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Mikaelson Sister – You Will Be Missed

Words count: 1801

Warning: SAD


Requested by anonymous:

Hello I would like to request a tvd and to mixed in where y/n is the sister of the mikealsons but very powerful creature filled with other supernatural powers . Then y/n dies in mystic falls and y/n is best friends with the mystic gang . So when y/n dies the mikealsons and the gang meet at her funeral . All the characters say something meaningful specially klaus and Stefan because y/n would have best most besties with Stefan he says something like he loves her . Then as a ghost y/n says I’m here

You’re an original. A sister of the Mikaelson. You are a very powerful creature. You’ve lived for more than a thousand years and seen so much. It was hard for you to make new friends, because people die, and not everyone wants to be a vampire. So when your siblings and you settled in Mystic Falls for a bit. You decided to enroll in the local high school, that way you’d be able to make new friends. And friends you made.

Despite who your family is you befriended the mystic gang. You were closer to Stefan which meant that he wasn’t about to die anytime soon, being a vampire and all. Now something happened when your mother turned you into a vampire, unlike your siblings you were filled with supernatural powers, making you just as strong as Klaus if not stronger.

When your family left to New Orleans you decided to stay, it was hard to say goodbye to your family especially Klaus. You two were very close to each other. You were never daggered and were always by his side no matter what. You knew he was damaged because of Mikael and that he just needed love. So you gave him all the love you could and hoped that one day he’s meet a girl that’ll show him how amazing he was.

All that was great and amazing. Until came a day when something unexpected happened. It was a shock everyone didn’t know what to do, what to feel. You died. You were stacked with a white oak stake.

Your family came to Mystic Falls at once, you were going to be buried there. The place you were born. It was a rainy day, the sky was gray as if it was mourning you and was saying goodbye to you. Everyone you loved or cared about was there, all standing around your grave where your headstone stood. It was a secluded area that belonged to your family. Tears were running, people were sniffing everyone was just a mess. How will they move on? How will they live without you?

“I knew (y/n0 the first one, here in Mystic Falls.” Caroline said as she silently whipped her tears away. “She was so nice to me, I couldn’t believe she was an original. I knew I could always count on her no matter what. She gave me advice on men and she helped me gain respect from everyone who thought I was just a dump blonde. I owe her so much, she deserved more than she got.”

“Uh… (y/n) and I bumped into each other one time, when I was leaving school.” Matt who was standing next to Caroline said as he tried to compose himself. “I knew she was a vampire, and for some reason I thought she was going to kill me, which she only laughed at. I never understood how much kindness could come from a person as easily as it came from her. She saved my life more times that I could count and for that I thank her.”

“When Elijah and (y/n) came into town, I had a feeling that I could trust them.” Elena said as Damon held her hand. “More (y/n) than Elijah to be honest… she just had that shine around her, she was confident, honest, honorable and powerful. Yet she never once harmed me or anyone I love. She always did the opposite actually, she was always one call away. I’m going to miss her so much.”

“Guess it’s my turn…” Damon said quietly, before he cleared his throat. “I never make friends easily, people aren’t always found of me and my personality, but she thought otherwise. (y/n) managed to slip past my walls and camp inside. She and I became fast friends, she was my drinking buddy, I could rant to her for hours and she’d sit and listen carefully. She acted as if I was her younger brother. For some reason I always wished for an older sibling and she filled that roll all these years ago, and now I feel as if I lost a sibling.”

Elijah knew it was his turn to speak, yet he couldn’t say anything, Hayley took a hold of his hand and gave him a squeeze. Telling him that she was there for him.

“Um… I never… I never thought about losing a sibling.” Elijah said a tear escaping his eyes everyone and then. “Especially not (y/n) she was just so full of power and confidence, but more importantly she was kind and forgiving. Who would ever want to harm her? She and I were close, she was close to me and my siblings. But-but I uh I knew I can always count on her to cover my back no matter her personal interests. For a long time she was the only light and amazing thing in our family. Losing (y/n) is the hardest thing I had to go through in life.”

