest. You looked up at him.
‘This is going to hurt.’ You told him before pulling it out. He grabbed your thigh and squeezed tightly causing you to flinch.
‘Sorry.’ He said again. You just brushed it off and cleaned the wound making sure there was nothing left. You moved onto the other ones.
‘So still no one?’ You asked. You were his best friend and it was your duty to tease him, but it was mainly to side-track him when you cleaned him up.
‘This is why I don’t let anyone in!’ He said as you poured the cleaning liquid onto the wounds.
‘You’re saying you are scared that to do anything just in case they get hurt?’ You asked him, he nodded.
‘It looks like I’m stuck cleaning you up then.’ You said.
‘Sorry.’ He muttered again.
‘Stop saying sorry.’ You told him, he looked at you and slowly sat up. You saw he needed a shirt.
‘I’ll be back, I’ll go and get you a top.’ You told him before headed out the room and up to your room. As you entered the room and walked over to him, he was sitting up. You handed him the top and sat next to him as he placed it on.
‘Why do you always come to me, if you’re scared of letting people in?’ You questioned him. He looked at you not breaking eye contact but then looking away.
‘I trust you.’ He stated.
‘That’s good.’ You said and relaxed into the couch, he nodded.
‘But tell me the main reason.’ You asked. He looked at you shocked and then he decided it would be best to get it out in the open.
‘I think I’m in love with you and that scares me to death.’ He said, you didn’t expect that.
‘What?’ You asked.
‘I’m in love with you and it scare me.’ He told you. You faced him, placing your hands on his cheeks.
‘Why does it scare you?’ You asked. His eyes travelled over your face.
‘I don’t want you in danger.’ He said. You smiled.
‘I don’t think I’ll be in danger if I’m with you.’ You told him honestly. He smiled and placed a delicate kiss on your forehead.

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Stefan: “I heard you’ve been very flirty with (Y/N)”
Klaus: “oh come on, it’s nothing”
Stefan: “is that when she’s gonna start sleeping in your bed?”
Klaus: ”Really? It’s none of you business”

Love At First Sight - Part 2 - Kol x Reader

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 2 (part 3 will probably be the last part, I don’t know when I’ll post it)

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

Summary: The day after you first kissed Kol, you spent more time with him and get involved in the town drama.

Enjoy :)

Part 1

Originally posted by lifeofvampirediaries

Family Drama.

“Stop it!” you giggled.

You were sitting on the grass with Kol. You were in the park, trying to study for your history test but Kol couldn’t keep his hands off of you. You giggled when he placed his hands on your waist to pull you to him.


“Oh, come on, love. Half of the things in this book are wrong!” he told you.

“What?” you looked up at him.

“Nothing,” he chuckled and he shook his head before he leaned to kiss you. You placed your right hand on his cheek and you deepened the kiss.

You broke it as you needed to breathe and he started kissing your neck.

“Kol, I really need to study,” you said but you didn’t push him away. You closed your eyes, enjoying the feeling of his hands on you, of his lips on your neck. “Kol.”

He sighed. “You’re no fun,” he said before he kissed your temple and took your history book from you. “What are you studying?”

You spent the afternoon studying and kissing. When night came and it was getting colder, you decided to have dinner at the Grill. There, you saw Klaus drinking at the bar and Alaric and Meredith Fell playing pool. You saw your sister coming in and she walked towards Klaus.

“What’s happening there?” you asked Kol.

He turned to look at his brother and you knew he was listening to what they were saying. Kol chuckled.

“My brother likes your sister but she doesn’t like him back,” he said in a mocking tone. You watched your sister leave the Grill followed by Klaus.

“I’ll be right back,” you said, getting up. He took your hand and stopped you. You leaned to kiss him before you left for the bathroom.

When you stepped out, you met face to face with Stefan.

“Stefan!” you breathed out. “You scared me!”

“I’m sorry (Y/N),” he said and you frowned. Someone was behind you and put a hand on your mouth so you couldn’t scream for help. You saw Kol turning around and see you get dragged outside by Stefan and who you believed was Damon.

Once you were outside, Damon released you. “What the hell are you doing?” you yelled at the vampire.

“We’re sorry, (Y/N), but this is to protect you too,” Stefan said.

“What?” you were confused.

Alaric showed up with a dagger in his hand.

Damon pushed you away from the door when it opened again.

“Kol!” you called when he stepped outside and Alaric instantly stabbed him in the heart. “Kol!” you cried when you saw his skin getting grey. Alaric caught him so he wouldn’t fall. “What are you doing?” you said. You were angry, scared and you were tearing up.

“They’re all linked and their mother is trying to kill them,” Damon said.

Suddenly, you saw Klaus removed the dagger and Kol fell on the ground. He pushed Alaric and Stefan aside and you rushed at Kol’s still unconscious body. You took his face in your hands. “Kol,” you whispered.

