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How to bag a billionaire
Lara Asprey, 33, from Ascot, is a high-society match-maker who helps people find love. Her skill is playing cupid for ultra-high-net-worth individuals - and she's extremely good at what she does.

Lara has always collected names in a little black book - literally - and brought what she refers to as ‘Sloaney sorts’ together. She holds details of more than 2,000 eligible men and women aged from 19 to 75, but her bespoke match-making client list is much smaller with more male millionaires and billionaires, and most of them are in their 40s and 50s.

Seventy per cent work in the City in some capacity. There are bankers, hedgefund managers and CEOs, but also high-ranking civil servants, professional golfers and landed gentry. She has lots of Old Etonians and Harrovians and Oxbridge types.

'Life is increasingly difficult for very successful men over 50,’ she explains. 'They have a professional profile and value privacy. They don’t want to put themselves out there.

'It makes them feel uncomfortable and they don’t have the time, what with the amount of travel and work they do. They’re not necessarily extroverts. They can broker billion-pound deals, but are shy when it comes to romance.

'They don’t want to ask friends or colleagues for introductions and certainly don’t want to do online dating.’

WiP Wednesday

He slams the doors on whatever cheerful single entendre Christophe is about to say under the guise of being helpful, then leans back against them, eyes falling shut. For just a moment, Victor allows himself the luxury of feeling his own heart roar in his breast, of relearning the pathways his blood takes to pool and pound in his ears, of giving into the compulsion to clench his fists around the hilt of a broadsword, or a neck — all familiar on the field of battle. Enduring it all now without the bloodthirst is awful.

Exhaling shakily, he opens his eyes and finds he is not alone.

Lounging on Victor’s bed, sprawled out as though he were still the greedy brat from years ago demanding Victor read him another story before being kicked out in favor of sleep, Yuri gives him a black look over the edge of the parchment clutched like prey in his hands.

There’s no sense in delaying the inevitable, so Victor smiles and waves his hand; an invitation. “All right. Let’s hear it.”

Yuri clears his throat so loudly that it feels like an expletive, then begins grandly, “His royal highness, Viktor Maxim Ivan Vladimir Karl Alexander Sergei Nikolai Ilya H —” Yuri pauses, then barks a laugh. “‘Hermann’.”

“Hermann,” Victor confirms, sighing. There’s one in every family.

… Pyotr Gleb… is giving a ball.” Yuri sneers, teeth bared like a tiger. How anyone could believe him to be a spectre born of ice and swan’s feathers is a mystery lost to the ages. “’… All eligible lords and ladies are invited to attend…’ I hope you aren’t under the impression that I’m going to be present for this farce.”

“Will you not support your brother in his time of great need?”

Yuri gives an inelegant snort. “I’ll be too busy moving my things into your room. You won’t need it after the unwashed masses finish tearing you to shreds in hopes of claiming a piece of you. I think my bookcases will look splendid against the wall over there.”

“You really won’t go?”

“I’d rather be drawn and quartered.”

In the face of Yuri’s familiar mulishness, the urge to shout I am not a prize —ever since his mother turned upon him a chilly stare and announced he was to sign his life away to a stranger by the ball’s end or she would find a suitable spouse for him (”If you do not do this, my dear, your father might actually deny you the crown and live forever just to spite us both, and I refuse to give him the satisfaction.”)— ebbs like the tide, and Victor relaxes into a real smile. “That is too bad. I hear the good Hero of Kazakhstan means to attend.”

Yuri goes still and says, flat as sword and twice as sharp, “Prince Otabek is coming.”

“So I’ve been told.” Victor shrugs off his jacket with not a little relief. Despite the slide of summer into autumn, the sun shows no sign of relenting its heavy hold on the kingdom. “Last we spoke, he was all talk of you… insomuch as he talks, which isn’t very. You must have made an impression at the trade negotiations, but if your aim is to be elsewhere the night of this idiocy, I will send along my apologies so he does not make a needless trip —”

There’s a sudden flurry of movement as Yuri rolls off the bed and spills to the floor, and Victor can do little except step aside as his brother blasts by and kicks the doors open. 

