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“Damn it” you cursed with a heavy exhale as you walked from one room to the other, entering the living room you began to search  barely taking notice of Elijah who sat reading. “Y/N darling what are you doing?” Elijah asked, glancing over the top of his book to look at you. “Um, nothing” you lied as you continued to look around. “Your glasses are in the study by the book shelf” he said, pursing his lips to hold back a smile. You stopped looking as you stood up straight and looked at him, though his eyes had returned to the book in his hands. “I-I wasn’t looking for my glasses, I know exactly where they are… wh-what was that Klaus? I’m coming” you said as you quickly made your way out of the living room. “Klaus didn’t called you” Elijah laughed. “Yes he did” you called. “He’s not in the house, if you were wearing your glasses you would have seen him leave” Elijah called back

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“I had a lovely time tonight (Y/n).” Elijah spoke gently as he walked me to the car after the ball.

“So did I.” I replied smiling, walking with his arm linked with mine.

“I hope now that peace is more…adamant, we will be seeing each other more often.” Elijah stopped as we got to where my car was parked.

“As do I.” I turned to him still smiling. Elijah smiled gently, leaned down slowly and set his lips to mine. The kiss was soft and gentle, but passionate. I pulled away slowly.

“Will I see you tomorrow?” Elijah questioned quietly still holding me close.

“Possibly.” I smiled. I left a shadow of a kiss on his lips before pulling away and walking over to the car. I glanced at him one last time, before getting into my car.
“Stefan? Damon?” I called walking into our house.

“In here.” I heard Stefan’s voice from the living room.

“Where’s Damon?” I questioned as I walked over to where he was sitting with his journal.

“Don’t know.” He replied with a long sigh. I plopped down next to him.

“You could never hate me could you?” I asked timidly.

“No. Why?” He looked over at me setting his journal down.

“Because…” I sucked in a breath, “pretty sure I’ve fallen for Elijah.” He didn’t respond right away.

“Has he fallen with you?” He questioned protectively. Slowly I nodded glancing up to him.

“(Y/n)…he’s a Original.” Stefan began.

“And I’m a Salvatore.” I cut him off, “besides he’s one of most honest and moral Originals.”

“Yes…at least that what he holds himself too…but he’s not always trustworthy.”

“We’ve trusted him before.” I countered.

“Not with your heart.” Stefan replied, “just…don’t go too fast.”

“Deal.” I smiled before getting up, “I’m gonna head to bed.”

“Night.” Stefan nodded before picking up his journal again.
The next morning I was eating cereal in the kitchen. I hear Elena’s voice from the living room arguing with Damon. I continued to eat not wanting to bother, until I heard to words in one sentence, ‘kill’, and ‘Originals’. Slowly I got up and wandered into the living room. Elena and Damon were still arguing now joined by Stefan.

“What are you three talking about?” I spoke up confused. The three turned to look at me.

“Nothing (y/n),” Damon spoke up, “Elena is just expressing her thoughts about my night with Rebekah.” Damon shot her a look.

“Actually she was just leaving.” Stefan spoke up.

“Yes she was.” Damon grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the door, slamming it shut behind her.”

“What is going on?” I looked at my brothers.

“Nothing you need to worry about dear sister.” Damon smiled, and walked away.

“It’s nothing, (y/n).” Stefan said gently.
“Have you heard from Elena?” Damon asked peeking into my bedroom, “she isn’t picking up her phone.”

“No.” I replied glancing up at him. He sighed stepping further into the room.

“Stefan and I are gonna go check on Elena, you stay here if she shows up call, alright?”

“I will.” I responded quietly. Damon nodded before leaving.
They had been gone for a while, it was dark now. The sun had left the sky. I was putting the dishes away when I heard the door open.

“Damon? That you?” I called setting dishes down. No answer.

“Stefan?” I walked out of the kitchen towards the front door. It was swung open, I swallowed thickly.

“Hello?” I called, again there was no answer.


I turned around and saw Elijah standing in the living room.

“Elijah…what are you doing here?” I asked catching my breath.

“Where are Stefan and Damon?” He asked ignoring my question.

“They’re out looking for Elena, they haven’t heard from her since this morning.” I spoke cautiously…he didn’t seem like himself, like he was bothered by something, or hiding one thing.

He nodded slowly.

“Are you alright Elijah?” I asked stepping forward.

