elijah mikaelson reaction


Flashbacks of the 1919

Marcel to Klaus: “You’re in a good mood, you should visit Mystic Falls more often”

Klaus: “As much as I’d like to…..”

Klaus couldn’t stop smiling

Marcel missing Davina

Papa Tunde

Papa Tunde attacking Rebekah, Marcel and then Klaus

Weird sacrifices + massacre in the Garden


Rebekah to Elijah: “You’re a hypocrite, Elijah”

So now the devil child is a hybrid and a witch


Camille every 2 seconds reminding us that Klaus is a bad guy…

Camille said she was on vervain but Marcel drank her blood a few minutes later

Elijah apologizing because the backstabber feels “neglected”

Elijah watching Hayley as if she was one of the Seven Wonders of the world

Klaus warning vampires that they are in danger but some of them left

Rebekah and Marcel lured Mikael to NOLA… just to be together!

No need to have a White Oak stake people, Celeste has a fucking knife that can kill the Originals now



Shirtless Elijah

Shirtless Klaus

Rebekah and the hallucinations

Kol has been mentioned

While Rebekah and Klaus are suffering, Elijah, Hayley and Marcel have to solve a riddle

Marcel and Rebekah make out session in the middle of dead bodies

Rebekah send Genevieve and Celeste to death because she realized she made a mistake

Klaus: “Rebekah would not call my father, no matter how angry she was”

Klaus didn’t kill Genevieve

Hayley knocked out Celeste with a shovel

Klaus knows that Rebekah, Marcel and Genevieve lured Mikael to NOLA

Hide and seek the Mikaelsons’ way

Rebekah vs Klaus

Elijah stabbed Klaus so Rebekah and Marcel can run away


Monique is back… but not Davina

Marcel and Klaus attending a Mass

Sophie saying Marcel doesn’t give a damn about Davina

Celeste and her bitches…. I mean witches


Father K being cursed

Hayley is betrothed and from a “royal” werewolf bloodline

Hayley’s “fiancé” wants Hayley to be the leader of the werewolves

Rebekah finally having fun

Rebekah really has the knack of picking the wrong guys, EVERY DAMN TIME! How is that possible?

Celeste vs Elijah

The ultimatum

Klaus has been stabbed with the knife by Sophie

Rebekah has been attacked by werewolves

Hayley almost being barbecued

Elijah chose to save Hayley over Rebekah or Klaus

Angry Elijah

Monique killed Sophie

Oh god that finale! I’m legit still crying over it! 

That dream/flashback (?) scene with Klaus and Hayley.

Hayley’s letter to her daughter.

Klaus trying to save Hayley & the baby!

Having to watch paralysed as Hayley gave birth.

The look on both of their faces when their daughter was born!

“Let me hold her.”


Klaus and Elijah crying over her body.

Elijah breaking down.

Hayley waking up alone in the church and remembering what happened.

The look on Elijah’s face when he saw she was alive.

“She’s in transition.”


Hayley looking murderous as they set out to save the baby.

The three of them against an army of witches.


Marcel holding his sister surrounded by all his dead vampires.


“You saved my child’s life.”

Klaus holding his little girl for the first time.

Klaus, Hayley and Elijah realising she can’t stay in the quarter.

Hayley breaking down as she holds her daughter.

“No one loves her more than me.”

Having to fake the baby’s death!

The Klamille scene!

Hayley having to drink a drop of her daughter’s blood.

“Who can protect her better than we?” “There is one person." 



"She has a hint of the devil in her eyes. That’s all me.”

Klaus’ speech to his daughter!

“In spite of our differences, Rebekah, there is no one I would trust more with my daughter's life. Be happy…sister.”


Klaus handing Hope over to Rebekah and watching them walk away with tears in his eyes.

That episode has left me such an emotional wreck. And that’s not even starting on how Mikael, Esther and Finn are back! I don’t even know how to process that right now.

The thing that is killing me the most though is that even though they had to give up Hope, Hayley still got what she wanted for her. She’ll be with family in a loving home with someone who will keep her safe no matter what. Rebekah always wanted a family, it was why she wanted to take the cure in S4 of TVD. Now she can raise her niece in the home she always wanted and you just know she will love that girl with all her heart. It’s one of the reasons that Klaus trusted her above all else. They’ll have a picket fence and be safe and happy. Hope will be with family who loves her but it is absolutely heartbreaking that her parents can’t be a part of her life.


No mention of Mystic Fall or how Tyler will go out of the Garden for TVD100 this Thursday…

Davina and Marcel moments

Rebekah and Davina

The harvest has been complete and Davina died… FOR NOTHING!


Klarcel hugging and Marcel crying on Klaus’ shoulder

Klaus + hoodie + rain

The Mikaelsons working together

The Mikaelsons talking about Esther

Klaus: “Young, old, dead or alive, witches are a pain in the ass”

Rebekah: “Sometimes it’s not more important who you’re siding with, but who you’re siding against.”

                 “You are the only family that this girl has. You owe it to her to fight for her to live.”

Hayley telling Elijah she backstabbed him & Elijah not being happy

Hayley crying

Klaus and Hayley reminding us they’re gonna have a baby

Klaus giving an advice to Hayley about Elijah

Elijah said he loved TWICE… Tatia and Celeste or Celeste and Katherine?

Haylijah almost kiss

Sabine = Celeste

*SPOILERS* The Originals 1x22 Season 1 Finale

First things first, I am still crying.

Hope Mikaelson <3

Rebekah <3

Klaus holding her <3

Oh gosh the pain they all went through :’(

Elijah oh gosh he loves so deeply, his heartbreak.

I know we didn’t have much Haylijah but in a way it  felt as if we didn’t need it.It was clear from Elijah how much he loves her, they’re end game.

This episode was a huge ball of feels.

Omg Hayley protecting her baby, omg her tears omg I..I..

I…I..I just..I can’t even speak.

The ending, Esther and her son maybe Finn? I’m not even going to bother worrying at the moment, because I have so much other stuff to take in.

Is it okay if I write more tomorrow, it’s too painful at the moment?

Elijah and Hayley definitely enjoyed one another’s company and it’s about bloody time! After telling him she didn’t love Jackson but marrying him could save her people and save the city, Elijah gave Hayley his wish – do what needs to be done to protect her daughter. So of course that means finally sleeping with Elijah because IT WILL PROTECT HER DAUGHTER! It will! Promise! (No, really. Go ahead and protect Hope again! I swear, I don’t mind!)
—  Miranda Wicker (TVfanatic review 2x09)