“I should have killed you months ago,” you looked up at Klaus who was threatening Damon.

“Do it,” the vampire said. “It’s not gonna stop Esther from killing you.”

You frowned.

“What did you say about my mother?” Klaus asked as he took a few steps towards Damon.

“You didn’t know I was friends with your mummy?” he said. “Yeah, we have a lot in common. She hates you as much as I do.”

You pulled Kol to your chest.

Klaus was about to kill Damon when he was interrupted by Elijah. “Leave it!” he told his brother and you looked up at the Original vampire who was on top of the stairs behind you. Klaus slowly turned around to look up at his brother whose skin was still a little grey. You were worried Kol still hadn’t woke up.

“We still need him, Niklaus,” the older brother said.

“What did mother do?” the hybrid asked but his brother didn’t answer. “What did she do, Elijah?”

He climbed down the stairs and took his phone out. “Tell me where the witches are or I’ll tell my sister to kill Elena right now!” he told Damon.

“You told me we had after nine!” Damon said.

“Well, I’m sure Rebekah will be more than happy to start her work early,” he said.

You felt Kol move and you looked down at the Original vampire who was slowly opening his eyes. You stroke his cheek with your thumbs and he slowly looked up at you.

“(Y/N),” he could only whisper.

“You’re okay,” you told him and you hugged him tighter.

Damon told Elijah what he wanted to know.

“What’s happening?” Kol asked as soon as he was back on his feet. He kept you close and you couldn’t let go of him.

“Mother had linked us all. One of us die, we all die. She is going to kill Finn tonight, we need to stop them,” Elijah explained.

Kol couldn’t believe his mother was trying to kill them. He looked down at you. “You should go home,” he said.

You looked up and frowned. “Be careful,” you told him and he nodded before he kissed you. You kissed him as if it was the first and last time you were going to see him. “Be careful,” you repeated before he left. When you looked up at the stairs you saw Caroline looking down at you. She had a guilty look on her face.

“What did you do?” you asked her, angry.

“I didn’t do anything,” she said.

“You knew what was going on?” you yelled at her.

She looked at you in silence for a minute.

“Elena told me… She wants to kill Klaus,” she said.

“So if Klaus dies it doesn’t matter if all of them die with him?” you yelled. “I thought you liked Klaus!”

“Klaus is the reason I’m a vampire!” she yelled back at you. “He killed Jenna,” she reminded you. “He’s a monster!”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. “Klaus likes you,” you told her. “He trusted you.”

She looked at you with the same guilty look she had earlier. You shook your head.

“You and Elena were ready to kill all of them just to get rid of one,” you said. “And you think you’re better than them?” you asked her but walked away before she could answer.

You sat on your bed, staring at the floor, worrying about Kol. About an hour and a half later, someone was knocking on your front door. You rushed to open and smiled when you saw Kol but you quickly lost your smile when you saw his face. He was looking down and he looked sad.

“Oh, Kol…” you said and you hugged him. “I’m sorry.”

He hugged you tight and buried his face in your neck. You took his face in your hands and stroke his cheeks with your thumbs. He leaned to kiss you and you kissed him back. He lifted you off of your feet and closed the front door as he stepped in your house. You wrapped your legs around his waist and in the next second he was laying you on your bed. His lips moved from your lips to your cheek to your neck. You slid your fingers through his hair and you moaned his named when he moved his left hand under your shirt.

The next morning, you woke up in Kol’s arms. You were only wearing his shirt and you knew he was already awake as he was stroking your shoulder with his fingers.

“Good morning,” he said and you could hear his grin in his voice.

“Hi,” you smiled and looked up. You propped yourself on your elbow. “Get that smile off your face,” you told him and he chuckled before he kissed you.

“Aren’t you gonna be late for school?” he asked and you frowned. You quickly looked at your clock and gasped.

“I’m supposed to be in history class right now!” you panicked. You tried to get out of bed but Kol stopped you.

“Relax,” he chuckled.

“No, no, I have a test!” you told him.

“I’ll compel your teacher to give an A, I promise,” he chuckled and then kissed you.

“You can’t compel Alaric!” you told him.

“You mean the guy that stabbed me last night?” he asked and you looked down and nodded. “You’re right, I’ll just kill him instead,” he said and you looked up at him and he saw the shock on your face. He laughed.

“I’m just kidding,” he said before he kissed you. You closed your eyes and relaxed in the kiss. You deepened the kiss and he moved so you had your back on the mattress and he was on top of you. But you broke the kiss.

“I’m missing school,” you said and he grinned.

“So? Let’s stay in bed all day,” he said.

You looked at him and sighed. He chuckled and kissed you as he took your silence for a “yes”. 


Imagine you’re Jeremy and Elena’s little sister and you have a crush on Damon, who is dating Elena.