“She is the most supportive person I knew.” Hayley said holding Hope in her left hand as Elijah held her right one. “When she found out I was pregnant she came down to New Orleans at once, and helped me. Whenever I called her for help or advice she was there for me. She was the first one that showed me that not all vampires are alike and there’s more to the Mikaelson’s than meets the eye. Because of her I have Elijah by my side, and that is something that I will never forget.”

“After losing Freya, I was beyond happy to get a sister.” Finn said, and he looked at Freya and turned to your coffin. “(y/n) and I were great friends as we grew up. She was the only one of my siblings that haven’t once looked down on me, or showed me disappointment. I am more than glad to be her brother. I know she will be missed, as much as she was loved.”

“I haven’t really spent that much with (y/n) as you all did.” Freya said comforting Finn. “But the time I did spend with her, I could tell that she was defiantly different from the rest of us Mikaelson, no one with our past should have been that… good, but she was. And how she did will remain mystery. I was looking forward to getting close to her after everything calmed down here and in New Orleans.”

“(y/n) had an amazing life, she was a great sister.” Rebekah said while she tried to stop her sobs. “She was the kind that stands by you when you needed somebody to be there. She was a sister, friend and a warrior in and out. I remember when we were young, she’d go out of her way to make us all happy, which confused me as to why. She was the youngest after all. I was so happy that I got a sister when she was born. She was truly a caring person, and I know a part of me will always be missing now that she is gone.”

“What really puzzled me was her ability to always believe the best of everyone, until they proved her wrong.” Bonnie smiled sadly as she remembered her time with you. “She had a big hear and enough love for everyone. She was admirable and compassionate and and she deserved so much more than she got. Her ending was supposed to be happy. The best way to describe her is that she’s a friend that would stick by in any weather; he is the type of friend friend that would stand in a storm, with rain pouring down on his head, holding an umbrella, calmly and carefully, to make sure that my own head did not get wet.”

“My baby sister, was more than just a sister, she was my best friend.” Kol said tears streaming down his face, he was looking down unable to look anyone in the face. “When we were young she’s wake me up every morning so we’d be able to watch the sun rise. I was so annoyed at her for that, but looking back that was the most peaceful time we had and now that she’s gone, I only want to go back to that time where it was only her and I talking and having fun. She was my shoulder to cry on through every heartbreak. She was an amazing sister.”

“Um… (y/n) is the only one who I never daggered. She was my baby sister, if I could I would’ve given her the world.” Niklaus said as he whipped the stray tear before giving up as more escaped from his red eyes. “She was so different from me we were the total opposites yet we were the closest. I remember every minute we spent together, she was so mad when I daggered one of our sibling and tried too hard to get me to un-dagger them. She loved this family more than anything. I love her so much. I’ll be telling Hope stories of her brave and amazing Auntie (y/n). I saddens me knowing that my daughter will never know her auntie and my sister will never know her niece. It is a cruel world we live in, and (Y/N) has been always far too good and pure to live in it. I miss her, I can’t believe she’s gone… forever.”

“(Y/N), was an amazing girl, I’ve never met anyone like her.” Stefan said crying the most. “ As time went on we became best friends… I’ve been looking for some to love all my life, and the minute I met her I knew she was the right one for me. But I never thought that I’d ever have a chance with her. She was far too beautiful far too good for me. But as time went on she made me feel loved that I wasn’t a monster we grew closer as time went on, and my only regret is not telling her how much she meant to me. I wish I could’ve told her how I loved her, how I wanted to make her mine, I thought we had forever. But you never know. She truly will be missed, she impacted so many people, and the world will not be the same without her.”

You as a ghost from the other side cried as you watched everyone talk about you, you wanted to reach out to every single one of them, you wanted to comfort them and tell them that you loved them. Hearing Stefan confess his love to you broke your heart as you wanted to tell him that you felt the same as he had.

“I’m here.” You whispered but it fell on deaf ears. They couldn’t hear you. They couldn’t feel your presence. That was it, you  live has ended.

Just a Girl-Part One

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Summary: Klaus is the original hybrid and (Y/N) is a normal human being. He’ll do anything for power and she’ll do anything to save the man and city she loves.

