elijah and tatia


Elijah w/ Petrova doppelgängers 
                   ↳You c a r e d about her, didn’t you?
      It’s a c o m m o n mistake, I’m told. And it’s one I w o n ’ t make again.

The Originasl 2x05: Red Door

Elijah’s dream:

Esther: “Having sweet dreams?”

Tatia/Elijah flashback: “I choose you”

Klaus&Kol bickering:

Mikael taking Cami -and the white oak-:

Cami: “You obssesing over the death of someone whose fatal flaw is that he was fathered by another guy”:

Hayley worried for Elijah:

Klaus crying: “What am I?”

Elijah attacking Tatia:

Mikael compelling everyone:

Cami defending Klaus:

Davina finding out about Kaleb/Kol and their fight:

Elijah killed Tatia!:

Esther: “…as long as your suit was inmaculate and your hands clean…”

Klaus: “You’re gonna pay for hurting her”

Thinking Klaus was death:

Davina&Kol working together:

Cami pulling out the dagger and saving Klaus;

Everyone teaming up against Mikael:

More Davina&Kol:

Esther torturing Elijah with Hayley dreams:

To Esther: