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Elijah calls Keith a thot for liking Pretty Ricky 😭

Despite being a leader of the Young Avengers, poor Patriot (Elijah Bradley) looks like he had been demoted into the background while Kate Bishop the second-in-command is front and centre. This looks like a foreshadowing to Kate Bishop’s popularity and her rise to Hawkeye series as well as the demotion of Patriot by sending him to Comic Book Limbo after this storyline. 

- Avengers: the Children’s Crusade #1

Omg its official!!!! So Tyler (young Bobby Brown in the New Edition Story) posted this on his IG. The same guy who produced The New Edition Story (Jesse Collins) is producing this movie as well so Woody and Tyler are most likely to star in it ❣️ Hopefully they’ll include the other members of The New Edition Cast too 😱 SHOOK


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