elijah and charlotte

           Charlotte felt like her heart was going to beat out of her chest, and it had felt like it the second that she was going to be a parent. All Charlotte could think about was how she was going to not only explain this to Elijah, but how she would need to tell her parents that her childhood best friend was the father. This was something that no one would have expected to come from how innocent the blonde was and even Charlotte couldn’t believe how dumb she had been knowing that they didn’t use any kind of protection to prevent this from happening, but in Charlotte’s mind there was many people that had done it one time and nothing came out of it. Al she could ask why them?? Charlotte heard the footsteps coming closer to her bedroom and she had assumed that it was Elijah seeing that she texted for him to come over so they could talk – not giving any detail about what it could be. @breakmedcwn