Top 15 Hobbit cast members as voted by fans: Number fifteen

“I think I was actually formally offered the role, which was so surreal, at the end of 2010. And it kind of became a reality then. You know, thrilling. Totally thrilling. I’ve been asked by so many people about, you know, what it feels like to be back, or to have been asked to come back and, you know, it’s a total thrill. I have none of the responsibility that I had before. I have… None of the stress of the weight of the entire story. You know, it’s literally just a beautiful little remembrance of the character. You know, a couple of moments that really showcase the relationship between Frodo and Bilbo, which is lovely as well.” - Elijah Wood




“Actually we’re more than mates. It transcends friendship because we became so close, so early, and spent so much time together. We’re family. Everyone embodied their characters in ways that were similar to the book. I mean, Dom and Billy are Merry and Pippin in real life, in the way they interact. Even Sean Astin, who plays Sam, was very protective of me. He’d help me out and watch my back. So many situations mirror those of the book… it’s quite freaky.”

Elijah Wood