You loved your siblings, despite the fact you lived a dysfunctional life. I mean your older sister, Elena was a vampire. Your older brother Jeremy was a vampire hunter. You were just you, nothing extraordinary about you, besides the fact you always seemed to fall for all the wrong people. For example, your sisters boyfriend, Damon Salvatore.

He was gorgeous, black hair, blue eyes, funny. He is also a vampire. He was overall amazing and every time you were around him, you felt, lighter. You felt alive. You didn’t feel like you had everyone depending on you. You could be yourself. You didn’t dare utter a word of this to anyone. Not even Jeremy. No one needed to know, but you.

Damon always said hi to you, even in his worst moods. He talked to you about everything. You were close and you loved every single minute you spent with him. It was wrong of you to like him and you did feel guilty about it, but at the same time, you didn’t. It’s not like you were gonna steal him away from Elena.

Little One

Reader x Kol Mikaelson



Word count: 2114

Imagine: being Damon and Stefan’s little sister and having to tell them you are dating Kol Mikaelson.

Being a Salvatore had its perks and, mostly, it was great to have caring and loving siblings. Of course, as you were the younger one and a girl, Damon and Stefan felt like you were, somehow, weaker than them and needed their full protection on every decision you made. Those kind of thoughts annoyed you deeply and it was exactly what drove you to run away from them, disappearing for a few decades. It was for your own sake and you did not regret it for one minute.

“So, mind to tell us where the heck were you last night?” Damon asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Out with a friend.”

“Y/N, you know it’s dangerous out there, especially with the Originals in town.” Stefan reasoned with you.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine and I’m surely not scared of them.”

Your brothers did not know, but you had met the Mikaelsons years ago and grew very close to them, especially to the younger one: Kol Mikaelson. You and him dated for awhile, enjoying the pleasures of being wild vampires in the twist of the millennium. It was a brief relationship, though. He disappeared without any explanation and left you heartbroken.

“You should.”

“Don’t worry about me, sweethearts.” You laughed. “Now I’ll go upstairs and shower. Do not disturb me, okay?”

“When did you become so bossy?”

“My brother taught me so when I was little girl.” You yelled, in the way to your room, hearing Stefan laugh downstairs.

Soon enough you arrived your destination, rushing to open the curtains and admire the gorgeous day outside. Bright sun, white clouds, the whole scene got you wishing to put on a bikini and go swimming. But, as you were at Mystic Falls, that would not be possible. A sigh came out of your lips as the realisation you missed your travels hit you. Shaking your head, you undressed quickly, leaving a small pile of clothes on the floor.

At the bathroom, you put together a great shower.

“Damn it, Damon.” You rolled your eyes, noticing one of your bath salts was gone.

Having no other choice, you shrugged and entered the tub. The water was so warm and cosy it made you close your eyes, smiling. After the long night you had, that was exactly what you needed to unwind.

The minute you closed your eyes, you could not help but think about Kol. It was funny how you thought you would never see him again and, somehow, he was undaggered by Niklaus the same time you got back to Mystic Falls. Sure it could not be a coincidence.

[Over 100 years ago]

“So, Mary, are you sure this party is safe?”

“Yes! I’ve told you that a million times. One of my friends, Elijah, invited me over, I asked if you could come and he said yes.”

“Why do I feel you’re not telling me everything?”

“Come on, Y/N! Let’s go! You get to meet pretty guys and drink fresh blood, that ought be good.”

You bit your lower lip, analysing the situation and finally agreeing to go, nodding your head slightly. Mary smiled and let out a girlish shout, which made you giggle.

“By the way, you look stunning in that dress.”

“Don’t make me blush or I might regret going to this party thing.”

Mary only rolled her eyes, the smirk never leaving her lips, and grabbed your hand, pulling you inside the vehicle. For your best friend, life was an endless festivity, you just had to jump in it and enjoy. As for that evening, you decided to go along with her beliefs.

{later that night}

“This is such a bore, Mary. You never told me it was going to be ball.”

The family who owned that place was, surely, very rich. The room had a very unique decoration, featuring light coloured walls, expensive furniture and a bunch of things you did not care to pay attention to. Actually, the only thing that caught your eye was a very handsome guy, who insisted on flirt with you through looks. However, he did not dare to come around and talk to you.

“Look, stay just a little bit longer and then you’re free to go, all right?”

“Okay.” You nodded. “I’ll go outside, to catch some air. It won’t take long.”

“Fine, I guess I’ll see you later.”

You went up, searching for some sort of balcony. Although it was a clear night with a bright moon shining, the wind kept howling. These kind of moments reminded you so much of your brothers, how they would tuck you in bed and sing a lullaby, so you would sleep peacefully. Especially Damon. You and him were immensely close siblings.