“So… shall I expect to see you there?”

Yuri sniffs and tilts his chin up just a bit in a bid to look aloof. All it serves to do is catch the light on the red flush in his cheeks. “I suppose I can find it within me to witness our dear parents set you upon the auction block, if only so I can laugh myself sick when some country bumpkin covered in pig shit wins you.”

Victor grins. “Otabek will be pleased to see you.”

The flush deepens to scarlet. Yuri turns his face away, but not fast enough to hide the small smile there. “I hope they give you to an actual pig.”

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Who do you think would be a better mate for Tigerheart other than the DoveTiger nonsense the Erins are trying to shove at us.

olivenose, shrewfoot, ivytail, pinenose, mistcloud, grassheart are the really only eligible (ok-age related) cats for tigerheart 


ivytail (who was listed as a queen for 90% of her life but never had a mate or kits?? and she died of old age even tho she was born in dawn…um)

shrewfoot (she has black feet??? impossible @ erins)


mistcloud (she’s just like a curly furred dovewing perfect)


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"I think it will be a marriage of inconvenience"

[open for Jon/Sansa prompts]

OK, I altered it a little, but hopefully the heart is there:

“Are you sure it wouldn’t be a marriage of IN-convenience?”

Jon is smiling when he says this, a sort of puzzled, slightly condescending smile that makes Sansa’s teeth grind. It’s like he’s saying, You haven’t really thought this out, have you? But she’s explored every other option, with the help of Maester Luwin and his excellent research skills, and while she doesn’t particularly want to marry Jon, she wants to marry Ramsay Bolton even less. The North is short of eligible, age-appropriate men of her station, or near her station anyway.

“Clever,” she says generously, and his eyes narrow. He’s not an idiot. “But if the marriage laws apply to me, don’t they also apply to you?”

Across the desk, he goes still. The only movement is the tap of his finger against his stubble. “What are you saying?” he says warily.

“I’m saying that these antiquated laws apply to all houses in the North, even minor ones,” she said sweetly. He’s thirty-two, two years past the deadline that is quickly approaching for her.

“No one’s said anything about that to me,” he says. There’s a look of alarm in his eye. Victory.

“Perhaps they haven’t. But legally you’re in the same danger as me–in fact, someone could challenge your right to House Snow right this moment, if they wanted to.” Sansa rests her chin on her hand, letting her hair fall over her shoulder in a shiny, slick curtain. “We could help each other out.”

For the first time, she gets a hint of discomposure from him as he rubs his palms on his jeans. He’s sweating. “You’re not serious, Sansa.” But he sounds a lot less sure than he did a few minutes ago.

“I’m completely serious,” she affirms. “One hundred and ten percent serious. We can do a ceremony, produce a couple of heirs–one for each of our houses–and be on our merry ways.” Produce heirs. It’s very clinical wording. She leaves any mention of the actual method out. Mentioning either sex or IVF at this moment would be equally repulsive to him, she thinks.

He squirms. “Isn’t there someone else you’d rather …?”

“Isn’t there someone I’d rather fall in love with and marry in the span of two weeks?” she asks dryly. “Listen to yourself, Jon. That’s not realistic.”

No, it’s not at all realistic, and that fact makes her heart ache. Damn Ramsay and damn his damn father, too. They’ve pushed her into a corner. She reckons they’re not going to like what they see next.

Or perhaps there’s someone else Jon wants. That makes her heart skip a beat, too. His social media profile has remained notoriously, comfortably ‘Single’ for years and years–like her, he’s been the object of constant familial inquiries about finding someone and settling down–but it’s entirely possible there’s someone out there, someone special to him that she doesn’t know about. There are probably entire sections of his life she is completely unaware of. It’s an odd thought. It’s probably mean to hope he is as lonely as she is, but there it is.

It’s not her fault; it’s the Boltons’. And she means to make them pay for it.

He still looks skeptical. She breaks out her last card and reaches across the desk to lightly graze the back of his hand with her fingertips.

“Jon, I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t serious. This is my parents’ legacy. Ned Stark’s legacy.” She leaves her mother out of it, much as it pains her.

