elijah krantz*

yo! i have finally finished getting my shit together lmao, so you can now watch

every moment of andrew rannells on hbo’s girls, without having to watch hbo’s girls

whether you don’t want to watch the show at all, or just want to rewatch his parts specifically, i have you covered with some handy compilation videos!!

i was gonna put them on youtube, then they were blocked, then i tried again and idek if they’re working anymore, but i gave up on youtube and headed over to google drive, so you can now find the first five seasons of andrew rannells compilations RIGHT HERE


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some warnings for the videos:

  • blanket warning for course language and sexual references
  • sex scenes (season 2, around 7-9mins; season 5, around 12:10-12:50)
  • other nudity (season 4, briefly around 8:25; season 5, around 7:00-7:35)

let me know if anything goes wrong with the videos (but with the ~20-30 hours i’ve put into actually getting them online, they’d better work i swear…..)

  • Me: *takes a deep breath*
  • Me: i lo-
  • Anyone who has ever spent five seconds around me: yes, you love andrew rannells, i know, you love andrew rannells so much, he's the light of your life, your sun and stars, you love him so much, you just love andrew rannells, i KNOW, you love andrew rannells you fucking love falsettos, book of mormon and elijah on girls, ok i know, i get it, you LOVE ANDREW RANNELLS. I. GET. IT.