“Well, what are you doing all by yourself here, love?”

“I guess this is not my kind of party, so I sneaked out.” You answered the stranger, without looking at him.

“I saw you with Mary. Are you friends with her?”

“Yeah, she has been my friend for a few years now.” You replied, staring firmly at the moon. “How do you know her?”

“She’s sort of a family friend.”

“Elijah is a relative of yours?”

“My brother.”

You glanced over your shoulder, curious of what that man would look like. For your surprise, you recognised the devilish smirk and the eyes filled with mischief. He walked towards you slowly, letting you assume he was a huge teaser. His warm touch got your shoulders and you could not help but shudder under it.

“I believe I haven’t gotten your name.”

“Kol Mikaelson, at your service.” He kissed your hand, as a way to display courtesy. “Yours is?”

“Y/N Salvatore.”

“Now what do you say we ditch this party and go out to have some fun?”

“It involves feeding? Because I could use some blood right now.”

“Sure it does! I’ve been dying to feed from someone this days.”

“I know just the place.”

Kol smiled, winking at you.

“Let’s go, then.”

That second, when you first spoke to Kol, you knew your destiny was bound to his and that you would fall completely in love with him, for you never had that sort of connection with anyone else before that Mikaelson.

[Present day]

A sponge was being rubbed by you through your body, cleaning it all up and untying the knots on your shoulders. At the same time, small bubbles popped against your skin. The whole mixture of sensations was great. A small moan came out of your lips, showing great levels of relaxation.

“Y/N! Did you die in there?”

“No, Damon! I’m showering, give me a break!”

“Well, hurry up!”

You huffed, getting out of the tub and drying your body with a fluffy towel. It was so great beneath the water… Damon just had to screw it all up. You shook your head, leaving the bathroom and going straight to closet. However, before you got there, you were struck with a surprise. A very naked surprise in your bed.

“Hello, darling.”

“Oh my God!” You yelled, letting the only thing covering your body fall and blushing even more. “What are you doing here, Kol?”

“I came to see if you got home safely.”

“My brothers are home. If they see you, shit, I don’t even know what they would do.”

“Y/N, are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine.” You answered, quickly and tried to cover yourself.

“Can I come in?”

“No!” Your eyes widened. “I’m naked.”

“Come on, I’m your brother, I’ve seen you naked before.”

“Yeah, right, but, um, wait until I’m dressed.”

Damon ignored her sister’s wishes and entered her room anyway, finding a naked Kol trying to help a naked Y/N to dress something up. “Now I’m very much screwed”, you thought, watching as your brother looked stunned by what he was seeing.

What the hell is going on here?

“I can explain this.” You babbled, not knowing exactly what to say.

“Go ahead!”

“What’s happening?” Stefan got even more pale than normal for a vampire. “Y/N, care to explain why there is an Original vampire naked in your room?”

“We weren’t doing anything!” Kol stated, as he knew you were too mortified to say anything. “She just got out of shower and I wanted to surprise her.”

“So you wanted to hump my sister’s brains out as a surprise? Great to know!”

“Damon, he didn’t meant like that.”

“Don’t speak for him! Oh God, I’m going to kill you!”

You stood in front of Kol, trying to stop your brother from doing something stupid. Not to mention you were still naked, as so were your boyfriend. Yes, you had bumped into Kol a couple of weeks earlier and could not be more happier to work things out with him. Well, you were mostly glad, except when you imagined telling your brothers you were dating their enemie. You had been in love with him way before all this Elena, curse and everything else hapenned, though.

“Ok, both of you: get out of my room! I need to get dressed.”

“I’m not leaving.”

“Neither am I.”

Both of your siblings crossed their arms, refusing to let you be alone with the Original.

“Let’s get something straight: I’m a grown woman. I don’t need you following my every step. I’ll explain everything in a couple of minutes. Just let us get dressed, OK?”

They did not seem happy, but agreed to leave. Damon slammed the door and you looked at Kol, noticing he was laughing and not caring about causing World War III at your house. You huffed and went to the closet, putting on a cute flourish dress.

“You look gorgeous, love.”

“Don’t think you are getting out of this by saying I’m beautiful.”

“First: I’m not saying you are beautiful to get out of any situation, and second: You have to admit it was funny.”

You bit your lips before bursting into laughter.

"OK, Damon’s face was hilarious. I’ll give you that, but I still have to tell them we’re going out.”

“I can’t believe you haven’t done that already.”

Kol sounded hurt, however, you knew he was just messing with you and trying to joke around, only to make you more comfortable.

“Come on, let’s face the beasts.”

You held Kol’s hand and went downstairs, finding both Damon and Stefan sitting on the couch with angry faces. Kol let out a chuckle and you smashed a finger against his lips. It was no time to be smiling.

“I’m waiting, Y/N.”