Klaus Mikaelson x Reader 

(Y/N)= Your Name

(Y/L/N)= Your Last Name

Requested: Nope, just a trial run. But hope to do more on this blog.

Part Two


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New Girl - Stefan Salvatore

Request: Hi, can you do an imagine with Stefan from tvd where the reader is new to town and know one knows her because she’s always in the woods writing in her journal writing stories and always has headphones and one day he sees her in the woods and tried to talk to her, you can choose the ending. Sorry if it’s not too detailed, but thank you!

Pairing: ReaderXStefan

Word Count: 2.2K

Authors Note: Hey! TVD is my all time fave! Who is you favorite Character? Mine is Kol ( when he was in it haha) or Kai because lets face it he is just ahggg 😂. Thank you so much for requesting, I hope it was something that you imagined! Love you all ❤️


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Mystic Falls was an interesting place… Full of wild rumors about Vampires, Werewolves and Witches. Which all turned out to be true…

You had moved from a small, quiet town to live with your aunt Kelly; to get a better education at the local school. In reality it was just you and your cousin Matt in the house, but that was fine by you. Matt was one of your closet friends whilst growing up.

He knew how to cheer you up if you were down or how to make you laugh like crazy. He even knew your ticklish spot. All in all you got along like a house on fire. You and him seemed to be the only humans in this town.

You were currently strolling around the square looking for a book store. You had been inspired to start a diary of some sort, after your friend Elena told you about how writing helps her with keeping her humanity in tack. She said being a Vampire sometimes made you forget the most basic human feelings or thoughts. You really liked to write little stories that would link with your reality, so you had decided to give it a go.

It seemed like fun. Eventually a store comes into your sight, with cardboard cut outs of characters from the latest bestseller. You headed inside to be greeted by the smell of stale coffee and that strange smell that old, worn books have. It reminded you of you’re Dad’s office back home, he would work for hours on end to finish up accounts and papers. Only ever leaving that room for a refill on his coffee or to make a sandwich.

You wandered the isles of the store, scanning the shelves till a burgundy, leather note book caught your eye. It was beautiful. You freed it from in between the other books on the shelf, to get a closer inspection.

It had a golden clasp on the side that clipped to front, sealing the book closed. A small length of pale blue ribbon was visible from the top of the spine, a book mark to keep track of the progress. It was perfect!

You hurried over to the counter and paid for the book, purchasing a pen from the pot on the desk. After thanking the sales assistant for the change you made your way out.

Grabbing your phone, you plug your headphones in… Blasting the latest music you had gotten off of iTunes. You start towards the woods. The woods was a nice, quite place where you liked to go when you wanted to be alone.

After stepping and tripping on multiple logs and tree
stumps, you finally settle down next to a big oak tree. You pull out the book and pen from your grey messenger bag and begin to write.

Your thoughts and ideas spilling out, your hand making fluent motions, delicately across the yellowed pages.
You were so deep in thought that you didn’t notice a dark figure approach you.

Stunned by the sudden appearance of a person, you pull out your headphones and close your journal.
You look up to inspect the stranger only to be greeted by a devilishly handsome guy. He looked oddly familiar. He was looking straight at you, he cleared his throat, breaking the awkward silence.

“ Hey, you must be Y/n, I’m Stefan… Stefan Salvatore” he finally says in a clear, velvety voice.

“ Hi… Stefan” you say trying to compose yourself. How on earth does he know your name? Oh God he isnt a stalker is he?! Your mind began to race… You didnt know this dude and you were in the middle of the woods… Oh God!!!

“ Hey are okay? You’re heartbeat is racing” he says concern casting over his eyes. He moved to sit down next to you against the tree.

“ How do yo- wait what? How would you know that?” You stammer slightly moving yourself away from him.

“ Well I can hear it” he says with a smirk. You just rolled your eyes, he obviously wanted to play games.

“ Yeah and I can walk on water” you say opening up your journal and continued to scribble down the stories. Completely ignoring the hot guy sitting next to you, his eyes burning into your body.