That, far more than the pragmatism, does it for him. He takes a deep breath. “Okay.”

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I never understood Snape/Hermione - aren't people just using Hermione as a substitute for Lily? How do you figure that'd work? (Needn't be a canonical debate, theoretical is interesting.) (I think) I saw a post where you mentioned shipping it, so I thought this would be a good place to discuss.

It’s an interesting question.

I feel that there is a ‘squint and you’ll see it’ moment in Cursed Child.  In contrast, in 1-7 canon, the characters simply aren’t in the right places for shipping with each other.  The thought of romance between the pair…lacks plausibility.

But in Cursed Child, you can see it – and that’s because the characters have grown, and are different.  They’re older, they have an adult understanding of each other.  They’re no longer teacher/student - they’re comrades in war and probably confidants.  

So, for me, the power of SS/HG is in the ‘what could possibly be in the future’ not ‘in canon 1-7’.

I have always been ‘ship and let ship’, but I do understand that instinctive NOTP reaction to the ship.  I raised a disapproving eyebrow when I first loaded Snape’s profile and saw his fic list dominated by SS/HG.  Teacher/student really isn’t my thing.

Now, in all fandoms, there’s usually two characters which form the basis of all pairings – one male, one female.  Everyone pairs their favourite character with one of these two, and in Potter, it’s Harry or Hermione.  Ron may be of an equal footing in canon, but in fanfic, he’s the forgotten man.

So I wasn’t shocked to see an abundance of SS/HG (or Snarry).  But given that I wanted to read pairings that I felt made more canonical sense, it felt like a cheat.  I feared that, as you’ve said, Hermione would merely be a cipher – she was merely the most eligible woman available, conveniently aged until it’s not problematic.

I avoided the ship until I’d exhausted all of my potential reads (gen, OC, Snape/Lucius, and later, Snape/Tonks, Snape/McGonagall) – and I decided to take a look, because if so many people were writing so many stories, they could hardly all be ropey teacher/student punishment fantasies, or misunderstood woobified Byronic hero romps.

Frankly, it’s embarrassing and disrespectful that I even thought that.

All ships will have some problematic stories, or writers, but equally, most will have some extremely talented authors, and some ‘actually better than canon’ fics.  SS/HG is no exception, and generally, I’ve found that the bulk of the really impressive work isn’t set at Hogwarts in the 90s – instead, it doesn’t particularly follow canon all that strictly; it’s post-war, it’s time-travel, it’s AU.

Furthermore, the most impressive element to SS/HG stories is the iron grip that the writers have on characterisation of both Snape and Hermione. Hermione isn’t there out of convenience, and she definitely isn’t Lily; Hermione’s character is much more developed in canon, and it shows in the fics.

The specifics are difficult to explain, because each fic can be wildly different.  As a general rule, I’d say that Hermione is clever, feisty and talented, who cares deeply about others – especially those maligned…after all, she gave Snape the benefit of the doubt for most of the series.  Snape is intelligent, caustic and distrustful, who is used to being overlooked and unloved, but is capable of great depth.  Both are magically powerful, love books, are capable, and are somewhat outsiders in many ways.  

And of course, when a wizard might live until 150, and both are well over the age of 25, well what’s the age gap matter?  I could hardly sneer at SS/HG when I’m quite happy to read Snape/McGonagall.  (And for a long time, my favourite trope was timetravel, so Teen!Severus posed no such age gap problem.)

To finish with your question, I’d say that Hermione isn’t remotely like Lily - and without being disrespectful to Lily or Snily fans, I’d say that Hermione is far stronger.

Most of Lily’s characterisation is wrapped up in her relationship with James, and as they create Harry who is the basis of the series, unless you write a Severitus, it’s hard to extract her from that relationship in a plausible way.  The timeframe for Snily is too tight to do it justice – Snape’s too far on his path to be swayed by merely a well-meaning friend, and James isn’t about to plausibly disappear into the distance.

In contrast, with no epilogue, and a Snape who lives, Hermione has no such restrictions.