“Okay, I promised you an explanation and I’m going to give you one.” You sighed. “Kol and I are dating. For awhile now.”

“And you never thought to mention you were sleeping with the enemie?”

“It isn’t like that!” You dug your fingers in your hair. “I met Kol ages ago and we just got back together.”

They remained silent for a couple of minutes and you exchanged a look with Kol. You were worried your brothers would never forgive you for not telling you had boyfriend and he was Klaus Mikaelson’s sibling. A tear rolled down your face.

“I’m sorry.”

“Could you quit being such brats?” Kol stood up, obviously annoyed to see you crying. “She’s apologising and all you can do is look at her like she’s done something wrong?”

“Kol, that’s not necessary.”

“Of course it is. You are a wonderful person and they need to know you’re not just someone they can boss around.”

“Don’t expect me to be fine with this, because I won’t. He tried to kill Elena, Y/N.”

“I know, Damon. But…”

“Stop. I don’t want hear it. Stick with your pathetic little boyfriend. Choose him above your own flesh and blood.” He said sharply and left afterwards.

The amount of tears increased. Stefan approached you and Kol seemed a bit tense, but, as he understood the vampire just wanted to hug his little sister, the Mikaelson allowed the other one to get closer.

“Don’t worry, Y/N/N, he’ll come around.”

“What if he doesn’t?”

“I’ll fix this. And congratulations to you both. I’m happy that you’re happy.”

“Thank you.” You whispered.

“Now I’ll try to find him.”

You nodded and watched as he left. Kol put his arms around your shoulders, hugging you and whispering soft words in your ear. He always knew how to calm you down. You grasped his shirt and he lifted you, carrying you to your own bedroom. Calmly, the Mikaelson placed you in bed and lied you in his chest.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart.” Kol said, stroking your hair. “It’ll all be fine.”

He smiled and you reached for his lips, kissing him smoothly.

“I hope so, Kol. I really hope so.”


Requested by @ayyerica

gif credits: not mine.

Actual request: “Can you do an imagine where the reader asks Elijah out on a date because she’s liked him for a while but he respectfully declines as he’s still thinking about Hayley but a month later, he’s over her and reader goes on a date with Stefan and Elijah ruins everything out of jealousy and fights with reader”

“You seem different.” you say to Elijah. He smiles at you and drinks his scotch. “You used smile bigger.”

“Well,” Elijah says and puts his glass away. “Things changed.”

“I can see that.” You don’t like this chit chat between you two but what can you possibly say? His niece’s mother has just married another guy and he looks so alone. So beautifully alone.

“Elijah, look,” you say. “I know things have been pretty messy around here but… We know each other for a while. You seem like you could use a drink. Or two drinks.” You laugh at yourself but he doesn’t look like amused.

“Y/N…” There he goes. “You’ve been such a perfect person to me for the last couple of weeks but I really am so tired for-”

“I see.” you say. You don’t need to hear rest of it. “It was a silly idea, Elijah, really. You should take a bath or get some sleep. And I’ll get that two drinks. Anyways, see you.”

He wants to say something but you leave the house with your super-speed. Yes, he didn’t say anything bad and it wasn’t an actual thing. It is just… You wish he didn’t decline your offer.

A month later

You decide to leave New Orleans to see an old friend - Stefan Salvatore. You guys haven’t been in touch for like five decades. So, why don’t you catch up?

Keep reading

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Elijah Mikaelson:

Request for whomever you’d like :) And Good luck this year, I hope these imagines will help you relax.

Little One - part 2

Reader x Kol Mikaelson


Imagine: You and Kol are hooking up at Mystic Falls High School when your siblings, Damon and Stefan, followed up by Klaus and Rebekah Mikaelson, burst in and almost ruin the night.

*Requested: “I love Little One. It would be great if you write the next part. For example a school party. Klaus and Rebekah want to hurt Elena. Stefan and Damon looking for Elena. But they in one of the classrooms found Kol between thighs their sister. They just prefer to each other than family drama.

Oh <3 can I please request one more part Salvatore sister and Kol? :D

So if you had a great time writing the request, may I ask a follow-up romance Salvatore-Mikaelson? I would be delighted :D

Word Count: 1859

“This is so stupid!”

Caroline Forbes, one of Elena’s best friends, had organized a huge event at the Mystic Falls High School to celebrate something you did not bother to know. People were talking about it all over town, most of them going crazy over clothes, shoes, drinks and all that teenage crap. You always found those things extremely lame and boring. But, of course, Damon and Stefan forced you to smile and accept the invitation to go to the party. Since they found out about your relationship with Kol Mikaelson, they were following you around, just to make sure you would never be one second alone and go off to meet him.

“Come on, it’ll be fun!” Damon said, winking, and you scoffed. “Look, I like this just as much as you do. But I’m doing it to protect Elena. Klaus is still chasing after her and he could be really dangerous.”