“ Im a Vampire… Thats why” he chuckles, pulling out his phone to check the time.

“ Wait…” You say looking at him, catching his eye to signal you were being serious. “ you aren’t going to kill me are you?”

“ Who do you think I am?” He says whilst putting a hand to his heart acting like he is hurt by your comment. “ Look I’m not Damon, I would never hurt you”  

Damon? Now that rings a bell.

“ Damon.. As in Elena’s boyfriend?” You say setting your journal down.

“ Yes… He is also my heartless brother” he says grinning “ don’t tell him I said that” he chuckled.

“ So you’re the famous Stefan Salvatore hmmm? ” you mumble, your fingers fidgeting with the ribbon in the book you were holding.

“ I guess so” he grinned looking down at hands.

“ How did you find me out here?” You question, looking around.

“ I hope you don’t find this creepy but I followed you , I have wanted to talk to you since you arrived here but I never had the chance” he says quietly his hands fidgeting.

“ Oh… Why would you want to talk to me?” A hint of curiosity in your voice. As you take the opportunity to explore his face. He had an amazing jawline, sharp and angular; it really structured the rest of his face. His big green eyes darkened as they met yours, making you shiver.

“ Matt told me you love to read..” you nodded in agreement, motioning for him to continue “ and I happen to have the best library in Mystic Falls” he grinned.

“ And your point is exactly?” You frown, making him chuckle.

“ Well I just wanted you to know that you can come by anytime if you fancied reading anything but the complete rubbish, which is sold in the local book store” he explained, keeping strong eye contact, making you very flustered.

“ Thats very nice of you, but I wouldn’t want to intrude” you reply quickly.

“ Honestly it would be a pleasure… Nobody appreciates written masterpieces anymore” he says, placing his phone back into his jacket pocket.

“ Would you mind if I took a look at your collection?” You ask, opening your bag to place your journal inside.

“ Not at all, my car is only 5 minuets away” he says in a happy tone as he stands, brushing the dirt from his black jeans.

“ I don’t really know you that well… Can I trust that you aren’t some sort of serial killer?”  You mutter as you stand, flinging your bag over your shoulder in the process.

“ Well I did have a ripper stage, but that was way back in August” he slyly grinned. You moved to playfully punch his arm. Making him laugh hysterically.

“ Oka- okay I promise I am not going to hurt you, You see that necklace around your neck? I made Elena give that to you. To make sure you are safe here” he says after composing himself. You glanced down to the beautiful silver necklace you had been given.

“ Hmmm… Well I suppose I will just have to trust you on this one” you smile as you bump shoulders with him as you pass, heading back down the trail towards the parking lot. Stefan almost instantly by your side in a steady pace.

“ So who is your favorite author?” He questioned reaching a beautiful red car. Opening the passenger door and motioned for you to take a seat.
As soon as the car door was shut he was already starting the ignition.

“ I would have to say Jane Austen, what about you?” You say quietly. Pulling your bag closer to your chest.

“ See that’s a difficult one… I love you choice by the way Austen was a phenomenal author… But I would have to say Charles Dickens seen as though I met him on my family trip to England in 1866” he glanced at you and smirked then returned his focus onto the road.

“ Wait… You MET Charles Dickens?!” You say with excitement “ What was he like?”

“ He was what you would expect really, a creative old man that had a way with words that made you really think about how the world really is” Stefan replied with a smile. You nod as you listen with interest.

“ We are here” he states as he hops out of the now still car. You look out of the passenger window only to be taken back by the beauty of his home and garden.  You had gotten here quick, you thought to yourself. You quickly were pulled back to reality when Stefan appeared, opening your door.

“ Malady ” he says in a British accent whilst bowing. A smile hovered on your face as you stepped out.

“ Thank you good sir” you grinned back, curtsying to play along.

“ This way” he says leading you to the doorway.

“ Welcome to the Salvatore Manor” he grins, opening up the door and pulling you inside. The interior of the house was even better than you expected. The polished wooden floors, expensive looking rugs and portraits of what you guessed to be family members, all looked perfect.