“Do you know when my mother returned, she said all she wanted was to make our family whole.” He replied, looking down then looked straight at me, “do you have any idea what she meant?”

“No.” I shook my head.

Elijah stepped closer, “Damon and Stefan haven’t mentioned anything?”

“Elijah…what’s wrong?” I back up slowly.

“I’m sorry (y/n).” He spoke softly suddenly in front of me.

“For what?” My voice shook. I felt his hand caress my cheek, then a sharp pinch in my neck, then black.
My skin burned, and my body ached. Slowly I opened my eyes and looked around. What I saw when my eyes cleared was dark, with one small light in a corner. I gasped looking down at my wrists as the pain became more apparent. Rope soak in vervain were wrapped around my ankles, wrists and torso, burning my skin. I tried to rip out of them, but it just hurt more.

“The more you move, the more it hurts you know.” Came a sly voice from the dark. I held my head up and saw someone step into the light. He resembled Elijah but was younger.

“Kol.” I sighed, “what’s going on…where-where am I?”

“Somewhere.” Kol replied, “you see you’re a very valuable piece in a…very delicate situation.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re a hostage.” Kol smirked.

“Hostage?!” My voice jumped, “what?! Why?!”

“Calm down, (y/n). Everything will be okay.” Kol replied, “unless of course Damon and Stefan don’t do as they are told, then well…you get to die.” He smirked. I opened my mouth but no words came out.

“Kol.” Came another voice from the dark. Elijah came into view.

“Leave.” He ordered his younger brother. Kol glared at him for a moment before leaving. I looked down as Elijah came closer.


“What the hell did you do?” I snapped at him staring into his eyes. He sighed.

“You have to understand this situation is difficult.”

“Well then please enlighten, as to why I am tied to a chair.” I growled.

“As Kol said, you are a hostage.” Elijah lowered his voice.

“Why.” I demanded.

“Because my mother is planning to kill myself and my siblings.” Elijah began to slowly pace, “your brothers had known, so did Elena and they didn’t do anything…so in order to stop Esther I need their help. So I needed…leverage.”

“And I was perfect for the choice. I’m so happy I mean that much to you.” I hissed.

“You are the only thing that your brothers care for more than Elena. There for you two need to be used as leverage.” Elijah explained. I glared at him.

“I don’t like being moved like a chest piece on a board.”

“I understand that you’re angry-” Elijah began.

“Just go!” I snapped, “I’m sure you have a lot of black-making to do.”

“I’m sure I’ll be back to release you soon.” Elijah spoke softly before turning and left the room.
The sound of the door shutting echoed off the walls in the room. I felt the tears welled in my eyes, and falling down my cheeks as I sat alone in the dark.
Time passed, but I wasn’t sure how much. I kept pulling at the ropes, the vervain dug into my skin like acid, but I could hear the wood begin to crack. After a few more hours I stopped taking deep breaths. I hadn’t had blood in hours and I could feel myself growing weaker. I stopped struggling as I heard the door open again. My head was slumped, not bothering to look at who had just entered. I felt the ropes around my wrists and torso. I let out a breath as the pin eased. Next I felt something cold against my lips: Blood. I ripped the bag from whoever was holding and drank the contents hungrily. Dropping the bag on the ground, I looked up to see Elijah looking at me sadly.

“I am I still a hostage?” I questioned coldly.

“No.” He shook his head, “you can leave, your brothers held up their end of the bargain.”

“Well, I’m glad. Could amuse you for last few hours.” I stood and slowly walked towards the door.

“(Y/n), wait!” He called after me.

“Don’t bother!” I yelled back. It was dark, I had no idea where I was, but I didn’t care. I just kept walking.

“Leave me alone!” I snapped as Elijah vamped in front of me.

“I need to apologize formally.” He was pounded.

“Don’t care.” I answered moving around him.

“I do!” Elijah begged.

“You have a really funny way of showing it.” I laughed harshly.

“You don’t know where you are, you’re miles from home. Let me drive you there.” He offered keeping up with my pace.

“I don’t even want to be within three feet of you right now. So the best thing you can do is leave me alone.” I only looked straight ahead.

“I don’t like what I did…I had to.” Elijah spoke slowly. I stopped in my tracks and turned to look at him.

“So you have to vervain me, kidnap me and hold me hostage?! Did it ever occur to you that I might actually help?” I shot at him, “I probably would have if you had just asked! Which is by the way what people do when they need help. So, leave. Me. Alone.” I growled through clenched teeth. He didn’t say anything. He just looked at me sadly, “I am so sorry.”