In all honesty, I would absolutely ascribe the continued success of SS/HG to the talents of those writing in the ship.  In lesser hands it may have faltered, but over and over, so many different writers have written real tales of joy.  And once you’ve read several fantastic stories, you find yourself believing…

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Hi! I'm new to understanding the sport. How are skaters assigned to Grand Prix events? I'm confused. Thanks in advance!

Thanks for asking! (And welcome to figure skating!)

The assignments to Grand Prix events are a notoriously convoluted process, but are based around four key factors.

Factor 1: World Championships results

That’s right: Worlds placement doesn’t just guarantee the number of spots your country gets next season, it can also guarantee you Grand Prix slots. The top 12 finishers at Worlds (for singles) are guaranteed two Grand Prix assignments the following season. Yay!

The top six skaters are referred to as seeded skaters. This is to try and prevent too many top skater head-to-heads during the actual GP. The top three skaters cannot be assigned to the same GP as each other, and neither can the skaters who finished 4-6. So Yuzuru Hanyu, Shoma Uno, and Boyang Jin cannot be at the same GPs as each other this season.

Factor 1A: Comeback Skaters

Worlds results also come in handy for other reasons. If a skater or couple has finished inside the top 12 at Worlds in 2015 or 2016 and has not competed for a season or more (usually due to injury), the skater can be eligible for GP assignments. The big winners out of this rule for this season are Joshua Farris (USA, 11th at 2015 Worlds, out since July 2015 with concussion) and Penny Coombes and Nick Buckland (UK, 7th at 2016 Worlds, out since May 2016 with knee injury). Both will be able to be considered for an assignment with these results.

Factor 1B: Junior Worlds

In the old days, winning Junior Worlds (or the Junior Grand Prix Final) meant that you were guaranteed at least one Senior assignment, if you were age-eligible. However, this rule has since changed, and this is no longer a guarantee.

Factor 2: World Standings (WS)

Grand Prix events, certain Senior B events, Challenger events, the Grand Prix Final, the Junior Grand Prix and Final, Four Continents, Europeans, Junior Worlds and Worlds all offer ranking points for skaters depending on their finishes (the Junior events offer fewer points).

The top 24 in the WS are guaranteed at least one Grand Prix assignment. However, routinely, the top 12 from Worlds are included in this top 24, which means realistically, the assignments are handed out much further down the standings than 24 and top 24 generally means two assignments. As an example, last year Brendan Kerry (AUS) picked up one assignment in the initial round at WS40.

Factor 3: Season’s Best List (SB)

As with WS, top 24 on the SB list are guaranteed one assignment. And also as with WS, the top 12 from Worlds and the top 24 WS are usually covered in the top 24 for the SB list, so they often go quite a way down this list to fill in all of the slots. For example, Kerry was assigned to Skate America last season not just from his WS40, but his SB49, which incidentally was also high enough up the alternate list for him to pick up a second event later. This season Kerry is WS34 and SB29, which means he could well get two, as an example.

Factor 4: Host Picks

Each host country effectively gets a “free” pick in each discipline. Most feds will use this to either give an assignment to a skater who doesn’t otherwise have one, or to give a second to a skater who only has one. Some federations (the French Fed, for example) will put it back in the pool for others to fill.

The GP assignment meeting will this year be held on June 24-25th, which means we will probably know assignments late on the 25th or early on the 26th. This is late, to the grievance of many fans.

If you’re still confused, I don’t blame you - I still get my assignment rules muddled up every year (until recently, I didn’t realise that the Junior Worlds champions didn’t get one any more, for example). But I hope I cleared things up a little!

A Soulmate to Remember chap 9

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Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8

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TW: Churches? Otherwise, none

Y/N- Your name

L/N- Last Name

Word count: 1,848

Jason was standing outside of the Sanctuary, still speaking with Pastor Howard when you returned, dressed now your favorite sundress. Jason smiled at You and you blushed, Pastor Howard cleared his throat, “Why don’t the two of you enter, the service will begin in a few minutes.”

Jason offered me his arm, and You took it and we walked into the Sanctuary, your first thought was that Jason would lead you to one of the back rows, but to your surprise he took the two of you right up to the front and sat down right by your old Sunday School teacher. She smiled and waved to you before she and Jason made small talk. The small praise band started playing a few songs, having everyone quiet down and either sing or clap along. You may have mumbled along, feeling a bit too embarrassed to sing with Jason by your side.

