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Just like everyone else in the compounded, you were dumbfounded at what your eyes just witnessed. Dominic’s body lay lifeless as Elijah just stared on, not a single ounce of regret.

Once the party had finished you left to clear your head, the image of Elijah standing at the balcony still a vivid image in your mind, you returned to the compound to find him in the courtyard.

“I couldn’t find you after the party, care to explain where you ventured off too?”. He inquired.

High heels clicking as they came into contact with the concert floor, you eyed Elijah. “Forgive me if after the show you decided to give, I wasn’t in the mood to stick around”.

He buttoned his suit jacket. “I did it to protect this family. I’m not about to let this Hollow take away you, the women I love, or any member of my family. I did what was necessary”.

“Killing a man in front of people, that is what you deem necessary!?”. Shaking your head, this conversation was giving you a migraine.

Just as you were about to retrieve to your room, Elijah spoke. “And what if Niklaus had done it instead, would you be so horrified by it then?

Standing at the foot of the stairs, you looked towards Elijah. “People expect that sort of behaviour from Klaus, so no I wouldn’t be horrified by it. But you’re better then he is, at least I thought you were".

Elijah vamped, now face to face. “I want you to understand that I did it for Hope. So she doesn’t have to see her father as a monster. Whatever this enemy is, it requires us to be just as brutal”.

Touching his cheek, “I understand that, Elijah. But how is it any better if Hope sees her uncle as a monster?”. Leaving him to ponder over that question, you marched up the stairs. Still not being able to shake the image of Elijah on that balcony.


My Review of The Originals 4x06 - Bag of Cobras

6 episodes down and 7 to go. I sincerely hope that 13 episodes is enough to fully explore this new mystery and come to a satisfying conclusion. Also if the CW doesn’t renew for season 5 then words won’t describe how angry I’d be.

Regarding this episode it did feel a little slow, but towards the end we got another vital clue to the Hollow. So fingers crossed we keep getting more clues, because I’m rather interested to see the face of this so called Hollow.

- Favourite Scenes

1. Elijah Mikaleson
I can’t be the only one that thinks the roles have reversed between Elijah and Klaus? Throughout the seasons we have always known Elijah to be noble, loyal, the one that is a little bit more fair. But lately he has been showing a lot more qualities that Klaus possess. Now I know a lot of people don’t like Elijah, but I on the other hand find him to be quite interesting. We haven’t seen much of his personality and I feel like every since Esther opened the red door in his mind, it showed us who Elijah really is and like Klaus once said “You look at me, and you see everything you abhor in yourself. Sure, you dress it up with your fancy suits and your handkerchiefs. You, with your mask of civility and eloquence, you’re every bit the abomination I am. Or worse”.

That quote describes Elijah so well, at least in my opinion. So even if other people don’t like Elijah, I like the fact we get to see this side of him. Because we all know he has a dark side, but his been masking it for centuries. And now that Klaus has a daughter, Elijah not only wants to protect her from seeing Klaus go all monster like, but I feel like this is also a chance for Elijah to be himself in a way. I truly believe his still noble and all of that, but we’re just seeing the other side of him. Like Elijah said in this episode, “This enemy is a dark force that can’t be bargained or reasoned with. I don’t bargain and I’m done with reason”.

2. The Hollow
What The Originals do best is create villains that have a backstory, that don’t feel like they’re a villains just because the writers said so, but because them being a villain has merit and makes sense. Take Lucien for example, he in my opinion was/is the best villain The Originals have had so far. Not just because he was witty and funny, but also due to the fact he challenged the Original family to the point no other villain had. He was so intriguing that it got to the point where you both loved and hated him, which is how you know the writers did a great job in creating a villain.

Now this Hollow is quite different to previous ones. For starters we don’t know what it looks like or why they have such a hatred for the Originals, but let’s face it most villains do ahaha. As we get closer to the end, it’ll be more interesting to see the true face of the Hollow come to life. Is it a man or women? Is is someone the Mikaelson’s know? Is Davina somehow involved?. The questions keep on coming, but I have faith that the writers will actually be able to give us a clear explanation when it comes to revealing this season 4 villain.

3. Hayley
Could the Hollow possibly be a werewolf from Hayley’s wolf line? It seems this latest mystery not only revolves around Vincent but also Hayley. And the first real clue we’ve received was a piece of bone tightly tucked away inside a teddy bear of all places.

I’ll admit that when we first got introduced to Hayley I didn’t like her, but from season 3 onwards she really became a character to watch. Phoebe’s acting has improved greatly and she has slowly become, after Rebekah and Cami of course, a character that has got me invested in her back story.

- Least Favourite Scene
Sofya, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I’m not remotely interested in her vendetta against Klaus, or her relationship with Marcel.

- My rating of the episode (it will be a rating out of 10)
I will rate this episode a 7 and a half/10

- Favourite quote/line
JOSH: 1 + 1 = captured
KLAUS: Well perhaps his simply avoiding you. You should try and not be so clingy.

Rumors - part 1

So this is my first imagine it will be in parts. I hope you’ll like it! :D

About: Imagine you are Rebekah’s best friend and you didn’t see her for a 90 years, so you came to Mystic Falls and started living with Mikaelson family.

I was a little inspired with this song: Pep & Rash - Rumors, mostly because of this song story is called Rumors, I couldn’t think of any other name, so let begin:

When I heard that Klaus is in Mystic Falls I needed to come there, because Rebekah is my best friend and I didn’t see her for a long time, I was hoping Klaus will undagger her.

While I was traveling to Mystic Falls, Elijah called me and told me that Rebekah is undaggered and I thought; That is such a good news I will finally see her.
When I came there nobody knows that I’m a vampire and what is this new girl looking in this town. I came to Mystic Grill and at a bar I saw that someone is looking at me and whispering so i decided to walk over there.
 - What so interesting about me? “I asked”.

 - You are new girl, that means maybe you came here to bring more trouble to this town; “One of the guys told me”. 

 - I just came here to see my friend; “I told him”.

 - And who is that friend? “He asked me wondering”.

 - It’s really not your business; “I said and walked away”. 

The next day: That same guy stopped me on the street and told me:

 - We haven’t officially meet I’m Damon, Damon Salvatore, what’s your name?

 - My name is Y/N and that i really can’t talk right now; “I said to him and walked away”.

I didn’t want to talk to him because I heard stories about him and I know he is a vampire, I don’t want him to find out about me, maybe he already suspect something.                                                      

As I walked in Mystic Grill I heard three girls talking how Damon saw some new girl yesterday and he thinks she is a vampire and have something to do with Original family because when they showed up in this town so did she. Little did they know that girl was me, but who cares.
After I came home, I called Elijah and told him that I want to surprise Rebekah, so I need to be sure she will be home tonight.

 - It’s not a problem I’ll keep her occupied; “Elijah told me”.

There I’m in front of the Mikaelson’s mansion, knocking at the door:

 - “Klaus opens them and say”, look who we have here, I knew that you are in this town just for my sister.

 - If you knew I’m in town why didn’t you say something; “I said to him”. I’m not surprised that he knew I’m in town.

 - I wasn’t sure if I want to talk to you after what happen between us and I know you are still mad at me because of what I did to Rebekah; “Klaus said”.

  • 1922 CHICAGO:

It was a nice night in Chicago Klaus, Rebekah and I decided to go out, we were drinking and having fun. While I was dancing with Rebekah I saw Klaus looking at me:

- Y/N I think he likes you; “Rebekah said”.
- What? No. Why would he like me we’re just friends; “I told her”.

I was mostly sleeping through the next day, when night came they were going out again but without me, I wanted to spend the night alone and draw something.

Next thing I know I was waking up and saw letter on my night stand, it was from Klaus:

“Dear Y/N,

I know you will be mad at me, but I want to tell you that our father found us here in Chicago and we needed to escape him, Rebekah wanted to stay with you but I could not let her do that so I daggered her. I know that you think why didn’t you came with us, but maybe it’s for the best you stay alone.                                                                                                                     

Love, Klaus!”