“I know that, Damon, I lived with him for over twenty years.” You said, while putting on a pair of high heels.

The vampire narrowed his electric blue eyes, looking at you annoyed. Almost as if he did not want to remember you spent so many time with the Mikaelsons.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes.” You smiled, spinning around in front of him. “What do you think?”

Damon lost the angry face and raised an eyebrow, analysing your choice of clothing. As you did not have enough time to go shopping, you had to pick one of your old dresses. It was an ordinary one, though had a considerable cleavage and highlighted all of your curves. Definitely the kind of dress it would make Kol freak and be all jealous over you.

“Too sexy for the teenage boys to handle.”

“Well, thank you, mister. You don’t look bad yourself.”

“As much as I love spending time with you, we need to go. It’s almost nine.”

“You’re right.” You giggled. “Off to the car.”

Damon offered his arm and you gladly accepted, marching to the car as a couple of old friends. While he drove to the school, you could not help but think of how much you loved your siblings. Although you hated how overprotective they were, in the end of the day, Damon and Stefan would always have your back, help you in anything you needed and understand your choices, even the ones they did not like it. Dating Kol was one of those.

You sighed, placing your hands in your knees.

“Are you okay, Y/N?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Why do you look like somebody died?”

A laugh came out of your lips and you faced your brother, stroking lightly his face.

“I just missed you. And Stefan.”

“Who knew Y/N Salvatore had real feelings?”

“Oh, come on Damon! Don’t spoil the moment.”

“I missed you too, sis.” He kissed your cheek. “How about we get inside? If I’m right, things will get wild.”

“I can smell the yummy blood from here!” You said, getting out of the car.

“Just be cautious and don’t let anyone see you.”

“I will, don’t worry.”

Inside, you could see couples dancing to a soft ballad, it was actually kind of cute. It got you remembering how much Kol loved to spin you around and pull you close, singing in your ear. A smile grew in your face and you walked towards the bar, anything with alcohol seemed a great call for the moment. However, before you could get there, a guy stopped you.

“Hi there, gorgeous.”

“Do I know you?” You asked, awkwardly.

“No, I don’t think so. But I’d love to.” He took your hand, kissing it. “I’m James, by the way.”

“I’m Y/N.”

“How about I pay you a drink?”

How about you be my drink?” you thought, letting out a smile.

“Sounds nice.”

James turned out to be a really nice guy, although definetely not your type, but you almost felt bad for seducing him only to feed. You shook your head, trying to focus on what he was saying and not demonstrate you were annoyed to be there. The only thoughts in your mind were that you had to get him out of the crowd, finally enjoy the time you lost on him by tasting his blood and make it fast enough so your boyfriend would not catch you with him. Kol could be really freaky when he was jealous and, since his siblings, Klaus and Rebekah, were after Elena, the family would probably show up.

“Can we go somewhere private?” You questioned, wearing your best smile.

“Sure. There’s a bunch of empty classes we could use.”


It took only a few minutes to escape the loud party. The teenage boy placed his hands on your shoulders and kissed your neck. You spun around and faced him. He pulled you closer, squeezing the skin of your waist. You felt like a snake, watching your pray get closer to finally attack it.

“You’re so beautiful.”

Before he could lean in and kiss you, somebody ripped him off and threw him on the ground.

“You do not mess with somebody else’s girlfriend, mate!”

Kol!” You yelled, pulling your boyfriend away from the other guy. You knelt before James and looked deep in his eyes, compelling him to stay there and not scream.

“What were you doing with that guy? Why he had his hands on you?”

“I was just going to feed, darling.”

“Did you have to let him touch you?”

“I’m not going to argue with you over this any more. What are you doing here?”


“Your psycho siblings are after my brother’s girlfriend.”

“Jackpot!” His devilish smirk showed up, as he got closer to you, to place a kiss on your lips. “I missed you, babe.”

“Me too.”

“So, you’re still up for a drink?”

“Always am, honey.”

Kol giggled, entering one of the classrooms, leaving the door open behind. You dragged James and sat him on the teacher’s chair. The boy seemed scared, but the compulsion did not allow him to do anything, just await to a likely death. You parted his legs, placing yourself in the middle and bending to get the best spot on his neck. He smelt so good and the alcohol on his blood would only make it better. Finally you sunk your teeth on him, spilling the red liquid and calming your thirst.

“You look so sexy when you’re drinking, love." 

The Mikaelson stroke lightly your hair, watching your every move. You dropped the young man, nearly dead, on the floor and stood up, facing your boyfriend. The blood was dripping, slowly dirtying your chin and entering your cleavage. You knew how much Kol loved to see you like this, dominant and strong. A lethal weapon against his sanity.