  The songs ended and Pastor Howard stood up to speak,“Brothers! Sisters! It’s is a find morning to see you all and your smiling faces. I’d like to speak about a closely guarded topic- Soulmates.” Everyone seemed to hone in on him, not wanting to miss him speak on a topic that not a lot of preachers talked on, as Soulmates could match and still be the same sex, resulting in conflict within the church.

“I remember it just like it was yesterday. My family was new to Gotham, I was just a sixteen year old hooligan, my soul mark just appearing a week before. When we came to this church for the first time, the pastor greeted us with his daughter and the first words from her mouth were,"Welcome! We’re glad you’re here.” The words that were scrawled beautifully on my left thigh.“

  "To be honest, my mind went blank, I could not think of a single thing to say,” everyone laughed at his sheepish tone,“So I prayed right then and there ‘Lord, please let the next words out of my mouth be understandable!’”

   Pastor Howard laughed,“Unfortunately for me, they weren’t quite the best with, 'Thank you, glad to be here, I am.”

Everyone busted up laughing,“Thankfully, she was a big Star Wars fan, but more importantly, my future wife laughed and laughed, but gave me a big hug anyway. We had lunch with our very happy families that evening and the rest is history. Now we have two beautiful kids and three adorable grandkids.”

  “I can’t tell you why God decided to allow us Soul Mates. But I know that he wanted them to serve a purpose. Wether it’s to give us the better half to really give us the best life, or a scientific reason that allows us the have the best kids or live longer. Either would work. It always makes my heart very happy when Soul Mates find each other, because I know that they each have someone who will listen and march through this life with them no matter what. Those of you that have found yours, you know this to be true.”

“If you haven’t found your soul mate yet, I just want you to know that it’s okay. Wether you’re sixteen or eighty-eight, your soul mate is just as anxious to meet you, and God won’t let his sheep travel alone, for he is with you and is always working for your good.”

 Everyone either Amen-ed or clapped and you shifted in your seat, they would be winding down now. You’d get the benediction and be able to run away. It’d been a good forty-five minutes, and You were a bit surprised that Pastor Howard’s Sherman was so short. Until he turned to Jason and You with a smile, and dread settled in your stomach.

“Luckily, and I didn’t know this until about an hour ago, a young member of our congregation has found her soulmate! If you two would come forward, please?”

Reluctantly, You stood and dragged Jason to the front with Pastor Howard, he motioned to us,“You all know Miss. Y/N L/N, one of our nursery workers who has grown up with us, and her soul mate Mr. Jason Wayne!”

 Everyone either cheered, or clapped and there were a few Woo-Hoos from the Youth section from the kids that you have know since you graduated from the program a few years ago. You blushed and Jason ducked his head in discomfort, but had that famous Wayne fake smile anyway.

“Alright, Alright,” Pastor Howard waved them off and everyone quieted,“ I think we have embarrassed Asha enough, now receive this benediction….”

   You scurried to your seat, but Jason just sauntered over. Right after the benediction, and a few more songs, those around the two of you swarmed you to give their congratulations. You and Jason stood there for what felt like thirty minutes, but soon, everyone who had come up had said their piece and welcomed Jason.

  You pulled a stand of hair away from my face and turned to him,“Whew! That was a ride…”

“Shall we?” Jason asked offering me his arm, which you took.

“Where are we going?”

“My secret.”

   You grinned, and found that instead of his bike, Jason had opted to drive a fairly nice car, he opened the door for me and you thanked him, and the two of you were off to lunch. He had chosen a fairly well known local restaurant that made everything from scratch, and it was very hard to get a reservation. As you were taken to our seat and handed menus, I peeked over mine at him,“How’d you do this? It takes weeks for people to get a table…”

  Jason smirked,“Oh, you know, names have power. That and Dad gave the owner money to start up after they’d catered a few business meeting and he like the food so much. After it started he, Ma and I came and had lunch or dinner here everyday for a week, and the press caught him here every time. So it’s popularity sky-rocketed. So now, the whole family has at least one table available at all times.”