Turning on my heel I continued to trek through the woods. After hours of walking my house finally came into view. I sighed happily walking through the doors. Before I could call out I was immediately pulled into a hug by Damon.

“Thank god you’re okay.” He let out a breath.

“I’m glad you are too.” I hugged him back tightly.

“Let’s get you something to eat.” Stefan said appearing and hugging me.

“Actually I just really want to go to bed.” I smiled gently.

“Well, we’ll both be down stairs if you need us.” Stefan replied. I nodded and turned down the hall, up the stairs and to my room. My room was quite. As I laid down in my bed realised how tired I was. I didn’t want to think about the events of day…closing my eyes I waited for sleep to come.


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Word count: 889

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It´s a chilly day in the french quarter as you are occupied with looking through the library in the Compound, searching for a new book to read. Your boyfriend Elijah is out of town with Klaus, handling usual business which leaves you by yourself for the day. You insisted on coming with them, but Elijah asked you to look after Hope and the House. You honestly don´t mind that much, because you haven´t had a day just for yourself in months.

Here you are, reading a book in the chair in Hope´s room late at night with a sleeping Hope next to you. You flip over yet another page as you feel yourself getting more and more tired before you look at the clock on the wall. It´s almost 2 am and Elijah and Klaus still haven´t returned yet. Did something happen? Even though you´re quite sure that everything is fine, a part of you still worries. You look back down on your book, continuing reading it before your eyes close and you drift of into wonderland.

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“Why didn’t you tell us sooner?” Elijah spoke.

“He’s a Gilbert, Y/N. He killed your brother,” Klaus interrupted. They stood in front of you with scolding looks on their faces.

“See this is why I didn’t tell you. Jeremy is a really great guy and I’m sorry but I will not stop seeing him,”

“Y/N..,” They said in unison.

“Jeremy makes me really happy, after centuries of running away from Mikeal, don’t you guys want me to be happy?” You asked.

“Of course my dear sister,” Elijah said. 

“If he hurts you in any way, you come straight us,” Klaus warned.

You smile and go in to hug your brothers. You were happy that you didn’t have to keep Jeremy a secret any longer.

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The ‘Other Daughter’ *Part 3*

Klaus Mikaelson X Reader

Word Count: 923

Requested: Wattpad @chloe-skywalker

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Please make a part 3

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Klaus had gotten himself into trouble again, something in Beacon Hills had gotten too close to you, so now he was caught and being held somewhere in Beacon Hills and Elijah had no idea where to start. You, on the other hand, had gotten your life back on a relative track you had your grades back up and everything had settled down a little after Theo had shown up that was until Elijah showed up with a problem to add to your list.
“(Y/N)…” You heard and turned in the direction of the door to the boat house.
“Elijah?” You asked.
“I need your help it seems my brother has gotten himself into some trouble,” Elijah explained.
“Why are you standing by the door?” You asked raising an eyebrow.
“I can’t enter until the owner of the house invites me in,” Elijah answered and you looked over at Lydia who looked at Elijah.
“Come in.” She said after a pause. Liam stood near Scott, Lydia was standing behind you and Malia was standing in front of Stiles.
“I’m not here to harm you, unlike the rest of my family I understand that force is unlikely to get me the result I’m looking for,” Elijah explained, he looked at you. “I know there are reasons piled up as to why you shouldn’t help me find my brother but I need your help.”
“Can’t the witches find him?” You asked.
“Actually they can only find a general location and that’s here” Elijah answered.
“So why do you think that I can find him?” You asked.
“Because you and your friends continue to fight when the odds are stacked against you, tales of you have travelled even to New Orleans,” Elijah answered. “You, the lone hybrid and the pack of mismatched supernaturals.”
“Why would Klaus be here?” Lydia asked from behind you.
“He heard of something that was coming and he wanted to warn you,” Elijah explained. Almost everyone in the room raised an eyebrow but you nodded.
“We’ll help… We’ll try.” You nodded almost as if you were convincing yourself rather that the Original vampire standing in front of you.