Damn right I was mad at him, how could he do this to me, to Rebekah. I could not believe it.


Nightlife in New York is best I thought so I decided to go there.
While I was dancing in the club I saw a familiar face waving at me and smirking:

Not him again; “I thought”.
 - Then of course he approached me and said; Long time no see.
 - If you undaggered Rebekah we can talk; “I said”.
 - Oh, come on, if I did undaggered her don’t you think she would contact you, after all you are her best friend; “Klaus said”.
 - I tried to walk away but he grabbed my hand, I look at him and ask; What do you want Klaus?
 - I tried to stop thinking about you, but i can’t and I want to apologize for everything I done, and maybe we can be friends again; “He said”.
 - I need some time to think; “I said and walked away”.
After that night I was thinking what should I do and when I decided, I found a witch so she can send a letter to Klaus where he can meet me( i didn’t know his number or where is he staying ).
The next day around 7 PM we meet in a restaurant, ordered food and started talking.

 - I really thought that you would decide not to see me again; “He said”.
 - Well it’s not your first time you are wrong about me; “I said to him”.
 - Haha yeah, I guess it’s not; “He said”.
 - So when are you planing to undagger Rebekah? “I asked him”.
 - I don’t know, maybe never; “He said”.
 - What? I really hate you Klaus; “I said to him”.
 - I love you too, Y/N; “He said to me”.    
After that there was a few seconds of silence, then the waitress came with the food and wine that Klaus ordered.
 - Well this is very expensive wine I like it; “I said”.
 - Only the best for you; “He said and smiled”.
 - Hahah are you trying to flirt with me? “I asked him”.
 - If you want me to flirt with you, then yes; “He said and smiled AGAIN”.
 - I didn’t say I want; “I said”.
 - Sure you didn’t; “He said sarcastically”.
 - Whatever Klaus; “I said and rolled my eyes”.
Then he smiled again and started eating his food:

Originally posted by klaudiqa

 - What is so funny? “I asked him”.
 - Nothing, can’t I just be happy that I got a chance to talk to you after all this years? “He asked me”.
 - Haha of course you can, but make the best of it while you can; “I said to him”.

After our dinner it was around 9 PM, he drive me to my apartment.

 - You won’t invite me in? “He asked”.
 - Why? “I asked him”.
 - I want to spend more time with you; “He said”.
 - I guess you don’t have someone else to bother, but okay, come in; “I said”.
 - Nice apartment you have here, are you living alone? “He asked”.
 - Of course I do, with who else would I live, I could live with Rebekah, but oh wait she is daggered and who knows where; “I said”.
 - I know where she is and enough with Rebekah; “He said angry”.
 - I should have not invite you in; “I said angry”.
 - Then love why did you? “He asked”.

The next thing I know he pinned me against the wall and starts kissing me. He slide one of his hands around my waist and pulled me closer to his body. I gasped when he lifted me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. We ripped each others clothes and he started kissing my neck, when i felt his teeth scrape against my skin loud moan escaped my mouth. That night we had sex over and over again, until we were exhausted.
I wake up, looked to the other side of the bed and saw naked Klaus there. Then everything from that night came back to me.

 - Oh shit, that wasn’t suppose to happen; “I thought”.
 - Good morning love; “Klaus said still in the bed”.
 - Not so good; “I whispered to myself so he could not hear me”.
 - That was the most BLOODY AMAZING night of my life; “He said to me with smirk on his face”.
 - I’m going to make some breakfast; “I said to him, avoiding eye contact”.
 - Need my help with anything, love? “He said”.
 - Nope; “I said and left the room”.