  You smiled,“That’s a sweet story.”

Jason nodded,“Yeah, those were the good old days.”

  “Since you’ve been here so much, what do you recommend?”

 Jason’s smile slid from a some-what fake one to a genuine one and he flattened my menu and started pointing at different food and why he liked it. By the end of his recommendations, we had basically gone through the entire menu. And when the waiter came back with our drinks we were debating about ordering almost everything on it. But I shot the idea down saying,“It’s just the two of us, we couldn’t possibly eat all of it. I say we just close our eyes and point and leave it to chance.”

 Jason smirked,“I like it!”

 So you did, and Jason ended up getting a Mac and cheese grilled cheese and you got a French dip sandwich. You took one bit of the sandwich and looked at Jason with wide eyes,“You weren’t kidding! This is delicious!”

  Jason beamed,“I’m glad you like it. Here wanna try mine?”

“Only if you get some of mine too,"and the two of you swapped half of your sandwiches for the other and you took a bite from his and giggled after you swallowed,"Geez, Now I can’t pick which is better.”

 Jason talked with you over your meal, mainly about what we did, you told him you didn’t know what you wanted to do with your life just yet so you were going through the community college program for Gotham and that you’d lived here your whole life. Your dad had been apart of the military and your mom was a teacher at Gotham Academy, which you had attended, but not with any of the Wayne children as they had with graduated way before you or had not been eligible due to age.

    You mentioned that you had been apart of the theatre program, Jason got excited and asked you which shows you had been in,“Not a lot. The teacher didn’t like me, so she only used me when she needed me. I did get one lead character my last year though. That was nice. My main focus was the more modern pieces, I struggled a little with Shakespeare and the really old plays like Antigone, but I liked them.”

 Jason nodded,“I’m a big literature and Theatre buff if I do say myself.”

“Really? That’s nice, what’s your favorite?”

“MacBeth is my favorite play, but I do like a good book now and again. Like Pride and Prejudice.”

   You smiled,“Didn’t think of you as a bookworm.”

   Jason shrugged,“Ma wanted me to have some passion, it just ended up being that.”

 The Owner walked up to us with a check, he was still wearing chef uniform as he still like to work back in the kitchen on occasion. He passed us the check and gave us his best smile,“It’s been a pleasure Mister Wayne, however, there are far more people with cameras outside waiting to pounce on you to lovely young people.”

 Jason eyed the door and did in fact see a bunch of people loitering, many more than considered to be normal. You looked back at Jason who placed enough money of the tab and left a tip for your waiter,“It’s been a pleasure as always Mr. Hark, however my lovely lady and I may have to escape the back way.”

  Mr. Hark nodded,“I see. Have a lovely day then!”

 Jason took your hand and motioned with his head to the back and we both raced through the kitchen and barged out of the back. The were pounding footfalls headed your way and Jason scooped you up in his arms and raced around the corner. You squealed in protest but hung into him regardless, and Jason managed to circle around the press and got us back to the car unnoticed. He set me down and opened my door again,“Thank you.”

 Jason leaned down and gave me a kiss on the cheek,“No problem, doll.”

  You blushed again but then Jason drove you home. He parked the car at the curb and glanced over at you,“Can I call you later?”

  You nodded,“Sure! I’d like that,” You leaned over and kissed his cheek before opening the door and climbing out,“Thanks for lunch and the ride!”

  You waved and turned, Jason pressed a hand to his cheek in shock.

Jason arrived back to the manor in a happy mood. Something that is rare for him, but when he walked into the kitchen he was supposed to see his brothers, Tim and Damian, dressed in suits, Tim looked off-put and Damian looked like he wanted to kill Jason, which was actually normal…

 Damian growled,“This is all your fault Todd!”

  Tim shot Jason a sympathetic look,“Dude. Run.”

  With that, pounding footsteps of heels were heard and all three boys turned to the door in terror. Mrs. Wayne entered the kitchen, her eyes blazing,“Jason Peter Todd Wayne I have been trying for years to get you to go to church with me. Years!”