First, you got Melissa to check the hospital for anyone matching Klaus’ description, there wasn’t anyone and so we checked with the Sheriff to see if there was anyone who matched his description had been reported again there was nothing. You pulling up a blank everywhere that you could think to look, but then it occurred to you that there was one place that you had all neglected to look mostly because none of you wanted to be there. “There’s one place that we haven’t looked.” You sighed leaning over the map of Beacon Hills, they all looked at you as you lazily pointed to the general location of Eichen House.
“You think that he’s there?” Scott asked.
“Well he must have been here because the witches found him here, but the wards and protection there would stop the witches from finding him there, he won’t be able to use any of his supernatural powers there, that’s why he hasn’t broken out yet. The only question is how would they know that he was here?” You asked.
“Actually I might have the answer to that,” Elijah said as he walked back in the room having just gotten off of the phone with Hayley and Rebekah. “There are a group of witches that are currently trying to get rid of the influence that we have in the quarter and that means that they need to stop us from coming back, this place is disguised as a mental institution am I correct?” Elijah asked and you nodded. “Then they can easily phone and tell them that a dangerous individual has entered the town.”
“Well, it seems that we’re getting in there.” You shrugged kicking back in your seat. Stiles shot over to the computer and your eyes followed him “Stiles what are you doing?” You asked.
“We need to get in there,” Stiles responded.
“So walk in the front door.” You mumbled.
“He’s my dad.” You reminded him “He’s his brother.”
“Whatever,” Stiles grumbled crossing his arms.
“I’m sure that you searches are being watched by the CIA at this point.” You smirked.
“Most likely” he muttered.

You were inside of Eichen house with the help of Deaton and now you were walking through the hall of the sub level until you were standing front of the glass of Klaus’ cell when the guard had left you stepped forward and used the same method that Valak had to break out of his cell. The alarms sounded as soon as the glass was broken, you made a break for it after that stopped by a few guards working with the others you managed to get your dad out, you took him back to Scott’s where Melissa had a few blood bags waiting. “You guys have to leave before they find you,” Stiles advised.
“He’s right.” You nodded. Klaus looked ready to say something but you stopped him by pushing yourself forward and hugging him. “I forgive you.” You whispered and this caused him to wrap you up in a tight hug.
“Call me if you need help.” He ordered as you stood back and you nodded, Elijah smiled at the interaction before they both turned.
“I’ll visit soon.” You smiled waving. The pack looked at you and you smiled “If I’m going to live forever I guess it’s best that I have my family forever too.”

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“Your grace!” one of your guardians stops you. “I know it’s not my business but your two new knights are–”

“You are right, soldier.” you interrupt his sentence with a smile. “It’s not your business.”

Klaus smirks as he comes behind you and Elijah gives a cold look to the knight.


“Yes, my queen?”

“I heard you have problems with the local, what is that all about?”

“It’s nothing, your highness, I just heard some rumors about the thing we’ve discussed before.”

“Oh, I see…” you reply him. “Is everything okay?”

“Absolutely.” he assures you. “Actually, your vizier can negotiate with your enemies now – we have everything we need.”

“That’s nice, I’ll give him the order.” you murmur. “Elijah?”

“Your grace?”

“How are the things going between us and rebels these days?”

As he opens a door for you, you smile at him directly and Klaus offers you his hand. You accept it, of course.

“They are perfectly… persuaded.” Elijah answers your question. You satisfy with his answer and you arrive the dining hall.

“Arms, please?” But they are already ready for you. “Oh, well…” murmur as you walk down the hall. “What would I do without you two?”


*Requested* Imagine where you’re dating Klaus and Elijah is jealous and flirts with you and Klaus get jealous

( I changed this one a bit, because I can´t picture Elijah behaving quite this way. I hope that´s alright. Also, I´m sorry but I couldn´t find a gif that fits better. I hope you enjoy. Happy reading my lovelies!)

Word count: 793

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It is a rainy day in the French Quarter, raindrops splattering against the window as you and your boyfriend Klaus are working on a painting. Klaus started teaching you some techniques of his a few month´s ago, which have been very helpful and also really fun.

You are dipping your brush in you favorite colour as the door opens.

Elijah: “Niklaus, do you- Oh, forgive me. I did not mean to intrude.”

Y/N: “You didn´t intrude, Elijah.”

Klaus dips the brush in a dark shade of blue and continues to paint without looking at Elijah.

Klaus: “How can I help you brother?”

Elijah: “I seemed to have misplaced mother´s spell book. Did you see it by chance?”

Klaus: “I think it´s on that table over there.”

Klaus points to the table on the opposite side of the room. Elijah walks over to it, sighing as he sees the mess on the table. It could take a while for him to find it.

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