"Don’t you want have a taste?” You whispered in deep, filled with lust, voice.

“Of course I do.” He replied, claiming your lips. “Your mouth tastes so good, darling.”

You only hummed against his lips, your hands pulling a lock of his hair aggressively. Kol laughed, kissing the soft skin on your neck, his tongue wiping out the traces of blood from it. Your body was way more responsive than usual and only small strangled noises came out of your mouth.

“This is not, oh…” He found your wet core, circling small figure eights on it. “Fair!”

The Mikaelson stopped the movements beneath your skirt and firmly grabbed your hips, turning you around and bending you against the table. You struggled to breathe, feeling his length hard on you.

“You drive me crazy, Y/N.” He smacked your ass, making you groan. “I just want to fuck you until you’re senseless.”

“Damn it!”

“Y/N.” You glanced back, staring at him. “Can you stand up for me?”

“I can try.” Both of you giggled.

Kol gave you a hand, helping you to get back on your feet. He smashed his lips onto yours one more time, before sitting you on the teacher’s table.

“Now what are you going to do?”

“Stick my head between your legs and eat you out completely.”

“I guess that’s pretty okay.”

The Mikaelson smirked, a hint of mischief infused in his irises. He knelt in front of you, grabbing your feet and rubbing it softly. Small shudders invaded your body. You screwed your eyes shut and let out a girlish moan.

“I want to hear you screaming my name, love.”

“Make me, then.”

He parted your legs, kissing your inner thighs. Kol pulled playfully your panties’ waistband, which made you bit your lips. Your core was dripping, you could not wait for his direct touch.

“Stop fooling me around, Kol Mikaelson.”

“Right, darling. Such a hurried kitten.”

You rolled your eyes, shaking your head. The younger Mikaelson took of your panties and went for it. He darted out his tongue on your slit, suckling your folds and placing delicate kisses on the soft skin. His touch was extraordinary. Kol always got you wishing for more and more.

“Oh, Kol.”

“Y/N?” You heard Damon’s voice calling out. “Are you here?”

You have to be kidding me!”

“Y/N?” It was Stefan’s time to reach for you.

Kol stopped what he was doing and raised his look to meet yours. But, before you could say anything, Stefan and Damon entered the place. Followed up by Klaus and Rebekah. “Oh, God, why can’t I have sex with my boyfriend? Is this some kind of punishment?”, you thought coming down from the table and facing the astonished look from the trespassers.

“What do you want?”

“We need to find Elena!” Stefan said, worried out and ignoring the whole situation you were in. “She’s gone and doesn’t answer her phone.”

“This is all your fault!”

“I need her, mate. I wouldn’t bloody hurt her.” Klaus retorted Damon’s statement.

“But Rebekah would.”

You exchanged a look with Kol. Both of you hated that family drama and could not care less about Elena Gilbert’s whereabouts. You sighed, hearing the fight become louder.

“Can you just shut up?” You yelled, narrowing your eyes. “This is not the place for that kinda argument.”

“But Y/N…”

“For fuck’s sake, I just want to have sex with my boyfriend. Am I asking too much?”

“Kol, who are you going to side with?” Klaus asked, ignoring what you had just said.

“I’m sorry, Nik, but I’m with Y/N. I couldn’t care less about Elena Gilbert.”

“So, all of you, leave. Right now.”

You are not bossing me around!” Klaus screamed. “I’ll do what I want.”

“Niklaus, I’m not going to argue with you.”

He raised an eyebrow and Rebekah opened her mouth to say something.

“Nor with you, Rebekah. Now, go off to find Elena or whatever, just leave us out, okay?”

“I’m not leaving you alone with him.” Damon pouted.

“We already had that conversation. He’s my boyfriend, suck it in.”


“No "but”! Out of here.“

Kol was standing against the table, arms crossed and a proud smile on his lips. After everyone left, you ran to his arms, hooking your legs around his waist. The man laughed and you kissed him.

"Now, where were we?”

I know I missed Stefan ‘The Rippppaaaa’ Salvatore

Okay but imagine if tvd was cancelled and Damon, Stefan, Bonnie, and Caroline moved down to New Orleans to join the mikaelsons. They could become one big dysfunctional family bickering, making stupid jokes, and annoying each other till someone comes along and tries to kill one of them and everyone is like “wtf lol um no that’s my family bitch.”

The Immortals- Part 17- Mikael

Hi, hello, bonjour :)


Summary: Julie learns more about Elijah’s past as Rebekah tells about how they became vampires.

This is a “re-writing” of Imagine Meeting the Originals.

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

I really hope you like it :) Please, don’t hesitate to let me know what you think :)


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Jealous E.M

Warning contains foul language 

( Hey! I love your blog!<3 I was wondering if you could do an Elijah imagine where you’re best friends with Damon and you’re like playing pool with him or something and someone asks you if you’re together and Elijah gets really jealous and possessive?)