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Second question! (I'm sorry in advance for the weird) I don't doubt there will be a ton of sycophants that gather around Luke, trying to curry favor with Lord Vader's son. But are there also Imperials who are like "I'm gonna fight that little upstart" "Frank no that is literally the spawn of the devil and you will die" "Too late"

I don’t mind the weird. :) Besides, you always have great ideas.

Poor Luke will be drowning in sycophants. And also parents of eligible around-Luke’s-age nobility who want their kids to make a good match… That’s going to be awkward for Luke. :)

Definitely. Like, here’s this kid who shows up out of nowhere and is suddenly the third most powerful man in the Galaxy. But he’s a tiny thing, and he obviously doesn’t look like he belongs among the Imperial nobility. And sure, there’s rumors about Luke and his powers, but who really believes that? Not everyone even believes Vader can do those things. Why would they think Luke could? So they want to push him around, intimidate him. Or rather, try to. Luke can easily hold his own, as we know. :)

And oh gosh, yes. Luke is Sithspawn. He will get that insult/title thrown at him more than a few times.



Regardless of what party you vote for, just please, exercise your democratic right that people died for you to be able to have. It’s your future, make sure you have a say.

(Me and my sisters decided to do some kind of shuffle for how old Velvet is. I put some eligible ages into a hat, and we all chose number. 

Older Sis: She got 10.

Younger Sis: She got 13.

Me: 14.

So, we shuffled through those numbers, and I had to choose one to confirm Velvet’s age, and I got….

14! I’ll be changing her bio accordingly! )

violet gleam // 11 // daughter of victor Olive Blackwell

  Violet knows she is the smartest kid in the room. Violet knows that, as the last child of a family with twists, she needs to step ahead boldly in order to stand out and be more than just a silhouette people overlook as a victor’s child. And, better than anything else, Violet knows where she’ll be a few years from now. She doesn’t imagine that the Games will pass by her without trying to take a bite and the years running furiously are pushing her closer and closer to the eligible age for them. Yet, that doesn’t upset her as much as it must upset her mother. 

Like she cheats on tests at school and like she fools the seemingly unstoppable, impossible to crack Olive Blackwell, she imagines she can fast-talk her way out of death as well. Although she loves fighting, she isn’t half the talent her brother is, and there was no way they would let her skip the almost daily practice, and for that, she grew skilled enough to turn her size and age into an advantage in most confrontations, with her hand clenched on the right weapon and a moment of attention. 

  The prospect of being in the Games isn’t exciting, though she could see killing other people in her sleep and they’re not nightmares either. With a dark curiosity and a stomach of steel, she watches recordings without blinking and even laughs at certain scenes, if it is the case. There is no hesitance or shyness in how much she enjoys the season of the Games, though she wishes that for herself as late as possible, for the most possible chances. 

  Not that she would ever volunteer, but something in her guts tells her that they will be writing her name on the elected piece of paper one year in the future. The Blackwell-Gleams have escaped untouched and she has always been more special and loved by her mother’s fans than her brother. The stupid Capitolites found her child harshness irresistible, and that was what she counted on for potential sponsors as well. Though incapable of shooting an arrow straight and lost without a longer hand weapon, such as a lance or a sword, her tongue itself is a weapon, for her wit and quick thinking spares her from getting into most trouble with a bat of eyelashes. 

  With Tower guests as well as residents, it is easy to bite. She adores the banter, stepping on their toes and calling it accidental, because hardly anybody can attack her back with the same strength, since she is merely a child, shielded by her parents’ names and figures, and two brothers who, for better or for worse, are by her side at the end of the day. Pushing buttons with faux innocence and being purposefully obnoxious and annoying turn out to be her calling, even and especially when it turns callous. 


Scorpius Gleam (father)

Olive Blackwell (mother)

Nero Gleam (big brother)

Henry Fierro (half-brother)

Jackson Blackwell (cousin)

open (the only person who truly gets friendship out of her, because they somehow managed to get under her skin) 

open (victor she idolizes for some reason we’ll figure out together)

message me if you have a character suited for these plots/ideas for new ones. i am open to anything