Klaus came behind me while I was making breakfast and hugged me. I tried to escape his hug, he was confused so he let go of me.
 - What’s wrong, love? “He asked”.
 - Nothing; “I answered quickly”.
 - Bullshit, I know something is wrong. ANSWER ME! “He said angry”.
 - Could you not be angry over everything I say.
He started to answer but I told him:
 - That was not a question.
 - Was last night that bad? “He asked me”.
 - As a matter of fact it was not bad at all, but it was a mistake and i’ll not make that mistake again; “I looked at him with serious look so he know I wasn’t joking”.
 - I drink too much of a wine and everything happened so fast; “I said to him”.
 - Didn’t you know I always had some kind of feelings for you? “He asked me”.
 - Maybe, I don’t know; “I answered putting my head down”.
 - So you think you could never feel attraction that comes from a person who is capable of doing terrible things, but for some reason, only cares about you as more than friends? “He asked me”.
 - When that person is you, no. I never looked at you as more that friends, last night probably would not happen if I wasn’t that much drunk, maybe I gave you some wrong sings, I’m so sorry Klaus; “I told to him and tear escaped my eye”. 

Couple a seconds later he was not in my apartment anymore and I didn’t see him until now.


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So I think that’s enough for this part, I’ll post the next maybe tomorrow, but I would like to know if you guys like this part and tell me if you want the next part, I would really appreciate that. :) <3


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Almost everyone that knows Niklaus wonder how a vengeful monster like him can deeply love and care for another, like you. In these 1000+ years of living, he’s never met someone like you. Aside from Rebekah and Elijah, you were the only person who can look past his flaws and accept him for who he is. Because of you, he feels that his existence now has a purpose. He is now dedicated only to you and his child. 

Klaus was elsewhere taking care of ‘business’ while you stayed at the Mikaelson compound and watched TV in the bedroom that you and Klaus share, laying on the comfy California king bed. 

Of course, Klaus always felt the need to have some sort of bodyguard with you at all times, so Elijah offered to stay and keep watch. Whenever you got hungry, you didn’t mind making yourself food, but you know how the Mikaelson brothers are with you, they treat you as if you’re a delicate little flower carrying Klaus’ child. So, Elijah had food delivered to the compound.

You were enjoying your food in bed until your phone rang, it was your boyfriend, Klaus.

“Hello sweetheart.” Klaus greeted through the phone.

“Hi. Checking up on me again?” You said to Klaus. Although you appreciate his concern, he literally has been calling every 30 minutes since he left.

“Of course, love. What kind of man would I be if I didn’t?”

“I know I know. But Elijah’s here.” Elijah, sitting on the bed next to you, looked at you after hearing his name, then you looked at him and smiled. ”I’m perfectly safe and so is our baby.” Now being 4 months pregnant, you looked down at your small belly, rubbing it. Your cheeks blushed red at the thought of how utterly happy you are carrying the hybrid’s baby.

“Perfect. I’ll see you soon, love.” Klaus hangs up the phone with a smile on his face. Oh, how he cannot wait to come home to you.

Stefan Salvatore Imagine: “I’m Sorry..”

(I’m sorry for not posting in a while, but I had a bit of writer’s block. This is something that came to me the other day. Know this is more of a daughter father imagine, and not a Stefan imagine. But I there is some Stefan fluff. This is also an alternate universe imagine. Now one to the imagine.)

What You Are Wearing

You get out of the car and stare at the building/house you never thought you would ever see again. The house that holds so many dark and bereaved memories. The same one you promised yourself and a special loved one that you would never return unless you thought it would be necessary to return back to. You never thought you had to keep that promise until now.

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“How dare you take one of us? How dare you lay a finger on Y/N!!”, was all you heard before the door to the room where you had been held got kicked down and in came the brothers you knew would always be there for you.

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“Well, I am definitely surprised”, Kol muttered as the family stumbled into your home. As the music in your ears was to loud you didn’t noticed them until you turned around. As you had just been about to crouch down you stopped in an incredibly uncomfortable position.

“Please tell me you just came in”, you told them after lowering your headphones. No matter how much you wished for it to be true, the smirks on their faces told you everything you need to know. At that moment you were sure that you could have died from embarrassment. 

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