“ Would you like something to drink?” Stefan asks as he wanders over to a wooden table full of what looked like alcoholic beverages.

“ No thanks, I’m good” you mumble.

“ Well the library is through there” pointing out an archway “ I will be through in a moment” he says clearly as he pours himself a drink. You nod with a shy smile and make your way towards the library.

You were stunned by the amount of books that were on the shelves, they covered every available wall. Leather books lined in volume order, there was no modern books that you could see. You didn’t mind so much because you had a huge love for the classics.

“ Impressed?” Stefan mumbles from behind you, quickly you turn to see him leaned up against the archway, sipping from his glass.

“ Very” you smile returning your focus to the thousands of surrounding books.

You plop your bag down on one of the nearby chairs and wander over to the closest shelf. You read each of the  name closely, till eventually you discovered your all time favorite novel Pride And Prejudiced.

Your hand quickly plucked it from the shelf, moving your hand over the leather cover. Tracing the golden, engraved letters on the front. From what you could tell it was a first edition.

“ You can have that if you want” Stefan says as he appears beside you.

“ Oh- no I couldn’t,  thank you for the offer bu-” you were cut off from him placing his finger on your lips.

“ No buts… I insist” he whispers, his eyes darkened again.

“ Thank you… I will look after it like my life depended on it” you mumble against his fingers, making him chuckle.

“ You are something special Y/n” he grinned, removing his hand from your face as he brought his glass to his lips. You attention was suddenly drawn to them, they were plum and very pink. You quickly snapped your eyes away before he could notice you staring.

You move your attention back to the books stacked on the shelf in front of you.

“ Hey, my brother is hosting a huge party for Elena’s birthday tonight, would you like to come?” Stefan questions as he takes another sip of his drink.

“ Sure sounds like fun” you grin, suddenly your phone beeped. You rush over to see who it could be.

From: Matt

Hey, Y/n where are you? Me and Tyler are at the Grill, want us to order your usual? :p

You quickly respond with I’m on my way.

“ Hey, I’m sorry but I have to go… I was supposed to meet Matt and Tyler at the Grill for lunch” you stutter as you place the heavy novel you were holding into your bag.

“ No problem, would you like me to drop you off?” He asks politely.

“ No, no I can walk but thank you for the offer and the book”  you smile in return.

“ Well I guess I will see you at the party tonight then?”  He mentions as you both make your way to the hallway.

“ Yeah, I guess” you laugh nervously, stepping out of the door. Turning to face Stefan.

“ It was very nice to meet you, and thank you so much for the book” you say in a soft tone.

“ It was a pleasure to meet you too and you’re very welcome” he smiled down on you.

“See you at the party Salvatore” you say as you begin to walk down his drive.

“ See you at the party Y/L/N” he shouts after you.

You grin to yourself as you plug your headphones back into your phone. You were going to have to be careful around him… Or maybe he was going to have to be careful around you…

Los signos como personajes de The vampire diaries.
  • Aries: Stefan Salvatore.
  • Tauro: Alaric Saltzman.
  • Géminis: Katherine Pierce.
  • Leo: Rebekah Mikaelson.
  • Cáncer: Elena Gilbert.
  • Libra: Jeremy Gilbert.
  • Piscis: Caroline Forbes.
  • Escorpio: Damon Salvatore.
  • Sagitario: Klaus Mikaelson.
  • Capricornio: Elijah Mikaelson.
  • Acuario: Bonnie Bennet.
A distant memory - Kol Mikaelson one shot

Request: Heartbreaking one shot request here. Imagine Kol having no choice but to compel your memories away of every moment you two shared together because it is to protect you and even though he’s in love with you as you are with him he knows there is no other way around it, and that he couldn’t risk losing you due to the threat always being after him and trying to get you to get to him. But promises one day he will come back and give your memories back when the threat is gone. [reader is human].


The two of you had been best friends for five years, but the two last years your friendship turned into a relationship. He held your hand through the time you removed your wisdom tooth, the loss of your grandmother and your exam. You trusted him with your life and he did protect you with his life. 