Thank you so much, I’m sorry this is late but here you are

Word count: 1026


“Would you care for a drink my love?” my eyes refrained from scanning the Grill any further as I looked towards Elijah, still bound by his formal attire and vogue posture he smiled at me sweetly.

“Uh, Yes. Please” I replied still trying to peer over his shoulder to find our friends, I found them seconds later all laughing and chatting by the pool table. “I’ll be over there” I stated before reaching my hand past Elijah’s arm and pointing to Kol, Alaric, Bonnie, Rebekah and Damon.

Elijah followed my finger to see who I was pointing at and smiled, “Of course, I’ll be back soon” he said right before he placed a warm kiss against my lips leaving me breathless as he walked towards Matt.

After composing myself I found my way over to my fellow comrades, Damon was the first to acknowledge me with a classic smirk, “Y/N, How lovely of you to join us, Care to play?” he questioned with mystery lavioused in his tone.

I looked around the table to see Kol’s emotionless face as well as a rather tipsy looking Bonnie and Rebekah. I focused my attention back to Damon before smirking “Play? Don’t you mean win?”.


“Aw come on Damon, you can do better than that!” I teased just as he missed his shot at getting one of the balls through the hole, he stared daggers at me as I tried to contain my laughter. In the few minutes we had been playing Kol and I were tied while Damon was still trying to catch up.

His look of anger diminished and was replaced by his classic smirk “I could but you’re already taken” he replied, pleased that he had just made me blush. This was us- I had known Damon for a couple of years and throughout them he was the one who had helped shape me into the vampire I was today, although he had a way of charming me I always looked past it.

“Say Damon, was it 174 or 175 years that you’ve been a vampire and still haven’t grasped the basics of such a simple game?” asked Kol, his eyes full of amusement as he spoke, “because I’ve been locked in a coffin for the majority of my life and have managed to-as you American’s say- have kicked your arse”. By now the whole group was in laughter as one of the Grill’s familiar waitresses appeared with our food.

I made my way over to Damon and shoved him back quickly to stop him from causing a scene with Kol. It was times like these I wished that Elena was still here to pt him in his place. “May I just say…” began the waitress, catching both mine and Damon’s attention, “that you two look so cute together!” she enthused with a toothy grin, still trying to comprehend what the hell was going on I suddenly heard the heart wrenching sound of glass shattering.

Whipping my head around to see what the fuss was my face dropped immediately when I saw Elijah’s bold frame standing in front of us, his jaw clenched and eyes staring directly at my hand which happened to be touching Damon’s chest- Oh bother.

The anger embedded in his face was terrifying and I found myself wanting to sink into the ground, Was he really looking at me like for such a silly little comment? I tore my hand off Damon’s chest and stepped towards Elijah, his eyes locked with mine, a fire ignited in them.

“Elijah” I called innocently, trying to calm him down in the intense atmosphere, he ignored me and took a few steps back before standing off to the side- no doubt waiting for me to come talk to him. A long, exasperated sigh left my lips as I looked at my friends, “If you’ll excuse me, I’ll go talk to the drama queen” I joked trying to liven up the scene- luckily it worked.

As I walked away I glanced back to see them all chatting again, my eyes grazed of Damon’s before I smiled to let him know that ‘I had this under control’. I noticed immediately that Elijah’s breathing had intensified when I stood by him, he acknowledged my presence but didn’t utter a word. My lips parted while I thought of something to say however before I could he pulled me close to him and whispered violently “You’re mine!”

I tried to hide the smile that was pushing it’s way to my lips, of course he was jealous- it happened more often than not. I never expected him to be the jealous type but deep down everyone was so I really couldn’t blame him. Letting out another heavy breath I made him look up.

“I’ll always be yours Elijah- this shit is going to happen, people are going to make mistakes like that and the only way you can stop it is by labelling me with a shirt” I joked causing a smirk to set on his face as he obviously agreed. “…Or by remembering that I love you and that no man or vampire could please me as much as you do”. He huffed profoundly and parted his lips all while wrapping his arms around my lower back.

“You know me more than anyone my dear and I won’t apologize for being this way Y/N, because I love you too much but I will apologize for dropping your drink” he chuckled before bringing his lips down to mine and kissing me. His mouth parted from mine leaving a small space between our lips, “I’m still really considering that shirt idea” he teased sending me into a fit of laughter which only made me want to ravish his lips right there and then.

“Hey lovebirds, why don’t you quit your sexscapade and come join us for a game…Elijah I’m guessing you’re dying to beat the hell out of me” interrupted Damon. We turned back to each other, a smile was on both our faces.

“We’ll finish this later” I whispered before pecking Elijah’s lips one last time.

“Oh you bet we will”. 


Hope this was alright :)