Somewhat along the way something had made him more distant. He wasn’t the same loving Kol as he used to. He tried to be, but you noticed a small bit of change, not much, but enough to make you notice.

You decided to confront him about it since you wanted to know, so one afternoon the two of you were having a movie marathon you asked: “Is something wrong?” He looked your way, smiling that smile that made you fall in love with him. “No, why would something be wrong?” 

“You seem so distant, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s me or something going on..” He pulled you into a warm hug. “It’s not you. I promise, it’s just something with my family.” You knew he was lying, you knew him that well. But you didn’t dig any further knowing that he would tell you when he wanted to.

It wasn’t about before a month from this date that he hadn’t talked to you for six days. Not a single text and that left you worried. The seventh day you were out of you mind, calling everyone he knew and asking about him, but no one knew about him. You were about to call his brother Klaus when he walked through the door.  

You threw your phone onto the sofa and ran up to him, hugging him closely. “Where have you been? Why didn’t you call or answer any of my texts?” The tears filled your eyes, but you did not let them fall. He was here, he was safe. He pulled out and looked at you. 

“I am so sorry I scared you and didn’t answer.” He said calmly. He didn’t look at you first, but then his eyes met your. “I can’t do this anymore.” You frowned not understanding. “What..?” He stepped back looking away. “I love you Y/n, but by being with you I put you at risk for being hurt, and I can’t see you hurt.” You tried to step closer to him, but he stepped back. “Don’t..” His eyes got all teary as he looked at you again. “Kol..”  

“No, I won’t put you at risk anymore.” Not knowing what to do, you just waited for him to continue. “I have to erase your memory to keep you safe.” You walked over to him and threw yourself around his neck. “You promised me you’d never compel me to do anything.” His strong arms wrapped them self around you and held you tight. “And this is me breaking that promise.” 

“Can’t you turn me, teach me to survive as a vampire.” You didn’t really want to be a vampire, but you would to be with him. “No, I won’t turn you. And I know you don’t won’t be turned either.” He let go of you, but held your arms looking into your eyes. “I have to do this, please don’t make this any harder.” 

He kissed your forehead one last time as he closed his eyes. He knew he would regret this because he loved you from the bottom of his heart. But he had to do this to keep you safe. He took your head into his hands and looked you in the eyes. “Y/n, you will forget every memory we have together, you will forget that I ever existed, if someone asks about me you will not remember anything. But I promise you that I will be back and then we can live together again.”

You blinked and as you opened your eyes all your memories were gone. Everything.  He was nothing more than a distant memory. You looked around the room as if you forgot the thing you were supposed to do. For a moment you felt someones presens, but you saw no one. 

 Two years later you were living a normal healthy human life, except you had moved into your own apartment. You were walking home from the library when you walked pass a stranger. Being your usual self you smiled at the stranger making him smile back. Your eyes met and something in you recognized them. You couldn’t place the eyes, maybe just a random person you have met at The Grill. This caused you to stop and gaze after him as he walked up to you. 

Your eyes met and he said: “You now remember everything.” You blinked and in that short moment of time from when you closed you eyes until you opened them only a second later all your memories with Kol ran through your head. “Never leave me again.” You said embracing him. “I promise you I will never ever leave you again.” 

Katherine reliving her hardest moments:

Damon making us think Elijah came back:

“Katherine’s drinking game”:





Vicki talking mad shit about Rebekah:



Rebekah saves Matt:

Stephan consoles Katherine:

“I forgive you, Katherine”:


But in an instant arose the dreadful suspicion of his being purposely omitted for Mr. Darcy’s pleasure in the Bingleys’ invitation to the officers; and though this was not exactly the case, the absolute fact of his absence was pronounced by his friend Denny, to whom Lydia eagerly applied, and who told them that Wickham had been obliged to go to town on business the day before, and was not yet returned; adding, with a significant smile, ‘I do not imagine his business would have called him away just now, if he had not wanted to avoid a certain gentleman here.’

Elijah is a fan of ugly Christmas sweaters.

(Pride Week and Prejudice finale is coming soon)